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Katelyn Bedard

Special Video of Katie Below

Little Katie earned her angel wings on June 30, 2005. She will be with us always.

Welcome to Katelyn's page. Our 3 year old, little Katie was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) on December 6, 2003. After achieving first remission, Katelyn completed her treatment at the end of August 2004. Sadly, just a short time later, on October 20, 2004 we found that the cancer has relapsed and that a bone marrow transplant was her only hope for survival.

At the end of November, we received the wonderful news that Katie had acheived second remission, and we could proceed with a tranplant as soon as a donor was found. Unfortunately, a search of world wide bone marrow registries turned up no matches for Katie at all. We were left with hoping that a new donor appeared in the bone marrow registry that was a match for her. Unfortunately, a donor was never found and Katie eventually lost her battle.

Maybe you can help someone else in need.

We encourage any healthy person between the ages of 17 and 50 to consider joining the Unrelated Bone Marrow Donor Registry (UBMDR). This registry is linked to a worldwide network of bone marrow registries. In Canada, the UBMDR is administered through Canadian Blood Services. You can fill out an application form on their web site at www.bloodservices.ca. You can also phone 1-888-2DONATE for information on the bone marrow registry.

Katelyn is a wonderful child that brings much happiness to the people in her life. She is very intelligent, loves to sing songs and make crafts. It was a thrill for her when her baby brother Bryan was born last year. She loves being a big sister. Prior to her diagnosis, she attended ABC Daycare 3 days per week where she had lots of fun learning to play games and sing songs. Since being admitted to London Health Sciences Center, she has befriended the many wonderful nurses and doctors, and knows each of them by name. She has been courageous in face of the many painful and scary tests and procedures. It is her ability to keep smiling and giggling through all of this that gives us the strength to keep fighting with her.


Monday, April 9, 2007 10:46 PM CDT

Happy belated Easter everyone. Here is a special treat for those who still drop by to visit. Here is a video clip of Katie a couple years ago, just a few days after Easter talking about the Easter Bunny hiding eggs for her. After talking about the Easter Bunny she went on to play dress up with Joanne, Carolyn and our friends Lisa and Tammy. It's very cute and is a reminder of how unbelievably good her language skills were. After all, she was only 3 and half years old in this clip. A few days after this video was taken, we left for Katie's wish trip to Disney World:

Hope you enjoyed this special Easter treat, I know I did! Miss you Katie.


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3064 Fairlane crs.
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http://www.carlacansing.com   Carla can sing
http://www.childcan.on.ca   The Childhood Cancer Research Association
http://www.givemarrow.net   The Katelyn Bedard Bone Marrow Association


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