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AFTER MAY 20, 2005!!


I keep it updated so that my friends and my family will know what is happening in my life after being diagnosed with "pre-B" Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on March 21, 2003.
It was just a few weeks after my 4th Birthday!
I am now off all Chemotherapy!


Once upon a time, in a place that is no more,
I lived without Cancer, before I turned four.
Now I am six and almost to seven.
I talk about dying and going to Heaven.
Lots of times itís hard and I canít keep things straight.
My mom says itís the chemo and all the medicine I ate.
I worry too much and wake up at night screaming.
Mostly Iím crying because I think my momís leaving.
The worst thing is that I donít know what I did.
How come I got Cancer when Iím just a little kid?

How come?

Click here for my mom's page where she writes about me! She doesn't have the time to update as much, but the stories are really great!

Want to keep up with me and my family during our day? Here is a link for us Crazy Ice Girlz and all the crazy happenings that we have going on each day! There is more room for pictures too!



UPDATE FOR November 22, 2011

I'm calling all you 'Angels' out there!
Do you want to help one of us Sweetie Cancer Children's fight this terrible disease this Christmas Season?
Well guess what, YOU CAN!!
All you need to do is go by the website for Cancer Warriorsto get involved with their program called "Presents for Patients"! It is an awesome program that helps wonderful children and their families fighting the stupid Childhood Cancer! I can't even begin to tell you how totally awesome and fantastical it will be to help a child facing this crazy and stupid disease!


SEE YOU AT CAMP SUNSHINE "HOLIDAY CELEBRATION' ON December December 11, 2011! Call Camp Sunshine if you are a Children Cancer Family and want to come!! color=blue>


Monday, July 2, 2012 2:15 PM CDT

Hi Everyone!

I have been so busy the past six months!

And, it's been a "great" busy too! I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's celebration, and then back to school for just a wonderful Seventh Grade. I have a 504 Plan in place for just two modifications for standardized testing because of my attention deficit disorder (not like what you normally think--mine is a problem with thinking things through really fast, which I can't) plus, it gets painful for me to use my right hand and fingers for a long time gripping a pencil and filling in little circles. The modifications are working wonderful for me! I finished the year with my CRCT testing results as "Exceeds Requirements" in all tests except Reading (which was normal!!)!! Woohoooo!!! I am so happy!! And what is great is that I was recommended for "Accelerated Math" for the Eight Grade, because of my class accomplishments and CRCT scores! Woohooo!

This summer, I have been volunteering for a very good friend of my mom's at her school, "The Little Red Math and Grammar School" which has some summer camps going on at the Centerville Community Center. I have been helping with the Art Camp, as my mom was providing two of the art lessons for the week. The children loved it! It was so much fun!

And, if you see in the picture above, I got to go to Camp Sunshine for TEEN WEEK!! This is my first time going to 'Teen Week' at Camp Sunshine and it was so wonderful! I loved it!! I miss it so much!! I loved seeing all my friends and getting to spend time with them. There is just no way to describe it to you. Once you have been through chemotherapy, it's something that you share with other kids. They just 'get' it. Which is GREAT!!!


Well, I do have to type a note that not everything is wonderful for me. I am having problems with my eyesight. I have seen my wonderful Emory eye doctor and she believes that I now do have "pre-glaucoma". I had a test, that has showed some of my visual field is shrinking. I am on the list to see a special doctor over at Emory, which is in September. I will keep you guys posted on what happens. And, I have been doing great with my 'memory' problems and not having much of those at all! I got tested and saw the neurologist, who believes them to be "migraines", but they don't hurt me, so it's kinda odd for me when they happen. But it has not been too bad!

I love school and can't wait for it to start back!

But, before school starts back, I have to let you know that I am also in a community theater play! I auditioned and was given the part of "Shelley" in the play called "Hairspray!". Our community theater is "New London Theater" in Snellville and the play will open on July 20th! We will be performing Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons for three weeks! I have rehearsals every night! It's a lot of work, but I really like it!! It's going to be wonderful!

And, we are still waiting to see what happens with our house. The house loan was sold to another company, and my mom is working on a modification with them. Hopefully we will have an answer soon!

Thank you guys for keeping me and my mom in your thoughts and prayers while we get through this stupid cancer journey all in one piece! You guys have been just wonderful!

Talk to you soon!

Your friend, Madie Rylee

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http://www.active.com/donate/rallyathletes/madieice   Madie's Fundraising Webpage for Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research!
http://www.mycampsunshine.com/   Camp Sunshine! Here in Georgia, I go to the Camp Sunshine House!


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