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Emily's Page

Welcome to Emily Brooke Zimmerman's Web Page.
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The address is:
The Emily Brooke Leukemia Fund
c/o FCB P.O. Box 1100
Frederick, Md 21702-0100


Saturday, December 19, 2009 4:58 PM CST

Just a quick update.

Emily's recent visit last week was a success. Counts are great and we've been given the go ahead to visit every 3 months in 2010. Yeah! Unfortunately, she will need a series of immunization shots (about 6). Won't be fun, but I'm sure she'll get an Olive Garden Dinner out of it.

Brett continues to do well. Basketball team is 4-0. He scored two 3-point baskets at the last game, with a few foul shots to add to the final score. I actually witnessed him dunking the ball, not once, but twice. Who would have thought he could jump that high.

On a sad note, my Uncle Charlie passed away on Friday, Dec. 11th. Services were this week, so Frederick/Montgomery Counties got a dose of Dymond fever. They are still not too sure how to handle us.

Next update may not be until March, so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

Till next time.....

The Zís

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