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Jayden Marshall Clayton

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Jayden was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia on the 25th of Febuary 2003, he underwent regime 12 Chemotherapy from England he went into remission after the first dose of chemotherapy. Jayden Finished 7 months of intense Chemotherapy and was a very sick boy throughout his treatment we spent most of our time in hospital. Jayden was off all treatment when he relapsed four months later, on the 27th of November. Jayden went on to the Flag Regimen Induction Therapy he was meant to have three cycles of this to but him back into remission so he could undergo bone marrow transplant. Jayden had his first dose of chemotherapy in December, it was working while he was on chemo but when he finished his first dose worst come to worse and his white cell count started to rise the chemo didn't work, we where told there was no more chemo for Jayden we where told he would have five to seven days to live and that we would not get Christmas with him I prayed every night for Jayden to spend one last Christmas with us. We got Christmas and every day we got was a blessing and I thanked God for them. Jaydens battle ended on the 12th of January 2004 when he reached his arms into the air and said I want that one I believe he chose his very own angle and his angle has red wings now he is our little man with his red winged angle.

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A son into this world we bring, we are parents we proudly sing.

But his life was cut so short, not right, not what we thought.

A gift from heaven he was sent but was he ours or was he lent.

So many things still to say but you have gone your seperate way.

Above the universe he rose to be with angel, as he chose.

His voice now whispers on the breeze, bringing comfort, a sence of ease.

Through tears filled eyes we look above and send a family's love.

Although we miss him very much, we now are blessed, with an angels touch.

By Anita Smith

Visit Jaydens Friend Micah from the Mater childrens Hospital Micah's page"
Visit Jacob's page he fought the battle of Acute Myeloyd Leukaemia Jakes page
Sadly Jacob lost is fight with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and is now i'm sure happy in heaven playing with Jayden, I just pray they dont get into to much trouble lol

He ordered his angels to guard you wherever you go. If you stumble, they'll catch you; their job is to keep you from falling. Psalm 91:11

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We little knew that morning God was going to call your name
In life we loved you dearly In death we do the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you
you did not go alone.
For part of us went with you
the day God called you home.
You left us beautifull memories
your love is still our guide
and although we cannot see you you are always at our side.
Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same but as God calls us one by one the chain will link again.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009 6:01 AM CDT

The leukaemia foundation is holding a light the night celebration right across Queensland people are going to light a balloon to Remember with a gold balloon give hope with a blue balloon and Celebrate with a white balloon these balloons signify if you have lost a loved one if you have survived leukaemia or if you are supporting people and family's who have been or going through this terrible illness. So if you can help support this wonderful event.

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Hospital Information:

In Heven pain free
no more needles Jay


http://sqlovingmemories.com/jayden   Jaydens memorial Quilt it is him all over
http://quiltsoflove.com/quilt/jaydenf/jaydenf.html   Come and visit Jaydens quilt of love
http://www.rememberme.info   visit the memorials and the star room light a star for Jayden to show your love


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