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Welcome to Our Daughter Ashley's Web Page. Ashley was diagnosed November 29th 2001 with an Inoperable Brain Stem Tumor She has had many ups and downs throughout her journey. Please read the past Journal.

Ashley finally did win her battle when on January 1, 2004 at 1:15 PM her beautiful spirit soared to the Heavens...
Our hearts will never be the same.

Memorials to Ashley Carro Medical Fund.
PO Box 31004
Chicago, ILL


Ashley's special song...
~*~Precious Child~*~


Please stop by Ashley's beautiful Memorial Quilt lovingly created by her very own Smile Quilt Angels.


This beautiful page was created by The Code Blue Family...just click on Ashley's shield to get there.
Ashley's Memorial Page


Two beautiful pages that will absolutely touch your heart...
~*~Angel Kisses~*~


These next two links are Ashley's obituary's...please sign the guestbooks in them to let us know you were there.
Suerth Funeral Home


This organization is having a fund raiser to raise money for a special MRI at Lutheran General Hospital. They dedicating the evening to Ashley's memory.
Miracles in the Making


Ashley's beautiful Memorial quilt lovingly stitched by the Quilts of Love Angels.
Ashley's QOL Memorial Quilt


Ashley's beautiful Angel Quilt..which she cherished and spent many times snuggled up in it and her Daddy's arms.
Love Quilts


This is another absolutely breathtaking quilt, stiched with love from so amy different quilters from all over the Country
Ashley's Quilting Angels Quilt


Please stop by and support this group of very caring and talented ladies.
Quilting Angels


This poem was written by Norine's cousin...Beth Koenig. Isn't it beautiful?

The Empty Swing

I saw daddy building us 3 swings the other day.
One for my brother and sister and one for me.
In the front yard, He attached the swings to the large oak tree.
If my siblings and I had our way, we would play on the swings every day.

I always would play on the swing with my siblings.
Through the 12 seasons of my arrival on planet Earth.
From the time I could sit in the swing,
I would try and swing high to Heaven to see
The others that used to live on the planet Earth before me.

But it was not meant to be; the cruelty of sickness plagued our house.
Over a period of time, I became sick and weak.
My swing would sit empty at the end of the row,
while my siblings ran around to and fro.
I lost my strength but my brother and sister continued to grow.

For 8 seasons, my swing sat empty in the yard,
While my sister and brother laughed and played hard
My mommy and daddy struggled with me from day-today
to try and make my pain go away.
All I really wanted to do was to play on my swing in the front yard.

My mommy and daddy announced to the world about my sickness.
I received prayer requests and messages from all over the Earth,
It looked like for a long time, I would make it through.
After all, I just wanted to play again on the swings with my siblings in the front yard.

It did not happen like that.
My sickness deepened while my touch of life soared all over.
My mommy and daddy took care of me.
One day, I decided that I just wanted to keep playing on my swing.
The angels came to me and asked me to play.
I am now playing forever in Heaven swinging on my swing.

I miss my mommy and daddy and sister and brother.
I touched their lives like no other.
It will take them a long time to recover.
As the seasons pass, they can look at my empty swing in the front yard
And imagine me in Heaven looking downing and
watching my siblings swing on the ground.


This letter was written by Kody, it was read at Ashley's funeral by her Uncle Ron and lovingly placed with Ashley so she could take it to Heaven with her...

Jan. 2, 2004

Dear Ashley...The one that I adore,
I really want you to hear this so you kow what I have always wanted to say.
I have all your pictures hanging up on my walls.
Ashley, when my Mom and Dad told me that you went to live in Heaven, my heart hurt so bad. I am pretty sure I felt it break.
To know that you were going to Heaven, I was really, really sad. I am crying right now too.
I know that God knew this year wouldn't be a good year for you and He said "Bring that little girl to me". I'm not mad at God but would you please tell him that I wanted you to be here with me even more.
I know that in Heaven you don't hurt anymore and that you will never be sick again. No more needles, ever.
I just want you to know I love you so much and I am really sad that you had to go to Heaven. I know that you leaving is very painful for your family too and it is very painful for me too. It is hard to wake up and even want to play or watch TV. I think about you all day and alot of things remind me of you...like Jesse James monster garage, scooby doo, teddy bears and Harley's.
Ashley...I promise you if you wait for me in Heaven I will marry you the same day that I become an angel too. So PLEASE don't go and marry another cute angel.
Ashley, I will keep you in my heart forever and ever and ever.
Love, Kody

Kody loves Ashley forever and ever.

To Ashley's Mommy, Daddy, Al and Andrea....
Please could you put this letter with Ashley, close to her heart so she can take it to Heaven with her?
Love, Kody


Wednesday, June 13, 2007 8:09 AM CDT

Sorry it's been a while since I have updated Angel Ashley's site. There is a lot happening in my life right now. Al and Andrea have just finished fourth grade. This year went way too fast!

One of the reasons I am updating the site is on July 15, 2007 is the Ride for Kids motorcycle ride. A very good friend of mine has put together a ride to the ride in Memory of Ashley. We are looking for riders and or donations. If you would like more information about the ride please see the flyer which is posted as the bottom photo on the photo page. Go to rideforkids.org to find out more.

If you like to send a donation send it to the address above. Thanks in advance for your support.

Take Care,

Love and Hugs,

Ashley's Bench

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