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Diane Geppi-Aikens

Welcome to Diane's Web Page. Thank you for checking in and keeping Diane and her family in you thoughts and prayers. As Diane would say - SMILE!


Sunday, February 15, 2004 7:57 PM CST

Hello Everyone!
I have some exciting news!!!
First of all...
I am excited to let you know that on March 7th - before the Greyhounds take on Princeton University at 2pm - Loyola College will be dedicating it's field to Diane!
Curley field will be re-named in honor of our Diane! This comes at the request of the Curley Family. I know Mops and Pops and the Aikens Family are so honored and appreciative.
Please come early to the game (1:30pm) so you can be there for the dedication at 1:45pm. The game is at 2pm. This will be a very special day for Diane's Family and friends and for the Loyola Women's Lacrosse Family - let's support them by being at the game on the 7th!
Next, I am thrilled to tell you that Chip Silverman has published a book called - "Lucky Every Day...The Wisdom of Diane Geppi-Aikens" which contains 20 unforgettable lessons from Diane. It should be out in stores by April 1st and will make a GREAT Mother's Day gift! Enjoy!
I am trying to put a copy of the flyer on the pictures page of this website - so keep checking!
I hope everyone is doing well and remembering that Diane is with us each and every day.
Love to all,

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