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Our little angel child we used to call our miracle baby passed away on friday morning 24th of october 2003, after being diagnosed 14 months earlier with metatastic medulloblastoma .
He was a real fighter and faught to the end .
Now he is up in heaven pain free and playing and doing the things which was impossible in life .

poem from his dad

Was too good for this earth is what i'd say,
If you want to know how i'm feeling today'

My little boy has gone away,

With strength and courage far greater than mine,
his gentle heart would beat in time,

It's OK Don't cry his tiny voice would say,
His arms streched out meant he wanted to play,

The trains went round, and hours passed by,
We didn't once feel the need to cry,
It was only when he stopped and rested his eyes,
We started to imagine our last goodbyes,

His face his smile, a love worth while,
He tried to go that extra mile,

i'll just wait here for better days to come,
Iknow he wanted me to look after his sister and mum,

I'll see you again , i know i will,
We'll talk and laugh and play until,
A life will come , we both can share ,
just think of this you're half way there,

Was too good for this world is what i'd say,
If you ask me how i'm feeling today.

Lost in the Quiet


Friday, June 6, 2008 11:17 AM CDT

I have nearly finished my first year in child nursing. and its been nearly 5 years since jim passed away, time seems to be whizzing passed. oh well if you do pop by please sign the guest book x

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