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Marissa Faith Miao Burghart 9/19/95-9/20/03 Marissa was diagnosed 12/21/02 with a diffuse pontine glioma, an inoperable brain stem tumor. She went to be with Jesus on 09/20/03. Her favorite color was Purple & she loved the Lord. Marissa was an amazing artist & she loved to draw. Marissa means: Wonderful Gift from the sea, but we have always said that she was and is, a wonderful gift from God. Her Chinese name is Guo Miao & means: wonderful, beautiful, great & she is this & more to those that knew & loved her.

Pictures in the photos section to Celebrate Marissa's Life! See her art work to help orphaned and abandoned children in China at: http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/
Sale of her notecards help to pay for medical procedures and foster care for children waiting for their forever families.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014 7:24 PM CDT

I know it has been a long time since I have updated Marissa's caringbridge site. Not an easy task, especially in Sept and in December. Marissa would have turned 19 on the 19th of last month. Her GOLDEN Birthday. It has been HARD, really hard. Rarely does anyone leave a message anymore, especially hard when those who knew and loved her, never stop by to leave a note that they are thinking of her or us. We miss her every single day and we always will.

The last 11+ years have been extremely difficult for our family. We were persecuted by people that we trusted and loved dearly. We are still in recovery mode and fear we will never really recover all that we lost. If people only knew what all we have been through, emotionally, financially and medically. We moved to a new state 5 years ago, hoping for a new start and healing that we so desperately need/needed, as we had poured ourselves into helping others adopt, as we felt that is what our precious Marissa would have wanted, but unfortunately, we did not take time to properly grieve or to help our other children grieve. We crashed and crashed hard, at least I did. I had to quit work, my health was suffering and our children were suffering. We thought people would be more understanding, but then the attacks came, when we did quit so we could devote our time to our other children and to each other and they were relentless to destroy us and we had done nothing wrong. Those that TRULY know us, know this is true. We poured our lives, hearts and our own personal finances into helping others adopt. Helping children find forever families of their own. We have proof of all we gave, but they still wanted to crucify us over their lies. It hurt us deeply to the core of our being. I have forgiven them through prayer, but that does not change our current situation. We need a break so badly. We had a bit of a break last month and were finally able to replace our HVAC unit, that has not worked in over 2 1/2 years, yes, no heat or A/C on our main level. We have been surviving with space heaters and fans until last week, we were finally able to replace our main floor unit. So many other things need to be fixed or replaced in this house we live in, so many that it seems we will never "catch up", or truly have a functional house to live in. My 90 year old mother in law now lives with us full time. We have a beautiful 8 month old grandson and a Granddaughter due in early December, such blessings, in these difficult times. Still nothing will ever be the same without our beautiful Marissa Faith. We miss her every single day. Everything changed when God called her HOME. Please pray for our family, we need financial and emotional healing, would be very healing to have those that chose to hurt us, to ask for forgiveness, but it will probably never happen. So tired from it all. No cures still for Marissa's cancer, and children still keep dying an agonizing death in front of their parents and loved ones and it is so torturous that we will never forget how much our sweet girl suffered and how she was trapped in a body she had no control over anymore. I hate cancer so much and hate that it has changed us forever. Blessed to have our other children doing well and for our grandchildren, such glimmers of HOPE that things WILL get better. Please continue to pray for us, especially for our children. Blessings, Kim

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