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Sunday, December 23, 2007 9:57 PM CST

Happy Eighth Birthday in Heaven Carl!!!!!!!!

It is hard to imagine Carl celebrating his 8th Birthday had he still been here with us on earth. I can try to picture what he would look like, probably just the same only taller, and maybe huskier. When Carl left us he was quite thin, and only about 30 pounds. Little Cara was 25 pounds the last time I put her on a scale. She is quickly catching up to the size we remember Carl to have been. I wonder if Carl would still be playing with his tractors, and favorite trucks and cars? I am sure he would be busy playing with and entertaining Cara and helping her come up with cleaver ideas :0) She does come up with things on her own, and we do believe Carl is active in her life.

A couple of weeks ago, I was Blessed to receive the Best Christmas gift possible, straight from Carl. I have kept this to myself, but thought I would share with you to hopefully help others, and to bring peace and love to others that have been touched by Carl's journey.

Here is a piece from an April journal that explains how this whole mission of Carl's started.

April 19th 2007~
On Easter Sunday when we were all sitting around talking, Auntie Janet told us of something Amazing that happened a week and a half earlier. A couple of girls she knows, one who knows of our family, and has met Carl through Auntie Janet, was the messenger, as this all played out!!! These girls went to a psychic medium for a reading, hoping to communicate with their recently crossed over loved one. The psychic was receiving an energy, and started asking them questions to see if they could validate who was coming through to them. Here’s a close recollection of what happened: Psychic..”Did you have a little cousin that crossed over?” Girls…”No” Psychic..”A little boy about this tall…He was very sick?” Girls…”No??” Psychic “ I’m getting that his name starts with a “C” ?” Psychic “He is standing right between you two” The girls started thinking and after some thought, it occurred to the one (who knew of Carl) She said “Oh Carl Robinson!!!” Psychic “Yes” Carl somehow came through to these acquaintances, who where at this reading, trying to connect with someone else! He must have known that his message would find it’s way to our family and maybe give us some Peace and Hope!! Carl apparently didn’t say a lot, but what I was told was that he wanted to say “Hi to everyone” “He Loves us” and “He likes it when we talk about him”

To me, what this all validates, is that Carl is with us, he definitely spends time around us, and he hears us when we talk about him!! And he likes to hear us talking about him :0) He must have received our greetings that we sent to him through Grandma and Grandpa Robinson, as they were passing, Grandma in November, and Grandpa just a month ago, Which was to say Hi to Carl and tell him how much we love him and miss him!!! There are so many things I would like to tell Carl, and so many things I would like to ask him too. But I am so Happy that he somehow made it through, to get this message to us!!! I do believe he has been trying to connect with us, as there have been many other signs that he has sent us in the past little while!! When we are least expecting something, we look at each other, smile, and know that our little Angel is making a connection! We miss him so terribly, but it is comforting to know and believe that he is around us and that his Love still lives on and he is letting us know that!! I also think that I can sense his presence many times, when I know that he is here with us!! I do talk to him quite regularly, but it will certainly feel different now, knowing that he is very much present and listening!!!

This was the best Easter gift we could have received!!!

Well an Easter gift turns into a Christmas gift!!!! After eight months of pondering this knowledge, and wondering what to think and do? I finally (by the complete orchastration of events, via Carl) made it to this same lady for a reading!!

Cousins Jenny & Jessie and I went together, on December 14th and loe and behold, Carl Came through with a Strong Engery which held for nearly 30 minutes.

He was coming through with Grandma and Grandpa, which validated that they are all together on the other side!

He wanted to say that he is not in pain anymore.

He was rubbing his head?? I believed this was to talk about his loss of hair/cancer, but he said that he didn't mind when he didn't have hair, and that he often joked about it :0) We acknowledged this, and brought up that he was called baldy!! :0) (And we know how he loved to call Justin Baldy!!)

The psychic would pause and try to read/see his signs and translate to messages. Some things were not quite clear? One of those was that she saw him sitting on the floor pulling off his socks? I can't remember his feet or socks being an issue? I do however believe he was trying to talk about Cara, because she always pulls off her socks, and just a day or two before this reading, she was sitting on the floor next to me pulling off her socks, and proceeding to pick toe-jam :0). She also validated that Carl and Cara do communicate, and that she always will!! She said that they made a pact to!! The time of day when he connects with her the most is when she is going to sleep, and right before she is waking up.

The validation that blew us away most, was when she asked about a sliding glass window? She said Carl was showing her a window? I didn't know what this was about? Then she said "This is going to sound wierd, but...Was there a bird that flew into a glass window?"

Oh my gosh, he was talking about Jessie's wedding (The Dove Release) Which was this past September. For those of you that were not there, we brought doves for Jessie and Dustin to release after their wedding ceremony in front of the church. One of the doves flew straight up and right into the glass window in the front of the church!!! At the time Tom and I were mortified, and disgusted that this had to happen to Jessie and Dusty!! This was also an important validation, 1. to let us know that he was indeed present at the wedding, and 2. this was something he could bring up that all three of us, would definitely know what he was talking about!!! And thirdly, this validates to me, that Carl knows about our Doves (Carl's Angel Wings) and that he just may be involved with some of these crazy Dove releases :0) or else he just thinks it's humerous when they don't perform as we hope they will :0) Maybe he can help them find their way home better ;)
Insidently, one of the Doves that was released for the wedding was one of the birds born at the zoo (from Carl's Memorial there) It had gotten out of the cage during a feeding one day, and spent some time flying over Redwood, but did keep returning to the top of the cage in the park! The zoo staff finally caught it and was able to return it to the cage, but in the process, it now has become a homer to the zoo!! So anyway, that Dove homed back to the zoo. They guys watched for it to return, and it did, so they called us and we came down to get it to bring it back home. (This was after the zoo animals were gone for the season) And to think that Carl knows all about his birds!!!!

Here is a picture I took, right before the window slam happened!

After she brought up the bird flying into the window thing, she said that Carl was showing her the windex commercial where the bird flys into the clean window!!! What a Hoot!!! We laughed, and I mentioned how he must have thought it was funny too :0) And she did say how he does have quite a sense of humor, and is such a vibrant energy!!! She could tell he also had a bit of an ego, as he was very proud of himself for orchastrating the whole thing of how I found out about her (at this point she knew nothing of us, and didn't remember the previous reading of the other gals in April) She also mentioned how if he could he would walk around and pat us all on the head!! :0) Now can't you just see him doing that!!!! That was so very much Carl coming through!!!

She said that Carl was very spiritual right from the get go, and when Carl would be day-dreaming, that would be when he was connecting to the other side. He said that when I am day- dreaming, is when he can easily connect with me, and that he knows that I can feel when he is around.

I know I am forgetting some of the other things that were said, but the dove thing was so amazing to us!! She also kept commenting on how his energy is so very strong, and how he stayed with us for so long!! She said that usually doesn't happen. When it was time for him to leave, he didn't just quickly fade, she said he slowly left and was waveing. She said he made a sign of a kiss on the cheek. Of course we were all including her, in tears at this point. Jenny grabbed the kleenex box and started handing out tissues to all of us. We wiped our tears through smiles and laughs, as we tried to fatham what just happened. We did have the session taped, so that we could later go back to re-listen. We played the tape for Tom when we got home, also wowing him to tears. One other thing said towards the end was "noodles"?? She asked what noodles could mean?? I mentioned that Carl loved Mac n Cheese? She said "No it has to be somehting significant, that happened this past week, or still will be happening" when we got home, guess what Tom was cooking on the stove?? Noodles!!!

What Carl wanted to say was Thank you for making all my dreams come true! He had a wonderful childhood, and felt so loved, and he knew that and felt so loved and he was told that so much! He said that he didn't like being sick, but liked all of the attention he got :0)

After Carl faded, and we all wiped our tears, we began talking more. We told her how we actually did hear about her, and how Carl had come through in another reading for these girls in the spring. She again assured us that Carl planned this whole thing out, and made it all work and arranged this!!

She talked about how he is with us and around us, and how he knows what is going on in our lives. She talked about how loosing a child is the hardest thing a person could ever have to experience. But how our loved ones are always with us, and how this reading should bring comfort, not only to me but to Tom as well. Oh and the other kids too!!! Towards the end of the reading, Carl wanted to acknowledge all the kids, he started with "B" she asked who has a B name? That would be Bryan!! He kept going and she knew that he had three other siblings that he wanted to mention.

We were very Happy that Carl came through, and I do feel a sense of Peace knowing that Carl is well and still with us in his own way!!

A couple of days later, I woke up in the middle of the night. I was standing in the kitchen, reading a direction booklet for a new parafin hand wax warming deal that I got. And without even thinking of Carl at the moment, I heard a far far off voice calling "Mom" I stopped reading, looked up, turned my head to listen closer, trying see if one of the kids was awake calling me, but they were not, they were all sleeping soundly. I smiled, and realized this (Mom call) sounded like a little voice I remember... just trying to get my attention, to let me know he was there!!!

This was the Best Christmas gift we could have received!!!!


We can't believe Christmas is here already!!! Today we finished up shopping, wrapping, and addressing more Christmas cards. I could still use a couple more weeks to get ready :0) Thank all of you for your Great Christmas cards, Photos and letters!!! We always enjoy reading all of them, and seeing your families grow up too!!! Here is our 2007 Family photo ~

We were so thrilled tonight to open up our emails and find a wonderful photo of our friends from Spain!!! Here is sweet Jorge & Alba, Carl's buddies from the Rochester Ronald McDonald House!!

It is always good to remember, and be remembered by those we Love this special time of the year!!

Have a Beautiful Christmas in His Love

Isaiah 9:6-7
(6) For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (7) Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end, on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it with justice and with righteousness from this time forth and forevermore. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will do this.

Love & Peace
Kelly & Tom
& Family

Saturday, December 8, 2007 11:03 PM CST

Santa Visited Franklin today!!!!

Cara was not as bold as she usually can be :0) She did not want to be by Santa. Kody & Kaylee were there too, and both enjoyed meeting Santa!!!

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Thanks for your Prayers for Grandma Murphy!! She came through surgery well, and is recovering nicely!!

Check back soon for more updates!!!

Love & Peace

Sunday, October 28, 2007 9:28 PM CDT

Nov 28th,

Just a quick little note to ask for Prayers for Grandma Murphy who is having surgery tonight. After some tests, a mass was found in her colon. She will be having surgery this evening. She is Uncle Clair's mom, and has been a very strong healthy woman who has overcome so much and keeps on ticking, kind of like Carl was our little energizer bunny for so long!!! :0) Thank you and God Bless Grandma Murphy as she is in HIS hands.

A very special Thanks to everyone for remembering Carl on his Eternal Life Date (11-26-04) the third anniversary of his Birthdate in Heaven!!! It is wonderful to have him mentioned and remembered, as he is never ever forgotten in our hearts. There is not a day we wake that we don't think of Carl, or a day we go to bed without thinking of him as we drift off to sleep. On Monday the 26th about noon my cell phone alarm went off. It startled me as I was driving around delivering mail at the time. I looked around to see what was going off in my car?? I first thought it was my scanner, as it can sometimes start beeping if I don't complete a delivery scan within a certain timeframe, allerting me to finish my entry. It was not my scanner, so I wondered, if I had a package that had some kind of a timer or alarm in it? Then I picked up my cell phone, and quickly discovered it was indeed my cell phone alarm going off!! It said "Remember Carl" I smiled because Sydney had set my phone up with this message :0) I also smiled because right as this was all happening, I was already in the midst of a Carl thought, which is a pretty normal thing in my daily schedule. In fact it would be kind of hard to catch me unaware with a reminder to think of Carl!! He is with us ALWAYS, he is in our minds and in our hearts forever.

Thanks for your love and friendship, we are forever Blessed by your presence in our lives.

Love & Peace


Thursday November 23rd

Wishing all of you a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Day & weekend!!!

We enjoyed a very nice day with family here today. Starting out with an early drive to my folks with Turkey and fixin's loaded up in the car. It was early and dark, chilly but tranquil as the sky began to spit out pretty white flakes of snow. I looked up, breathed in the moment, and wondered if perhaps it was a little sign from Above, to let me know I was not alone.

We spent the first part of the day with my folks, at their place. My Dad in his Glory watching the Green Bay Packers!! Then we joined the Robinson crew in Franklin for desert, and great laughs as we visited with everyone there, then watched a couple of our home movies. One of them being Grandma Phyllis' 80th Birthday Party!! This was actually the first tape filmed from this new Sony Handy Cam we got this year (2000) It was great to see how we all looked and how much we have changed. The kids all looked so little :0) Carl was just a baby, getting ready to start walking. Very precious memories!!!

I have been trying to find a method/system, to capture and convert my old (analog/video 8) tapes to digital/DVD to save and preserve them. And so to be capable of sharing priceless footage of Carl on this webpage too!!! Pictures are wonderful, but it is so breathtaking to see and hear the voices of those we have lost.

On the very beginning of this first tape is Carl and Sam at bedtime, both in cribs at the time. Smiling, giggling and jumping up and down, as we were encouraging them to "not" settle down but to entertain us :0) It was very cute!!! Also how amazing it is that Carl and Cara look so much alike!!! Some even commented that they thought they were watching Cara.

At daycare, Linda and the children talk openly and frequently about Cara's brother Carl. And oh how she seems to know him as if he is right here with us, (which we believe he always is). Isabella asked me on Tuesday if Cara could wear her little t-shirt with Carl on it, the next day! :0) So that she did, and we also brought along our DVD of music and pictures that Uncle Clair, Jenny & Jessie helped to put together right after Carl died. Some of the little ones do remember Carl, and know that he is Cara's brother!! Linda said the kids were all glued to the TV watching the DVD. At the end is a little clip from the cemetery (dove and balloon release) Linda said they were so excited saying "This is when he went to Heaven!!!" :0) How Precious!!! And how wonderful for Angel Carl to be acknowledged and shared. I can't tell you how much this meant to me!!! I know that Carl is watching over his little sister, and all of her little friends.

This week we are also remembering a year ago when Grandma Phyllis Robinson left us for Heaven, and then that same week, our Dear cousin Freddy from NY. We are not sure where this past year has went? Funny how time continues to pass(fly) by. We know they are in a better, happier, unimaginably beautiful place....It is just that we miss them so very much, and we always will.

Today we are Thankful for so many Blessings!!! We are especially Thankful for all of our family and friends that have come along on this journey in our lives. With each day, we realize how much we all need and flourish from the Love that binds us all together. A gift from God to remind us of his Love.

UNTO thee, O God, do we give thanks, thy name is near thy wondrous works declare. Psalm 75

Love & Peace


Here it is!!! The Minnesota Beef Expo Montage from Oct 19-21 2007

It was a Great experience for the kids, we all had a wonderful weekend together!!! All of them did very well, and Sarah "Rah Rah" won Champion Angus Prospect Steer!!!! Congratulations to Sarah and all the kids for their Great effort!!!!

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Thanks for checking in with us :0)

Love to all

Happy Halloween to everyone!!!!!

Here is a little montage "Trick or Treat" featuring our little sweetie Cara Joy!! Today we got her in for her 18 month photos :0) My Mom, Grandma Greer, has been guilting me for about 10 months for not bringing her in for her 12 month photos :( So today Sydney, Cara, and I picked up Grandma and brought her right with us to be there to see Cara have a professional sitting for her 18 month (Halloween) photos!!! It was alot of fun, and Cara enjoyed making fools out of all of us as we tried to weasel smiles out of her! She kept giving us this "You have gotta be kidding" look, and then getting up and running out of the set area giggling. Finally we gave up on the silly age old tricks, and got her smiling cute with some "Im gonna get you" threats :0) She did know how to trick us!!! It was a Hoot!!! Enjoy!!!

Moved montage to upper page

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!! Check back soon for more pictures!!! I am also working on a montage of photos from last weekends Minnesota Beef Expo!!! The kids had a great time, and wonderful experience showing a few new animals that will join the 4H project for the county fair 2008!!!!

Love & Peace


Thursday, October 4, 2007 11:30 PM CDT

October 8th!! Happy Columbus Day!!!

Just added another little Montage!! We went to the Holmberg Apple Orchard on Sundey (just us girls) and really enjoyed our time there!!! In the last video clip on the Montage, Cara had come up to me with a dandelion. I was so surprised, as I was not even thinking about Mommy Flowers. :0) I think Carl was just letting me know that he was with us too!!!


Hello to everyone!!!

It is definitely Fall, and we have been having some very nice weather here in MN!!!! We are trying to grab each nice day while it lasts, and enjoying our work and play outdoors!!!

Our Niece Jessie and her sweetie Dusty were married last Saturday!! We wish them all the Happiness and Love to last a lifetime!!! God Bless you both as you start your new life together!!

Here is a little photo montage I have put together, with many Fall pictures that we hold dear to our hearts. The song is Friends by Michael W Smith. Enjoy!!!!

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Hope you are all having some pretty colors and warmth wherever you are, and getting outdoors too!!!

Love & Peace

Sunday, August 26, 2007 4:15 PM CDT

Today is September 18th!!!

HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY BRYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a quick note to wish Bryan a very Happy 20th Birthday today!!! I talked to Bryan this morning and he is doing Great!! He was getting ready for school. (Attending St. Paul College) After school today Bryan will be heading to Humboldt High to help coach the Soccer team!!! We are very proud of Bryan for all of his hard work and accomplishments!!! And for keeping a Great Possitive attitude, and never giving up!!!! God Bless you Bryan, you are a Special young man and you have been Graced by the Lord to do wonderful things in your life, and as you say "You want to help others" You will and you will shine in whatever you do!!! We Love you so much!!!!

I am sitting in the Library today typing this note, as our computer is in the shop getting fixed. Not sure what has happened, but possibly the Norton Virus protection program is responsible for the problems! I am having all of my files (pics and documents) saved from both my current hard drive, and our previous computers hard drive! Many precious pictures from the years that I would hate to loose! If anyone needs to get ahold of us this week, please call, as we are not sure when we will be up and running again at home.

Hope everyone is doing well and all of the kids are off to a good start this new school year!!! Sydney and Sam are both doing great and enjoying their classes so far!!! We are keeping ourselves busy with the start of Harvest, and looking forward to a new experience in October!!! Sydney, Sam, and cousin's Sarah and Kate will be showing young beef animals at the Minnesota Beef Expo at the State Fair Grounds. This is the first time they have entered this show. It will give them all more experience showing in a different setting, and help them prepare for next years 4H projects!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! We love keeping in touch with you all!!!

Love & Peace

It's back to school time already!!!

I seem to always embarass my kids each first day of school, as I try to capture them in photo, while making that journey to the bus! This year was no exception, In fact I think I out-did myself :0) Actually by keeping my humor, I believe, it helps to mask the tears that are hiding inside me. In the video, Sydney and Sam are trying to get on the bus as fast as they can, to avoid a picture, or in this case, a video :0) A little unexpected moment occurs when Cara comes foward to wave and say "Bye" :0) It was so unexpected, and precious, and sooo made my day!!! :0)

Wishes to everyone for a Great first back to school week!!! May all the teachers know how much we need and appreciate their love and patience they show for all their students!!! God Bless all those that work with our children each and every day!!!!


Hello to all our Dear Family and Friends!!! The kids had a Fantastic couple of weeks at both the County Fair and then the State Fair!!! Lots of precious memories are centered around the fair, and new memories were made by all of us!!! We enjoyed watching the kids with their projects, and were thrilled, along with them, that they did so very well!!! Congratulations to all the 4H'ers this 2007 fair year!! The animals are loaded up on the semi as I am typing, and the kids are getting ready to make their trip back home on the bus together!!! I am sure they are tired but excited to share thier stories that made this year so special!!! Both Kate and Sydney did an Awesome job at the State Fair, both in the beef show, and the showmanship competition!! Kate won a trip for her Prize winning potatos, and Sarah has her Blue ribbon tomato juice still at the Fair, which will be judged next week!! Here is a picture/video remix I have been working on, and think you will like!!! I did not get to go to the State Fair myself to see the kids, but Tom did, and he got home with a few pictures Friday night that I was able to add to the mix!! Here it is!!!! ENJOY!!!!

Thanks for checking in as you Always do so Faithfully!!!

Until Next Time.....

Love & Peace


Saturday, August 18, 2007 10:20 PM CDT

Good Evening this Saturday!!!

The County Fair is through for another year!!! As we ponder memories from past years, and gather plans to better the future's projects, the kids will prepare for the State Fair coming up next week!!! Cousin Kate won Champion Beef Steer, and a State Fair Trip!!! Sydney took Reserve Champion with her Cow and Calf pair, and also won a State Fair Trip!!! Congratultions to all of the kids for their hard work and accomplishments this entire year of 4H!!!!! I will try to get some pictures posted very soon!!!

The above picture of Carl (From the summer of 2003) showing off his Farm Boy Tattoo, was worn on our T-Shirts at the fair on Show Day!! I designed a little shirt for Cara to wear, and before I was done, I ended up making a bunch for all the kids and most of the family too!! It was fun to see his sweet face on the shirts of family, that wore them in his memory!!! I do so appreciate how much they truly love and miss Carl too. He Loved all of his Aunties and Uncles, and Cousins so much, I am sure he is delighted how much we try to keep his spirit alive with us!!!

Today is August 18th, one of the days in our "Memory Bank" of dates that goes down as changing our lives forever. This was the day 5 years ago, that we received the un-thinkable news that Carl had cancer. Neuroblastoma to be exact...Neuro....what???? Instead of celebrating 5 years of survival, and now better odds of a complete cure, it is just a reminder of the odds that were presented to us that day in the hospital....(30 percent chance of five year, event free survival) which means 30 out of 100 children diagnosed with Neuroblastoma will survive 5 years without a relapse or other complication (but could still go on to relapse many years later). The other 70 will die, or if lucky enough to reach remission, will likely relapse and eventually loose the battle too. Not a pretty diagnosis. This is one of those post tramatic stress times when the flash backs return. Even though Carl is gone, those horrific memories are not. After checing emails tonight, we learned that a little boy Carter that we have come to know from posts on the NB list serve, and support from his Mom, has died today. How very sad this time surly is for this wonderful family. Our hearts go out to them and we will be remembering them in our Prayers for comfort, and healing. We also pray for all of the little children battlig this deadly disease, and for all of the families that are missing their Angels so much.

Thanks everyone for checking Carl's site and staying in touch with us throughout all of these years!!!!! It is hard to believe that Carl's website is 5 years old. We can remember how Awesome it was to journal and communicate what was going on with Carl throughout all of the ups and downs over these years. All of the Joys and Happy times, with each glimmer of Hope our hearts felt. And all of the pain and sadness we experienced... you also felt, as you followed Carl's journey. We will always appreciate the Love and Support you gave, whenever we needed it the most! It had been our life link, which without I am not sure how we would have survived all that we did. I also have felt that maybe it has helped others, through our faith and trust in God, to live life to the fullest, knowing that we are all in this together, and we all need eachother!!! GOD BLESS you all for Loving Carl and our family so much!!!

Love & Peace

Monday, August 13, 2007 9:28 PM CDT

"Tuesday August 17, 2004"

Good Morning to all!!!

We are enjoying the fair, but more sitting back watching the boys with their calves :0) They are so proud of their little projects, and have been busy to keep them cared for!! They noticed how everyone would stop at thier little calves and ooooo and ahhhhh over how cute they are, so they began to ask every child that stopped if they wanted to go in and pet their cow :0) Soon Carl began to venture further out of the barn to snag wood be walkers by, to come in and pet his cow :0) It was very precious, we sat and smiled, and laughed so much at these boys!!!

We have been keeping a close watch on Carl the past couple of days. He started to run a temp on Monday, and has visited the Redwood Hospital for line cultures, and antibiotics twice to cover a possible line infection. We have not heard an official report after 24 hours, so I guess then this should mean no news is good news?? He wanted to be here so badly at the fair, so we are so Happy that Carl got his chance, and that Sam was able to have his little partner with him!!!

Bryan is at camp Jornada this week, and I have not heard anything from him so far. I know he is having a blast, because they have a week of fun activities planned for all of the campers!!! I think later today was the biggest event of all week ~ The Jello War!!!!! I can't wait to hear all about his adventure at camp, and see the pictures of all the kids!!! They should be having nice weather this week, it did rain earlier on, but it has been just Beautiful ever since!!!

Sydney has already left with Tom to get to the fair. Today they must wash and get ready her chickens and her heifer for the shows!! Sam will be showing Spot, but he really needed to sleep in a little this morning since they were working so hard yesterday, and were so tuckered out last night :0) Sydney's Grandma and Grandpa Bladon, Doyle and Helen are here to watch Syd show her animals, and Jeff arrived last night too. I was in the restroom yesterday, and turned around after washing my hands and Helen was standing there!!! I said "HELEN" and she said "KELLY" and we hugged!!!! She didn't expect to see me at the fair, she knew Carl had some tests to do in Rochester this week, but didn't know we got it all done on Monday, and could come home for a couple of days!!! It was so good to see them again!!! They are all excited to see Sydney show her animals today, and Sydney is so Lucky to have so many family members there supporting her!!!! We also have Auntie Jill and Nickey coming this morning, Aunties Janet, Joy and Sheila will all be there today too!!!! Thanks to all of you for taking time off of work, and making this a special fair week for the kids!!!!! Sydney will be bringing her friend Heather to the fair with her tomorrow, she is looking foward to a day of fun, after her showing is all done!!!

Thank you for stopping by, and for all of your Prayers that are making a difference in our lives!!!


* It's impossible to be always happy, but it really is possible to be continually joyful.

* Little joys can carry you through when you can't get your mind or body around big ones.

* You can be joyful even when you don't feel joyful. You can accept comfort even when you don't feel comfortable.

* When you don't feel comfort, look for strength. When you don't feel strong, give the Lord your weakness.

* Joy comes from understanding what has been promised, trusting in God's care, practicing thanksgiving-and appreciating life.

* God will give you the comfort and joy you need, in the proper dosages, to bring you where you need to be.

* Joy is that deep-down knowledge that all is well, regardless, and all shall be well, no matter what.

Emilie Barnes-

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday August 13, 2007
I did something tonight that I havn't done for a very long time....In fact I really can't remember if or when, I have yet to...take a look back

The reality is still so painful, to remembr is so sweet, but so very difficult.

We are approaching one of Carl's favorite times, and one of our very best memories of how Happy he was. In the midst of the most crucial time for Carl, and our reality of the imminent, Carl enjoyed a couple days with his whole heart, and our hearts were so warmed, as we watched his Joy!

We can hardly believe this is the third year of returning to the County Fair, without Carl with us. We often reminise of that last speical year, and it can bring tears of both joy and pain. To remember is proof that he was "here" To remember, recalls the pain of reality. Just when we think we are "ok" (whatever that is) our loss of Carl feels so fresh and raw. We miss him more every day, and it is "ok" to let ourselves admit that!!

I look at Carl's precious little sister, and think how very proud he must be of her!! And how much I wish he were here with us to enjoy her, and Ohh how he would have Loved playing with her!! She started wearing a little pair of hand me down tennis shoes (from a sweet little girl Anna) we brought out, they are "Dora shoes" She points to the Dora picture on the side and says "Dora" :0) I can't help but think of Carl, and how he Loved the Dora show!! :0) Perhaps a little gift from Carl to make me smile :0)

The kids will be entering their animals at the County Fair tomorrow, and Thursday will be the big show day for Beef!! They have been working extra hard every day for the past couple of weeks, so finally the time is here to show their stuff!!! Both Sydney and Sam will be bringing Doves, and Sam is entering a wooden tomato stand/thingy that he made!! We are looking forward to watching them show their projects, and enjoying what they work so hard for all year in 4H!!!

Thanks to Jenny and Jessie again this year for all of your help and guidance you have given the kids with their animals!!! You are an inspiration and roll models to these kids, as they are already talkig about the day they can too go to UMC to work on their degrees in Animal Science!!!! THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU DEARLY!!!! Also Thanks to cousin Nick for helping this week here on the farm and at the Fair!!!! And Thanks to the Aunties that are coming to offer moral support to the kids once again!!!!

We hope you are all enjoying these last few weeks of your summers before that "Back to school" time hits us sooner than we want!!! Where did this summer go???

Thank you all for STILL checking in on Carl's site, and for caring about our family as you always have!!!

Love & Peace

Wednesday, July 25, 2007 10:01 PM CDT

Hello to all our Dear Family and Friends!!!

We hope you are all having a wonderful summer!!! We have been enjoying ours, and keeping very busy as always :0)

This past weekend was no exception!! Friday night was our Annual Relay For Life in Redwood County. Our families 5th year as Carl's Commandos, marking our 3rd year without our little Hero Carl...our main reason to fight for a cure!! It was very emotional to see Carl's name on the lumiaria bags, when he was still with us battling for his life, but now to see that he is "In Memory" is even more painful. It hardly seems real at times, as it often feels like just yesterday, he was right there with us, running around like crazy, grumbling when asked to stop, for a quick picture!! We remember Carl bursting with energy and excitement, dispite the sickness he must have felt, but how he refused to give in to it, as it would have meant being held back from joining his family and finding all of his fun. It is my Prayer that one day, all of this effort from everyone that has given so much of themselves, will provide that desperately needed cure, expecially for all the little innocent children whos lives cancer claims.

Saturday we helped put on a Couples shower for our Niece Jessie and her husband to be Dusty!! We had alot of fun with everyone, and enjoyed a wonderful spread of food that could have fed an army!! Thanks to all the combined efforts of all the family, it was a Great Success!!! We are now looking forward to a Beautiful September wedding, right around the corner!!!

Then Sunday we left for Rochester to take part in the 2007 Cruise for the Ronald McDonald House!!! It was a Great time and it was so good to see everyone again, and many of our Donald House family that we have not seen for awhile!!! Here is a slide show of some of the pictures I took, and some that Stacey sent to me that she captured!!! Thanks Stace for the Awesome photos!!! :0)

We were so glad to have been a part of the Cruise again, and we sure hope to do this again next year. It was truly a wonderful day of great emotion and pride to be helping out the Donald House where we called home for so many months with Carl during his treatment in Roch. We know what it feels like to be a family in need of a place to feel comfortable and secure, while going through such a tramatic roller coaster (fighting cancer in our child) Now we can be on the other side, and help out an important cause, and give back a little love that we have been given!! We will never forget the Love Carl was given, and how much we appreciated having this home to go to when we needed it the most!

We rode with the Erdmann's and Stacey and Kevin from Camp Jornada, and many of their friends!! We were in a group of 20 bikes that rode together for the day. We enjoyed all our time there, and the kids had a great time swimming and hanging out together while we were on the ride. We look forward to getting together again soon!!!

Now that July is almost over, that means the County fair will soon be upon us. The kids are getting geared up to spend many days walking, washing, training their animals for show at the fair. It will be a bustling time here on the farm for a few weeks!! We hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer vacation before school starts again, and get lots of family time together!!! These are the times our kids will remember the most!!!

Love and Peace

Wednesday, July 4, 2007 12:02 AM CDT


Here is a slideshow of some of the pictures taken at our Annual July Hog Roast!!!

It was a Great party once again, and we all enjoyed a Beautiful day of perfect weather!!! The food was Awesome and the Fireworks were BETTER than ever!!!! THANKS to Matt and Tony for your Great efforts to give us all a Entertaining show!!! The display was bigger and higher in the sky than ever, as we found out by spectators on the nearby roads!!! :') We are already looking forward to next years event!!!! Thanks to everyone that came and all the help that goes on behind the scenes that make this happen each year!!!!

My joy is to see all the little children enjoying themselves with the powerwheeels and riding toys!!! All the toys were once enjoyed by Carl too!!

It brings back such precious memories to watch other little guys running around with bursting energy having so much fun!!! Now that Sam has gotten so grown up, he is saddly too big to be riding anymore. All of these toys sit so lonely in the shed most of the year, it is so Joyful to see them come to life once more with other little children enjoying them as much as they once did!!! We know too, that little Cara will soon be one of the little energy bundles that will take off riding with a smile and laughter!!!! Also so Amazingly, when the sky turned dark when the fireworks were about to begin, the moon was FULL and ORANGE in the sky above!!! A little sign that Carl was present with us too!!

Wishes to everyone and their families for a very Happy 4th of July Holiday!!!!

The Ronald McDonald "Cruise" is soon upon us!!!

Here is some information I previously posted about the ride (From the Rochester Ronald McDonald House website), and we encourage any and all that can attend to join us for a Wonderful ride in Beautiful SE MN!!!!

7th Annual "The Cruise" - A Benefit Ride for the Ronald McDonald House

Sunday, July 22, 2007 (Rain or shine)

Registration :
8:30 am - 12:00 Noon
Rochester Community Technical College (RCTC) Sports Complex
Hwy 14 & Cty Rd 22


Galen Lohrenz, Event Chair (507) 356-8735

Join us at the House at 6:00 pm for the annual motorcycle parade and check presentation!

Event Raffle tickets are available to purchase for $5.00 each.
Winner will be drawn the day of the event.
1st Prize $1,000 cash
2nd Prize $250 cash
3rd Prize $100 cash
4th Prize $50 cash (3 awarded)

Contact Galen Lohrenz at (507) 356-8735 for more information or for raffle tickets.

The 6th Annual The “Cruise” set a record with 1,015 motorcycle riders gathered on a sunny Sunday morning to ride for the kids of the Ronald McDonald House.

The 135-mile, five-stop ride through southeastern Minnesota is the largest single fundraising event for the House. It took place on July 23, 2006.

The “Cruise” concluded with the annual awe-inspiring ceremonial parade down Second Street SW to the Ronald McDonald House where event organizers presented House guest families with a check for more than $79,000 – an all-time record for this event!

Special thanks to our major sponsors, which include Chateau Theaters, City Looks Salon & Spa, and Sterling State Bank, for their generous support.

We are Excited for the ride this year!!! We did find a bike a couple of weeks ago!!! Here is a pic of Tom and Sydney that night!!! Sydney got the first ride!!!

My sister Holly gave us a special Angel Bell to hang under the bike!!! There is a legend to this practice. It is to protect us from Evil Road Gremlins, and to keep us safe while riding!!!

Here is the legend...

The Legend

Legend has it that a small bell attached to your motorcycle, close to the ground, catches the Evil Road Spirits. The Little Gremlins live on your motorcycle causing all kinds of mechanical problems. The cavity of the bell attracts these Evil Spirits, but the constant ringing drives them insane and they lose their grip and fall to the ground. (Have you ever wondered where pot holes come from?)

We are looking forward to a Great Event and Reunion with our Rochester family and friends!!!!

Some old news and other updates ~

Sydney had a Great trip to China with her Dad and Grandma!!! Will try to add some pics soon. What an experience for her, to treasure for a lifetime!!!

Carl's Angel Wings ~ A Work In Progress!!

The doves have proved to be more of a challenge this spring. After purchasing 50 young birds this late winter, and experiencing the worst failure yet in training this group of birds, we have backed off and once again started a new plan!! The doves we had paired for breeding and the birds we had left from our spring adventure, are now making babies like crazy!!! It is late in the season to be in this stage with young birds, but we now are dealing with stock that are either bred to mates or hatched and raised here on our farm!! The doves that were started homing this spring, that now have mates and young, "should" sucessfully finish training, and home well due to their ties here!! And the young doves to soon begin their training regimend, should also be better homers, since they were hatched here!! We have had many struggles with this project, but continue to stay hopeful, and refuse to give up!!! We know this is a Beautiful Memorial for Carl, and when we achieve what we have set out for, it will all be worth all the frustration getting there!!! Time is what this is proving to take, and as long as we have the determination, it will be done!!! I am Proud to still have one of the birds that was given to us from Scott, (who provided the doves for Carl's memorial service) and now have two babies from Her and a mate from one of our Ill. Homers we purchased in the beginning. It is Exciting to see the progress happening in the loft right now!!!

Keep enjoying your summer, it is going soooo fast!!! Thank you for stopping by to check in on us as you always do, we truly appreciate your Love and Care!!

God Bless you all!!


Thursday, June 14, 2007 4:01 PM CDT

It is that time of year again for the Annual Robinson Hog Roast!!!!!

WHEN ~ Saturday June 30th
TIME ~ 4:00PM Until ???
WHERE ~ The Robinson Farm

Just like we have done in the years past, Bring your lawn chairs, a dish to pass, and your appetite for lots of yummy pork sandwiches!!! Lemonade will be provided!! You are welcome to BYOB if you would like any other beverages!!! Come to enjoy a family and friends fun time of good company and food, then plan on staying for the Traditional Awesome Fireworks Display!!!!! We look forward to seeing all of you that can come!!!
If Any questions or anyone needing directions please feel free to email us at, or call us at 507-557-2941 or 507-430-2445


June has become a very emotional month. We have reached the 1 year anniversary, June 16th, when our friend Brent Koch lost his life in Iraq. We are remembering Brent this weekend, and will never forget the Ultimate Sacrifice he made for all of us!! May God Bless his family as they feel their Great loss, and remember Brent this weekend.

June 14
Today we are remembering Carl's sweet buddy Andrew, who flew to Heaven a year ago today, to be with him again. We are thinking of you Deb and Jerry, and Praying for you and your family on this 1st painful anniversary. We can only Imagine what those two have been up to together :0) And the Joy that they both must have felt, when Carl greeted Andrew, and when Andrew entered that Beautiful Eternal paradise! We know they are Happily together, and watching over all of us here Always!!! But Ohhh how we miss them so very much, does it ever get easier?? I do think sometimes, but then there are those little unexpected reminders that pop up out of no where, without warning, that get you right in the gut, and in the heart.

We are planning on joining "The Cruise" The motorcycle ride for the Rochester Ronald McDonald House, coming up at the end of July!!! We will always remember meeting Andrew and Deb at the Donald House, and all of the times Carl could not wait to run and find Andrew as soon as we got in the door! Carl made himself at home in their room, and felt welcome to come blasting in any time he pleased, and he was always greeted with a smile and Im sure a laugh :0)
We will be riding in Memory of Andrew and Carl!!! If anyone would like to join us for the Best ride ever, Please contact us for details!!! Tom and I have been looking (dreaming) of buying a Harley in time for the ride. But have not found the right deal on a used bike, so we will be renting one this year, unless something comes around that we can't pass up!!! Alot of our friends have been getting involved in some of these rides, such as this weekends Relay for Life Fun run!!! It is really alot of fun to get together to ride for a Great cause!!!

Here is some info from the Rochester Ronald McDonald House website ~

7th Annual "The Cruise" - A Benefit Ride for the Ronald McDonald House

Sunday, July 22, 2007 (Rain or shine)

Registration :
8:30 am - 12:00 Noon
Rochester Community Technical College (RCTC) Sports Complex
Hwy 14 & Cty Rd 22


Galen Lohrenz, Event Chair (507) 356-8735

Join us at the House at 6:00 pm for the annual motorcycle parade and check presentation!

Event Raffle tickets are available to purchase for $5.00 each.
Winner will be drawn the day of the event.
1st Prize $1,000 cash
2nd Prize $250 cash
3rd Prize $100 cash
4th Prize $50 cash (3 awarded)

Contact Galen Lohrenz at (507) 356-8735 for more information or for raffle tickets.

The 6th Annual The “Cruise” set a record with 1,015 motorcycle riders gathered on a sunny Sunday morning to ride for the kids of the Ronald McDonald House.

The 135-mile, five-stop ride through southeastern Minnesota is the largest single fundraising event for the House. It took place on July 23, 2006.

The “Cruise” concluded with the annual awe-inspiring ceremonial parade down Second Street SW to the Ronald McDonald House where event organizers presented House guest families with a check for more than $79,000 – an all-time record for this event!

Special thanks to our major sponsors, which include Chateau Theaters, City Looks Salon & Spa, and Sterling State Bank, for their generous support.

I will post more info later, when cost is determined. Here is one of my favorite pics from The Cruise 2004...

We know these two are riding the Golden streets of Heaven!!!!!

We have been doing well since baby Cara's scare. She is definitely back to her normal busy self, keeping us all running after her!!! She has a few low grade temps, but all uneventful Thankfully!!! We are not sure the origin, but wonder if her teething could be to blame? Also there has been several kids at daycare that have recently come down with the stomach flu :0( We are keeping our fingers crossed that we miss this bug, and stay well!!! Hopefully everything she is being exposed to, is making her immunities stronger, and she will be able to start fighting off these germs on her own!!! We continue to watch her closely, and have been checking her temp almost daily whenever she feels warm. She is getting used to the routine, but grumbles at being stopped from her busy activities to get a thermomether under her arm (reminds us of Carl).

Sydney is getting ready to leave tomorrow with her Dad and Grandma Helen for a trip to China!!! She is very lucky to get this opportunity!!! We miss her already, and can't wait to hear all about her trip when she gets back home!!! Sam has been busy with his two baseball teams, and swimming!!! Bryan is here with us for a week, and the two boys and I are getting ready to head off to the movie theater to see Shrek The Third!!!! FINALLY!!!!! We have been trying to get to this movie since it came out, but it just has not worked out to go. We tried to arrange a Shrek Party with friends and relatives, but with everyone elses busy schedules, that never happened. We will be thinking of Carl and remembering how much he Loved Shrek, and I'm sure wishing her were there too!!! Actually, I bet he will be sitting right next to us laughing too!!!

Sunday is Fathers Day and we would like to wish all Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, God Fathers, Cousins, and any men that have Blessed our childrens lives with Love and Guidance A Happy Fathers Day!!! God Bless you All!!!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL, and we wish you all a Safe and Blessed weekend!!!!

Love & Peace

Thursday, May 31, 2007 3:21 PM CDT

Good afternoon this Thursday!!!

It is so wonderful to be back home, safe and sound with baby Cara!!! She didn't take long to get back in her routine of walking (quickly) around the house, seeing what she could get in to before being discovered and re-directed :0) It is amazing how children are so resilient, and how they don't seem to miss a beat!!! We always remember how our Angel Carl would never quit, and how he would bounce back after surgeries and procedures that would put us down for a week!! Cara is also catching up on the meals she missed!! She is eating like a starvin marvin!!

This whole experience brought back many memories of the past, things we will never forget with Carl. It just didn't seem real however, and we had to keep wondering if this was truly happening? Things were very different however, as we were sooooo used to our second home of a hospital (St. Mary's Roch) Yes we missed the familiarity, sweet loving nurses we knew, knowing the routein, where to go, what was going on, and everything!!! etc, etc, etc!!!
Cara had great care, and we were taken care of too, but it was very different, and we wondered how it would have felt to be back at Mayo?? It would have probably seemed normal?

Baby Cara, does look alot like Carl! Which makes it hard too, and kind of confusing/crazy?? I know for sure I referred to her as Carl at least twice with staff from Childrens Hosp., but corrected myself embarassingly after getting a stern look from Sydney each time!! But it wasn't my fault totally...She was referred to as "He/Him" more than once by the Hosp staff! Which we had to promply correct as well. It must be her goofy hair doo or something, or the fact that she was in hosp clothing, not pretty pink, lacey clothes :0) Not only does she resemble Carl in looks, but she has many, personality traits that are unmistakably "So Carl"!! Which is kind of curious sometimes. We have filed so many of these little things in the backs of our minds, and she will do something, or act a certain way, and those files come popping right up to the front and a light comes on once again!!! I just think it must be a part of Carl's plan!!! He knew how much we missed him, and this was his little way of bringing himself into our hearts once again on a daily basis!!! I do try to not mention the (Carl looks/behavior) thing as much as possible, but it is very hard, as it is so undoubtably uncanny!! I do want her to have her own identity, and not grow up feeling as though she is being comparred to her brother constantly. She is definitely her own person, and she demonstrates that just as much too!!!

Mostly, I want her to know who her brother Carl was, and how very special he was to all of us, which I think she already is beginning to learn!! She recognizes his pictures, and points him out in group pictures!! She let out a squeal one day when I was going through photo's of Carl for the website!! I even believe she can see him here by us at times, and I have watched her look up, wave, smile, jabber excitedly, to something that we can't see. I have asked her "Do you see Carl?" and "Where is Carl?"
She will put her hand up or point in the air above her, and sometimes open and close her little hand as if to be waving. I do believe he visits us, and she probably knows him better than we realize!!! I hope this continues, and I hope she does communicate with him and always will!!!

We are so Grateful to everyone that has expressed their concern, and Love to Cara and our family, and to everyone that has helped in any way!!! We are Blessed to have you in our lives!!! The ER staff and EMT's and Air Crew were so Amazing in their efforts to quickly take care of our baby under such tramendous stress and urgency!!! We were feeling our helplessness, but we can only imagine their frustration and stress when things were not working, as they were trying so Hard to get her stabilized in Redwood!!! THANK YOU for your devotion and dedication to nothing more important than saving a precious childs life!!

Thanks everyone for keeping us in your Prayers, as I have always said, The Power of Prayer Works!!!! We appreciate you all checking in on us, and caring so much!!!

We hope to now get back to a normal life (whatever that is, we still don't know?) and enjoy a fun summer!!! Today is the last day of school, and the kids are ready for baseball and swimming!!!

It is almost the weekend again, so to everyone we wish you a Blessed, safe and Happy Weekend!!!!!

P.S. The doves are back at the zoo (two pairs) We hope they will hatch some little babies this season, in their new nest boxes!! Check them out if you get a chance!!

Love & Peace

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 10:34 AM CDT

Good moring to all!!

We just got word that Cara is ok to be discharged!!! She is eating well, drinking good, and she looks better each day!! Her labs were normal (nothing growing) Her urine test was normal (NB tumor screening) The EEG was good, the Neurologist said it showed something in the back? which was typical of a seizure, and he expects she will be fully recovered and looking back to normal by tomorrow even. She is quite wobbly, and unsteady. Her neck muscles are weak but much better than yesterday, as she is holding her head up very nicely, but still a little bobbly. She is back to talking and we even got her to say "Chuck" this morning (Her Uncle Chuck) one of the latest names she had learned! Last night the nurses were very nice and changed her IV to her hand, and we think that made her much happier!! So we are waiting for the final orders, and RX to be filled which is suppository valume in case of her going into another febrile seizure in the future, we would be able to administer the medication to help stop it sooner. As far as the fever which caused the seizure?? We don't have an answer, all of her tests came back normal and didn't show anything. Which is good, but still makes us wonder, and will keep us on guard for some time to follow. It is hard not getting a sure answer, but at the same time, we are pleased that she is in as good a shape as she is right now, and able to go back home!!

We hope to be on the road to home in an hour or so!!! We want to Thank all of you for your Prayers, and Loving concern, as you have given!!! We have always been truly Blessed to have such a wonderful support system!!!

We will update again soon from home!!! Until then, Thank you all, and God Bless you all for everything!!!

Love & Peace


Good morning to all our Dear family and friends.

I don't know for sure who is checking Carl's site on a regular basis, but in case those of you who are looking for an update on Baby Cara, I thought I would post what is going on, here on Carl's site.

On Sunday evening May 27th about 7:35pm, Cara began what would be a night of Hell, and brought back many painful memories of some very scarry times we had been through with Carl over the years.

She had been running a fever, her temp was about 102 at about 5:00pm. Tom and the kids went down to Matt & Mandi's to a little Holiday BBQ, and I decided to stay home with Cara, as she didn't seem to be feeling well, and I didn't want to share anything she may be carrying. She had been playing and acting fairly normal, a little whiney and wanting to be held more than usuall. She walked over to the upstairs door, and began yelling "Sissy" a couple of times, which brought me to tears, because we have been working so hard on getting her to say Sissy (what Carl always called Sydney) Sydney would have been in tears for sure had she heard her! Then she came over to me and wanted me to pick her up. I was talking to her, and she was smiling and talking back to me, then I noticed her eyes were not quite right. She started starring and her eyes were wide open pupils fully dialated. I instantly knew she was entering a seizure. I layed her on the floor and immediately called Tom, who must have flew home within 5 minutes. She was looking at us, as if wanting to talk, and she could follow us with her eyes, but unable to talk. She was not flailing around (grand mall seizure) just the starring, then her breathing bacame irregular.

We decided to drive in to the Hosp. and call 911 to meet us in route. I had Cara on my lap in the back seat and kept talking to her to keep her calm and conscious. Her breating kept getting worse, and she began to foam at the mouth, not able to swallow her saliva. Then she started the arm jerking and her eyes would roll back and then look at me again. Her legs were mostly stiff, but her arms were jerking. Whenever Carl would have a febrile seizure, it would be over within 1 or 2 minutes, and it was the all over body type shaking, nothing like what was happening. The ambulance met us near Welch on Bridge street and we transfered her over to the EMT's THANK GOD!!! She immediately got a shot of adivan (SP)? to help bring her out of the seizure. We arrived at the ER, and everyone available (2 ER Docs, 3 nurses, the EMT'S and then the North Air Ambulance when they arrived) were all trying to get an IV started. Many attempts, sometimes two people, one on each side at the same time, trying to get a line in. Then 4 or 5 attempts to start an IV which is actually drilled into her leg bone which is supposed to go into her bone marrow (commonly used in children when unable to access veins) a couple times one would work, but then shut down, and need to be backed out.

The whole time this is going on, her stats are dropping, and she is needing to be intibated (sp?) but cannot without an IV in placed. So the next step, she was bagged. This continued, all the while the IV attempts continued. The decision was made a bit earlier, when her labs came back with 45000 white count, and 250 blood sugar, (later we learned that both can be elevated due to the seizure) to air lift Cara to MPLS Childrens. While all the IV attempts, and bagging is going on, she went into another seizure. She also got a couple more shots of Ativan (her little legs so full of pokes and bandaids now covering drill holes) Tom and I were standing by helpless, sobbing, as we watched what was taking place before our eyes, with utter disbelief!!

The decision was made to move her out without the IV or Intibation and she was transferred to the North Air ambulance, keeping the bagging going in the process. She took off in the air about 10:40ish, and we started home to pick up Syd and Sam and to go home and pack for an inpatient stay, for the first time in 30 months (Since Carl's last hospitalization) We could not believe a 102 fever at 5:00 would turn into this?? We were told by the air crew that they would call us in about 35 minutes to let us know that she safely arrived. So we picked the kids up from Morton, talked to a few family members that were there, and took off for home to pack. We bagan throwing what clothes we could quickly find in bags, and what was already a night mare, got worse!!!! The power went out!!! UGGGHHHH!!!! Now I stood in Sam and Carl's room, now Sam and Cara's room, looking up at the ceiling, with bright glowing stars that the boys pasted on the ceiling about 4 years ago. The stars were the only thing that gave off any light in the whole house, or yard outside. There must have been a major power outage around the whole area, because the neighbors lights were all off too. Tom was able to find a flashlight with working batteries in it!!! We finished packing by flashlight beam and took off for Minneapolis!! On the way we keep looking at the clock and wondering when the cell phone would ring, starting to get quite nervous!! After an hour passed, I decided to call the ER at Mpls Childrens. I was so scared, I could hardly get my words out. Both Tom and I were thinking the same thing (she didn't make it, and they don't want to call us!!!) As soon as I heard the ER nurse say, "We have her here, and she is doing well" It took the hugest load off of our minds. I am sure my heart was racing faster than Tom was driving (we were told not to speed...Ya right!!) I talked to two Doctors on the way, and two or three nurses as we drove, to give them the background of what was going on. They already got an IV placed, intebated her (she was doing good) drew labs to send off for CBC and culture, did a head ct, (does any of this sound familiar???) they also did a spinal tap to check for meningitis. OH LORD HELP US!!!!

We arrived at Abbott NW/MPLS Childrens, and drove around the block a few times, trying to find the Childrnes ER entrance. We finally found the right place to park and found our way in to the Hosp. We went right to the PICU and saw our little dolly, sleeping peacefully, hooked up to monitors, and respirator. She looked so pale, and briused up from all the pokes. Poor baby. Sydney could not go in and look at her, she stood in the hall crying, I knew that she was thinking of Carl and rememberiing...
painfully remembering too much.

We had family right on our tails, (We have always be so Blessed by a supportive loving family) Joy and Clair left immidiately after we did (they just came home to Morton for the weekend, and now were heading back home to Mpls) to help us!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS!!!! Joy and Clair arrived, and were able to see baby Cara for a few minutes. They brought Syd and Sam back home with them, so they could get a good nights sleep!!! We visited with the PICU nurse for awhile, gave him history, and then were put up in a wonderful sleeping room (beds all made up fresh) for the night. Well for about three hours, then we were back up and in to check on the baby.

She had a good night, and her white count had come down to 29000 I can't remember how you read these counts (some things you do forget) she was still sleeping, but would soon be having the respirator removed. They had been giving her anti seizure meds, but that was discontinued in the morning too. Her breating tube was removed. She also had a foley placed when she was admitted. I spoke to the Doctor and each nurse that cared for Cara, about our fears which any parent that lost a child from Neuroblastoma would be having. Without asking,the Doctor ordered a urine sample to be collected, to have tested for VMA/HVMA can't remember if this is right either?? but to check for NB tumor markers in her urine) Keeping in mind that the chances of her having NB are very slim to none, but the Doctor wanted to put this out of our minds and behind us, so we would not worry about it!!

It is pretty pathetic, when a parent worries themselves sick over a child having a fever, or abnormal blood counts, and the first thing they think of is cancer.. But that is the reality of cancer, and what it does when it touches your lives, nothing is ever the same. Nothing is normal, and anything is possible. Even if only a small chance, it worries you. Cara had high fevers a couple of weeks ago, even up to 105 (never seized then)(On antibiotic, labs were normal) I was actually thinking she would not be blessed with the hereditary febrile seizure gene that Tom and Carl shared, but I guess now, that I am wrong, and she will have this possibility whenever she has a fever. This febrile seizure thing is something a child can have occur, and typically have 5 or 6? then outgrow by the time they are around 5 years old or so. I will be a nervous wreck of a mother, when it comes to fevers once again.

We got news back on some of the tests, the head ct was good, the spinal tap was clear, and her white count is back to normal (she had been on two antibiotics around the clock) She also had a EEG to look at brain activity, this morning, and we will soon have the results for that. I took a couple of pics of her with all the little wires on her head as she slept, she looked like she had rag curlers in her hair :0) I will try to post some pics soon, the family resourse center here will help he get some pics added with an attachment to use my card in!!!

We are still waiting for other tests and cultures, to determine what was causing the fever (what type of infection or illness) but have not heard anything yet. We are waiting to be moved out of the PICU to a regular floor room, and will be doing that soon!!! Cara has awakened, from all the sedation and drugs, but is still recovering from such a tramatic exhausting experience. She is not qutie her normal self, but it will take time as the meds clear out of her system and she rests, and gets her little body working again. She is up for short periods, but is so cranky, and restless, she doesn't seem to know what she wants?? Also she has her IV line in her foot, which makes everything even more difficult. She wants to stand up and keeps trying to step on her foot :( I am hoping they will move it to a hand, to free up her foot. Once we get to a floor room, we can pull her around in a wagon, and take her out for walks to see other things!!

I had better get going for now, and check in on her and Tom, to see if they are ready to move. I will try to update again soon!!! Keep us in your Prayers, Please pray specifically that she does not have any brain dammage from the seizures (the first one lasted about 35 minutes)

Thanks for checking in on us everyone!!!

I just added this slideshow of a few pics we have taken. Someone let me know if this is working?? The computer at the Hosp. does not let it run, but it looks like it is added ok?

Love and Peace

Sunday, May 27, 2007 10:28 AM CDT

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Wishes to everyone for a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend!!!!

Carl has lots of pretty flowers of every color to brighten his grave. Sam even found a candy corn vine, that looks like it has real cand corn growing on it!! We planted a few Asparagus plants to set out there, as Carl always love to go looking for Asparagus with Sam and his Daddy :0)

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We are heading off up north to do a little fishing!!! We are so Happy it has turned out to be a Beautiful weekend for being outdoors!!!

Love to everyone


Wednesday, May 9, 2007 7:13 PM CDT

It is that time of year again to wish all Mothers, Grandmothers, God Mothers, Aunties, Nieces, Cousins, Teachers, Day Care Providers and everyone that has touched the lives of our children, and children everywhere........ A Very Happy Mothers Day!!!!!

We have been truly Blessed by all of the Care and Out pouring of Love that our children have received by all the special people in their lives. As it has been said, "It takes a village to raise a child".... So very True!!!

We will be celebrating Mothers Day here at the farm and enjoying time with relatives that can be here with us!! We also will celebrate our little sweetie, Cara Joy's 1st Birthday this day! Her Birthday is May 15th!! Last year we went into the hospital on Mothers Day, and she was born just after midnight! Carl knew what he was doing when he sent us our little Blessing in May, near Mothers Day, when all of the Mommy Flowers are in full bloom!!!

Thank You Megan for this BEAUTIFUL poem!!!

Dandelions From Heaven
Mothers Day is coming...and I wanted to send you a sign...
Something you can tell others..."Is from an angel of mine".
So I searched the Heavens high and low for that perfect thing..
And low and behold I found it....and a smile I hope it will bring.

So when you look to the Heavens...and see the yellow stars in the sky...
Just think of me...your angel... in the Heavens way up high...
And just imagine those stars...are dandelions up above...
Yes! Dandelions are also in Heaven...,which you know how much I love.

So on this Mothers Day... when you awake and feel blue...
You will notice those yellow stars...are no longer in view...
So just look to the meadows and the dandelions you see....
Are the ones I've tossed down this Mothers Day from me!

And when you find a dandelion that has turned from yellow to white...
You're supposed to make a wish...and then blow with all your might.
For you will be blowing kisses... to me in Heaven above....
And I will be catching them and blowing them back...sent with all my love.

Please know that I am with you...on this Mothers Day...
And also in the days ahead...God and I will never stray...
We will be with you in the morning...when you wake and see the sun..
We will be with you when you say your prayers...when the day is done.

For God and I will never be...very far from your side...
For I can now be everywhere.. .and God will be your guide...
So...remember when you see dandelions.. .its your guarantee...
That I am alway close to you....
For dandelions are free to just like me.

With Love and Smiles from Heaven, Carl has decorated yards and valleys everywhere with those little yellow flowers!!! I don't think I have ever seen so many dandelions EVERYWHERE!!!

Thank you all for stopping by to visit, and for your messages, and emails!!! We love to hear from you!!!

May your Mothers Day weekend, be full of Love and Happiness!!! God Bless

Love & Peace

Thursday, April 19, 2007 8:40 PM CDT

Happy Fifteenth Birthday to cousin Sarah "Rah Rah" today April 26th!!! We heard you were getting your drivers permit?? ;0) I guess we better be watching out!!! "Smile" just kidding!!!

This above photo is great memory!!! Cousin Nick was here to help the kids wish Sarah a Happy Birthday!!! We were in NYC in April of 2004. Here's some great pictures from our last trip there.

Will update again soon!!!

Love & Peace

Good Evening this Thursday!!!

Another busy week here with the kids and activities :0) Sam will be a contestant in the Morton, "King and Queen of the Garden" pageant, trying to win King for his age group!!! He has been practicing his magic trick and getting ready for tomorrow nights competition :0) The contestants will be announced, go up on stage, have a little bit read about them, and do a talent of their choice. They will be judged in appearance, poise, personality and talent. The winners will ride on the fire truck in the Morton parade on Saturday morning!!! Then the winning contestants will represent Morton in all of the upcoming festivals throughout the year! OH MY!!! ;0)

Tuesday night was so much fun!!! Sheila and I met Amy (my co-worker who also won tickets) and her friend Kathy, at the Blue Heron on the Green in Willmar for the psychic event!! It started out with hordurves and beverages before the ladies and radio station crew arrived. We enjoyed good company and lots of laughs. We were enjoying some chips and salsa, and of course I had to get salsa on the white linen table cloth. So when Kathy got up to go get more food, we turned the table around so that my spot on the table was in front of her :0) She came back and looked down, and said, "Oh look, I dribbled too!" We tried so hard to keep a straight face, and not laugh, but she looked at us and right away figured it out!! It was too funny!!!

The psychics arrived and started right in explaining what they did and how everything worked. They wanted to try to do as many readings as they could!! They started going around the room and covered each table one by one. It was amazing how they seemed to be hitting on "correct" information with about everyone!!! They came to our table and began their work. Amy and Kathy were first, and they mostly gave them advice type information. The daughter psychic could see "AVON" for Kathy. And that was right on, as she was a regular AVON customer, and had just met with her AVON representative the night before!!

Sheila was next, and they could see "6" spirits around her. We are not really sure of all the information, things were kind of sketchy, but we thought it may have been Grandpa George possibly, and we wondered if the 6 were he and his 5 siblings, since there were six children in his family? There were other things read that we were not quite sure of? The daughter asked if she had a son, and also asked if Sheila lost a child? It was unclear but I wondered if somehow Carl was being sensed there? We were left with ideas and questions, and as the psychics say, you must do your homework. Many times, things don't make sense at the time, but later they will become clear, and then you will realize what they meant?

When they turned to me, I had a couple of female spirits around me. She described the shape and height of them. She described a feeling of how one (we believed to be Grandma Phyllis) had something to do with breathing and difficulty talking at the end. She said that "she had wanted to talk to us (reply to us), as we had been talking to her at the end, (before she passed) but her breathing was so hard, and talking was so difficult" This would have been true for Grandma Phyllis, as this was very true to what was happening, so we do believe this was her coming through. Another woman described was unclear to me? I wondered if it was my Aunt Marge (My Dads oldest sister) she described her body shape, and hair, which was just how I remembered her! Then the ladies were getting ready to go to another table, and the daughter was still standing there meditating. She said something about a garden.....She said you have little yellow flowers...daisy's......DANDELIONS!!! She said "Your going to have a bumper crop of dandelions!!!"

I looked at Sheila and she had tears in her eyes, and I too got choked up just then. All I could think of was Carl sending that message through!!! If he wasn't there, then it must have been Grandma Phyllis delivering it to me from him!!! Which also reinforces the validation that Grandma was one of the women around me!! Something I will share with you about this dandelion reading, is that on Monday, I was talking to Carl about Sheila and I going to this event, and I talked about various signs between him and I. One of those things being my love for dandelions (Mommy Flowers), and how soon they would be popping out everywhere!! I told him how much I loved it when he and Sam would go out picking the biggest bunch of dandelions for me, and bring them in the house with big smiles on their faces!!! Hearing her mention dandelions, validated that Carl did hear me talk to him, and he was letting me know that!!!

It was a good experience, and I left feeling peaceful and so hopeful. Our loved ones are around us, and their love for us does not end!! We miss them terribly, but it helps to know that they are with us, and can still connect with us, just on another level. I am so Excited to see those first dandelions pop up through the grass!!! I noticed the grass is getting very green, it won't be long!!! This psychic had no clue what dandelions meant for me :0) she said something like...your really gonna have to get out the weed killer!!! We just sat there smiling with tears running down our cheeks, and she had no clue what significance those weeds have :0)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There was a drawing for a book written by Susan Anderson, about her journey and becoming a psychic. It was funny, they passed out a little card for everyone to write their name one for the drawing. I folded my card in half, and then noticed that I was the only one that did that at our table, so I folded the other three in half to match mine. Then Tim the DJ, collected everyone card. He then looked at the cards, and said "Someone folded their card in half so I guess I will have to fold everyones in half ;0) We all laughed!! And as luck would have it, my name was drawn for the book!!! I told him "I'm glad I folded my card!" :0) After the readings, I had my book signed by both the mother and daughter Susan and Christine Anderson. They both wrote a little something. Christine said she could see/hear something about "Let the Sun shine" we are not sure what that means, but we wondered if it refered to a song that Grandma Phyllis used to sing?? like "Let the sun shine in.." or "You are my sunshine" ??? could be!!!!

If anyone is interested, the mother and daughter team called "Bridging two worlds" have a website. They do radio appearances, teach classes, and do private readings. They are at Susan is from Plainview MN. I wonder if our friends Megan and Sara G. have heard of them???

Thanks for checking in, and keeping us in your hearts as you always do!!


To a Dandelion.

Blessings on thy sunny face,
In my heart thou hast a place,
Humble Dandelion!
Forms more lovely are around thee,
Purple violets surround thee,--
But I know thy honest heart
Never felt a moment's smart
At another's good or beauty,--
Ever at thy post of duty,
Smiling on the great and small,
Rich and poor, and wishing all
Health, and happiness, and pleasure,
Oh, thou art a golden treasure!

I remember years ago,
How I longed to see thee blow,
Humble Dandelion!
Through the meadows I would wander,
O'er the verdant pastures yonder,
Filling hands and filling lap,
Till the teacher's rap, rap, rap,
Sounding on the window sash
Dreadful as a thunder crash,
Galled me from my world ideal
To a world how sad and real,--
From a laughing sky and brook
To a dull old spelling-book;
Then with treasures hid securely,
To my seat I crept demurely.

Childhood's careless days are o'er,
Happy school days come no more,
Humble Dandelion!
Through a desert I am walking,
Hope eluding, pleasure mocking,
Every earthly fountain dry,
Yet when thou didst meet mine eye,
Something like a beam of gladness
Did illuminate my sadness,
And I hail thee as a friend
Come a holiday to spend
By the couch of pain and anguish.
Where I suffer, moan and languish.

When at length I sink to rest,
And the turf is on my breast,
Humble Dandelion!
Wilt thou when the morning breaketh,
And the balmy spring awaketh,
Bud and blossom at a breath
From the icy arms of death,
Wilt thou smile upon my tomb?
Drawing beauty from the gloom,
Making life less dark and weary,
Making death itself less dreary,
Whispering in a gentle tone
To the mourner sad and lone,
Of a spring-time when the sleeper
Will arise to bless the weeper?

My Father made this beautiful world and gave me a heart to love his
works. Oh, may I love Him better than all created things!

The little plat of ground around our house is a great field of
instruction and amusement to me. How little do I comprehend of all
contained within it! I am glad I was not born in some great city--
where Nature had not been so kind and dear a friend.

Source: "Canadian Wild Flowers," by Helen M. Johnson.


Love & Peace

Monday, April 16, 2007 8:55 PM CDT

Is Carl trying to connect with us??

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for stopping by, and for staying in touch with our family!!! We are doing well, and keeping very busy this spring so far :0) Sydney has started her JO Volleyball season, and will be having tournaments nearly every weekend for many weeks!! Sam will soon be starting RAYBA baseball, and also will keep us running into the summer!! Bryan is doing great at St Paul College, and visiting us on the farm when he can!!! Baby Cara is walking everywhere, and keeping us all on our toes, since she has learned how to get into everything!!! From the kitchen, to opening doors wherever possible, dipping in the toilet (YUCK!) and fitting into small spaces, and sitting there with a grin waiting for us to discover her!!! I have a hunch; her big brother Carl is coaching her!

On Easter Sunday when we were all sitting around talking, Auntie Janet told us of something Amazing that happened a week and a half earlier. A couple of girls she knows, one who knows of our family, and has met Carl through Auntie Janet, was the messenger, as this all played out!!! These girls went to a psychic medium for a reading, hoping to communicate with their recently crossed over loved one. The psychic was receiving an energy, and started asking them questions to see if they could validate who was coming through to them. Here’s a close recollection of what happened: Psychic..”Did you have a little cousin that crossed over?” Girls…”No” Psychic..”A little boy about this tall…He was very sick?” Girls…”No??” Psychic “ I’m getting that his name starts with a “C” ?” Psychic “He is standing right between you two” The girls started thinking and after some thought, it occurred to the one (who knew of Carl) She said “Oh Carl Robinson!!!” Psychic “Yes” Carl somehow came through to these acquaintances, who where at this reading, trying to connect with someone else! He must have known that his message would find it’s way to our family and maybe give us some Peace and Hope!! Carl apparently didn’t say a lot, but what I was told was that he wanted to say “Hi to everyone” “He Loves us” and “He likes it when we talk about him”

To me, what this all validates, is that Carl is with us, he definitely spends time around us, and he hears us when we talk about him!! And he likes to hear us talking about him :0) He must have received our greetings that we sent to him through Grandma and Grandpa Robinson, as they were passing, Grandma in November, and Grandpa just a month ago, Which was to say Hi to Carl and tell him how much we love him and miss him!!! There are so many things I would like to tell Carl, and so many things I would like to ask him too. But I am so Happy that he somehow made it through, to get this message to us!!! I do believe he has been trying to connect with us, as there have been many other signs that he has sent us in the past little while!! When we are least expecting something, we look at each other, smile, and know that our little Angel is making a connection! We miss him so terribly, but it is comforting to know and believe that he is around us and that his Love still lives on and he is letting us know that!! I also think that I can sense his presence many times, when I know that he is here with us!! I do talk to him quite regularly, but it will certainly feel different now, knowing that he is very much present and listening!!!

This was the best Easter gift we could have received!!! And to my delight, there is more…and I have to wonder, did Carl have something to do with arranging this?? I happened to be one of the 10 lucky Q102 listeners, that called in last Tuesday, and won an invite only ticket for me and a guest, to an event in Willmar on Tuesday night. The mother and daughter team is called “Bridging two worlds” (not the same psychic that Carl came to) They are psychics that work together, and travel around the country doing classes, and readings and such! This happened when this is all fresh in my mind, and the wonder of it all??? I realize that there are many skeptics, that do not believe in this type of phenomenon, or that spirits communicate to us from the other side. I have read many books on the subject of our loved ones on the other side, and it is hard to deny this does happen. I actually talked to the mom from this team over a year ago, on a Q102 call in show, where you could call in and talk to these gals on the phone and they did a sort of mini-reading. There was not much time for many callers so they had to cut each call fairly short. What they picked up on about me was that there was a strong female presence around/with me?? At the time I was hoping to get something relating to Carl, but nothing came through about him. I was asked if my mother or a sister had crossed over? And that answer was “No they are both still here” What I did wonder later, is if they were picking up on baby Cara’s presence?? I was pregnant with her at the time, but I never disclosed that during this phone conversation. So anyway, tomorrow night, I will be a part of this invite only event!!! I was able to invite a guest with, so I asked Auntie Sheila to join me!! She is just as excited, as I am, to be going, and I think it will be a lot of fun!!! Sheila had a twin sister, Sharon, that passed from cancer as a child about Carl’s age, she had “Wilms tumor” a tumor of the kidney. This type of cancer is now very successfully cured. I often wonder if Carl and Sharon have met and know each other on the other side :0 We also have the possibility of connecting with Grandma or Grandpa Robinson, or all of them together??? It may not be our time to hear from our loved ones, but we should still get something out of it from the other guests there. It will be interesting to see what happens!! Maybe everyone could send some thoughts and energy to Carl and Sharon, who knows, perhaps it could help them find their way through tomorrow night, if they know we are going there, and that we hope to connect with them!!! ) We both are going to this event without expectations, as we know that you don’t always hear from whom you want to…as we found out with our friends that came out of their reading with a message for us from Carl!!! I will let you know how our evening turns out!!!

Wishes to you all for a wonderful week!!! God Bless

Love & Peace

Sunday, April 8, 2007 8:46 PM CDT

HAPPY EASTER to all our Dear Family and Friends!!!!!

We have had a very nice Easter Sunday with many of our family that could be here today!! We enjoyed a wonderful Ham dinner, complete with mashed potatoes and Ham gravy!!! Everyone brought something delicious to share, and we all over indulged as we usually do!!

After dinner we made a trip to Carl's cemetery to light his remembrance candle, and send three orange balloons up to him in Heaven!! Then we visited Grandma and Grandpa's cemetery to light their candle and send up some red and blue balloons for them!! We also remembered Uncle Daves's father with a couple of yellow balloons. His father had passed away a few days ago, which brought Uncle Dave and Auntie Jean to Minnesota this weekend, for the funeral this coming week. We were so Happy to have them here with us for Easter dinner, but so sorry for their dear loss. Uncle Dave and his family are in our thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Gathered together to remember Carl and send him some orange balloons for Easter!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Remembering Grandpa and Grandma Robinson, and Uncle Daves father, Roman, sending some balloons to Heaven!!

On Saturday, we did our traditional Easter Egg coloring with the kids, and Cara for the first time!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Auntie Janet helping Sam and Cara color Easter Eggs!!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Cousin Jenny doing Eggs too!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A good memory of Carl with Grandma Phyllis, a favorite picture of the two of them!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Another fun spring memory!!!

Thank you all for stopping by!!! We hope you had a Blessed Easter Holiday!!!!!

Until next time,

Love & Prayers

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 5:53 PM CDT

Hello to all our dear family and friends!!

With great sadness, our family has experienced the loss of Carl's Grandpa George Robinson, on Monday March 12th. Just four months ago, Grandma Phyllis left us for Heaven, and ever since, Grandpa's heart has been broken. We miss Grandpa so much, but we take comfort knowing that Carl is so Happy up there in Heaven with his loving Grandparents. He is showing Grandpa all around the place!!! We joked around that Carl has been keeping Grandma quite busy up there, and she must have needed some help from Grandpa :0)

Here is Grandpa's Obituary ~

George S. Robinson, 88, of Redwood Falls and formerly of Morton died peacefully, surrounded by his loving family, Monday, March 12, 2007 at Seasons Hospice House. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. this Friday from Cornerstone Christian Church in Redwood Falls.

Burial, with military honors, will be held in the Morton City Cemetery. Visitation will be held at the church today from 4-8 p.m., with a prayer service at 7:30 p.m. Visitation, with no reviewal, will be held at the church Friday one hour prior to service.

The Nelson-Martin Funeral Service of Redwood Falls is in charge of arrangements.

George Sam Robinson, the son of James and Sarah (Swartz) Robinson, was born Jan. 14, 1919 on the family homestead in New Avon Township, Redwood County.

He grew up in New Avon Township and attended country school through the eighth grade.

Following his education, George worked for area farmers. In 1940, he was inducted into the U.S. Army. George received his basic training in California and then was shipped to the Aleutian Islands where he served with Hq. Btry. 1st Bn., 215 CAC (AA). He was honorably discharged in 1942.

On July 26, 1942, George married Phyllis Wolter at Zion Lutheran Church in Morton and they made their home in Paxton Township, Redwood County where they farmed until retiring in 1970.

They moved to Morton in 1973 and in 2005 moved to Redwood Falls where they resided at Garnette Gardens.

George was a member of Cornerstone Christian Church where he served as a deacon.

He also belonged to the Horticulture Society of Redwood County and the Morton Senior Citizens. George enjoyed gardening and sharing produce from his garden - and he loved his winter onions. He also liked fishing, ice fishing and hunting. George enjoyed his family, grandkids and great-grandkids.

He is survived by his children, Kenneth (Marlys) Robinson of Bird Island, Judy (Tom) Johnson of Superior, Wis., Dennis Robinson of Redwood Falls, Joy Lynn (Clair) Murphy of Minneapolis, Janet (Mark) Welter of Morgan, Jean (Dave) Gores of Chesterfield, Mo., Chuck Robinson of Morton, Jill (Rick) McVenes of Isanti, Tom (Kelly) Robinson of Franklin, and John (Sheila) Robinson of Franklin; 22 grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his wife Phyllis on Nov. 18, 2006; grandsons Vincent and Carl; and great-grandson Kyle.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dove Release at the Cemetery

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sydney and Sam watching the first Dove (representing the spirit of Grandma) fly. The second Dove representing the spirit of Grandpa.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Grandpa George with baby Cara and Sam this past Halloween 2006

We miss Grandpa and Grandma and Carl so very much. As the family chain here on earth is broken and beginning to loose links, one by one it is forming again on the other side. One day the chain will be linked together again, strong and unbreakable in Heaven's Perfect World!!!!!

This song by Brad Paisley was played at Grandpa's visitation

Brad Paisley lyrics
"Brad Paisley When I Get Where I'm Going lyrics"

(feat. Dolly Parton)

When I get where I'm going
On the far side of the sky
The first thing that I'm gonna do
Is spread my wings and fly

I'm gonna land beside a lion
And run my fingers through his mane
Or I might find out what it's like
To ride a drop of rain

Yeah when I get where I'm going
There'll be only happy tears
I will shed the sins and struggles
I have carried all these years
And I'll leave my heart wide open
I will love and have no fear
Yeah when I get where I'm going
Don't cry for me down here

I'm gonna walk with my grand daddy
And he'll match me step for step
And I'll tell him how I missed him
Every minute since he left
Then I'll hug his neck

[Repeat chorus]

So much pain and so much darkness
In this world we stumble through
All these questions I can't answer
So much work to do

But when I get where I'm going
And I see my maker's face
I'll stand forever in the light
Of his amazing grace
Yeah when I get where I'm going
There'll be only happy tears
I will love and have no fear
When I get where I'm going
Yeah when I get where I'm going


Sam finished his Hockey Season this past weekend with a tournament in Faribault. The boys played Awesome and won all three games!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It was a Great season, and we are already looking forward to next year!!!

Sydney is starting JO Volleyball, and will be kept very busy for a few months with practices and many games!!! She enjoys playing, and is excited to be a part of JO this year!!!

Baby Cara is doing great, she is growing and learning so many things!!! She is learning to take steps, and has learned how to go up stairs (we blame Auntie Joy) :0) I will have to do an update on her page soon!!!

We hope everyone is staying well, and enjoying some warmer weather wherever you may be!!! Thank you all for stopping by, and for your continued Love and Support!!! We are always so Amazed to see how the counter on Carl's site continues growing. We enjoy sharing our lives with you still, and sharing our Precious Carl memories, that help to keep him Alive in our Hearts and Minds!!!

God Bless you all

Love & Peace


Friday, February 2, 2007 3:34 PM CST

It is almost Valentines Day!!!! Today is the coldest day of Minnesota winter yet. I am home with baby Cara today, as she has a terrible cold/infection. It has been nice to hold and cuddle her, this precious time goes by so very fast. She is actually feeling quite well, she is busy and active, and very Happy!!! I often think of the days when I was home with the boys, before the full time job started. It was so fun to see them so active and creative as they come up with more ideas than I could imagine :0) I remember their tents they would build all over the house, and their wild wild hunting expeditions (their stuffed animals being the victoms) Sweet Memories :.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sydney, Carl with his favorite bear Puffy, and Sam, cuddled up on the couch.

January 2004 was an exciting time for our family!! We remember the Disney World Vacation we enjoyed!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We could sure use some of the warm weather we had then, here for us now!!! We will always be Grateful to Jackpot Junction Casino for arranging this wonderful gift of our vacation to Disney with Carl!!!

Here is a oldie but goodie photo of our family, by the Beautiful Heart stained glass window of the Rochester Ronald McDonald House. I thought it would be appropriate in Honor of Valentines Day!!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One thing that is for sure, well at least for now....Is that "SHREK" still lives on!!!! We were Thrilled to learn that "SHREK THE THIRD" will hit the theatres May 18th 2007!!! How wonderful that the saga continues :0) Hopefully we will see a few more Shrek movies through the upcoming years, at least until Mike Myers, and Eddie Murphy get sick of doing this. But How could they????? :0)

Heres a link to check it out!!!!


We will have to plan another Shrek Party (a crazy group going to the movie together) We will always remember SHREK 2 when Carl gathered all of his Aunties and Uncles and cousins that could go with him!!! It was a Blast!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wishes to all for a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Sweetheart Carl, we Love you and Miss you and you will always be in our Hearts!!!

Love & Peace

Thursday, January 4, 2007 9:01 PM CST

Happy New Year To All!!!!!

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Years Holiday!!!

We enjoyed a very nice Christmas and a fun New Years Eve in Preston, near Rochester with our Camp Jornada friends!!!

Our New Years weekend started with a trip to Preston to stay at the Hotel we stayed at last year with all our friends!!! It was pretty late when we pulled into town, but we still managed to visit for awhile with Stacey & Kev & Shellie & Rod & kids for a bit!!! We would be getting up early to take a bus up to the Williams Arena "The Barn" to take in a Mens Gophers Basketball game against Louisianna!!! The bus ride was a hoot, baby Cara was passed around and entertained us adults the whole trip!!! Shellie even shared her ice cream with our little sweet toothed girl :0) The game was Great, the Gophers won by two points in the last second!!!! We did some hooting and hollaring!!! After the game the kids got to go through a line and meet and get autographs from the whole Gophers team!!! Sam had a pennant signed, and a T-Shirt too!!! Lots of Great pics of this!!! We headed back to the hotel for a pizza supper, and great company!!! The kids swam and enjoyed themselves being together again with each other!! Sunday New Years Eve day we spent at the Bowling alley, where the kids and us adults bowled a few games :0) Boy are we out of practice!!! Then the kids donated a ton of silly string to the troops!!! Silly strig is used by the military to spray into doorways and such to check for wires/possible explosives. Usually the kids use silly string on each other, (Carl trashed his hospital room more than once with silly string) so they sacrificed their fun, and gave it up to the troops!!!

The little guy holding up the two cans in this pic is none other than Carl :0)

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The local news came to cover the story, and Justin (Baldy) was interviewed :0) He did a great job, and we all chuckled at his comment, about the kids and their stilly string wars... "It is just a mess" ;0) A nice supper was served by a volunteer group at Christ Lutheran Church just behind the Hotel. Then at Midnight we let loose with sparklers and some fireworks in the parking lot!!! The kids had a Blast!!! It was an Awesome weekend and we can't wait to get-together with these guys again!!! Thanks Stacey & Kevin for a Fantastic time, we truly appreciate everything you do for our families!!!!

On December 28th we did a balloon release at the cemetery for Carl, and for Daniel Ourada. We released 7 orange balloons for Carl's 7th Birthday!! Carl is 7 in Heaven!!! We released 5 blue balloons for Daniel, as this year marks the 5th year anniversary of his Eternal Life Date. A difficult date to reflect on, both of our families feeling a deep loss on this special date.

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Sarah "Rah Rah", Kate, Sydney, Sam, baby Cara & Auntie Janet (Carl's Godmother) were all there

A couple more pic's to share ~ On our way home from our New Years weekend, we stopped by St. Mary's Hospital Childlife, and put together two green pedal tractors to donate to the kids!!!

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Thank you all for stopping by, and for the wonderful notes and emails remembering Carl on his Birthday!!! It means so much to us that you think of him, and care so much to stop by and share our memories!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! We Love You all!!!

I added 104 pics from our New Years weekend!!! It is on shapfish. I am adding a link here to go look at them. I am not sure if it will work to just go into the album, or if you have to enter your email address and then a password? We will give it a try, otherwise check back on Stacey's site "Camp Jornada" and click photos. I am sure all of Stace's pics will be added soon, and I know she took twice as many as I did!!!!


Love & Peace

Thursday, December 21, 2006 8:48 PM CST

Just added ~ A new video "Do You See What I See" on baby Cara Joy's website!!! She turned 7 months old on December 15th, and also started pulling herself up to standing! If she keeps up at this rate, I think we are in serious trouble!!! To go to Cara's site, just click on the link below!!!

Seasons Greetings to all!!! It is that time of year again when we wish all our dear family and friends a Blessed Christmas Season, and a Wonderous New Year!!!

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Christmas 2001 Carl helping to trim the tree!!
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Carl almost 2 years old

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Two little Angels

Our dear friend Laurie Ourada, wrote this Beautiful article and I would like to share it with you.

A Cloud Of Sadness

Laurie & Terry Ourada's son Daniel, joined our Savior in Heaven 5 years ago December 28th (Carl's Birthday) We have a special connection with the Ourada's and we are so Blessed to have them in our lives today, as we share their pain and grief of the loss of a precious son.

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A Christmas visit from Newton a therapy dog, at St.Mary's Hospital

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Christmas 2002 spent inpatient, Santa visited the kids and was very generous! Carl was NED (no evidence of disease) after surgery to resect his tumor. Our Greatest Christmas Present Ever!!!

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Carl with a favorite gift from Uncle Chuck!!

Christmas is four days away, Oh my Goodness, are we ready??? I guess we will be when it gets here!!! The kids are excited, and can hardly wait for school to be out for their break, and for the snow to fly (will we have a white Christmas?) With the hustle and bustle, and all the preparations, we still reflect and ponder the little boy that left us two years ago to spend Christmas with Jesus. This time of year is filled with oh so many emotions. Just a month ago we reflected on the two year anniversary of Carl's passing, then trying to grasp another Christmas without our little silly, happy, lovable boy. Then comes Carl's Birthday on the 28th... He would be 7 years old this year...ouch another sting....We know that the Lord will give us the strength, and our dear friends that we share our grief with will give us the support, as only they could know just how we feel....We Thank God for the Ourada family, and all the other Angel families that share a common bond, we know, and they know, and together we will reflect, and grieve, and celebrate, and Laugh, and cry, and smile, and remember, and understand just how precious our memories are.

This New Year we will again join with our dear friends from Camp Jornada, Stacey & Kevin, and many of the camp kids and families!!! This will be the fifth year of New Years in Rochester, between Carl's treatments keeping us in Roch, and just returning each year to celebrate Carl's Birthday at a Hotel (Precious Memories) with the whole Robinson clan!!! Stacey has lots of fun surprises for all the kids!!!

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Carl's Birthday Celebration 2003 relaxing in the hot tub!!!

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Sydney, Bryan, Carl & Sam together for a picture in the hot-tub 2003

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two tired boys after a night of swimming and Birthday Party 2003

The picture on the front page (Carl riding a little green tractor down the Hall at St.Mary's) was a common activitiy the Doctors, Nurses and patients were quite used to seeing when Carl was a patient there! We learned that the two little green tractors have been missing from the Child Life Area?? We spoke to Jen in November at a Remembrance Celebration we attended, that Mayo held for families of children that have died. We told Jen that we would like to donate a couple new tractors to replace the two that Carl and Sam so enjoyed riding around on!!! So while we are in Roch we will be delivering the two new tractors to Child Life on third floor sometime that weekend!!! We just know that Carl would want us to do this, and that he will be so proud smiling down on the little children that are riding the halls of St. Mary's just as he did!!! He will probably be the only little kid that gets away with riding by the nurses as fast as he could, slapping them on the hinder on the way by!!!! :0)

This year has been a year of sadness and growth. Our family has grown with the birth of little Cara Joy!!! We don't have four children, we have five!!! Two girls and three boys!!! I have felt so uncomfortable since Carl's passing, addressing "how many children I have" ??? What do you say??? Do you have to explain to people that you lost a child....That one of your children is an Angel in Heaven? I read a couple days ago, a story that Sam wrote in school, back in September~

September 8, 2006

My name is Sam Robinson
I am 8 years old. There are 7
people in my family. I have 9 pets.
My favorite food is pizza. The thing
I like best about me is my personality.
I have 2 brothers, and 2 sisters.
My sister is annoying.
My dogs name is Harley.
My dog is a chocolate lab.

Wow...Sam gets it!!! (he has 2 brothers and 2 sisters)
Yes he does!!!!

This song has touched my heart....

Still Her Little Child

Words and music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan

When she laid him in a manger
He was still her little child
In a city filled with strangers
He was still her little child
Though the inn was full
And the night was cold
She held Him close and smiled
When she laid Him in a manger
He was still her little child

When the angels called Him Savior
He was still her little child
When the wise men gave Him treasures
He was still her little child
When the shepherds bowed before Him
A star shone all the while
When the angels called Him Savior
He was still her little child

When He grew in strength and wisdom
He was still her little child
When He spoke the people listened
He was still her little child
When He healed the lame and dying
They would follow Him for miles
And when he grew
In strength and wisdom
He was still her little child

When the people turned against Him
He was still her little child
When they shouted crucify Him
He was still her little child
And when they nailed Him
To a wooden cross
Then we were reconciled
When she held His broken body
He was still her little child
He was still her little child.

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"Carl is still my little child"

This year we experienced the loss of many precious people. Carl's best friend Andrew, Our friend Brent Koch, Christi Thomas and other chidren who were battling cancer. Cousin's (brothers) Stephen & Freddy, Toms Mom Phyllis. And just today we learned of our friend Barb Cornell. We find comfort knowing that our loved ones are sharing Love and Peace together in Heaven with Jesus. They are in the most perfect Beautiful Place ever, and one day we will too will join that Glorious Reunion, where there is no more pain or tears, only Joy and Happiness forever!!!

May God Bless you all this Holy Christmas Season, and May you all find PEACE through the Miracle of the birth of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST

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Thank you all for your continued Love and Support still!!! We are Blessed!!!

Love & Peace
Kelly & Tom
& Family

Saturday, November 25, 2006 2:49 PM CST

The above "Homepage" picture is of Carl with Freddy in April 2004, the last time we visited them at their home during our last trip to MSKCC. Freddy was writing out a speeding ticket to Carl :0) As you can imagine, Carl was racing around up and down the driveway that day on a little bike Patti found for Carl to ride whenever he would visit. Patti even parked her car at the end of the driveway to keep Carl from driving out into the street. Two weeks before Carl left us in November 2004, Freddy and Patty drove to Philly to see Carl when he was there for his MIBG treatment. We will forever be Blessed that they were able to see him and spend a wonderful day with Tom and Carl before his treatment began. They toured around a little bit and even visited the Philladelphia zoo that day. This was the last good day that Carl spent before he became so very sick his final week with us. Such precious memories we will forever cherish!

I have been doing fine, considering we are upon the two year anniversary of Carl leaving us for Heaven. I was watching a CMT Reba McIntyre special, and this song was sung by Trisha Yearwood to Honor 8 people that Reba lost from her musical family. Needless to say, this is where the tears (flood) began.

Artist/Band: Reba McEntire
Lyrics for Song: If I Had Only Known
Lyrics for Album: For My Broken Heart

If I had only known
It was the last walk in the rain
I'd keep you out for hours in the storm
I would hold your hand
Like a life line to my heart
Underneath the thunder we'd be warm
If I had only known
It was our last walk in the rain

If I had only known
I'd never hear your voice again
I'd memorize each thing you ever said
And on those lonely nights
I could think of them once more
Keep your words alive inside my head
If I had only known
I'd never hear your voice again

You were the treasure in my hand
You were the one who always stood beside me
So unaware I foolishly believed
That you would always be there
But then there came a day
And I turned my head and you slipped away

If I had only known
It was my last night by your side
I'd pray a miracle would stop the dawn
And when you'd smile at me
I would look into your eyes
And make sure you know my love
For you goes on and on
If I had only known
If I had only known
The love I would've shown
If I had only known

So very true these words are to my heart. It still is so very painful to recall that last night. I guess it will always be forever. Our little Angel is a busy little Angel this week. He not only received his Sweet Grandma Phyllis a week ago Saturday Nov 18th, but on Wednesday the 22nd, he helped welcome our Dear cousin Freddy from NY. We were so saddened to hear of Freddy being sick, and then that he also left us this week. So much pain and emotions in our hearts this week. The three of them share a common month all four days appart for their Eternal Life Dates. We are certain of one thing, that Carl must be so Elated, welcoming two of his favorite people in the whole world back home with him! There must have been a huge celebration up in Heaven this week, and I am also certain, it must be still going on!!

One of the songs that rings in my head this past week from an Alan Jackson CD "Precious Memories" is "WHEN WE ALL GET TO HEAVEN". a line of the Lyrics are~

When we all get to Heaven, what a day of Rejoicing that will be!

We played this CD for Grandma Phyllis while she was at the Hospital, and then at the Hospice House later. Our family that was gathered around would often sing along with the precious Hymns that were playing for her. The Hymn, "WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUS" One of her all time favorite Hymns, was the one playing while she took her last couple of breaths and left us to join Carl in Heaven.

That party is certainly growing up there, and some sweet day we will too see our precious Loved ones again!! And what a Day of Rejoicing that will certainly be!

Something else I have not yet shared, is that Carl's dear puppy Pika is also in heaven. One terrible October day, I was driving up the driveway, not seeing her running up to greet me, I hit her. A day or two later, and many, many tears later, I was talking to Carl as I was driving around delivering mail. I asked Carl to give me a sign, if Pika was with him. Just moments later, a corn cob flew out of a combine in the field next to me and hit square on the middle of the windshield. Granted, I was near the edge of the field, and the combine was near the edge too, but it was such perfect timing, and I can honestly say I have never been hit by a flying corncob before, so I took this as Carl's definite sign "YES"!!!

We have not yet visited Carl's grave at the cemetery. We will tomorrow, and will bring some Christmas decorations to add for the season. We had Thanksgiving Dinner at John and Sheila's home, and had a wonderful day there with family all together this year! After dinner, some went to the Cemetery to put up Grandma Phyllis' wreath, and they brought the wishbone from the turkey to Carl's grave :0) He always enjoyed saving the wishbone, to make a wish and break with Sam to see who got the bigger half!!

We hope you all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, and are enjoying a Beautiful weekend with your family and loves ones wherever you may be!

Thank you for all of your Loving Thoughts and Prayers, please keep the Hauck family in your Prayers as they celebrate the life of a wonderful man Freddy. We will never forget the kindness and Love Freddy and Patti showed Carl and our family on our many visits to their home during treatments at MSKCC in NY. We Love you and will miss you dearly Freddy, until we meet again. We know Carl is "In Heaven" (no pun intended) showing you and Grandma all around that Beautiful Place up there!!!! I am sure you both are as fit as fine tuned fiddles again :0) and following Carl around on 3 wheel peddal bikes (probably larger than his) as he takes you to see all of his favorite places!

God Bless you all

Love & Peace

Sunday, November 19, 2006 8:50 AM CST

Funeral arrangements for Carl's Grandma Phyllis Robinson are as follows ~

Phyllis L. (Mrs. George) Robinson, age 85, of Redwood Falls, passed away on Saturday, Nov. 18th, at Season's Home in Redwood Falls.

Funeral services will be Tuesday, November 21 at 11:00 a.m. from Cornerstone Christian Church in Redwood Falls, with burial to follow at Morton City Cemetery. Visitation will be Monday from 4-8 p.m. at the church with a prayer service at 8 p.m. Visitation will continue one hour prior to the services Tuesday at the church.

Arrangements are with the Nelson-Martin Funeral Service in Redwood Falls.

It is with Heavey heart we have lost our precious dear Grandma Phyllis Robinson on Saturday November 18th. Carl is surly rejoicing, as he has gained his Loving Grandma, as she is now with him and the Lord in Heaven.

I have a place in Heaven

Please don't sing sad songs for me.
Forget your grief and fears.
For I am in a perfect place
away from pain and tears.
I'm far away from hunger
and hurt and want and pride.
I have a place in Heaven,
with the master at my side.
My life on earth was very good
as earthliy lives can go.
But paradise is so much more
than anyone can know...
My heart is filled with Happiness
and sweet rejoicing too.
To walk with God is perfect Peace
A Joy for ever new.

Thank you Donna I. for sending this poem to us when Carl became an Angel two years ago November 26th. Grandma left us just eight days before Carl's Eternal life date. In another card received after Carl's passing, a wonderful friend wrote something about how special it is for the Lord to bring our Loved ones home during the Thanksgiving Season We will always remember and celebrate Carl ever more during Thanksgiving, but now our Sweet Grandma Phyllis is also a part of our Thanksgiving memories Forever. Our Loved ones live on in our hearts, and memories, without end, as they were so much a part of our lives. Love will never die.

We know that Grandma is with her family in Heaven now! She had been speaking of her brothers and sisters, and Mother this past week before her passing. She knew she would soon be leaving us, and she desperately wanted to go to be with the Lord. We were so Blessed to have been able to be with her and spend many hours over her last week here with us. We were able to talk, smile and laugh a litte, as Grandma must have wanted to make this as gentle as possible on all of her Loving family. She told of seeing a bright light and her loved ones on the other side. Oh how this gives us hope and peace that we will too one Joyful day, see her again waiting for us with a smile just as she did! I am sure Carl was the little guy in the front, smiling with outstretched arms desperately eager to bring Grandma back home with him! Grandma and I talked a couple of days ago, about the Beauty of Heaven, and how there is no pain or tears there, only Happiness and Beauty. Carl would be there with a big smile on his face, so Happy to see her. She told me that there would be no more pain, that her leg would not hurt anymore. I told her that she would be whole and healed in Heaven! I told her that she would walk in there, No she would run in with Carl! Grandma had been having trouble with her toe, due to her diabetes, and then later an infection spreading to her foot. She had her foot and lower leg amputated almost two weeks ago. She also had congestive heart failure which was steadily getting worse. She knew that her time was through here on earth. And she was so accepting and ready to go home to Heaven. I told Grandma that Carl has been watching over all of us, and that she will have to watch over all of us too. She nodded her head. I told her that we will miss her like crazy, but we will all be together again some day, in Heaven.

I am sure Grandma is so very proud of all of her huge Loving family. She taught all of us so many things, she never turned any of us away for anything. We will carry with us the rest of our lives, all of the memories we hold so deeply in our hearts, of a woman that was everything to all of us. We Love you Mom/Grandma, and we will not be complete until we see you again one Joyful day!

Thank you all for checking in, and please keep all of the Robinson family in your Loving Prayers.

I will post funeral arrangements soon.

Love and Prayers


Thursday, October 19, 2006 7:32 PM CDT

Good evening this Thursday!!!

Fall is upon us, and so is the heart of harvest season! It has been a busy few weeks, and not expected to let up for a couple more. This time of year brings back a flood of so many memories, of a precious time when Carl and Sam loved to go farming with their Dad and Uncle Chuck. The boys could not wait to get in a big tractor or combine, and spend time in the fields each harvest. Their favorite part was bringing along a packed lunch to share :0) Sam is his Dad's sidekick this season, and never tires of the hustle and bustle of farming. I still picture the two boys together, with a smile a mile wide as they climbed up into those huge machines :0) I wonder if Sam thinks about those days, and misses his pal as much as I miss watching them together being so Happy.

We are doing well, all of us staying healthy so far since school started. Baby Cara had an ear infection about a month ago, but is now fine and thriving as a growing 5 month old little girl! She is so very precious, and her middle name says it all "Joy" I didn't think I had any more Love to shower on another child, as much as I love all 4 of our children, but our Love for her is as abundant, as she is so Loved by her family, and everyone around her! I can't look at her without remembering how lucky we are to have her, and what a Blessed gift she is to all of us! I keep trying to put my finger on what is so special about her, and what I come up with every time is that she was sent to us from Heaven Above! She has mastered skooting around in a walker at Linda's Pumpkin Patch Daycare, and say's "Ba Ba" when she wants her bottle. She is so Blessed to be in such a Loving daycare, with such Loving children surrounding her that are teaching her so many things! We feel so very Blessed! I am sure Carl is so very pleased, that he touched our lives this way, and made us so Happy.

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Halloween is just around the corner, and then November. It is so hard to believe that it will soon be two years since Carl left us for Heaven. Two years since we touched and held our little guy, two years since we kissed and hugged Carl and told him how much we loved him. We have to believe that he is ever with us, by our sides, and knowing our feelings. A day does not go by without the pain of missing him deeply. And I don't believe we will ever stop wishing we had more time with Carl.

As I drive around daily, delivering mail, listening to the radio, so many songs come on that make me think of Carl, and often bring on the tears. Here is one that I rescently heard and means so much to me.

Artist/Band: Diamond Rio
Lyrics for Song: One More Day
Lyrics for Album: One More Day
(Steven Dale Jones/Bobby Tomberlin)

Last night I had a crazy dream
A wish was granted just for me
It could be for anything
I didn't ask for money
Or a mansion in Malibu
I simply wished, for one more day with you

One more day
One more time
One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
But then again
I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you

First thing I'd do, is pray for time to crawl
Then I'd unplug the telephone
And keep the TV off
I'd hold you every second
Say a million I love you's
That's what I'd do, with one more day with you

One more day
One more time
One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
But then again
I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you

Leave me wishing still, for one more day
Leave me wishing still, for one more day

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Thank you all for checking in on us from time to time, we so appreciate all of your Love and Prayers still.

Love & Peace

Friday, September 22, 2006 10:03 PM CDT

Hello Dear Family and Friends,

Our hearts are very heavy as we learned the news on Tuesday that the little Princess Warrior Christi Thomas earned her Glorious Angel Wings. We all knew this was soon to be happening, but when I logged on to Christi’s blog that day to learn the news, I couldn’t believe the pain that hit my gut, and the ache that my heart felt. A long courageous battle, fought with Grace and dignity all the way through. Christi like Carl, enjoyed her short life on earth (even through the chemo, treatments, and pain), and lived each day to the fullest. Could they have known their fate, deep inside their hearts, but just didn’t tell us? The world grieves another precious innocent child taken by this demon cancer, Neuroblastoma. We pray that somehow there will be some good from this, and through dedicated research, (possibly from using Christi’s cell line) there will soon be a cure. We feel the Thomas’ pain and we grieve with them as each of Angela and Shayne’s journal blogs expresses so eloquently so much of what we have experienced ourselves and felt, but could never put into words. We have followed Christi’s story for nearly four years. We have shared joy and tears, frustration, and defeat, as we have watched and read the events of Christi’s life through the eyes of her parents in this disgusting world of cancer that also consumed Carl. One thing cancer did not do was take away our love for our children, or the Love they gave to the world.

Tomorrow will be Christi’s Celebration of life. Angela and Shayne have been planning this day for a very long time. About a year ago when Christi was having some progression and things looked very bleak, Angela emailed me to ask about doing a Dove Release “Carl’s Angel Wings” for Christi’s funeral. We would Love nothing more than to be able to honor this small request for such a Dear family. Our birds would not be able to fly home from this distance, but we still wanted to help to make this a reality. I did some searching on the net to locate someone in Ohio that handles Dove Releases, but had no luck in the Tiffin area. If we could not do a Release ourselves, I wanted to find someone that could! I located a man in Lima that is a Pigeon fancier (Tom Barnhart) who raises, and races fancy pigeons. I knew that most pigeon folks, will keep a few whites in their loft, so I decided to try this route. I have heard that most
Serious racers (as a rule) don’t race whites with as much success as their colored birds, but some have raced and won with whites very well. Many claim that whites seem to be a magnet to hawks for some reason over the colored pigeons? Anyway, I emailed to Tom, and explained the situation, and my wish to hire a group of whites to give as a gift to the Thomas family, (if they were available). To our delight, he was agreeable to help make this work for us!! One year later, after more trials and treatment, this little come back girl’s tired body could take no more. I emailed back to Tom to remind him of my request from last fall, and graciously he was still anxious to help us!! Tomorrow at Christi’s graveside service, the family will release four white doves to complete her Beautiful Celebration of life. They will be doing three doves first, which represent the Holy Trinity (The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit) then the fourth and final dove will represent Christi’s spirit. My wish is for a Perfectly Beautiful Dove Release to happen in Honor of Christi!

When we do Dove releases, we just can never tell what may happen. With animals, you just have no way of controlling what they may do. We have had many releases where we just turn our head feeling embarrassed at what happens once the birds take flight. We try to hold off on feeding them the day before, so that they don’t poop on anyone :0) We have had a couple of experiences where they decide to go sit in a tree. Never has anyone minded the goof ups that we notice ourselves, we just hope for perfect results. A special thing that happened during the dove release for Carl’s funeral, I didn’t notice myself as I wasn’t paying attention, but was told about it later. We did the four dove release, the Trinity release then the fourth dove was to represent Carl’s spirit. The fourth dove was released, flew up in the air, then dropped back down near the crowd as if to be having a final look and saying goodbye before he departed with the three doves circling in the sky waiting for him. To those that witnessed this happening, they were very touched. We have had quite a variety of outcomes with many of our dove releases, but it seems that Carl has been actively involved in the last couple of releases we have done.

The release we did for our friend Brent Koch’s (Soldier killed by roadside bomb in Iraq) funeral was a good example. There were three doves released. Two were to represent Heavenly Angels coming to meet the third dove, which was to represent Brent’s spirit. When the third dove was released, by Brent’s father, he flew up in the air and over to the top of the school door entrance and sat! He looked around and sat! Tom and I were just mortified. We were so disappointed that this dove did not fly up into the sky to join the other two that were circling waiting for him. After the funeral we went home so bummed out about this release. But then later we learned, that so many people were touched by that third dove (Brent’s spirit dove) it was as if he was not ready to depart yet but wanted to look over the crowd and reflect on what was taking place on his behalf.

Here are a couple reports found later by the Patriot Guard Riders that rode that day for the funeral, to protect Brent and his family:

“The sight of that long line of bikes, dazzling police car lights, shining leather, twinkling chrome, fluttering flags, the vehicles pulled to the sides with flashers on, the people waving and holding flags, and the thunder of all the machines was truly a spectacle. In the absence of protesters (thankfully) at the very least I hope that our presence drives home the level of pride and gratitude that this young man's countrymen feel toward him.

I also will never forget the experience. It was extremely touching and many times the tears welled up as I thought about the outpouring and why we were there. And I also recall that third dove that only flew a few feet to up above the school's entry way, landed, and looked back on us all. I think about every eye watched that dove for a few minutes, perhaps sensing or hoping that it momentarily embodied the soul of Sgt. Koch and allowed him to reflect on what his life and sacrifice meant to so many.

A huge thank you to the ride captains who had this mission nailed down. Everything worked like a Swiss watch and I thank you for the efforts it must have taken to plan and execute so well”

“When the service was complete a military honor guard emerged from the school. Our 200 members of the Patriot Guard Riders had formed a large semi-circle in the parking lot where the hearse was parked. Soon the family, friends and quests came out of the school, followed by the casket bearing Sgt. Brent Koch. All came to attention and either rendered a salute or placed their right hand over their heart as Sgt. Koch was placed in the hearse. The sounds of a bagpipe playing Amazing Grace echoed through the small town, and tears flowed freely. Three white doves were released, the fist two took flight. The third white dove made one circle over the assembled crowd and returned to land on the roof of the school directly above the doors that Sgt. Koch had just passed through. It was as if through the eyes of that dove, Sgt. Koch could see his family and friends all surrounded by a field of red, white, and blue, all there to honor him and say good bye.”

Just last week, “Carl’s Angel Wings” touched many hearts true Carl style!!! Let me explain this one to you! A couple of months ago, a gentleman from Morton passed away, and we did a single spirit dove release at the funeral. His wife passed away a week and half ago, and once again we did a dove release. I was not at the funeral, but Thanks to Joann D. from Nelson Martin Funeral Home, who has her heart so very much in this with us, was there to help with the release. A verse was read to explain about the dove release. The first dove released was to represent the Husband that had passed on before his wife, he would circle above in the sky waiting for his beloved wife as he has come to meet her. The second dove was released, to represent the spirit of the wife. She flew up and sat on top of the tent at the cemetery. If I were at this funeral…This is where I would have been mortified! But let me tell you what happened next…. The dove in the sky circling around, swooped down towards and past his wife, as if to pick her up! (before this, people were shaking the tent trying to get this stubborn dove to fly, but it wouldn't move) She lifted up and joined the husband spirit dove, and together they circled the crowd a few times then departed together over the horizon! How Amazing is that!! When Joann told me about the release, I had tears welling up in my eyes. Just Amazing!!! Joann said that the whole crowd began clapping, and there were many tears flowing. When I think about the time and work involved in training these silly doves, It is something like this that reminds me “This is why we do this.” My reward, is the beauty and memory it leaves in the hearts of families that are struggling to accept and burry their loved one. The other fabulous bonus from this release was that the two doves made it back home, even through two days of windy stormy weather!!! What a wonderful feeling!!!

So it is our wish that Christi’s memorial dove release is special and magical. Dear sweet Carl, our Prayer to you is to help guide the white doves to be released for Christi, that they may fly perfectly Beautiful on this special day. Blessed be Christi’s Memory

Please continue to keep the Thomas family in your Loving Prayers


Love & Peace

Monday, September 11, 2006 9:02 PM CDT


Bryan is 19 today September 18th. We are so proud of Bryan, he has had many struggles over these 19 years, and he continues to find that life is not easy, and often not fair. We Love you Bryan, and we know that your little Angel brother, is watching over you and protecting you Always.

We Love You!!!!!


"My Wish"

I hope that the days come easy and the moments pass slow,
And each road leads you where you want to go,
And if you're faced with a choice, and you have to choose,
I hope you choose the one that means the most to you.
And if one door opens to another door closed,
I hope you keep on walkin' till you find the window,
If it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile,

But more than anything, more than anything,
My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish.

I hope you never look back, but ya never forget,
All the ones who love you, in the place you left,
I hope you always forgive, and you never regret,
And you help somebody every chance you get,
Oh, you find God's grace, in every mistake,
And you always give more than you take.

But more than anything, yeah, and more than anything,
My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish.

This is my wish
I hope you know somebody loves you
May all your dreams stay big


Happy Friday to all!!!!

New Home Page photo of Carl with his Good Friend and Fist Cancer Buddy Eric Fischer!!! Eric and Carl met at St. Mary's in August 2002, just days after Carl's diagnosis. The two boys spent many times together while inpatient getting chemo. What a precious picture and memory!!! Carl used to wear hankies when he was getting chemo, and usually a week or two after, so that when he would feel like he was going to puke (smells and everything set him off) he would hold his hankie over his mouth to help him overcome his spell. And if he did puke, he would hold his hankie up to catch it! What a wonderful invention we came up with!!!

Tracy, Eric's Mom added this photo to Eric's photo section of his website today!!! Thanks Tracy for this Beautiful Picture!!!! Eric is 16 today, can you believe it!!!! Eric has come a long way since Fall of 2002, it is just Amazing!!! It is so hard to believe this is the same boy!!! How truly wonderful to have been a part of Eric's journey and to know him as a Survivor!!!! Check out Eric's site to see an Awesome picture on his Home Page!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!!!



Hello this Monday evening!!

We are off to a new school year once again!!!

The kids Love their teachers, and seem to be enjoying school so far!!! We knew Sam would be in his Glory with Mrs Bloedow this year, and he certainly is :0)

The morning of the first day of school, I pondered about what would have been Carl's first day of first grade this year. I pictured what I thought he would maybe look like now at age 6 and 9 months. I wondered how he would want to dress? Would he insist on new Etnie shows like his brother Sam? Or would he be happy with Walmart shoes like he always liked? Would he be wearing an orange shirt? Or maybe want to wear a "Tony Hawk" shirt like Sam? Somehow I think he would want to be just like Sam :0) Speaking of Tony Hawk... :0) Or as I like to jokeingly refer to him as "Tony Hot" ....One day back in Rochester, Sam & Carl, and I think Sydney was along that day :0) We were in the drive up lane for McDonalds. The lady inside on the intercom asked me if we wanted "Tony Hawk" Toys (with the Happy Meals) or Barbie toys. I could not hear her very clearly, and since I am not up on these things, I thought I heard her say "Tony Hot" Toy... So I said "We will take the Tony Hot Toys" :0) Ok... My kids have never let me live that one down!!! Even Carl would tease me about saying Tony Hot, when ever he got the chance!!! So I am sure he would love to wear this new "Tony Hot" line of clothes!!! Just like his brother!!!! As I pictured Carl, I of course, could feel the tears streaming down my face, and that familar ache in my gut, from missing our little guy. I always feel better, when I remember that Carl has his best buddy Andrew right there with him :0) And I assure myself that the two of them are together in the best school ever, in Heaven. They are probably having a ball together, drumming up pranks to pull on their teacher, trying to hold back their smiles and giggles!! Carl may never have had that chance to go to school here on earth, but I am sure he is making up for all his losses, an then some, as he is enjoying his reward in Heaven!!!!!

We think Carl visits us from time to time :0) Just tonight as I was sitting her typing, the baby's diaper wipe container was sitting behind me on the table. The lid popped up for no reason, as it was secured down earlier. Sometimes things will fall off a shelf, or counter for no reason? We just think Carl is letting us know he is visiting us!!

Things have settled down since the County and State fair weeks!!! Just in time for Sydney to take on her next project!!! She has entered a application to win a young Heifer. It is called the Minnesota Youth Beef Experience Program, through the Minnesota Beef Expo. She will find out in October if she was chosen to recieve a Heifer!!! She will have to raise, and show this Heifer at the Minnesota Beef Expo next year, and keep records to report back to the donor monthly about the progress of her Heifer!!! We are Excited for Sydney, and hope she is one of the five applicants chosen for this project!!!

It looks like Fall is definitely upon us as the weather feels cooler and crisper. It feels good to put on a sweatshirt, and not have to run the air conditioner anymore!! Today was kind of gloomy, but so fitting for the anniversary of 911. As I delivered mail today, I reflected on what I was doing 5 years ago on this day. I remembered working that day too, but as a sub in Redwood. I remember driving around all that day, listening to the radio reports of what had happened that morning. I remember picking Sam and Carl up from Jeanies daycare, and seeing the horrible sight on her TV. I remember coming home and watching more reports, over and over again on television. I remembered how I was so grateful that we were all alive, and together that day, and how we all sobbed as we watched more coverage of that Horrific day. The kids were so young and innocent (we thought Carl was healthy at the time) Sam was so fascinated with the airplanes crashing, he could hardly understand. A tragic day for our country, but to me it is a memory of our family, together before our 911 hit our family on August 18, 2002, we felt close, and so Blessed to be alive.

Please continue to keep Precious Christi Thomas in your Powerful Prayers. Christi has been fighting this monster Neuroblastoma for 4 years today, Sept 11, 2002 this day marks her 4 year anniversary of diagnosis. May God Bless Christi and her family, and keep them safe and protected in His Loving arms.

Christi's Blog Spot

Thank you for stopping by and for all of your Prayers!! Be sure to go to Baby Cara's webpage to check out her new three month pictures!!! She is almost 4 months on the 15th, can you believe it?!!! :0)

Love & Peace


Monday, August 21, 2006 6:28 PM CDT

Dear family and friends, Urgent Prayers are needed for our sweet Christi Thomas. I know many of you have been following Christi's story ever since we met the Thomas's in NY. Please Pray for Christi now, as she is having pain issues and fighting for her life like never before. May God Bless the Thomas family and wrap his loving arms around them.


Hello this Friday evening!!! Be sure to check the newest photos of the kids and the State Fair!!!

Thanks for your notes Jenny & Michelle :0) I think we are all going to have a Fun year of third grade!!! Maybe....lets see....shall we bring some baby pigs again?? we will have to drum up something!!! :0) And I am sure Pika will have to visit too!!! I do agree on the homework Michelle :0) Hint Hint Hint ;0)

More updates to come!!! And hope to get some new pics added to Baby Cara's page soon!!!

Love to All!!!



Hello to all our dear family and friends!

We received some very sad news on Sunday. Our Cousin Stephen Hauck from Maryland passed away last Thursday. Stephen had a massive stroke and cerebral hemorrhage. Our Prayers go out to all of the Hauck family. We will be Praying for Strength, and Peace during this difficult time, and in the weeks and months to come. Carl and Tom were lucky to have spent some time with Stephen and his family while they were visiting Freddy & Patti, and Keith and Ann's family during a NYC trip, while Carl was having treatments at MSKCC. Thanks Ann for sending this Beautiful picture!!! It is so good to see a new picture of Carl, and a Surprise to see that he had hair then :0) Such a gift to share this wonderful memory!!! This photo is of Stephen with his daughter Lindsey, and Tom with Carl :0)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We had a Busy, Exciting week at the Renville County Fair last week!!! The kids all worked hard for many weeks and months getting ready to show their animals, and they did a Wonderful job at the fair!!! We are very proud of Sydney and Sam and cousins Sarah and Kate!!! Sydney won her first Beef State Fair trip (coming up this week!) with her Breeding Heifer!!! CONGRATULATIONS SYDNEY!!!!!

Here are some photos of the kids and their animals!!!

Sam walking "Jean"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sam playing with Maverick

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sam & Maverick and Kate

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sydney drying her Heifer "Betty"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sydney drying her Steer "Teddy"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sarah washing her Steer "Ned"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sam hanging out with the animals

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kate washing Maverick

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sam by his calf "Jean"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sam doing chores

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sydney getting dolled up before show

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sydney, Kate & Sara ready to show

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Three cute pony tails

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sarah getting her steer ready for show

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sam doing his beef interview

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sam ready for show

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

making their way to the show barn

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sam and Dad waiting to go in to show

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sydney showing "Betty"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sydney wins First in her Heifer class, and Third overall, winning a State Fair Trip with "Betty"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Jessie fixing up Sydney's hair

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jessie, Kate & Sydney before the show

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sydney walks "Betty" around the ring
(notice the huge orb above)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sydney getting "Betty" set up

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sydney is Awarded a Red Ribbon with her Breeding Heifer "Betty" She did a Great Job and learned what to work on for next year!!! It rained and poured most of the day at the fair, but Sydney was lucky to get Betty in the show barn before a Huge downpour!!!

After the State Fair, we will be busy getting ready to go back to school!!! We are very HAPPY/EXCITED/BLESSED to know that Sam will be a third grade student of Mrs. Bloedow's Third Grade Class!!!!! I know without a doubt that it will be a Fun year that Sam will Enjoy!!!! Sydney was Blessed to have Mrs Bloedow for third grade, and she will always treasure her special memories of her favorite teacher!!! I am Happy that Sam will be able to look back later, smile, snicker, laugh, and be so glad that he was also Blessed!!! And we know too, that come September 2008, there will be tears and sadness in our hearts, as we know that this would have been Carl's time for third grade. Maybe he will be sitting there anyway, watching, smiling, and stiring up some mischief the way he Loved to do!!! :0)

Thank you all for stopping by, and Always for keeping our family in your Awesome Prayers!!!

Love & Peace


Monday, July 31, 2006 9:35 AM CDT


WOW so hard to believe Sam is "8" years old!!! Sam is our silly, funny, giggly charm, that can make us roll our eyes, and crack a smile (when were trying not to) and belly laugh til it hurts!!! We know that Sam has done Carl very proud, and he smiles with us each day as we watch Sam learn, and grow!!!! (and come up with his ideas) Carl was a good teacher :0)

Sam has had a busy last week, from Hockey Camp in New Ulm, to beginning to get ready for the County Fair right around the corner!!! The kids have been leading, washing, and grooming their steers/heifers every day to get them ready for the upcoming Fair!!! Thanks to cousin Jenny for all of your dedication and help you give the kids!!! We hope they will have the same Love and Appreciation that you do in your heart, when they are all grown up too, and then they can pass on their experience the same way to little cousins Kody & Kaylee & Cara when they are little 4 H'ers!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sambonie at Hockey Camp!!! On Ice Skates in July (100 degrees outside) What a Dream!!!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sam with his Heifer "Jean" named after Auntie Jean :0) born on June 14th 2005

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sam washing of many times before the County Fair

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sarah with her Steer "Neddie"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kate with her calf "Maverick" what a cutie pie!!! :0)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sydney with her Steer "Teddy"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sydney's Heifer "Big Black Betty" named after the song that was playing while she was washing her!!! :0)

After a long, Hot week of work, the kids get to cool off and enjoy some swimming at a Hotel getaway Saturday night!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sarah coming down the water slide!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here comes Kate!!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sam is next!!!

Sorry Syd, all of your shots were under the water :(

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here is Cara the bathing beauty in her little suit and grass skirt!!!

The summer is flying by, funny how that always happens!!! One more week of being home with the kids, then I will be back to work. It will be good to get in a regular routine again, but so sad to have these days come to an end!!!

We did not make the "Cruise" as we had planned to :.( With the Hot weather, and still recovering from our crash, we decided to stay home and not make the trip to Roch. It sounds like our friends had a Wonderful time, and we are so sorry we missed out!! We missed seeing Kala and her Dad this year, it has been so long since we have seen them!! There is always next year to look forward to, and we hope and pray that it will work out to make it for the Cruise 2007!!!

As the summer moves into "County Fair time" our hearts ache a little to remember the fond times we had with Carl as he enjoyed the fair so very much!!! We often remenisce about things he said and did, and how Happy he was to take care of and show off his calf "Spike"

Our hearts will Always Remember!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thank you for stopping by, and for all of your Love and Support!!! Carl has left us with Memories, and so rich with Loving friends!!!

Love & Peace


Friday, July 21, 2006 2:50 PM CDT

HAPPY 64TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY JULY 26TH TO Grandpa & Grandma Robinson!!!!!

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Hello to our Dear Family and Friends!!!

Thank you all for continually checking in and for keeping us Faithfully in your thoughts and prayers!!

Our Precious Angel Carl, and his speical friend Angel Andrew have a big buddy to look up to now, up there in Heaven :0) Our friend Brent Koch, who was serving in Iraq, was killed by a roadside bomb on June 16th. Our community mourns a wonderful friend who will never be forgotten!!! Please remember Brent's family and Andrew's family as they begin the process of healing and trying to live without these Loving boys. They have touched our lives and we will forever hold them in our hearts!!!

Our guardian Angels are indeed looking out for us, and keeping us safe. They were very busy on July 10th, stopping what could have been a Horrific tragedy.

The kids (Sydney, Sam & Cara) Tom and I set off for a summer vaction heading out West. We drove out to South Dakota, visiting the bad lands, Mount Rushmore, Wall Drug, Reptile Gardens, and Bear Land. We drove through Wyoming through the Mountains of Big Horn National Forrest on to Cody Wyoming. When we got in to Cody, a Rodeo would be starting in a couple of hours!! We were thrilled to catch this on our trip!!! Our next stop would be Yellowstone National Park, then we would turn around and head back home. We were leaving Cody for Yellowstone, about 19 miles out of town on Hwy 14 W. when a van heading East crossed over the center line and hit us. Tom was driving and tried to take the ditch to miss her, but in reality only had about a second to a second and a half to react. The front driver side of the car was struck. We are not sure how this happened (what the other driver was doing?) or why this had to happen to our family? There is a Bible verse that says "consider yourself Blessed to be given trials" or something like that!!! I would have considered us already Blessed for a lifetime!!! But we do feel Blessed to have walked away from this crash, as good as we did!!! Here are a few pictures of our trip.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We were shook up, cut and bruised, but our family and our Faith still in tact!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

We stayed in Cody two more nights, then flew home leaving our wrecked car behind. We have to commend the wonderful Ambulance and ER crew that cared for our family!!! We all thought of Carl many times that day, and how we are sure he kept us all together, and safe!

Since our trip we are taking it easy, and getting better!!! We have Bryan here with us too, so we are enjoying each other and the final weeks of our summer together!!! This Sunday will be the "Cruise" raising dollars for the Rochester Ronald McDonald House!!! Tom and I were planning on riding, but now just plan on being there at the Donald House to watch the Glorious Parade of Bikes ride in with many of our friends in the line up!!! We look forward to seeing many of our Dear friends and family we have made, at the Cruise!!! Last year during the ceremony at the House, Carl's name was brought up. He was remembered by his bright eyes, and Happy smile and how thrilled he was to sit on a Harley after the Cruise "2004" those memories are near and dear to our hearts!!! We hope and Pray that we will be able to once again join the riders, and be a part of that Homecoming Parade next year, In Carl's and Andrew's memory!!! May God Bless all the riders, and keep them safe from harm during the Cruise on Sunday!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thank you all for stopping by!!! Hoping you are all enjoying your summers and doing lots of fun things!!! Please remember to keep all our friends battling Cancer and other illness in your Prayers, and Always remember the Angel Parents that miss their children so very much!!!

Love & Peace


Tuesday, July 18, 2006 2:42 PM CDT

Good Afternoon this Tuesday!!!

We hope you are all enjoing your summer!!! We are in the process of a new update, so please check back soon!!!

Love & Peace

Friday, June 16, 2006 10:07 AM CDT

Good Evening this Wednesday.

So many wonderful memories of Carl and Andrew, I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of the two of them!!!

Andrews celebration of life was very moving, and so meaningful!!! Shelly Erdmann (Baldy's mom) Sydney, baby Cara, and I surprised Deb and Jerry on Sunday evening when we arrived in Virginia to be with them. Deb & Jerry and we, were all in tears as we exchanged hugs, it was so good to be there with them. We were so glad we were able to go!!! Thanks to Jeff for helping us to get there!!! Memories shared, funny stories, and laughs through the tears are what we all experienced. It was so wonderful to hear stories told about Carl, some that I had no idea happend :0), it warms my heart to know how much Carl meant to Andrews family, and remember how he just made himself at home, with Andrew and Deb in their room at the Donald House :0) It is with our memories that will remain in our minds forever, and what will keep our two boys alive and close to our hearts until we are united with them again one Glorious day!!!

Andrew Loved funny t-shirts, especially ones that were kind of off the wall!! A few months ago we sent Andrew a couple funny shirts that I found, that I thought had "Andrew" written all over them :0) One of them had a couple of cartoon dogs on them. One of the dogs is looking back at the other dog, (who is sniffing his butt) and he says "Do I know you?" :0) It is so cute, and so Andrew!!! Andrew's brother Dan thought Andrew should be burried in that shirt, but Deb thought it was not quite appropriate :0) Andrew was instead, wearing a Dave & Busters t-shirt, which was so fitting!!!

We met so many kind, wonderful family and friends of Andrews! It was so amazing to have so many remember, and know of Carl :0) Baby Cara was introduced as "Carl's baby sister" and how everyone smiled about her story (our little gift from Carl) and thought she was so precious!!!

Andrew and Carl, are surly enjoying their Paradise, and smiling down on their Loving family and friends, as they know how much they were Treasured in all of our lives!!!

God Bless the Spradling family, and may God wrap his loving arms around them and give them comfort during this painful time. We never can get over the loss of a child, but we can ask God to help us through each day, as we learn to grow, and help others. We remember the strength and courage, our Angels displayed, and that helps to give us the nudge to carry on for them, and because of them!!!

As forAndrew and Carl...I know these two are together up there, Happy and knowing the Joy that only Heaven can hold!! We also know that they are having a ball again, and drumming up pranks and practicle jokes together!!! Knowing the two of them are together, is so comforting, I am not worried about Carl, because I know he is in the best place, with his best buddy!! Whenever we would arrive at the Donald House, Carl would take off instantly to find Andrew!! I never really worried about him then, as I knew he was in good hands,doing what he really wanted to do, and I know he is again... with Andrew!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wouldn't you love to know what these two were talking about? :0)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Carl laughing at Andrew, he usually had a smile on his face when they were together, especially when they were up to something.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

At the Donald House in Rochester, having fun doing a volcano experiment!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The boys at a Hotel enjoying the pool!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Carl trying his best to Wack Andrew with one of those foam noodles :0)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Andrew or Carl...Always trying to egg each other on!!! :0)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kala, Katie, Carl and Andrew....spotted a Limo on the street, and curiousity got the best of them :0) They had to go check it out, and find out who that Limo belonged to!!! I don't remember who it was???

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Andrew always let Carl share rides with him on his bike, scooter, or skate board!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Andrew Always watched out for Carl and helped him like an older I am sure he is doing in Heaven.

Hello to all our dear family and friends

We are so heartbroken, and sad to have learned that Carl's best buddy Andrew has passed away. Andrew had a massive heart attack early Monday afternoon. Andrew and Deb were in St. Louis at the Hospital there, and staying at the St. Louis Donald House, preparing for Andrew to recieve a new heart. Just as Carl was healed of cancer in Heaven, Andrew now has a perfect heart, and is enjoying his reward of Eternal Peace and Joy! Carl and Andrew are together again, and we are sure they are having a ball, and planning silly pranks again!! God Bless Andrew and all of his family. May Andrews family feel God's comfort and peace in these difficult days ahead. We are so Blessed to have known Andrew and his family, as we believe God had a plan for these two boys.

Andrew's website is ANDREW'S PAGE

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Saturday, June 10, 2006 6:44 AM CDT

Good Morning to everyone this Saturday!!!

Very Sadly, Sydney's Grandpa Doyle Bladon passed away on June 4th...Sydney's 13th Birthday. Grandpa Loved Sydney so very dearly, and the feeling was so mutual...Sydney adored her Loving Grandpa, and she will always cherish her special memories of all the precious times spent with her Grandpa Bladon! We are sure her Grandpa chose this special day, the date of Sydney's birth to be his Eternal birth date!! God Bless Grandpa's Memory

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Today "Carl's Commandos" will host our "Alex's Lemonade Stand" at Canturbury Downs Racetrack!!

The stand will be open around noon until the end of the days racing, about 6:00 p.m., inside on the upper level. Last year there was also a small stand on the lower level near the bottom of the escalators, we are not sure yet if Canturbury will be setting up the second stand again this year?

If you are looking for something fun to do today, stop out at Canturbury Downs and enjoy some Horse racing, and grab a glass of Alex's Lemonade!!!

Tomorrow, Sunday June 11th, Mary Hollway and the Hammer family will be holding an Alex's Lemonade Stand at the Mall of America!!! Another Great Opportunity to help support the fight against Pediatric Cancer!!!

We are very Proud of Bryan, as he Graduated this past Monday!!! He was an Honor Roll Student and had a Fantastic Senior Year, as well as a Wonderful High School career!!! Bryan had so many Great Accomplishments, while overcoming various trials and difficulites along the way. When times got rough, Bryan remembered why he would try so hard, and fight so strong to stay on top...His little brother and Angel Carl, always on his mind and in his heart to motivate him to never give up!!! Bryan would remember how Carl wanted so badly to just go to school like all of the other have the opportunity to learn...That is all Carl wanted to do with his whole heart. Such a small wish for such a little boy, and so taken for granted by so many others, that will never know the appreaciation, or the pain of hard lessons learned. We couldn't be prouder of Bryan, and we know Carl must be smiling down on his big brother, and so very Proud too!!!!!

Check back for photo's soon!!!


BRYAN'S OPEN HOUSE GRADUATION PARTY ~ combined with our Annual 4th of July Hog Roast Party


SATURDAY JULY 1ST, 2006 ~ 4:00 PM TIL ?

We will be celebrating Bryan's Graduation here on the farm combined with our Annual 4th of July Hog Roast Party on Saturday July 1st. If you are reading this, you are invited to join us in a fun day of Celebration!!! We will start about 4:00 til ? In the past we have had a Excellent display of Fireworks, and this year will be no exception!!! Please come and join us!!! Bring your lawn chairs, and plan to stay for the Fireworks!!!! We have room for camping, and several Hotels close by for overnight guests!!! If anyone has any questions or should need directions please give us a call. Home 507-557-2941 or Cell phones 507-430-2445 or 507-430-2446

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and for all of your continued Love and Support!!!

Love & Peace
Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, May 25, 2006 11:16 AM CDT

Happy Memorial Day to Everyone!!!!!

A Time For Remembering

To the living
I am gone
To the sorrowful,
I will never return
To the angry
I was cheated.

But to the happy,
I am at peace.
And to the faithful,
I have never left.

I cannot speak,
But I can listen.
I cannot be seen,
But I can be heard.

So as you stand upon a shore,
Gazing at a beautiful sea-
Remember me.
As you look in awe at a mighty
Forest and its grand majesty-
Remember me.

Remember me in your heart,
Your thoughts,
And your memories
Of the times we loved,
The times we cried,
The times we fought,
The times we laughed

For if you always think of me,
I will have never gone.

By Debbie Ann Walters TCF Tulsa, OK

Greetings to all our family and friends this Thursday!!!

Thank you everyone for all of your notes and Baby wishes!!! We are very Blessed, and so Happy to have our little sweetie here with us at last!!! I will continue to journal on the baby's growth and progress, and try to add lots of growing pictures :0) So that I don't take over Carl's website with the baby, I will be keeping her own webpage running, and updating it regularily!! So for baby news and updates, please go to Cara Joy's webpage, you may click on the link above, or type this URL in your browser ~ ~ to access Cara Joy's baby site!!!

A second Memorial Day is upon us. We found some pretty Orange tiger lillies, and other Orange coordinating Annuals to fill Carl's wagon for display at the cemetery. Last year we filled his wagon with fresh cut Orange roses, which were so Beautiful. With the windy, rainy weather we had, the flowers didn't hold up very well. So we decided to go with sturdier, heartier, plants that we can bring back home later and enjoy!! We also have a new Orange spinning tractor to put up at the cemetery :0) The wind really beat up the frist one from last spring, but they are so darn cute, and we know Carl would just Love that tractor, so we want to put up a replacement!!!

We also have to contact the Memorial Stone company to find out about adding baby Cara's name to his stone. Right now it reads...Brother of Bryan, Sydney, and Sam. It wouldn't be right to not include his little sister and gift to our family Cara Joy!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

School is almost over, and summer will begin soon!! The kids are ready for baseball, and swimming, and enjoying their freedom for a couple of months!!! We will be having a busy summer with lots of Events coming up!!! First off Bryan will be Graduating, then we will be holding a Alex's Lemonade Stand at Canterbury Downs Racetrack on Saturday June 10th. I will not be at the stand this year, due to my Nephew Jeff's graduation open house on the same day. Tom and Team "Carl's Commando's" will be doing the Lemonade Stand on that Saturday!! Also our Friends Mary Hollway and the Hammer's will be holding another Alex's Lemonade Stand the same day at the Mall of America again!! We are hoping our combined Minnesota Efforts will be very successful and profitable this year!!! If anyone is interested, and looking for a Great Event to support, please consider stopping by one of our stands to be held on Saturday June 10th!!! Also through Jay and Liz Scott, we have set up a link for online donations to go directly to Alex's Lemonade Stand Fund!! If anyone is interested in making an online contribution to Alex's Lemonade Stand...This is a secure online method to make a donation!!! "Carl's Commando's" will continue to Support Alex's Lemonade Stand in Honor and Memory of our Angel and Hero Carl, and for all of the fallen Hero's that this terrible disease has claimed!!!

A few weeks ago, Alex's Lemonade Stand contacted our group "Carl's Commando's" to ask permission to use one of our group photos taken from our first Lemonade Stand that was held at the Metrodome in 2004. They will be using the photo in a couple of publications!!!
One of them is a book on Alex which is part of a series called “Young Heroes,” and the other one is a book titled “The Practice of Public Relations.” Both are educational books to be used in Elementary Schools and Colleges respectively.

This is the Photo that will be published in the two books!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We are so VERY Proud and Honored to be considered, and included in both of these publications!!!

In July we will be gearing up for the Redwood County Relay for Life, as Carl's Commandos we will join together again to help raise dollars for the Event, with donatons to be directed to Pediatric Cancer Research!!!

Carl left us with a Huge Legacy...To help fund research for Pediatric cancer, and in his Memory we will continue to "Fight For A Cure"!!!!

We hope you all have a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!! We are keeping our fingers crossed for nice weather this year!!! Please keep in your Prayers all of our friends in this battle against cancer and other illness.

And Remember all of the soldiers fighting for our Country, and are away from home and thier loved ones.

Love & Peace


Wednesday, May 17, 2006 3:58 PM CDT

"Monday's child is fair of face"

Cara Joy is born!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Auntie Janet visits baby Cara

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sissy holding her little sissy

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Grandma Phyllis visits on Monday

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Grandpa George with Cara

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cousin Sarah "Rah Rah" with Cara

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cousin Kate holds Cara

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Big brother Sam with Cara

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Daddy with his little girl

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mommmy with baby

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cara hanging on to her Nuk

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Loving Nurse Kim who took care of brother Carl, enjoyed taking care of little dollie Cara

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wonderful Dr. Rossow holds his newest patient Cara

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"I don't know what you think is so cute about this Bonnet?"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ready to go home!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Two sisters watching American Idol :0)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Welcome to the World our Precious little Girl!!!!!

Cara Joy Robinson ~ Born Monday May 15th at 12:35 am

Weight ~ 6 pounds 8.2 oz

Length ~ 20 inches

head ~ 13 inches

she is so Beautiful with dark hair, dark blue eyes, and sweet chubby cheeks!!

Cara tried to come on Mothers Day, but made her appearance at 12:35am instead :0) She wanted to be born on the 15th we guess, and have a Birthday of 5-15 :0)

We are so Happy and so Excited to share her with everyone!!! We just got home from the Hospital this afternoon, and our new little sweetie has setttled in just perfect!! She is a very content baby, and so very sweet!!!

I am going to go through our pictures, and try to get some downloaded soon!!!

Love and Happiness!!!


Saturday, May 13, 2006 8:17 PM CDT

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!! To all Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunties, Special women in our childrens lives!!!!

Wishing everyone a Happy Blessed Mothers Day wherever you may be!!!

We are doing alot of walking, trying to jump start labor!! We are very ready to have this baby, and very Anxious to meet our new little Gift from God and Carl!!!

God Bless and have a Wonderful weekend!!!

we will keep you posted!!!

Love & Prayers
Kelly & Tom
& family

Friday, April 14, 2006 8:27 PM CDT

Good Evening this Wednesday!!!

New "Mom's Blog" on baby website, you may click link above, or click right here ~

I will try to get back on here soon to update, and add some pics of Bryan's Prom from last Saturday night!! He was quite the dude!!! :0)

Love & Prayers


Hello to all!!!

We have a new little addition to share!!!

OK not the main one we are waiting for...Sam has his very own little pal "Harley" Check out photos :0)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sam is thrilled with his new little guy, and playing with him non-stop!! Pika & Daisy do approve of this new intruder :0)

Will update more soon!!!!!

Love & Prayers


Happy Easter!!!! New Pics from our weekend!!! Enjoy!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Uncle Denny (Tom's brother) AKA "Papa" with our niece & nephew (Godson) twins Kody & Kaylee

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mandi with Kody ~ coloring Easter Eggs

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sydney & Sam with Kaylee ~ coloring Easter Eggs

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kaylee in her pretty Easter Dress

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kody with an orange balloon ~ getting ready to do a balloon release for Angel Carl

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1 - 2 - 3 Release!!!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And in a tree, they did stop...but only for a few moments as the wind carried them back out and in to the sky!!! Heavenward to our Angel Carl!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tom, Sam, Kelly (with baby Robinson) & Sydney...missing from picture~ Bryan and Angel Carl

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Visiting Carl's grave...Auntie Joy decorated for Easter with two adorable little rabbits, holding little buckets with filled candy eggs :0) The little buckets were marked "Carl's Easter Eggs" & "Take one!" for any visitors to help themselves :0) Today was a very chilly, windy day, but the sun came out to change dreary to pretty when we went to the cemetery this evening!!! HAPPY EASTER CARL!!! We Love you and miss you so much sweet baby.....


Hello this Good Friday evening!!!

We wanted to Wish all of our dear Family and Friends a very Happy Blessed Easter

Thank you to everyone for thinking of us, and checking in as often as you do, we are very Grateful for all of your Loving support and well wishes always!!!

We are having a Beautiful weekend so far, the weather has been very warm and sunny. It has been nice working weather, and Great weather for Sam to be playing outside!!! Tom and the kids have been busy getting the baby/Sam's bedroom painted with a new look and feeling!!! The kids did not want to let go of the bright orange we surprised Carl with, when he arrived home from NYC with Dad from one of his trips. So we settled for a toned down versioin of a light orangey shade...called Golden Dream :0) I think that name is so fitting.... as we Dream of our little Angel running and playing on the streets of Gold! It is taking two primer coats to cover the bright orange, so it should be all finished tomorrow!!! The baby crib bedding we picked out is called Safari from Target :0) It is neutral colors, that will coordinate nicely with the new paint color. I can't help but think of Carl with most everything I do, and when I saw the adorable animals on this bedding, I knew it was just perfect, I am sure Carl would have chosen this one too!!!

Aside from our hustle and bustle around the house....getting ready for our new little addition - I think they call this "Nesting" :0) We will be enjoying some traditional Easter festivities with our family this weekend!!! Tomorrow will be the Annual Easter Egg Hunt in the Morton City Park...Then we will join Mandi and our precious little niece and nephew twins Kody & Kaylee for some fun Easter Egg Coloring at Grandma & Grandpa Robinson's!!! On Easter Sunday we will be spending time at Uncle John & Auntie Shiela's for dinner with all of our family that will be able to come!!! We are looking forward to seeing everyone that will be coming home!!!

To all of our family and friends everywhere, we wish you a Beautiful Easter with all of the Love and Happiness in the world, May God Bless you all

Love & Peace

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 7:39 PM CDT

Good Evening this Wednesday!!!

It is hard to believe that Easter is nearly here. Soon it will be time to color Easter Eggs again, and another Holiday to remember and miss our little Hero and Angel. If we could only stop time for awhile, or go back and re-live the moments that somehow escaped us so quickly. But reality will not allow such a wish, only in our memories and dreams may we capture the Love that will never die.

The weather has been getting nicer, with the signs of spring very much upon us!!! I noticed today that the grass is starting to show sprigs of green!!! OH MY...I wonder how long before the Mommy flowers will Happily Greet us again!!! I remember last year, thinking I had never before seen so many Mommy flowers everywhere :0) Sam got out his dirt bike last night, and rode around for awhile, it was good to hear it's roar as he made his rounds about the farm!!! It will be good to get outside and spend time doing those things we couldn't do all winter!!!

The doves "Carl's Angel Wings" are also showing signs of Spring :0) We have a few pairs sitting on eggs, and some new little babies in nests, getting ready to join the ranks of young homers!!! I am very excited and anxious to be able to get back at my bird training and chores!!! As soon the pregnancy is done, I will be able to "Dig In" once again!!! We are anxious to see how the doves will do this year, and we are expecting better success than last year!! We have a mixture of birds we are training, several are offspring of the Male that was released at Carl's Funeral, and should have excellent homing blood. Also our friend Jeremy gave us a few of his young last summer, and we are excited to see how these turn out as well as our babies we raised from last year!!

We are getting closer and closer to the baby's due date!!! May 25th is coming fast!!! The other kids were a couple weeks early, so we are hoping this baby is a couple of weeks early too!!! If this is true, then we are looking at about 5 more weeks!!! I am feeling great, and still working 6 days a week!! I hope to keep working as long as possible, to allow me to use my Family leave after the baby arrives, not before. I am planning on taking 12 glorious weeks off from work, and enjoying the summer with all of the kids home!!!

Please remember all of our friends battling cancer or other illness, and keep families that are grieving the loss of their child in your Prayers this Easter season.


Love & Prayers

Saturday, March 11, 2006 8:02 PM CST

Good afternoon this Blizzardy Monday :(
I guess we will have a little more winter before spring hits.

Here is the link to Bryan's Story in the St. Paul Pioneer Press ~

Student athlete driven by hardship, Senior motivated by cerebral palsy,sibling who died of cancer

BRYAN YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!! We are so proud of you!!!!!

Hopefully everyone is home safe and sound and warm this evening. Praying for a nicer day tomorrow!!

God Bless

Love & Peace


Good Evening this Saturday!!!

We just got home from Sam's 2006 Hockey Banquet. Sam received a medal, and a very speical "Doug Houle Sportsmanship Award" Here is a couple of pictures, the first one is of all the DHSA recipients!!! And the second picture is of the three kids together tonight!!!

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

Sam had a very Exciting first year of Hockey!!! He started out with very little experience, and has come a very long way by showing so much improvement, and growth throughout the season!!! We are very Proud of our SAMBONIE!!!!

Bryan has also been receiving some recognition the past few weeks!!! Be sure to check out his website for his latest update!! He was interviewed, and will have a story in the Monday's editon of the St Paul Pioneer Press!!! I will try to get a link to the story when it is available!!!

Sydney has been busy cheering her Big and Little brother on, and just being a Great sister!!! Syd has taken a break from her horse riding lessons since her ear surgery. Everything has healed well, and she should be back in the saddle soon!!!!

This morning on my way to work, I noticed several groups of Canadian Geese flying overhead (A true sign that Spring is Marching in!!!!!) The sight of the Geese made me smile, as I always will hold dear in my heart, Carl's love for animals expecially birds, and how he loved to feed the Honkers at Silver Lake Park in Roch!!! We have Great memories of walking around the park, dodging the "bird cap" and tossing out loaves of bread feeding the birds :0) But with these memories, comes the sting of pain as we miss Carl so much.



Please remember to keep all of our friends battling cancer or other illness in your Powerful Prayers, and Please remember all of the Grieving Families, that have lost a precious child, and miss them so much.

Until Next Time ~

Love and Prayers


P.S. be sure to visit the New Babies Webpage for updates, and watch for new ultrasound pics coming up soon!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006 6:37 PM CST

Good Evening this Sunday!!!

Some fun pictures to share ~ from the past July 2004 and from today (02-20-06)

Remember Carl with his sweet little county fair steer ~ Spike? :0)

Image hosting by TinyPic

Sam and Carl had a wonderful experience at the fair showing their animals!! Sam in the show ring, and Carl to every passer-by that would stop to look at and pet his cow!!

Image hosting by TinyPic

This is my favorite pic of the boys with Spike ~ It should have a caption reading "Been farmin long?" :0)

Image hosting by TinyPic

Here is Spike all grown up!!

Image hosting by TinyPic

And here is Sam & Sydney by Spike and Spot (Sam's cow) by the feed bunk today

Image hosting by TinyPic

Sadly, Spike and Spot will be leaving the farm in a couple of weeks. It is hard to give up those memorable ties that had such a connection to Carl. We will always remember how Proud he was of his sweet cow Spike, and the special time he enjoyed so much, at the County Fair :0)

The Freezing temps were a shock to our systems here in MN the past couple of days, but it is warming up again, and we are excited to have our 20's back tomorrow!! We have been very spoiled this winter, since January was the warmest January in any of our back to the 1800's. So when we got hit with below zero, we don't know how to handle it :0) I would like to think that Carl has had a part in sending us this unseasonably warm winter, after all his Mommy is pregnant, and drives a rural mail route for her job...I am sure he is watching out for all of us, Dad too, since Dad drives a snowplow :0) One drawback of the warmer temps has been slushy roads, which can get slippery :0) Just ask Dad, as he has been called...about 5 times to come to Moms aid and pull me out of stuck situations :0) Dad has been overwhelmingly Happy to come to my becken calls, with a smile on his face, and a chain in hand :0) THANK YOU CARL!!!!! And Dad!!!!! :0) We were Amazed to hear of all the snow NYC received. It brings me back to winter of 2003. Carl and I were in the city for a few weeks in February, before his transplant in March. We got dumped on one Sunday night (nothing like this past week). I had quite a time pushing Carl in his stroller over to Sloan for his appts. I remember the snow was up to the top of his wheels as I was heave-hoeing him through the snowbanks. Some of the sidewalks were shoveled, but most were not. And it seemed the intersections were the worst. Oh how we would do that again, and again, if only we were given the chance.

We enjoyed another of Sam's hockey games last night in Marshall!!! These little guys are so Awesome and so fun to watch!!! It is amazing how much Sam has improved since he first started skating in November. We even caught him "Celebrating" after his team scored a couple of goals...Skating while lifting one leg up, and holding his stick up in the air!! It was too funny :0) I will have to try to get a picture of that at his next game!!! Here is Sam's schedule for the remainder of the season ~

New Ulm Jamboree February 25,26

8:00am VS. Mankato (Blue) (North Rink)
3:15pm VS. Mankato (Wild) (South Rink)

11:30am VS. Faribault - (North Rink)

Worthington Jamboree March 4,5

2:30pm VS. Sioux Center

8:00am VS. New Ulm 2
1:30pm VS. New Ulm 3

So we will be cheering Sam on for the next two weekends!!! GO SAMBONIE!!!!!!

Thank you all for continually checking in, and for keeping the Prayers flowing for our family, and for all our friends!!! Please keep the Prayers flowing for our sweet little friend Christi Thomas ~


And for our Buddy Andrew ~


May you all have a Blessed week!!!

Love & Prayers


Thursday, February 9, 2006 8:49 PM CST


Check out the "New Baby's" Webpage!!! Link is above ^ right below the preganancy ticker!!! On Tuesday/Valentines Day, We will begin our "100" day our baby's arrival!!!!


Good Evening this Thursday!!!

A long over-due journal!!! Thank you for checking in, and as Always for your Love & Support!!!!!

We had a Wonderful visit with Deb & Jerry, & Andrew (Who is doing Fantastic!!! PRAISE THE LORD) And the Erdmann's during our trip to Rochester!!! Andrew's request, as he was just out of surgery, and groggy, tired, and sore...Was "TRASH PAULA'S OFFICE" (at the Donald House) So as you can see, the kids made Andrew proud!!!!

Here you see Sam, Ashleigh, Justin/Baldy & Syd after they toilet papered Paula's office, and saran wraped Peef (all sisors enclosed) and taped him tight!!!

Image hosting by TinyPic

Andrew is doing Great!!! After spending a short time at home to re-group, Deb & Andrew will return to Roch, and the Donald House as Andrew will be awaiting a new heart!!! We are just Thrilled he is doing so well, it is really very Exciting!!! After his back surgery, he even grew 6 inches!!! We are sure his little tag-along Carl, is watching over his Dear friend!! Please continue to keep Andrew in your Prayers, as he continues to recover, and awaits his next Miracle!!!


After a week back home, our family enjoyed another weekend of Hockey!!! Sam played in the Rewood Jamboree, and even got a goal the first game!!! GO SAMBONIE!!!!

Here you see our friends Gloria with Austin, and Auntie Sheila helping Sam take off their skates after the game :0) Talk about a couple of stinky boys :0)

Image hosting by TinyPic

Thanks again to all of Sam's fans that come to help us cheer him on!!! He is so Proud to be playing, and he is really doing pretty good for his first year in Hockey!!! He can't seem to get enough of it, as he spends most of his free time (aside from homework) hitting a ball around the house with his stick! It has become very anoying, and irritating, but we know if he still had his little buddy around to play with, he would be doing other things, and since he seems so Happy...How can you get mad!!! Tonight Sam and Dad are up at the Arena, watching the boys Highschool Hockey game!!! I think Tom is hooked too :0)

Here is a pic of Sam after receiving his medal, after the final game of the jamboree!!!

Image hosting by TinyPic

Sydney is done with basketball now, but will continue with her horse riding lessons!! She had surgery on her left ear on Wednesday to remove a tube (still in from 5 yrs ago) that has been causing some ear infections. She is doing well, she just needs to sit out of sports for a couple weeks to make sure everything heals properly. Both Syd and I spent some time at the Hosp/clinic on Wednesday. She had her surgery, then I zipped over to the clinic for my 25 wk prenatal check up. It also was time for the routine 1 hr fasting glucose testing. Syd and I both came home with bandages from IV/needle pokes. We reminiced about how many more pokes our sweet Angel Carl had to endure throughout his treatments. I don't think a needle will ever bother any of us, as we remember how our precious little boy would rarely complain. The results by the way of my glucose test were over the limit, so I will be returning to the clinic tomorrow to do a three hour glucose test. This same thing occured when I was pregnant with one of the boys, and it came out just fine in the end!!! Everything else is going Great!!! My belly is measuring at 26 weeks, and I definitely feel like it is growing by the day!!! We are able to feel the babys kicks and punches, as they are getting stronger too. The other night Sam put his hand on my belly just as the baby let out a huge kick... Sam burst into a laugh from the toes all the way up... Sam giggled and giggled :0) And he couldn't stop :0) We both started histerically laughing :0)

Bryan, Tom and I enjoyed an evening out last Friday night as we had got Bryan tickets to Bill Engvall (One of the Blue Collar comedy tour guys) for a Christmas gift!!! It was very funny, and all of us laughed and laughed!! After the show Bryan tried his luck (didn't have any) on a little video poker, and slots at the casino. It was fun to get out and spend some time with Brayn!!! He is sure growing up fast, it is hard to believe he is 18 and will be Graduating Highschool this spring. It seems just yesterday, he was just a little guy crying as he was getting on the bus to go to Kindergarden.

I would like to ask our Faithful Prayer Warriors to continue to keep our Sweet Precious Christi Thomas in your Prayers. Christi just finished a round of heavy chemo to hopefully hault her disease, and provide some pain relief. How exhausting it is fighting cancer in your child, and to keep up that fight with every ounce of hope, a family needs Prayers for strength and courage. Here is a link to Christi's Blog, Angela and Shayne have been updating daily, and sometimes two or three times a day! Please join us in Prayer for this darling child.


Please also remember all of our friends fighting cancer or other illness in your Powerful Prayers!!!

Until next time ~

Love & Peace


Wednesday, January 25, 2006 7:35 PM CST

Hello Dear ones!!!

Thank you for stopping by, and for all of your continual Love and Support!!! It is Always so good to hear from all of you!!! You put a smile in our Hearts :0)

We have been Enjoying the kids and their winter sports, and keeping busy, is is certainly making the weeks fly by!

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

Sam has been having Hockey games for the past two weekends, and he will be in a couple of Jamboree's coming up!!! Last weekend we had quite a cheering section for number 25 Sam Robinson!! It included, Grandma & Grandpa Robinson, Auntie Joy, Uncle Clair, Uncle Chuck, Uncle John & Auntie Sheila, Sarah & Kate, & Auntie Janet & Uncle Mark!!! I wished I would have got a picture of Sam with all his fans!!!

Sydney has been busy with Basketball, practicing nearly every night after school. She has had a few games, and she is having fun!! She gets frustrated though, as she wants to play more, but with the number of girls on her team, it is hard to get them all in for any length of time. Sydney has also been taking Horse riding lessons on Saturday mornings. She was excited last week when she came home and reported that she has started to lope!! One of our horses "Dusty" had spent some time in training this past fall, and now knows commands/signals (leg pressures) that none of us know. So now Syd will be learning the same signals, and commands that Dusty has learned so well. She tried riding Dusty after he was finished with his training, and had an experience where he started running (was giving the signal to run) unaware by Sydney, so she was a little frightened to say the least. We then decided Sydney needed to understand what Dusty has learned!! So she Cowgirls Up on Saturday mornings!!!

We plan on heading to Rochester this Saturday, to visit Carl's sweet buddy, Andrew and his Mom & Dad Deb & Jerry!! Andrew will be having surgery tomorrow, Thursday Jan 26th. It sounds like they heard Good news at Andrews appointments this week so far, and they got the go Ahead for surgery to fix Andrew's back to make more room in preparation for his heart transplant!!! We also look forward to seeing the Erdman's again, and doing a House Supper with them at the Donald House!!! We also look forward to seeing other friends that we know and Love, that have touched our lives through Carl. Please join us in Powerful Prayer tomorrow as Andrew will undergo surgery. We Pray that surgery goes perfect, and that Andrew has a complete and speedy recovery!! We send our Love and Prayers Andrew!!!


I would also like to ask our Wonderful Prayer Warriors for your Awesome Prayer Power for our Sweet friend Christi Thomas. Chirsti is just out of a new treatment at CHOP, and is slowly recovering. Christi has a new Blog on her website, so her parents can update daily, and can also get notes of encouragement from all of us!! Please keep Chirsti in your Prayers, as she is facing disease progression, and with that comes so much fear of the unknown. We Love You Christi and we send our Prayers and Positive Energy as you continue your brave fight!!!


Thank you all for your Love & Prayers!!!

God Bless

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, January 16, 2006 5:57 PM CST

Good Evening this Monday!!!

Are you ready for babys pictures? :0) We had our 21 1/2 wk ultrasound this morning!! We were able to capture a few neat photos of the baby!!

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

Everything looked very good!!! The baby is still right on target with the original estimated due date of May 25th. The babys weight at this point is 1 pound 1 oz. :0) We did not find out the sex of the baby, so it will still be a Big surprise on D day when our little bundle arrives!!!!! Cousin Jenny came with to be with us for the ultrasound, it was good to have her with us to share this special moment!!! THANKS Jen so much!!! We Love You!!!

We had a Wonderful New Years Eve weekend with our Roch friends, and enjoyed doing a House Supper at the Donald House on New Years Day!!! It is Always so bitter-sweet to be at the Donald House, it brings back so many memories...I was walking around the lower level halls with Shellie (Justin/Baldy's Mom) as we were looking at the different things on the walls and in the lobby, I stepped in Paula's office (Carl's favorite office girlfriend) and I noticed a couple of pictures Paula had sitting there of Carl. Of course the tears started to flow and I lost it. We just feel so Blessed that he was so Loved by everyone there, even though he was such a little stinker at times :0) He was so Loved, and he Loved everyone so very much too. We are looking forward to our dear friends Deb and Andrew to be coming back to Roch in a week or so. Andrew will be looked at again by Mayo, and we Pray so very hard that everything goes Perfect for Carl's buddy!!! We plan on teaming up with the Erdman family for a House supper once again!!! Please keep Andrew and Deb in your Prayers for safe travels, and for good luck with Andrew's medical care.

We hope you are all enjoying the mild winter weather that we have been here in MN!! We are sure praying that it continues as long as possible!! Spring is on it's way and we are so ready for it!!! Looking ahead, we will be busy soon getting ready for the new baby's arrival, and we will be getting back on track with our Dove training!! We are looking forward to a bigger and better year of managing Dove Releases "Carl's Angel Wings"!!!

You may have noticed that Caringbridge has revamped our guestbook. The older guestbook entries, have been archived, and you may still get to them by clicking on the link ~ (click here to view older guestbook entries) they didn't disappear, they have just been archived since they were getting pretty full. We have been so Blessed to have this website for over three years now!! What a wonderful means of communication it has given our family and friends throughout Carl's journey, and now to still journal as we live our lives, with our Angel Carl by our side. Thank you all for your notes, and words of encouragement that you still offer today, and for all of your Awesome Prayers that we also still feel in our lives. We are so Amazed that we have so much support and Love from all of you yet, but we know how much Love Carl spread, and how much he was loved from all of you too!!!

Thank You and God Bless

Love & Peace

Tuesday, December 27, 2005 7:35 PM CST


Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Thank you all for the wonderful Christmas greetings, the warm notes, emails, Beautiful cards, family pictures, and for all of your Loving Prayers!!!

We hope you all had a Blessed Christmas!! Ours was very nice, we enjoyed our family and relatives that we saw Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day!!! We all ate too much as we seem to do every year :0) The kids were very spoiled by Santa again!!! Our second Christmas without Carl...
still so hard to believe. Through all the fun, presents, laughter, we all were very aware of this empty space in our hearts, a void we will never fill. I noticed that I hardly took any pictures, nor did anyone else. I think I took about 5 pictures total all weekend. The thought of trying to take a family picture is just to painful still. I know Carl is always with us...but oh how we miss his running around, and laughter, and big hugs and kisses. Sydney misses hearing him call her Sissy...She said that Sam called her Sissy the other day, and it felt so good to hear that again :0)

Since it is Carl's Birthday tomorrow (Wednesday) we plan on releasing some "Orange" balloons at the Cemetery in Honor of our little Angel!!! If any of you are able to do so too, It would be Awesome to have balloons sent to Heaven for Carl, from wherever you may be!!!

We are very Excited to be getting together with our Rochester and Camp Jornada friends this weekend!!! We are all staying at a Hotel for New Years Eve, the kids will enjoy swimming and other fun activities!!!! Then we are planning a House Supper on January 1st at the Donald House!!!! It sounds like Stacey has an Exciting agenda planned for all of the kids, including a Midnight(ring in the new year) Parade, and fun activities for the kids at the Donald House too!!! Looking so forward to seeing our friends again!!! When we surround ourselves with those that Loved Carl so much, we can't help but feel him in our presence too!!!

Everything continues to go Great with the pregnancy!! I had a routine tripple screening test done a couple weeks ago (blood test to measure Alfa fetal protein) and the results were normal! Very Good News!! I am holding up well, working six days a week, and hope to continue until the baby nears his/her arrival! Our family has been very busy with the kids activities the past couple of months. Sydney is in Basketball, and has practice nearly every night of the week. Sam is in Wrestling, and Hockey. He practices Wrestling once a week, and Hockey twice a week. His games will begin very soon, so we will be on the go between Sydney's games and Sam's!!! It will be very fun, we do Love it even though it is alot of busy nights and weekends!!! Bryan will be starting Floor Hockey very soon too!!! He is hoping for another State Championship since this is his Senior year!!!

Our family wishes all of you a Happy Healthy Safe New Year!!!!!! God Bless You All, We Love You!!!!!!

New Years Countdown Four Grieving Families ~


Love & Peace
Kelly, Tom
Bryan, Sydney
Sam, Angel Carl
& baby?

Saturday, December 24, 2005 1:48 PM CST

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our Dear Family and Friends Everywhere!!! May you have a Blessed Christmas full of Love and Peace!!!

Click Here for Cute Story

Love to All

Tom & Kelly
Bryan, Sydney
Sam & Angel Carl
& new baby

Saturday, December 10, 2005 9:10 PM CST

Just another pic to add :0) I have received a couple notes about the Pic of the childrens group from church, and there being an "orb" (white circle in the picture) It does make us curious about the possibility of this being Carl present? Last night we had our 4H Christmas party at the Morton City Hall. I took this picture of the little kids playing a Christmas version of "Duck Duck Gray Duck" Notice the empty spot in the circle of kids, notice the "orb" in that empty space? Could it be Carl playing too?
Image hosted by

Good Evening to all!!!

A special THANK YOU to cousin Ann Hauck for the Beautiful tribute "Our Beloved Child Carl" It is just Perfect!!!!!

Thanks to Sweet Niece Jenny for the poem "To My Dearest Family" we can just hear Carl saying all of this!!!

Here are some pics from the 2005 Childrens Christmas Program at church tonight!!!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

The first picture is of the whole group. Sydney and Kate are missing from the picture. Sam is the little King ~ wearing red :0)

If Carl would have been here, he would have been one of the little shepherds. It was very emotional to once again see these little kids, and know that Carl is missing from his group, and to picture how adorable he would have looked with his class. I noticed on Joseph, was a orange ribbon still pinned on his cloak from last years performance. It was a sweet reminder of how our wonderful church family dedicated the program to the memory of Carl, as he had left us for Heaven less than a month before. If Carl were one of the little shepherds, I am sure he would have been so proud, and all smiles :0)

We hope you are all enjoying a stress free Holiday Season as we approach the Celebration of the Birth of baby Jesus. We are all trying to find HIS Spirit in each day, and remember the reason for this season.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday here with many of our family present!! It was good to have a full house and lots of activity!! Thank you to all of our Loving family that helped to make this a Special day for all of us!!! We feel so Blessed that you care, and understand our feelings, and our need to make Carl a part of our festivities. It is to Remember that we heal.

I have been doing a little reading lately on Grief, and parental grief. What seems to be a common belief is that parental grief, is a permanent condiditon. It is something that you just don't "get over" or "find a way to move on" But something that you will live with your whole life. It seems that in time, you learn to find more Happiness in your memories, and less pain, but parental grief never ends! To have loved your child so deeply, is to grieve forever.... The latest book that I would reccomend to anyone that has lost a child is called "A Mothers Grief observed" by Rebecca Faber. This is a true account of a Mothers grief, as her little boy's life ended at 18 months as the result of an accident. So much of what she talks about, I could so relate to. I was in tears much of the time reading, but is was only because it struck such a chord, and really hit home with some of the same things I have felt and have been dealing with. One of the struggles I am still dealing with is the fact that I was not there when Carl took his last breath. The kids were not there either. I know Bryan and Sydney have deep pain and regrets too, and blame themselves for not being there. One of the things that this Author spoke to me about, and that really made sense to me was that God was protecting us, and so he put the heavier load on Tom that night. As much as I wish I could change that whole night, I do believe that God had this whole turn of events finely orchastrated. It has been a year since Carl's passing, but I am only beginning to sort through my feelings and emotions, and start to understand.

Things are still going well with the pregnancy!! I am 16 weeks now and counting!!! The baby is getting very active, and is such a comfort to know that "Carl's baby" is such a miracle and gift to our family. I had my latest doctors appt. yesterday, and everything is Great!! The baby's heartbeat was around 154. No sure feelings on the sex of the baby yet? We are starting to narrow down our lists of name picks :0) The name I believe we all agree on if the baby is a little boy is "Jacob" How we came up with Jacob is this ~ Sydney and I were searching through name books and coming up empty handed. Then we came to the "J"'s We were pretty much going down the line then Sydney came to "Jacob" She said "Mom remember how Carl always wanted to be called Jacob!" I looked at her and the tears started flowing... I said "Yes that's it"!!!! Sydney then said "I feel kind of bad that Dad didn't have anything to say about this" :0) Ok to explain this more.... Whenever the kids would play school, or house, or any role modeling.. They would each have a name they wanted to be instead of their own name. Carl's name of choice when playing was "Jacob"...He always wanted to be called Jacob!!! Sarah, Kate, Sydney, and Sam all have fond memories of their play where Carl wanted to be called Jacob!!! It just seems so fitting :0) For a little girl name??? It is still up in the air for now :0)

I would like to request Prayers for all our friends battling cancer, and other illness, and for all of the Angel parents that are missing their precious Angels so very much, especially during this difficult time of the year.

Thank you all for your Prayers, and Support Always!!! We so appreciate everything you have done for our family!!!

My life is but a weaving
Between my God and Me
I may not choose the colors
He knows what they should be
For he can view the pattern
Upon the upper side
While I can see it only
On this the underside.

Sometimes he weaveth sorrow
Which seemeth strange to me
But I will trust his judgment
And work on faithfully
'Tis He who fills the shuttle
He knows just what is best
So I shall weave in earnest
And leave with him the rest.

At last when life is ended
With Him I shall abide
Then I may view the pattern
Upon the other side
Then I shall know the reason
Why pain with joy entwined
Was woven in the fabric
Of life that God designed.

Author Unknown

Love & Peace

Thursday, November 24, 2005 6:46 AM CST

Good Morning this chilly Tuesday!!!

A quick note for now ~ Please go to this site


Alex Scott is in a pole for ~ Most Inspiring person of the year!!! Be sure to put in your vote for her!!!

Have a Great Day Everyone, I will update more later!!!


Happy Thanksgiving Dear Ones!!!

We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Blessed Thanksgiving, and Holiday weekend!!!!

To all our Dear family that will not be joining us today, we will be thinking of you and missing your presence.

We pray for safe travels for all that will be traveling to or from their Loved ones over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

Tom and I are bustling around, getting ready for all our Thanksgiving guests!! We are very Excited to be sharing our day with everyone, and looking forward to a warm loving day! We were planning a Hay Ride over to the cemetery, but we are thinking we may need to change our plans and car pool there, since it is so cold and windy. We will decorate Carl's grave and spruce it up for the Holidays!! I found a cute snowman globe light, that is solar powered, so it will turn on automatically at night!! We will also place a wreath that is decorated with berrys, and a few little tractors around :0) We will light his remembrance candle which will burn for seven days at a time. We will be missing our little guy dearly this year, but we will not forget him, and we will make sure we Honor his memory in this special way, as we all Love and miss Carl so very much.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Last night we did some cleaning and rearanging, and putting away toys to make more room. Sam would bring to me toy after toy of Carl's and tell me who he received it from or where it came from :0) I am so grateful he remembers these things so well, because I have a limited memory on all of this. He remembered a firetruck that was won at a musical chairs game at the NY Ronald McDonald House :0) He also reminded me of a remote control truck that Carl was given by Freddy & Patti on one of our visits to their home :0) We also found in the toy room, a couple little plaster cast fingers that Carl had made in the Childlife room at St. Mary's last October :0) I had almost forgotten about that, I remember Carl had to cast each of his fingers, so he had a whole set of plaster fingers. I didn't think we had any of his little finger casts saved, but we found them in a corner, next to two of his favorite books :0) Carl was famous for hiding things in corners :0) Sam has become so protective of the toys that were Carl's, I almost tossed a little firman guy a week or so back, and Sam said "No that was Carl's" I am sure in Sam's little mind, he is still playing with Carl as he plays, remembering their special times together, and I am sure Carl is right by his side, watching over his brother, and best friend. The little writing at the top of the page, was written by Sam just a few weeks ago. He sat down one night and wrote that about Carl. I was in tears as I read his thoughts, and so moved that he is getting his feelings out and expressing his grief... and healing. Bryan and Sydney are doing well, we talk often, and share our feelings and tears openly. I am so very proud of all of my family, for their strength, and Love they give. We could not make it without eachother, and together, we will remember Carl, and Love him forever.

We are so very Thankful for all of the support we have received over the past year since Carl's passing, and for all of the continued Love and support from all of you that still flows daily. We are very Blessed to have friends, family and a wonderful Loving community to live that has been so kind and caring to our whole family. Thank You all from the bottom of our hearts for keeping us so close at heart and in Prayer. Thank you all for your notes, emails, cards, phone calls... It is so wonderful to know that all of you remember Carl too, at this time of the year, and that you think of us, and above all...share our pain and sorrow, as we reflect on this first anniversary without our little Angel with us on earth.

Gods Blessings to all of you for a Beautiful Thanksgiving and a Wonderful Weekend!!!

Love & Peace

Kelly & Tom
Bryan, Sydney
Sam, Angel Carl
& our little Blessing in the making

Friday, November 11, 2005 9:08 AM CST

Hello to our Dear Family & Friends!!!

Happy Friday, and Happy Vet's Day!!!

Today is a Sunny Beautiful day, we are so Lucky to have continued above average Fall weather!! As I was doing dished this morning, looking out the kitchen window, I could almost feel and picture Carl running in and out of the house, playing, and finding things to do on this Beautiful morning. Oh how I miss my little busy guy. As the one year marker approaches - Nov 26th, we are all missing Carl more than ever. Sam has began searching through catalogs and magazines, cutting out pictures of "Stuff" he wants from Santa...Christmas already??? I can hardly believe this last year has already flew by. It just doesn't seem like a whole year has passed without Carl's little voice, giggle, and smile lighting up our hearts......

Last weekend we made a visit to St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester. My nephew Blake was air lifted there Friday night, as he had a skull fracture from a fall. He is doing well and back to school, Thank Goodness! It was so good to see some of the sweet nurses that took care of Carl so many times. Tom and I remenisced about so many things that Carl did there, and of course we will NEVER forget all the riding around the halls he did.... Even when were would try to keep him resting after a surgical procedure. :0) We miss all of our Roch friends, and all of our Donald House family. When Deb and Andrew come back in January, Tom and I are planning on doing a House Supper for everyone at the Donald House!!! We always enjoy coming back to see everyone!! Tom and I plan on doing the Cruise again next summer!!! We are already talking about it and we have enlisted our sweet niece Jenny (who has now moved to Roch) to babysit the new baby for us!!! Sooo Angie, Glen, Shellie & Rod, Stacie & Kevin and hopefully many more... We Gotta do this again!!!! :0)

In a couple of weeks we will Celebrate Thanksgiving, and remember how Carl left us, the day after. I wanted to just be home over Thanksgiving weekend, so we will be having Thanksgiving Dinner here at our house for any of the family that can come. I know that Carl would want us to be Happy, and be together with our loved ones, and He would too be so Happy to have our family all together. I am sure he will be right here with us sharing everyone's warmth and Love. We are planning on taking a bundled up Hay Ride over to the Cemetery either the Afternoon of Thanksgiving, or on Friday sometime, depending on when most of our relatives will be here. We will light Carl's Remembrance candle, and decorate his grave site for the Holidays! Thanks to whoever left the wonderful Fall/Halloween decorations (pumpkins & flowers) for Carl :0) It is so nice to visit his grave and see all the colorful things there!

Yesterday I had my 12 wk check up for the baby. Everything is going good, and I am feeling Perfect!!! Sydney came with, and she and I heard the baby's heartbeat!!! It was 175 bpm....maybe a little girl???? We don't really care what the baby is, just so it is healthy. I know that sounds like a cleche...but when your children are healthy, you are richer than any amount of money...ever. We are so very certain that this baby was meant to be, and that Carl definitely had something to do with it! I was talking to Deb, Andrew's Mom a week or so ago, and she was telling me that Andrew and she were talking about the situation, she said they could just picture Carl as he rode his little bike up to God and put in a special request!!

Thank you all for your steady Love & Prayers Always!!!

Please continue to keep all our friends battling cancer and other illness in your prayers.

Letter to Mom
by Joy Curnutt

Mom, please don’t feel guilty
It was just my time to go.
I see you are still feeling sad,
And the tears just seem to flow.

We all come to earth for our lifetime,
And for some it’s not many years
I don’t want you to keep crying
You are shedding so many tears.

I haven’t really left you
Even though it may seem so.
I have just gone to my heavenly home,
And I’m closer to you than you know.

Just believe that when you say my name
I’m standing next to you,
I know you long to see me,
But there’s nothing I can do.

But I’ll still send you messages
And hope you understand,
That when your time comes to “cross over,”
I’ll be there to take your hand.

Love & Peace

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 8:32 PM CDT

Dear Family & Friends

Please join our family in Prayer, as Carl's very Special buddy Andrew will be having surgery this coming Friday. Andrew will be having a new type of pace maker installed to give him more heart function. We Pray for this surgery to be successful and a speedy recovery!! I know that Carl will be watching out for his close friend and keeping him safe. To visit Andrew's webpage and offer Love & Support you may click on ~ ANDREW'S PAGE

Image hosted by

Carl and Andrew shared many wonderful times together, and those are some of our cherished memories we will remember forever. Andrew and his Mom Deb will always hold a special place in our hearts. Carl Loved Andrew dearly. This last time we spent at the Donald House, Carl was able to enjoy some fun Halloween activities with Andrew. They carved pumpkins together, and shared their visit hanging out in Deb & Andrew's room and the two boys riding skooter in the parking lot, Carl's favorite pastime :0)

Thank You all for all of your many notes, emails and phone calls!!! I am feeling very well, no morning sickness or anything!! Just a little tiredness, but that is to be expectd I guess. We are now 10 weeks and counting :0) I will not go back to the doctor for two more weeks, and then we will be able to hear the babys heartbeat at the exam!! The kids are still very Excited, and enjoying dreaming of what the baby will be (boy or girl) We are not going to find out ahead of time, so they will just have to wait and be surprised!!! We have also been going through some name books, but nothing has been agreed on by everyone....yet

Bryan's Homecoming week was Fantastic!!! He was so Proud to be King!! Sam and I went to their Homecoming game and got to see Bryan give his speach during Half time :0) I will try to get some pictures added soon!!!

Thank you all for checking in, and for all of your Awesome Prayers Always!!!

Please remember all of our friends battling cancer, or other illness and all of the many NB Angel Parents that have lost their children to this horrible disease.

Love & Peace


Monday, October 10, 2005 11:46 AM CDT

BREAKING NEWS!!!!! King Bryan will represent Humboldt High School this Friday for their Homecoming!!!!!

Bryan was Coronated Homecoming King yesterday for 2005 Homecoming!!! This is so Awesome and Exciting, we are so Proud of Bryan for this Wonderful Accomplishment in his Senior Year!!!

If you get a chance, Please stop by Bryan's website (link above) and Congratulate him on his King Status!!!!

Love & Peace


Good Morning this Columbus Day!!!

Thank you EVERYONE for all of your Wonderful greetings and well wishes!!! Our Happy News about the baby is so much better, when we can share our Excitement with all of our family and friends and feel such an overwhelming Joy back as we have from everyone that has heard about our baby on the way!!! The kids are so happy and seem so serene with the news!! They could not wait to call and spread their Excitement, and that is what they did right after we got home from our picnic at the cemetery the day we told them. Both the home phone and my cell phone were buzzing for quite awhile that afternoon. We called Grandma Phillis, and were able to catch Auntie Shiela, the girls, and Auntie Jill who was home for the weekend, all in that one call!! Mandi and the babies were also there, but were just leaving as Shiela and I were on the phone, so she missed the news. The kids and I drove down to Matt & Mandis when they got back home, and shared the news with Mandi and we got to see the sweet little twins for a little while too!! It was fun to hear the shock and then Joy as we made our announcement!!

This little baby was not planned, or expected. Tom and I were not even thinking about another child, and in fact earlier this spring, I had a procedure done called (Essure) equal in effectiveness to a tubal. It is a permanent/un-reversible BC method. After a re-check, which confirmed my tubes were blocked/obstructed, I was told that the only way I could get pregnant at this point was by In-vitro. So both Tom and I thought we were done, and would be moving on to the next stage of our lives (middle age waiting for Grandkids) As you can well imagine we were the most shocked to discover our plans have changed.

“If you want to make God laugh….Tell him your plans”

Anyway, not only could we not believe, against all odds, I was pregnant, but against all odds, somehow, it made it through an obstructed tube (High risk of tubal pregnancy) and implanted correctly where it was supposed to. So as surprising and shocking and totally not planned as this turned out to be…..We can’t help but feel Blessed by God for all of this happening… against all odds. We believe that someone else with Higher power must have had something else in mind for us. We also think that Carl must be smiling down, and so very pleased to see how Happy God made all of us, and so many other people that have touched our lives through Carl. This unexpected gift has come at a most “needed” time in our lives…We have all been so sad for so long, and God must have know how badly we needed to have some Love back in our hearts to fill this big void we have felt. So all in all, this must have been meant to be, and we believe this baby was a gift from Carl and Heaven Above. Please keep our baby in your Prayers, as we wait for his/her arrival.

Sydney had a “Carl Sighting” a couple weeks ago. She was at her home volleyball game in Redwood falls, as she was sitting on the bench looking around the community center, she happened to see a little boy walking by that caught her eye. She said that the little boy looked exactly like Carl….he was even wearing camo clothes. She was looking at him and he stopped and looked directly at her and smiled and waved at her. She really believed it was Carl!!! I asked her if she got up and ran to find the little boy (Which I would have probably done) and she said “Mom I couldn’t get off the bench and go running off” When she got home that night, she told me about her sighting, she said her friend Taylor even saw the little boy too. I was not at this game myself, but could kick myself for not going…Sam didn’t want to go, he is getting sick of watching volleyball and he gets bored, so we didn’t go to that game. We have made all of the away games, and we are so Proud of Sydney and her team, they are really learning a lot of skills and enjoying playing together!! Sydney is getting so grown up, she is one of the three tallest girls on her team!!! She is planning on going out for Basketball after Volleyball is done!!!
Image hosted by

Sydney & Sam's school pics...Don't have Bryan's yet

Bryan has been busy with Adapted Soccer! He said his team is not as good as they have been in the past, they are missing some of their key players this year. Bryan is doing well in school, and also keeping busy with his cousins and friends! Bryan has had a most difficult time dealing with grief, especially as the calendar months peel off and we approach fall again, and soon November. Bryan as well as myself, have had a hard time accepting and coming to terms with the night Carl passed away. We both still feel deep guilt as we left him to go to a movie, and not knowing we would never see him again, we left without saying goodbye. We didn’t want him to get upset that we were going to a movie without him, so we just quietly left and didn’t make a big deal out of leaving and in the process, we never kissed or hugged him goodbye. How could we have know this would be his last night? I have tried to imagine how the night would have played out, if the kids and I would have been home, and never went to the movie. I do believe it would have been a horrible scene, and very traumatic had we all have been home. It would have also been so hard on Carl to see all of us so distressed, scared and upset. So I try to find peace by believing that God truly felt He knew what was best that painful night.

Sam has been missing Carl like crazy too, and we think things have got tougher for him as time goes on too. Sam talks about Carl, and thinks about him in most everything he does. He says things like “Carl would have liked this” or “Carl would have liked to do this too” It is so hard to watch Sam playing alone without his little partner in crime giggling next to him. Our living room still looks the same….Scattered tractors, balls, legos everywhere, and a heaping toy-room that you couldn’t walk in if you tried :0) It just will never be the same without those two monkeys teaming up to make tents, and construct the things they used to come up with together. Those memories are so precious, and they will remain in our hearts forever….

The doves are doing well!! We have been doing many funerals, and the few doves that are trained good to home, are homing every time!!! It is always such a wonderful feeling to see the birds return home again!! It is so Amazing that they can actually do this, and it is such a rewarding feeling when they do their job then come back home!!! Since we learned I was pregnant…The dove chores have been turned over to Tom. Something about handling cat or bird poop can be harmful while pregnant. It is killing me though, as I miss spending time in the loft with the birds. It had been my escape, and therapy to work with the doves, even scraping and shoveling poop had been therapy for me!!! Our second group of trainees is coming along good, but has been put on hold temporarily as Tom has been in the fields for harvest the past couple of weeks (Tom has been very busy). Soon the crops will be all out, and the birds can get back on their vigorous training schedule!!! I was asked a couple of months ago to speak at this women’s meeting tomorrow night. They wanted me to do a talk about “Carl’s Angel Wings” at this group in Morgan. So Sydney and I plan on doing a little presentation, and bringing some of the doves for the meeting!! The doves at the zoo will be coming home soon. One of the pairs had a couple of babies hatch several weeks ago. We went up to the zoo this weekend to check them out, but we couldn’t see the babies? I am not sure if they were hiding in one of the nest boxes out of sight? It is starting to get chilly, and they were really puffing up, which is a sign that they are keeping themselves warm. They look very good, and healthy, and these zoo pairs should be ready for breeding this spring, and hopefully give us more quality homing doves to add to early training group!! My hope is to get 30 to 50 well trained doves, so that we can do a variety of options for people for their ceremonial releases! One of the options would be to first release a flock of doves from a beautiful decorated basket…these doves would represent Angles that are coming to meet the departed loved one. Then, a single dove would be released by a family member, to symbolize the spirit of the loved one. The single dove would join up with the flock of doves/ “Angles” and together they would make their journey Home (Heaven) The more doves we can use for these different options, the more beautiful it will be for a families memorial service! Another beautiful release that I am excited about is called (A 21 Dove Salute) this would be an option for a Military Service. We would have three baskets of 7 doves each. The baskets would be decorated in Red, White, and Blue. Then after Taps, or a chosen time, the birds would be released one basket at a time. You can only imagine how Beautiful this display would be, and how wonderful a family would feel to have this release done for their loved ones memorial service!! Carl’s Angel Wings has been a very rewarding Memorial, and we look forward to next spring already!!! We will still be able to do the releases all winter, as long as it is not storming heavily, or terribly windy!! Can’t we skip winter??? :0)

Last year about this time, Carl spent his last Hospital stay at St. Mary’s. It may have been a week or so later…I know it was getting close to Holloween though. I have a couple pictures of Carl and his two friends to share :0) Right across the hall was our sweet little Maya, who was also inpatient that week. Carl rode his little bike around the floor, up and down the halls as he always got away with it :0) He made many trips over to Maya’s room to play, and he was such a little stinker too!!! He found out he could get Maya in a tizzy by teasing her with her toys, and pretending to take them away from her. Maya’s Mom Holly got a picture of him in action as he was teasing Maya one of those days :0) I love this picture, because you can just see the true little stinker in him as he was being such a little turd!! The second picture is of Devin and Carl as they were playing together in the playroom one day. Devin’s little brother Jacob was a precious little baby born with many difficulties. We met Karla way back when while she was at the Donald House with Jacob, and that is where we met Holly with sweet Maya too!!! This particular day, Karla and her family were visiting Holly & Maya and Carl and I at the Hospital, and Carl and Jacob's older brother Devin were enjoying playing together!!! Karla always mentions how Devin still talks about Carl :0) Very precious memories I will forever cherish!!!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Well I suppose I had better close, before this gets too much longer :0) I want to thank all of you for still keeping us so close in Heart and Prayer! Our family is so very Blessed to have all of your Love and Support as time goes on….and as our lives are so changing. God Bless you all and may you have a Blessed week!

Love & Peace

Sunday, October 2, 2005 3:13 PM CDT

Good Afternoon this Sunday!!!!

Here is Bryan's latest Journal he posted on his website today!!!

Hello everybody It's bryan, Things are going great I feel awesome. The reason I feel graet is because I found out yesterday that our family was blessed with either a new Baby Girl or Baby Boy. Personally I don't care if it's a Boy or girl but inside me I know I would like a Baby Brother that way the Boys will out number the girls in our family, the only thing that just matters is that it's healthy and happy. We went over to the Cemetery and had lunch with Carl and I know he was with us in spirit. We had his favorite food Donald's which we had Chicken Nuggets wich was his favorite. As I heard the news tears of joy fell down my face and now I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. For now I know I have something to look forward too. In a way I feel like it was Carl and the big man that had a lot to do with this,I know he would want us to be happy. My mother said the baby is due towards the end of may which means that the baby will come right before i graduate so it will be there for my Graduation and party.which will make it even better.

Yesterday I went to my auntie sheila's and hung around with Nicky and we watched Animal House a comedy classic "geuss what I am Now a Zit Get it" we also watched Blue Collar comedy Tour rides again Git R Done!

Well till next time peace and love, Bryan

Thanks for stopping by, and for keeping our family in your Prayers Always!!

I will update soon!!!

Love & Peace

Sunday, September 18, 2005 7:33 PM CDT

Good Evening this Sunday!!!

Happy Golden 18th Birthday to Bryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW 18 years old, so very hard to believe?? I talked to Bryan earlier today, and he was Happy on his Birthday :0) He will probably spend next weekend here with us, and maybe even get his first trip to Jackpot for a little try at the slots :0)

The summer flew by so quickly for all of the kids. The State Fair was a wonderful first 4H trip for Sydney and Cousin Sarah!!! Both girls won Blue ribbons, Syd for her white pigeons, and Sarah for her chicken breeding pen! They came home with Great memories of an experience they will never forget!!!

The first day of school came and went, and believe it or not, I managed to keep my emotions under control this year, with it being the year that Carl would have started Kindergarden and all. We felt Carl's presence very heavely the night before that first day of school, and I do believe he knew how much we all needed his comfort. Sydney was packing up her backpack with a pouch of colored pencils that she filled up. Out of now where, a pencil hit her in the arm. She was sure she had put all of her pencils in her pouch. Guess what color the pencil was that hit her in the arm? Of course orange!!! Carl has the knack for visiting right before a Holiday or speical day that he knows is very meaningful to us, and he has done this more than once! He must feel all of our energy generating to him as we miss him so much, especially at these special times...

We have been busy working with the doves, trying to get a second group out training. It is going much slower than the first group, but we are still trying hard to get them out flying!!! We were able to help Phil Martin with 4 funerals last week, and then we did 2 weddings this weekend!! So that was very rewarding!!! Thank you to our friend Jeremy for helping us with the two doves for Brandon & Sandy's wedding in Wabasso yesterday, we were able to get the two done on the same day!!!! I was so pleased to go down to our loft about 5:00pm Sat. and one of the doves was back from the 3:30 wedding (probably released about 4:00ish from Gilfillan) and while I was in the loft the second bird landed outside on and droped in the loft!!! So they both got back very nicely from the wedding on Saturday!!

I want to Thank all of you for continuing to check in on Carl's website, we truly Appreciate your wonderful notes and emails, it still gives us Inspiration and Hope!!! We Love you!!!

Please remember in Prayer all our friends that are also battling cancer and other illness, especially

Barb Cornell from Redwood Falls

Christi Thomas CHRISTI'S PAGE

Maya ~ Carl's sweet little friend from Wi, is in the Hosp with a line infection.


Love & Peace


Tuesday, August 23, 2005 7:06 PM CDT

Good Evening this Tuesday!!!

It is about time for a long over-due update :0) Sorry to be so slacking on the journals lately, I have really fell behind and now there has been so much time passed and catching up to do with all of you!!!

I think when we left off, we had gone on the Cruise for the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester!!! What a wonderful Event that truly was!!! I want to share with you an article Stacey’s Boyfriend ~ Kevin wrote for the Fillmore County Journal.

Cruising for Ronald McDonald House

By Kevin Ostern

To most of us when we think of Ronald McDonald we think of a clown selling fast food. That is unless your family has had to deal with cancer, or other serious illness, then you may have found the House that love built The Ronald McDonald House. Three years ago when my sister died from leukemia, I would have never thought that today I could continue doing something in her memory, but for the third year now I have been able to join motorcycle enthusiasts in southeastern Minnesota for the Cruise.
This year had special meaning for me as I had the privilege to meet and ride with three families who have stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester. To meet them and their families you see how trivial your day to day problems really are and how we need to be thankful every day for our own good health. Three years ago my daughter Jayme and my friend Pete joined me for the Cruise; last year 10 people joined us; this year there were 22 wonderful caring people riding with us. This year we dedicated our ride to the memory of little Carl Robinson.
Overall this year 870 riders joined the Cruise raising $71,500 dollars for the Ronald McDonald House. To see photos of our Cruise day go to
Special thanks to Tom & Kelly Robinson, Rod & Michelle Erdman and Glen & Angie Hookham for letting us be a part of their families.

Thank You Kevin and Stacey for an Awesome day!!!!! It was so good to see Shellie and Rod & Angie and Glen again!!! What a Heartwarming reunion!!! We are so Happy and Proud to have been a part of this years event!!! And we know that Carl was too, as he watched us all ride in to the Donald House in that wonderful Parade at the end!!! Carl Loved being there last year, and I will always cherish those memories of being there with him for the Cruise 2004!!!! We are already looking forward to next years Cruise 2006, and talking about recruiting more riders to join us in our quest to raise dollars for the Donald House!!! Maybe a Harley of our own will be in the picture??? We will see :0)

Congratulations to Melissa (Welter) & Justin Abeln who were Married on Saturday August 6th, 2005!!!!! The Wedding was Beautiful and the day was just as Pretty!!! They had a Gorgeous outdoor ceremony, complete with breathtaking flowers and landscaping. It was also a tear jerker to many of our family, and as sweet niece Jackie put it, we were a bunch of fools sitting there crying :.) You see the music was so Beautiful, and sung by the nieces Jackie, Jenny, & Jessie, then the sweetest little flower girl Anna, that you just want to squeeze and mooch up every time you see her, and every time she talks she makes you smile because she is such a little chatter box :0) And most special of all is that Carl was the little boy to accompany Anna to be the little ring bearer….But this would not be possible, so Melissa kept her plan to have Carl be the ring bearer, and he was recognized as Honorary Ring Bearer, and even mentioned in the program as such and listed as Angel Carl Robinson…………..Cousin of Bride How very touching, and also how very sad. Ok here goes one of the fools crying again………..

We have been very busy with the Doves doing many Dove releases. We brought four Doves to release at Melissa’s wedding, and as soon as I get some pictures (from anyone?), I will try to get them posted! My camera died at the Cruise, but I do have some disposable cameras to get developed, and should have some pictures soon!!!

Right after the wedding, we had a very tragic event in the family. Our cousin Sandy Clarken’s husband Tom passed away from cancer. It all happened very quickly, and really took us all by surprise. Please keep Sandy and her family in your Prayers as she is learning to adjust to her new life without her husband and best friend. She needs many Prayers for strength and courage during this most difficult time.

To bring us up to date with the kids activities in August and the fair, we had a busy week at the Renville County Fair. Sydney won two reserve champion ribbons, one on her heifer (red pole) and one on her steer, both for Showmanship!!! (Second Year in a row) Also she was entered in to the Premier Showmanship Competition, she was too young to win, but it was still very good experience and quite an Honor to be in this!!! Sydney also won Grand Champion on her Pigeons (White Doves) and was awarded a State Fair trip with this project!!! So she is busy packing up and getting ready to head to the State Fair tomorrow with her Doves!!! Sam showed his Heifer in the Clover Bud class, and was just adorable!!! He did a very good job with his Daddys help!! It was a very bitter-sweet experience being at the county fair this year, it was just not the same without Carl there, and Spike his calf, and his sweet little voice trying to get every passer-by to stop and pet his cow :0) At times it was very hard for me to be there, and it has been a very emotional
Few weeks building up to this time of the year, with all of the memories we have stored up in our hearts that we cherish so dearly.

Speaking of emotional time of year, this time of year is also the anniversary of August 18th, the day Carl was diagnosed. I don’t know why this date should still affect me and bother me, but it still does. It brings up so many deep feelings of pain and hurt and fear that I remember from this time three years ago. This morning I was at work, and thinking of this date and what we were doing three years ago today…which would be starting Carl’s chemo, I can remember so vividly those feelings of panic and despair, I could actually smell the family kitchen/coffee room, what do you call this…post traumatic stress syndrome??? If I had closed my eyes, I would have believed someone transplanted me to that room at the Hospital. You know what, if we had the chance we would be right back in the fight, still doing whatever we could to keep Carl here with us, and we would never give up. I say this because I believe that Carl didn’t mind the Hospital that much, he enjoyed being there, and enjoyed socializing, and all the activities too :0) It was certainly not all bad for him, he Always made the best of his time, and was such a great little patient. Ok now this fool is crying again……

I am going to sign off for now and make sure Sydney is ready to head to the Minnesota State Fair tomorrow!!!! I will update much sooner and let you all know how she does with her Doves!!!! Oh if anyone is going to the State Fair, look for her Doves in the Poultry Barn!!! She will be showing them on Thursday!!

Please Keep our dear friends Angela and Shayne Thomas in your Prayers, their Precious daughter Christi is having quite a bit of NB progression. Please Pray for Christi’s Miracle and if not for a cure, for the gift of time. CHRISTI'S PAGE

Please remember all our other friends who are battling cancer and other illness in your Prayers, especially Barb Cornell from Redwood Falls.

Thank you for your steady Love and Support

Love & Peace


Saturday, July 23, 2005 5:36 AM CDT

Good morning to all our dear family and friends!!

A quick note to let you know we are doing Great, and we all had a Wonderful last weekend with all our events!!! The Relay For Life was very nice, and it was so heartwarming to see all the bags lit up with either Carl's name or picture on them!!! Many of the bags were decorated with "Angel" Carl. Sydney said she thought she saw Carl there? I am sure he was present, and so Happy to see all of his family together that night!! The dove release was very special, many people came up to us after and told us how Beautiful it really was :0) Saturday was Melissa & Justin's wedding shower. We were all tired, but it was a very nice Party at Uncle John & Auntie Sheila's!! Lots of Great food, and laughter!!! The Memorial Dedication at the zoo turned out wonderful too!!! It was so fun to see so many "Carl's Angel Wings" T-shirts that we all wore!!! It was nice to gather in Carl's Honor, and do something so special in his memory!! A very special THANK YOU!!! To all our family and friends that helped with the event, and had any part to make Carl's Memorial Dedication possible!!!

Today Tom and I will be heading to Rochester to join friends for the "Cruise" a 140 mile motorcycle ride to raise dollars for the Ronald McDonald House!!! We are very Excited, as Stacey & Kevin, and Shelley & Rod Erdman will be riding with us tomorrow!!! We also will get to see our dear friends Angie and Glen tonight, as they were in town for Dr.s appts this past week, and they are staying over longer to see all of us!!! It will be a Wonderful Reunion!!!

I will try to update again soon with many pictures from last weekend, and this weekend!!!

Please keep all of our friends battling cancer and other illness in your Powerful Prayers. And remember all of the Angel parents that miss thier children so much.

Thank you all and God Bless


Monday, July 11, 2005 7:33 PM CDT

Hello to all our dear family and friends!!!

Wow here it is July 11th already, where does the summer go?

I realized the other day that the seventh month mark of Carl's passing had come and went. I think about him every day, and so much of every day, but I didn't think about that anniversary when it came that month. Soon it will be eight months since we saw our little guy... Oh how I am missing him so much right now. I just got done decorating some "Memory" bags for the upcoming Relay for Life on Friday night. I had all I could do to keep the tears from messing up the pictures I was putting on each bag. It is so hard to accept that Carl went from being on so many "Honor" bags (survivor) to now only "Memory" Through waves of sobs... I got the bags made, but I feel like all my emotions that were pooling inside me for all of these months have all spilled out over these bags. The weeks before last years Relay, and that week, and that night of the Realy are all so vivid in my mind... It seems like just yesterday, we were shopping for the boys little tent for the campsite, and preparing for that night that all the kids Loved so much. They enjoyed all the excitement, all the family together, staying up as late as possible, running around and acting silly, eating whatever they wanted, trying to outlast the adults, and usually could!!! I didn't know how strongly this would hit me right now. Carl I miss you baby... tears..

Our fourth of July party and Pig Roast was again a huge success!!! We all had lots of fun, and enjoyed many family and friends that spent the day with us!!! The highlight of my day, was our hayride. Once again Uncle Denny drove the tractor, with two hay racks connected behind. We think there must have been around 80 people between the two hay racks!!! We took a different route this time, we went out to Cty Rd 2, then we went over to the cemetery and made a trip through and by Carl's grave site with our Hay Ride!! I am sure he was not at the cemetery though, but sitting right there on one of those Hay Racks, smiling and giggling with everyone else :0) I am so Grateful that all of our family thinks of Carl so often, and misses him as much as we do. He is so much in all of our minds, and we all feel that same void, from that little guy that occupied so much room in our hearts.

This weekend will be very very busy, but will be handled in TRUE Robinson Style all the way!!!! Friday we will be doing the Redwood County Relay For Life. We are planning a Beautiful Dove Release as part of the Opening Ceremonies! Saturday will be Melissa and Justin's Bridal Shower at Uncle John & Auntie Sheila's!! Then on Sunday we will spend the afternoon at the Redwood Falls Ramsey Zoo for Carl's Memorial Dedication ~ Scheduled from 1:00 to 3:00 We hope to see many of our friends and community come out to help us celebrate this special event!!! We will be having games with prizes for the kids, Ice Cream Sundaes, Root beer floats, & Lemonade!!! All funds raised at the event will go to the Zoo for upkeep and improvements!!! Carl must be very proud of how many lives he has touched, and how his memory will live on....

Thank you for stopping by, and for all of your Love and Support that still goes on.... We don't know what we would do without all of you!!! Thank you for always being there for us and with us, and for feeling our pain too.

We Love You All!!!!

Love & Peace


Monday, June 27, 2005 7:16 PM CDT

Good Evening this Monday!!!

Carl's Plaque for the Ramsey Zoo Memorial is here!!!

Image hosted by

The Plaque arrived on Friday, and Krista emailed Saturday so Excited about how Beautiful it looked, and she brought it out that afternoon!!! The words are kind of hard to read...It say's

Dedicated to the Memory of
Carl Thomas Robinson
12-28-99 to 11-26-04

Your life and love will still go on
In our hearts, in our minds
You'll stay with us for all of time

With Love from the Redwood Gazette

It is just Beautiful and so perfect!!! The plaque is done in bronze. It will be displayed in front of the cage at the zoo, and be added for the dedication scheduled for Sunday July 17th!!!

It was fun having Krista and her adorable little boys over on Saturday, they even brought two little cousins with, so we had the four little boys and Sam all around the same age running around the yard having fun together!!! It was so good to see busy little boys laughing and running around!!! Sydney gave them a ride in the wagon behind the lawn tractor, and just like old times, Daisy (the dog) jumped in and rode around with them...her head peeking out over the edge of the wagon, and ears flopping in the breeze :0)

We are looking forward to the dedication, and hope to see many of you there for this exciting event!!! We will be doing carnival games for the kids, a balloon release, a dove release (hopefully the doves will be ready by then) Lemonade, Ice cream sundaes, rootbeer floats, and much more!!! All proceeds will go to the Ramsey Zoo for Improvements!!!! We are so lucky to have such a Beautiful Zoo close to home to bring our kids, and enjoy!!! We really hope to help support all the Great work that is done down there to keep it running!!! Also start saving up pop tabs!!! We are doing a HUGE collection at the event, to go to the Rochester Ronald McDonald House!!! So start saving those tabs, and remember to bring them along to the Dedication!!!!

Dove news ~ I seem to be taking one step forward and two steps back. Their training has been ok, they have been homing from about 2 miles, and my last attempt was a 5 mile toss. I lost about six birds that try, but I am very pleased that the rest made it home!! That day was probably not the best choice of days for training, so I learned a valuable lesson in the process. It was Hot and way too windy that day. After I get back on track with a 5 mile toss in all directions..a couple times, we can move out to about 10 miles from there, and that will bring us pretty much to Redwood at that point!! I just need to learn to be patient with their progress, but it is so hard, because I am so anxious to get them started with funerals, and know that they can get home after!! The birds have been such a wonderful project, knowing that all this work will be so rewarding and be such a good feeling not only for me but for others very soon!!

3rd of July ~ Hog Roast/party ~

We would like to extend an Invitiation to All and Everyone that would like to join us for a Great Get-to-Gether!!! There will be Pork Sandwiches served, and a Pot Luck Buffet!!! Bring your lawn chairs, your beverages, and something for the Pot Luck!!! Once again we will Celebrate the Fourth of July in Style with a Spectacular Fireworks Show!!! Come for the food to visit with friends, and stay for the Fireworks!!!! It's Alot of Fun!!! Also for any out of town guests, we have lots of room for camping!!!

We are looking forward to a Great weekend and Get -together with family and friends!!!

As I close I would like to share with you an email we received from our dear niece Robyn. It was very touching and it was just what I needed the day I opened it.... Thank you Robyn for always thinking about us in Christ's Love.

Hi Tom and Kelly.

In my Bible Study, I came across some things that made me think of you guys. I wanted to share it with you.

Reading Genesis 21:1-21, it seems we see not only the compassion and sympathy of God, but also the empathy of God. He could relate to her pain and need, so He responded to Hagar as a loving God and as a fellow parent. We see the tender heart of God -- El Shaddai (nurturing parent).

God knows the intense pain of intense love. If you are a parent, you have already experienced fear, vulnerability, and pain. And the Father hasn't missed one second of your parenthood. If you have a child who is rejected by his peers, God knows how you feel. If you have a child who is not beautiful to look upon, He knows how you feel. If you have a child who has been betrayed by her friends, He knows how you feel. If you have a child who has begged you to "fix" something you could not fix, He knows how you feel. If you have a child who is suffering, He knows how you feel. If you have a child who is dying, He knows how you feel. If you have buried a child, He knows how you feel. He's been there too. However, there is one big difference. He could have changed every bit of it. But He didn't. For you and me.

If you're a hurting parent right now, allow God to open your eyes as He did Hagar's long ago. Let Him refresh you at the well of the Living Water. Like Hagar, your child may be totally restored to you. Or, like the trusting, but brokenhearted mother named Mary, you may have let your child go. God loved no mother on earth more than the one He chose for His Son. Yet she was unable to hold Him in her grasp for as long as she wished. You who are richly loved, do not give up. Once you've had a true glimpse of God's tender heart, you will begin to understand that if the Savior says "no" to a crying parent, it is because He's saying "yes" to eternal kingdom profit.

I hope this is encouragement to you. I know that things are still difficult -- but know that God loves you and so do we!

God Bless you all

Love & Peace


Sunday, June 19, 2005 8:04 PM CDT

Happy Fathers Day!!!!!

It has been hot and sunny, and the boys have been out all day baling hay. Tis the Season for Making Hay! We hope all the Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, Cousins and all the special men in our childrens lives have had a Wonderful Relaxing Fathers day!!!

Carl's Memorial Marker was placed at the cemetery on Thursday!! It looks very nice!!!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

We had a nice weekend here, the weather has been perfect!!! The kids have enjoyed spending time outside on their new water slide!! And our sweet niece Jenny was home for the weekend, so we got to spend some time with Jen and Jes!! We are starting to prepare for our Annual 3rd of July Hog Roast/Party and we would like to extend an Invitiation to All and Everyone that would like to join us for a Great Get-to-Gether!!! There will be Pork Sandwiches served, and a Pot Luck Buffet!!! Bring your lawn chairs, your beverages, and something for the Pot Luck!!! Once again we will Celebrate the Fourth of July in Style with a Spectacular Fireworks Show!!! Come for the food to visit with friends, and stay for the Fireworks!!!! It's Alot of Fun!!! Also for any out of town guests, we have lots of room for camping!!!

Thank you for checking in, and for all of your continued support!!! Please keep all of our friends battling cancer and other illness in your Awesome Prayers, and remember all of the Angel Parents that miss their children so much.

Love & Prayers


Thursday, June 16, 2005 8:35 PM CDT

Good Evening this Thursday!!!

I will start out by asking all our dear family and friends for your Loving Prayers for our friend Virginia and her family. Carl's friend Jay earned his Angel wings yesterday. Jay was a wonderful young man that captured so many hearts along his journey with NB. Jay made thousands of friends, and enjoyed his life so much, just like Carl did. He never gave in, and kept his love for life right up to his last day!! Jay was always too busy having fun with his friends to be bothered with this cancer business, and he always kept active doing the things he Loved the most!! Jay will be missed dearly by so many friends everywhere!! We Love you Jay and Virginia, and we know Carl is busy showing Jay all around the place up there!!!


Our weekend of Lemonade Standing was Awesome!!! We held our Lemonade Stand on Saturday at Canterbury Downs, and then on Sunday at the Mall of America!!! Between the two days we raised $7000.00 for Alex's Lemonade Stand Fund!!!

Check out the many pictures of both days of our Event!!!


We were so Happy to see some of our friends make the trip to the MOA on Sunday to see us and show their support!!! We got to see the Erdman's and Stacey from Camp Jornada!! We were surprised by other families from Rochester, and even friends from back home!!! It was so Great to see all of you there!!!!

We were also thrilled that Afleet Alex took First Place in the Belmont Stakes!!!! The Icing on the cake!!!!!

On Monday Tom and I and the kids made the trip to Roch to see our friends Deb and Andrew who are up from Virginia for Andrew's appointments this week!!! We couldn't let an opportunity pass us by, of seeing them when they are here in MN for a short time. The Erdman's also made the trip from the MOA to Roch, and spent some time with Deb and Andrew!!! It was so fun to see everyone there again, it was almost like old home week!!!! We got to see our favorite gals from the Donald House, and Helen even came by to join us for supper!!! We ordered a bunch of pizza's and put on a Pizza house supper!!! The kids all had a blast fooling around being goofballs together!!! They took the big house stuffed "Peef" and dressed him up with a duct tape thong :0) Boy can you just imagaine if Carl would have been in on their crazy stunts!!! He would have been laughing and running around like a maniac!!! I am sure he was watching over them and giggling just silly!!!

Please keep Carl's best buddy Andrew in your Prayers, as he completes his week of re-checks.


News on the Homefront!!!!

Carl and Sam's Heifer had her baby calf (a little heifer) on June 14th!!!! Auntie Jeanies Birthday!! Sam asked Auntie Jeannie if it was ok that he named the baby Jeanie :0) Hopefully she doesn't mind!!! The new little calf is very cute, and she is doing Great!!!

The Doves brought home a friend!!!

Image hosted by

A couple days ago, I noticed a dark bird flying with our group of birds??? Later I realized that this dark bird, was a coulored pigeon that had hooked up with our team and was flying along with them. This other pigeon actually trapped in the loft with our birds and made herself at home!!! I looked the pigeon over closely, and noticed it had two bands on it. One was her identification band, and the other was her racing band scanner recorder deal. Her band had Chicago on it??? I looked up the number on the Pigeon AU website, and narrowed it down to a racing club in Chicago. A little more research, and I found the guy the pigeon belonged to. He said the bird was released about three weeks ago. Somehow it got way off track and wound up a couple hundred miles north out of it's way :0( So anyway, we let the bird stay for a day to eat, drink, and rest, and this morning I drove her over towards Fairfax and let her go on her way!!! I had offered to mail her back to this guy, but he didn't want to do that. He said to just send her off, and he would keep in touch and let us know if she makes it home :0) There is always some Excitement here on the Robinson farm!!!

We have a very full and busy summer coming up!!!! It all starts with the Redwood County Relay for Life on Friday July 15th!! Carl's Commando's will be at it again, to raise dollars for the ACS to be directed to Pediatric Cancer Research!!!!

Mark your calendars for Sunday July 17th, we will have the Memorial Dedication for Carl at the Ramsey Zoo!!! There will be games for the kids, ice cream, lemonade, and more!!! All funds raised at the dedication event will go to benefit the Ramsey Zoo in Carl's Memory!!!

Then comes the Rochester Cruise!!! On July 24th!!! Tom and I are planning on joining in on the Cruise this year!!! We found out Stacey and her boyfriend will be doing the Cruise too, so we are even more excited!!!! I also heard our sweet friend Kala and her Dad are doing it again too!!! Wow this will be so Awesome!!! This is a 140 mile motorcycle run to raise dollars for the Rochester Ronald McDonald House!!! Last year the Cruise raised $60,000.00!!! Each year the bikes increase and so do the funds raised !!! It should be fun!!!!

Thank you all for stopping by, and being so patient while waiting for an update this week!!!! We had an Awesome weekend, and we did it all for the kids!!!! Everyone of them....the newly diagnosed kids, the kids still in treatment, the kids that are in remission, the kids that have lost thier battle here on earth, but who's battle was not in vain, because we are still "Fighting for a cure"!!!!

Here's a cute pic of Sam tonight at T-ball :0) These little boys are so cute!!!

Image hosted by

Love & Peace


Tuesday, June 7, 2005 6:34 PM CDT

Good Evening this Tuesday!!!

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to Bryan and his team The Humboldt Hawks for taking the Minnesota State Adapted Softball Championship!!! The Hawks were undefeated going into the State Tournament on Saturday, and they came out NO. 1 as we all know they are!!!!!! GO BRYAN!!!!! We are all waiting for Bryan's own update on his Fantastic Win!!!!

We are nearing our HUGE Amazing Alex's Lemonade Stand Event "Minnesota Chapter" at the Mall of America on Sunday June 12th!!!! We are all very excited in anticipation of all the Fun that will be had by all!!!!!

I have a couple of news stories to share!!!

This first one is a story done in the Delta Sky magazine, June issue!!! It is in the seatbacks of all the Delta Aircraft for passengers to read!!! They even have a quote from Carl's Mom in the story :0)


Here is another story Krista sent to me today about Afleet Alex and efforts to raise $$$$


Here is another story I found!!!


We invite everyone to come out to the Mall of America on Sunday to take part in our Alex's Lemonde Stand Event!!!

Also we will be having our stand at Canterbury Downs on Saturday to coinside with the Belmont Stakes!!! If you watch the race on TV be sure to look for our stand it may be covered nationally??? It will be set up on the race track of Canterbury, and there will be a crew there to run the stand. Mary and Molly will be there for a few hours, and Tom and I may try to make an appearance too!!! This is a Huge addition to our Already Scheduled Lemonade Stand on Sunday at the Mall of America!!!!! We are Hoping and Praying for lots of $$$$$$ to help contribute to Alex's goal for 2005 of 5 million dollars!!!!!!

Zoo news!!!

Image hosted by

The Dedicatoin at the zoo for Carl's Memorial is unofficially set for Sunday July 17th!!! Krista is helping to plan this Event and it looks like it will be a fun filled date to mark on your calendars!!!!

If you visit the doves at the zoo and notice there are two more doves in the cage, that is because there is. We dediced the two doves (Sydney's 4H doves) did not seem to be getting along, and we questioned if they were a true pair? I checked with the guy I got them from in Ill. and he admitted he may have messed up putting them in the box because he was in a hurry??? So now we have them all back together (all 8 of them) and we will need to keep watching them to figure out who belongs to who, and then get Sydneys true mated pair back home for her 4H project!!

We are going to start loading up the trailer with Lemonade Stand supplies, so I will sign off for now!!!! If there is any Important Breaking news, I will update right away!!! Molly Hollway will be appearing on the Thursday Morning Kare 11 show, so you may want to try to catch that!!! I still don't know about Saurday Morning but I will keep you posted if any of us are on that program!!

Thanks for your continued Love and Support!!!!

Love & Hugs


Monday, May 30, 2005 9:08 AM CDT

Happy Memorial Day to all!!!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

We have had a Beautiful weekend so far!!! No rain and some sunshine off and on. Today looks like the best day of all, as the sun is shining and the sky looks quite clear!!!

As you can see, Carl is adorned with many orange flowers!! Uncle Chuck brought him some orange balloons :0) He had a dozen but lost five in the process of getting them to the cemetery. He said it was if someone was pushing them out of his truck!!! Can't you just see Carl doing something like that!!!

On Saturday after church, we had a little picnic at the cemetery. Auntie Sheila made some fried chicken, and salad and we drank orange pop in Carl's honnor. It was so nice and very fun to spend some time there, as it is such a Beautiful cemetery, and the lawn is so pretty there!! The kids ran around, and played, and I could just picture Carl toting behind them with a big smile on his face!!!

We had a bon fire last night, and spent some time sitting outside here on the farm. The night was perfect for toasting marshmallows and sitting around a fire!!! The kids always Love when we have bon fires!! Sam was asking when the Fourth of July is :0) They are already looking forward to our Annual 4th of July (to be on the 3rd) Hog roast party, which is right around the corner!!!

Plans are coming together for our Minnesota Alex's Lemonade Stand to be held on June 12th at the Mall of America!!! We are so Excited, and anticipate this Event to be Huge with much success!!!

SILENT AUCTION ITEMS WANTED!!!! If anyone would like to donate anything to add to our Silent Auction at our Lemonade Stand, please contact us as soon as possible!!! We have an Autographed Baseball and Bat from the Minnesota Twins so far, and I am working on getting more Twins Items to add to our collection!!! Any type of Auction donation would be Greatly Appreciated from Anyone!!!!! THANKS!!!!

Zoo Doves Update!!! The doves at the zoo are doing great!!! They have settled in to their new cage and are enjoying themselves there!!! We have noticed one pair is using a nest box now, so they either are sitting on eggs, or they will be very soon!!! A Very Speicial Thank you to everyone that put time and effort in to making this Wonderful Memorial for Carl, possible!!!!

The doves at home are starting to "Get it" and are slowly learing what we want them to do!!! We are now working on getting them up and flying around the farm without sitting down in trees. This builds their strength and flying endurance! It can be quite challenging, since we have sooo many tall trees, that we can't keep them from landing in. We have been trying to stir things up outside, and create an atmosphere to discurage them from sitting down. This is done by hurling rocks at them without hitting them, and making loud noise to scare them up and flying. Each lesson seems to get better, so we think we may be on the right track!!! Last Monday we did our first Funeral Memorial Service. It was in the Morton Catholic Cemetery, so close to home and a good training session for the birds. Two doves made it home, we were very Happy about that!!! We have since heard that the Hennen's have seen a white dove over in one of their fields, so we are pretty sure it is one of our birds that didn't find it's way home? The little babies that I was trying to keep alive did not survive. One of the two was doing very well, and then one morning we found it gone :0( We still have a couple babies that the parents are taking good care of!!!

We would like to wish you all a Beautiful Day in the Lord!!! We appreciate all of your continual Love and Support, and Powerful Prayers that lift us up daily!!!

God Bless You All

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, May 22, 2005 8:58 AM CDT

Good Morning Dear family and friends!!!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, it looks like we may have a Beautiful day!!!

Thursday evening we made the trip to Rochester for the "Camp Jornada" wine tasting/silent auction fund raiser!!! It was a fun event, we were so Happy to see Stacey, Farah, Lynn, our sweet little Megan, some of the other camp counselors & a couple of the nurses from Mayo!!! It was difficult for me to drive through Roch, past the Hospital and the Ronald McDonald house. As we were turning on to second street, the tears were welling up in my eyes, and it was all I could do to keep from crumbling...I didn't want to show up at the fundraiser looking like a mess. I guess it will always be that way. We spent so many days, weeks, and months, as we made so many trips to Rochester it just became a normal routine for us that felt so natural for so long.....Without Carl in the back seat asking "When are we there?" and anticipating him jumping out of the car to hustle into the Donald House to see his friends, felt so wrong. It was always such a joy to hear Paula's voice greeting Carl, and seeing everyone's smiling faces when they would see him bounching in. Tom and I remenisced about how Carl would make his rounds at the house visiting everybody :0) And many times pestering the girls in the office while they were trying to do serious work :0) But they were always so patient with him, and would humor him with each visit....even the 20th visit of the day :0) We have so many Happy memories of Rochester with Carl, and he too Always made the most of his time there....

Some Exciting News about our MN Chapter of "Alex's Lemonade Stand"!!! Thanks to all the hard efforts of our Co-Chair Mary Hollway, our group will be appearing on the Kare 11 Morning show on Saturday June 11th!!! She is also working hard on lining up other Media promotions to help us get the word out about our Stand at the Mall of America on June 12th!!! We have so many fun things lined up to add to our Event this year, it should prove to be HUGE for us here in Minnesota, and a Great Success!!! The Horse Afleet Alex took FIRST place yesterday in the Preakness race!!! WHAHOOOOOO!!!!! This means that a portion of the winnings will be donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand Fund!!! We are also very Excited that the Belmont Stakes will be running on June 11th!!! Perfect timing to tie in with all of the hundreds of Lemonade Stands that will be held around the country that weekend!!!! Carl was actually at the Belmont Stakes with Tom, and our dear NY cousin's Freddy & Patti two years ago!!! Carl randomly picked a horse to bet on, and he won $20.00 from that race!!! I have a picture here of him holding up his winnings, I will have to try to find it :0)!!!!

"Carl's Angel Wings" Memorial at the Ramsey Park Zoo was set up on Friday Afternoon!!! We brought down three mated pairs of doves, and added them to their cage!!! They look so pretty there, and seem to be adapting well to their new home for the summer!!! The cage is in a nice sunny location, so they will enjoy having the sweet sunshine to bask in each day!!! When we first put them in the cage, they kind of walked around and looked a bit confused. They are not used to living next to other bird species and hearing the different sounds. Their cage is inside the pen with the cute little goats :0) They are next to some Peacocks, and Turkeys. They will be hearing the Turkey's, Peacocks, Guineas, and other birds around them!!! I went down to check on them yesterday, and they looked very settled in, in fact one of the pairs was doing their thing right then like nobodys business :0) So we should be seeing them sitting on eggs very soon!!!

We are kind of in a tizzy with some of our birds here at home. Last Sunday...that nice day we opened up the trap and let them all come and go, three of our birds didn't come in that day. We saw the three flying about the yard on Monday night, but they still didn't come in??? Two of the three were the parents to the two fuzzy older white babies??? Then on Tuesday, the other bird came home (still not one of the parents)?? So I started to feed the two babies by hand to try to keep them alive. They were doing very well, and were very excited whenever I would come to feed them!!! One of the pair died yesterday, but the other little guy is doing Great, I think he will survive this ordeal!!! We are hoping for some dry, warm weather now to get some good training going!!!!

Thank you all for continuing to check in for updates, and for all of your guestbook entries!!! We Love to hear from you, and we appreciate your Prayers and Support Always!!! God Bless and have a Beautiful Day in the Lord!!

The people who have helped me are not those who have answered my confessions with advice, exhortation or doctrine, but rather those who have listened to me in silence, and then told me of their own personal life, their own difficulties and experiences. It is this give and take that makes the dialogue.
-Paul Tournier
The Meaning of Persons

Love & Peace


Monday, May 16, 2005 7:58 PM CDT

Good Evening this Monday!!!

We enjoyed a Beautiful day yesterday at the Lucan Park for Captain Dan Days!!! Words cannot express the deep emotions we felt, as we all experienced the most Awesome Sign from God of Daniel's presence right before the balloon release. I was walking around handing out balloons, and managed to get all of my balloons tangled together, so I headed back to find someone to help cut them appart :0) Sarah and Tim Sullivan came to my rescue, and we got them cut and seperated once again!! Sydney came over to me and said "Look Mom there's an Eagle"!!! Eagles, have been the Ourada's sign for Daniel and this Eagle was too indeed a sign from thier beloved son that he was there and with us yesterday!!! It could not have happened any more perfect. If it were any sooner, possibly nobody would have noticed, and if it had happened a few minutes later...again, it may have been missed. I looked up and spotted the Eagle so high up in the sky. The sun was shining so Beautiful, and I caught a glimse of the Eagle flying across a white cloud, and it was so touching!!! Instantly, the tears began to flow, and as I looked around at the crowd, there were many others that were also in tears over this wonderful sight!!! This sign from GOD made our day....Everyone's day had perfect meaning. Thank You Laurie, and Terry for your all that you do to put on this Awesome Celebration Of Life...We are so Proud and Honnored to have been witness to such a Wonderful account of GOD'S Great Love!!!

Here is an email I received from Laurie tonight...Laurie describes the day so eloquently, and I couldn't have done better myself!!!!

Dear Friends of Captain Dan,

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away.”

The Ourada family would like to use some space and a few minutes of your time to commend our fine communities that we live in. This past weekend we held our 4th annual Captain Dan Fun Days at the Lucan City Park and had another fantastic turnout of support. It is unbelievable: the support, love, encouragement and team effort that is shown. The weather again was a challenge, cold, wet and windy, but in true Captain Dan Spirit, all teams showed up to play volleyball and softball and much fun was had by all… and then on Sunday the sun came out and warmed the air, it seemed as if everyone’s spirit was lifted… I could just imagine some of our loved ones up in the heavens trying to push those nasty clouds away, to allow for the sun to peek thru.

We had our favorite DJ Johnny J. Angelo from Glenco, back for his 4th year. He is one amazing man , he is very generous with his time and talent and we thank him for being here for us.

The Larry Mages Family Band played Christian, Country and Rock n Roll music on Sunday. An amazing family, we thank them for coming back again.

Special thanks to Todd and Sonia Johnson, Patty Erickson, Justin Bouwman, Shannon Kumpf, Andrea Ourada, Kathy Plaetz and family, Betsy Snyder, Lighterside Clowns, Trevor Schulte, Theresa Gervais, Petals and Balloons on Main, Sue Grunewald, Sheila Rubendall, Dale Mathiowetz, Jon Baune, Chad Altermatt, Brett Bartholomus, Kurt Pistulka, Dennis Plaetz, Tom & Kelly Robinson, John and Char Frank, Krista Daniels, Jeremy Waknitz, Tony Knott, Andy and Jackie Ourada and twins and all the young people that helped with inflating balloons and working the carnival and there were countless others that kept the concession stand, Dominic’s Kool Aid Stand, Captain Dan’s Grill and the Lucan Lion’s Beer Wagon running smoothly… it takes much organizing and planning to make all this happen. But more than anyone I want to thank my family for all their patience and love, many hours are put into this event and every now and again I will wonder if it is all worth it to do it again, but then the thing that I most look forward to each year happens……….and that is the balloon release, it was especially meaningfull this year, because we included the Dove Release by the Carl Robinson family and a special poem read by Lt. Andrea Ourada in tribute to all fallen American Soldiers.

Just as the balloon release was about to begin there was another of God’s miracles present with us…..high above the park an Eagle was seen, it was soaring high above the clouds and appeared to be circling, it was a sign of God’s Love and Daniel’s presence with us…… was very comforting and gave us all a sense a peace and for just a moment I felt like my family circle was again complete with all 5 children present… is in moments like that , that I ask “How can we not believe”? God’s Love is ever present.

During the balloon release I took a few tearful peeks around and saw so many people just embacing and gazing towards the heavens, several were holding children that were sobbing for the loss of a special loved one. Some were standing alone, head bowed, shoulders shaking, looking so very alone. Some were smiling and laughing at the way the balloons dance towards the heavens. Some were trying to figure out why their balloon got tangled in the tree branches, (maybe they wanted to stay and play just “One More Day”, it was witnessed that one balloon got tangled in the branches and with much prompting from friends it was sent on its way to heaven. Many balloons had notes attached as a way of sending love to heaven… It is a very personal, emotional moment to experience. Each of us expresses our grief in our own way, some hold it in, some reach out to others, some say it is too hard to talk about or that we just need to move on and forget about it. And then some of us are very open with our emotions and want to share and help others. “Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith, it is the price of Love.”

Each year after the balloon release I am impressed by the hearts that we touch, what most touches my heart and inspires me to continue our Captain Dan Fun Days is when a father approaches me with open arms and with a tight embrace says, “Thank You” and without another word he speaks volumes as he slowly walks away with tears in his eyes and a memory so very deeply etched in his heart of a child lost so long ago. That is why we do Captain Dan Fun Days…………no other reason. It is not a day of sadness, but of remembrance. It is my “Celebration of Life “ weekend and my family and I are proud to have so very many of our family and friends be a part of it………

There are just no words to express the Carl’s Angel Wings Tribute, the Robinson family is doing an amazing tribute to an amazing young son of 4 years. We were touched to be asked to be a part of their 1st dove release at Captain Dan Fun Days, they chose Dominic, Sydney, and Tony to release doves as a sign of releasing loved ones spirits to the heavens, and as the song “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban was played the beautiful white doves circled us and then flew off together, it was an awesome witness to God’s Love….

We are continuing to put the proceeds into the Captain Dan Park fund, and will continue to do so until the fund is at the $40,000 mark approximately. We have some fun ideas that we would like to add to the park, but as you know it takes time to build a fund up to that amount…at the current time there is $ 7,550 in our Captain Dan Park Account, all bills are not in at the time of this printing, so the amount raised at the 4th annual Captain Dan days is not known at this time. But I assure you that when we reach our goal there will be some awesome things happening at our Hometown park…

Thank you for attending or supporting our event, we look forward to seeing you next year, May 20th -21st in Lucan for the 5th Captain Dan Diehard Tourney, (the weather is just not gona affect our weekend fun)

Sincerely ,

Captain Dan’s Dream Team

Laurie and Terry Ourada

Eagle print donated by John and Char Frank won by Alex Ourada from Mankato

4 Twins tickets donated by Krista Daniels/Wabasso Standard won by Robinson Family from Franklin

Caringbrige donation


Cow chip contest
$400 Greg Janachovsky from Crookston

$25 Johnny J. Angelo from Glenco

$25 Sydney Robinson from Franklin

$25 David Ourada from Lucan

$25 Ray Thull from Lucan

Softball Tourney
2-0 bracket

1st Salfers Food Center

2nd Mayberry

3rd Wanda Country Steak and Drink

1-1 bracket


0-2 bracket

D and G Contracting

Bean Bag Tourney
1st Dan Mathiowetz and Chad Altermatt

2nd Fatty and Jesse Remiger

3rd Lurpy and Spanky

Volleyball Tourney A team
1st The Aces

2nd THEE Volleyball Team

3rd Jansen Dairy

Volleyball Tourney B team

1st Whatever

1st Wrencher there was a tie for 1st between those two teams

2nd Peaches

News from the Zoo ~ The cage is in place at the zoo, we are hoping to get the doves moved there and set up by Friday this week!!!

Dove News ~ Two more babies, now a total of 6 ugly little doves :0) The two oldest babies are starting to look fuzzy white, they are almost cute :0) We were able to let the doves out all day yesterday since the weather was so nice!!! All have came back but three??? Not sure what they are up to, we see them fly by every once in awhile together, I think they just Love to be out flying!!!

Thank you all for checking in and for keeping our family lifted in your Powerful Prayers!!!

Love & Peace


Thursday, May 12, 2005 9:26 PM CDT

Just because I no longer stand in front
of your eyes,
doesn't mean you can't see me.
Close them.
I am there.
Just because I no longer
answer when you call my name,
doesn't mean you can't hear me,
speak softly, listen carefully,
there is my voice.
Just because I can no longer
touch your hands,
doesn't mean you can't feel me.
Hold on to another
my arms are there.
Just because I am no longer there to show you I love you,
doesn't mean my love is gone.
Place your hand on your heart,
feel its beat,
I am there.

Know that I am with God.

Know that God is with you.

And in that we are still with eachother...
Just because....

Good Evening this Thursday!!!! Wishes to you all for a HAPPY FRIDAY tomorrow!!!!!

Here are some pics I took tonight of the baby doves ~

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

We noticed another baby has hatched in another nest!! It should have it's little clutch mate by tomorrow!! We have not let the birds out for about a week now, with this rotten weather we keep having!!! It sounds like it may clear up some this weekend!! We are planning a full day at Captain Dan Days in Lucan on Sunday. We will be helping with the food stand, and the kids will help with the Kool-aid stand!! The dove release will take place about 1:00pm. Thank You to Jeremy for letting us use three of his white doves for the Ceremony Sunday!!! Our birds are not ready to fly home from that far, but Jeremy's should be able to get back home easily from the park which is about 7 miles. It will be a bitter sweet day, as we remember our Angel Carl, that spent last year with us at Captain Dan Days. The above Zeocast has some picutures from last years Celebration. He was toting around an Orange balloon :0) We miss our little guy so much. We have so many memories that keep surfacing every day. I will say to Tom or the kids, Remember when Carl used to say ..... we smile to remember, but then try not to cry. I have been doing pretty well, but some days you just can't stop the river of tears, it is just too hard.

Our sweet niece Mandi had a wonderful dream about Carl last week!!! As I read her email, I was once again in tears, but they were very Happy tears!!! Mandi said that Carl came over to thier house and asked to play!!! She said that Carl looked so good (he had hair too) and he was being so funny and silly, and they were laughing at him so hard!!! Which sounds just like Carl :0) I believe this was one of his little ways of communicating to us that he is Happy, and well!!!! Mandi said it seemed sooo real...I do believe he was giving us a message through Mandi!!!

Wishes to you all for a HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! And a Wonderful Weekend!!! I hope you all have Beautiful weather where ever you may be!!!! We are certainly Praying for warmth and sunshine here so we can get those birds back outside for more training!!!!

Love & Peace


Saturday, May 7, 2005 9:02 PM CDT

Hello this Mothers Day Evening!!! We Hope all of you had a Nice Mothers Day!!! Not only Mothers, but Grandmothers, Aunties, Cousins, and dear friends that have touched our childrens Lives and Hearts!!!!

We are getting ready to move the cage to the zoo!!! Today we got a crew over to Deans to help lift it up on a trailer. Here are a few pics of our Awesome finished cage!!!!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Notice Sam locking his Father in the cage :0)

We had a very nice Mothers Day!!! We visited my parents last evening, and made pizza's for supper!!! The kids played ball outside and Sam was having so much fun he didn't even come in to eat!! But of course when it was time to go home, he realized he was hungry!!!

Today we spent some time with Grandpa & Grandma Robinson at Garnet Gardens. Grandpa moved in to this wonderful Assisted living home a week ago. We are all hoping Grandma is able to join him there very soon!! She has been trying hard to feel better, and get around easier!!! We enjoyed Hamburgers and Hotdogs on the grill!!! We even got to hold those precious baby twins :0) They are getting so big, and so bubbly cute!!!

Have a Great Evening everyone!!! Thanks to all of you for your Mothers Day Wishes!!! We had a nice day, and we all have noticed the bumper crop of dandelions this Mothers Day!!!!! And the funny thing is, that they seemed to just pop up the last couple of days!!! Our yard is smiling with Mommy Flowers that we are sure Carl sent himself.... in Multitude!!!!

Love & Peace


Good Evening this Saturday Night.

I found a Beautiful Poem to share, it is dedicated to all grieving Mothers that lost a child and miss them so desperately. God Bless the grieving Mothers and May your memories of your Precious Angle bring you peace and hope, as the days, weeks, and months go by. May you find comfort in knowing that you will once again be reunited with your Angel one Glorious Day!!!!!



Here is another Beautiful Poem I found called ~



Love and Peace


Sunday, May 1, 2005 9:32 PM CDT

Monday evening update!!!

We banded the little babies tonight. They have to be banded when they are about 5 days old. The bands slip over their foot, and if you are a day too early, it can slip back off, or if you are a day too late, you may not get the band on, as these babies grow so rapidly!! Here's a couple pics :0)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Have a Great Evening Everyone!!!!


Good Evening this Sunday “Mayday” :0)

With Mayday comes flowers, and with flowers comes “Mommy Flowers. It sure does not feel like May here in Minnesota, it feels like we are still stuck in November. We are soooo anxious for warm sunny weather once again!!!

We have some sad news to report, two more children have lost their battle to Neuroblastoma this past week. Precious little Lexy that Carl played with last year in Chicago at the NB conference. And Mason from Iowa. They both suffered from liver involvement much the way Carl and Sophia ended their battle. It is so sad and very difficult to almost relive what Carl experienced, as we followed these children and Prayed for these two warriors to survive. It seems that they both were spared a lot of pain and suffering, as they were called home very quickly too. Please keep these two families in your Prayers.

We are busily training the doves to use their trap door, and we expect to remove the fly-pen in a couple of days to let them soar outside. We banded all of the birds to distinguish between the first group and second, then we put them together. The first group is more advanced in training, and will hopefully help to lead these younger birds along. Tom and I noticed a couple of days ago that one of the Mom’s sitting on a nest has two little babies sticking their heads out of the nest :0) We were shocked and very surprised, as we have been told that the first eggs often do not hatch. There are two other birds sitting on eggs, so we may have a few more babies soon to follow!! We are hoping for a nice weather week to be able to get the doves out every day for practice!!

I added a photo of a poster for Captain Dan Days which will be taking place this year ~ May 14th and 15th in the Lucan City Park!! This event is to continue to raise money for the Lucan City Park Fund!! This event is in memory of Daniel Ourada, son of Terry and Laurie Ourada. We will be doing a dove release on Sunday at approximately 1:00pm in memory of Love ones and a tribute to all American Soldiers. Other activities planned will be Softball & Volleyball Tournaments, Domicic’s Kool-Aid Stand, proceeds will go to Caringbridge on Behalf of friends ~ John Frank, Carl Robinson, Lincoln & Austin Ourada. It is a Wonderful Event, and we would Love to see anyone that can make it come out for a fun filled weekend at the Lucan City Park!!

Thank you to everyone for all of your continued support!!! We so appreciate all of you checking in with us, and for all of your Awesome Prayers lifting us up so High!!! We are excited for Carl’s Memorial Project, and we look forward to sharing all of our progress as we move forward to bring our dream alive!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping Carl’s family in your thoughts and Prayers as you so faithfully do!!!

God Bless you all

One morning as I sipped a cup of coffee while I was
On the phone talking with an editor in New York, I
Looked out the picture window and saw a baby deer
Walk gingerly by, sniffing at the pink geraniums. It
Paused, framed against the pink granite dome of the
Capitol of Texas in the distance. Here it was, God’s
World and my new world laid out before my eyes.
“I’ll have to call you back,” I hastily told the editor.
“I’ve got to take this in.”
And I sat there for five full minutes gazing at the
Wonder of it all, reflecting that I had just learned how to
Move from loneliness to solitude. There is a vast difference.
-Liz Carpenter ~ In Seven Choices: Taking the Steps to New
Life after losing someone you Love, by Elizabeth Harper Neeld

Love & Peace Always


Sunday, April 24, 2005 2:29 PM CDT

Hello this Beautiful Sunday afternoon!!!

Happy 13th Birthday to Sarah Robinson AKA Rah Rah :0)

The above picture is of our NY cousin Keith Hauck with Jay and Liz Scott and their three boys!!! The Scotts were at a fundraiser a couple days ago, where Keith is a chef at the Garden City Hotel!! They were serving a drink especially created for Alex Scott, and they raised $5000.00 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand!!! I am sure this was a very Exciting Event, and we are so Happy Keith was able to meet the Scotts that night!!! Tom and Carl met Liz and their littlest guy in Philly at the Hospital when they were there in November for Carl’s MIBG treatment!! Tom was very thrilled and proud to have met them too!!!

I will keep you all posted as we get closer to our BIG Minnesota “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” Which is scheduled for Sunday June 12th at the MALL OF AMERICA!!! Our co-chair Mary Hollway has been very busy working with the Mall to get things all arranged for us to be there!!! We are setting up by the Sam Goody Court ~ which has a stage!!! Mary’s daughter and NB survivor Molly will be performing with her danceline as one of the attractions we have planned for the day!!! We are expecting this day to be a wonderful success, and we plan on much media coverage prior to the Event to get the word out about our Exciting Day!!!

The doves are steadily learning!!! We have started working with our new batch of birds, and today they finally got a glimpse of the great outdoors, as we hung the Fly-Pen around the trap door again to start getting them accustomed to going out and back in the trap! We have had a couple of setbacks with the rainy/windy weather the past couple of weeks, and we lost a few more birds that didn’t return home from our first group of birds (possibly due to hawks). I also have been learning more and more about this process of training and keeping these birds! Just when I think I know what I am doing, I figure something else out, or learn what I am doing wrong. I had the pleasure of talking with a fellow pigeon fancier, Jeremy W. from Wabasso!!! I was so Happy he called one night to talk about pigeons!!! He found out about our dove project, and wanted to offer any assistance or advice we need!! Jeremy has been raising and racing pigeons for many years, and I am thrilled to now have someone close by that I can call on for “Help” I have already put some of his valuable advice to work with feeding the doves, and they are responding just the way they should!!! Being the Mom that I am, complete with the natural urge to “feed” all creatures to excess, I have been overfeeding the birds, and leaving them with little motivation to work. After cutting back on their feed, and getting them on a stricter schedule, I think they are responding nicely, and when they do get outside to fly, they will be ready to return to their loft to get fed!!! Jeremy is very grateful to help us out and we are very grateful to be offered his gift of knowledge!!!

Another Dove project in the works, is the “Carl’s Angel Wings” memorial to be added to the Ramsey Park Zoo very soon!!! Krista Daniels with the Redwood Gazette wanted to dedicate a Memorial in Carl’s Honnor somewhere in Redwood Falls, complete with a plaque! A Dove Exhibit at the zoo, was what we decided on, since we are starting our “Carl’s Angel Wings” project, and the fact that Carl Loved Animals, especially birds very much, and we are sure Carl would agree on our decision for the zoo!!! So Tom, has been assisted by Uncle Denny, and Uncle John, and Dean Woitaszewski in building a cage that will house a couple of dove breeding pairs for Carl’s memorial at the zoo!! This cage is so Awesome!!!! It is more than anything I could have imagined would be built!!! We are not sure when the memorial will be set up, but we are sure it will be sometime soon and for sure before Memorial Day!!! Krista would like to see a dedication or ribbon cutting ceremony for Carl’s Memorial sometime this summer!!! We have talked a little bit about having a special day to invite the community to the park and zoo, and see the new Exhibit!!! We also thought it would be fun to include games and other activities at the Event!!! We will keep you posted on the expected opening of the “Carl’s Angel Wings” Memorial at the Ramsey Zoo!!! A very special THANK YOU to Krista and Paul H from the zoo, and uncles Denny & John, and to Dean for all of your hard work and many, many long hours of design, building, welding, painting, of this Beautiful Cage!!!! It is so very Awesome!!!!!

Bryan was confirmed last Tuesday night at the Cathedral in St. Paul!!! It was a Beautiful Service, and we were so Proud of Bryan that night!!! It was a Special day as our new Pope Benedict was elected that very same day. Bryan chose for his sponsor, his cousin Kevin Creamer!! It was so good to see some of Bryan’s relatives that were with us that night at the service!! We all went out to supper after the Mass, and enjoyed a Wonderful Italian meal served family style!!! Bryan’s priest Father Adrian, and Emily, Bryan’s girlfriend also joined us for supper!! I posted a picture of some of us at the Cathedral on Bryan’s home page of his website if anyone would like to check it out. Link Above

We continue to miss Carl so terribly. It will soon be five months since he left us for heaven on the 26th of November. It is hard to believe it has been this long, it just does not seem possible. He is ever so present in our hearts and minds, and souls. Sydney has been blessed with the gift of dreaming about Carl, and she usually can remember and tell us a story when she wakes up!!! I think her mind is less cluttered than ours, and she is more open to his messages. I have dreamt of Carl, as I know he was in dreams I have had, but things seem so jumbled, and hard to deceiver. Sydney had a dream last week that Carl was allowed to come back to earth to play with her. She said that nobody else could see him but her. They were playing together, and she said they were playing down by where the bird loft now is. She said that the loft was not there though, only sand. They were digging with spoons and uncovered a treasure chest. Just about this time, I woke Sydney up for school, and she came out of her dream :0( I later thought about Sydney’s dream and wondered if the meaning was about a “treasure” and that they were playing where the bird loft sits? Maybe a message, that “Carl’s Angel Wings will be a treasure for all of us??

Before I close, I have to share with you a very special meeting this morning. We had a visiting Priest at church today! When we walked in and sat down, I felt something surround me like a presence of some sort? I even wondered if Carl were sitting there with us :0) And I do believe he probably was….I felt some sort of energy in the air as we sat and waited for Mass to begin. I soon figured out what I was feeling, as this visiting Priest got up on the Alter and introduced himself to the congregation. It was Father Bonnen (sp?) The priest that was Father at my parents church in Dawson Minn, about 40 some years ago. He was the priest that actually baptized me when I was a baby!! I knew that this priest would fill in at some of the local parishes on occasion, but I have never had the opportunity to meet him until this morning!! It was so fun to see his face and smile when I told him that he baptized me 42 years ago!! How neat to meet him today!!!

Have a Great week everyone we Thank you Always for keeping us in your Strong Prayers and still keeping us close to your hearts. Carl did an amazing job of connecting so many wonderful people and putting all of you into our lives!!! We are Blessed!!!

Life is made up, not of
Great sacrifices or duties,
But of little things, in which
Smiles and kindness and
Small obligations, given
Habitually, are what win
And preserve the heart.

Sir Humphrey Davy

P.S. The Mommy Flowers are starting to pop up :0)

Love & Peace


Thursday, April 7, 2005 2:18 PM CDT

Good Afternoon this Thursday!!!

New Pics to view :0) Click link above ~ 50's party!!!!!

As you can see, we had a Wonderful time at Uncle Chuck's Birthday Party!!!!! We dressed up, and did the 50's theme, even little baby twins Kody & Kaylee were there!!! We all enjoyed ourselves, and it was so good to get away for a couple of days!!!

The above picture of Sam and the doves was taken last night. We are starting to train the birds by releasing them away from home. We start by "Basketing" them, then taking them to a certain location (down the driveway last night) then letting them go! They were not sure what to do at first, but soon took off and soared off, and circled the area many times :0) They look so Beautiful flying up in the sky, it is very rewarding getting to this stage, and we are so Excited to keep moving on their training!!! We plan to go to the back side of the grove tonight, and let them loose there, and with luck we will be on the road to turning them loose away from our farm!!! We stopped in Alden on our way home Sunday and brought home 24 more white doves to add to our collection!!! They will be moved to the loft by this weekend hopefully, as we have to finish thier pen and get them set up with the other birds!!! The Momma that laid the eggs (2) is still sitting on them!! Another bird is sitting on eggs now too!!! Actually how this works is the couple take turns sitting on the eggs, so the hen sits for part of the day, then the cock will take his turn to give the hen a break. They both play a part in raising their young, beginning with feeding them "crop milk" when they are first hatched!! Both parents take equally care of their young!!! We are learning quite a bit, and enjoying our project as we go along!!! If the weather continues to be as Beautiful as it has, we should get the first group trained pretty well within a couple of weeks!!! We will start training the second group soon too, by starting to let them out of the trap, confining them to the "fly-pen" and then taking that away a week or two later. So we will be keeping ourselves pretty busy with the birds from here on out!!!!!

The kids are all doing well, they are getting anxious with this warmer weather for summer to arrive!!! Sam has been busy on his dirt bike making tracks around the yard :0) We are thinking between our "Hybrid" Mommy flowers that we seem to keep, and Sams tracks around the place, we should have quite an attractive looking yard this summer!!!! I often wonder if Sam thinks about all of the things he and Carl used to do together, and if he misses him as much as I miss seeing them playing together? It is so strange how things are so very different now.......

We are starting to make plans for our Alex's Lemonade Stand to be held Sunday June 12th at the Mall of America!!!! Mark your calendars, and if at all possible, we would love to see whoever can make it, visit our stand!!! We will be getting the Minnesota Twins Mascot TC to make an appearance this year, and we have many TWINS items for a silent auction!!! We will be joined this year by two Minnesota NB families, the Hollways and the Hammers!!! Molly and Daniel are both Survivors!!!! Molly's dance line will be doing a performance as well, so we are busy lining up lots of fun activities to accompany our Lemonade Stand this year!!!! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions to offer, please feel free to email me privately!!! We welcome all ideas, and support we can get from anywhere!!!!!!!! We are looking forward to a fun filled successful Event, and hope to see you all there!!!!

Thank you for stopping by today, and for keeping us lifted in Prayer, it is only with all of your Love and Support that we find the strength to carry on!!!

The Sun Is Always Shining

It's often easy to forget,
on dark and cloudy days,
That the sun is always shining
though we may not feel its rays.
We often think we're limited
to what our eyes can see,
Forgetting that there's so much more
to our reality.
But through faith we reach a higher plane,
with hope we carry on,
Confindent the night will pass
and soon we'll see the dawn.....

For the sun
is always shining
just above the cloudy haze,
And in our hearts
we know that soon
its warmth will fill
our days.

Emily Matthews

Please continue to Pray for all our friends battling cancer, and other illness, and for all of the Angel Parents that miss thier children so desperately.

Love & Peace


Monday, March 28, 2005 4:23 PM CST

Good Evening this Monday!!!!

We hope you all had a Wodnerful Easter Holiday Weekend!!!

Ours was very nice, we enjoyed family and friends that came to dinner, and had a very fun weekend!!!

Our dear friend Laurie Ourada stopped over on Saturday and brought us two balloons to release! One blue one for her son Daniel, and the other balloon, Orange for Carl!!!

After Church on Sunday, we stopped by the cemetery to release the balloons to heaven!!! On the count of three, Brayn and Sam each released their balloon. Just as the balloons started to drift above the trees into the sky, we were delighted by the occurance of three Canadian Honkers flying by just about the same time, and over the cemetery. Tom thought they were pretty close, and it almost looked like the balloons and birds were about to collide :0) We believe this was a sign from Carl!!! He always Loved feeding the Honkers at Silver Lake, and we have many stories about dodging "bird cap" in that park :0) It is not strange that Carl chose Canadian Honkers to send by as a sign, that was more than fitting!!!

Carl Loved birds and he even enjoyed feeding some (flamingos I think) with Dad and Freddy & Patti on his trip to Philadelphia, when they visited the zoo :0) Only Carl was feeding them skittles, not bread :0) Tom laughs as he tells the story about Carl feeding skittles, he said that Patti told Carl he was going to give those birds Diabetes :0) Carl's doves are doing good using their trap door!!! We have not done a real realease from too far away from the loft yet, they are still getting used to going out, and exploring a little, then coming back in all on their own!! They even go right out now when I open their door, and they fly out and seem to enjoy getting outside!!! Today I noticed one of the hens sitting on a nesting bowl, (yesterday we noticed straw in it) and she has an egg under her :0) I'm not sure if there are two, usually they lay two eggs at at time, but I only saw one? I guess with spring in the air, the birds are getting a little frisky, but that is what we need to keep our bird population growing!!! So this egg is a real Easter Egg!!!

Sydney is enjoying her time with her Dad in Texas, and will be coming back home tomorrow!! Sam is excited to get her back home, he got a new (used) dirt bike over the weekend from Cousin Jackies new store!!! It is just Sams size and he is having a ball riding around the farm on it!! Sam and Kate took turns all day yesterday, one riding the go-cart, and the other riding the dirt bike!!! Needless to say Sam was out and sleeping by 6:00pm last night after all of our company went home. We are all excited to get back together with all our family, and those we have not seen in awhile this coming weekend. We are celebrating Uncle Chuck's Birthday at the Raintree Hotel in the Wisconsin Dells!!! We have lots of fun activities planned to give Chuck a Brithday Party he will never forget!!! We are doing a Back to the 50's theme, and all dressing up with proper atire!!!

I know Carl would have been so darn cute in little rolled up blue jeans, and a white t-shirt, and slicked back hair!! Well if he had hair? Well yes of course he would have hair, if I am dreaming....he has a full head of hair!!! And don't forget the paste on mutton chops :0) Ooops I bet I wasn't supposed to post that...ssshhhhhhh

Anyway the whole Robinson clan is getting geared up for a family fun get-together weekend!!!!

HAPPY -0TH BIRTHDAY UNCLE CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for continuing to stop by and visit Carl's site, we enjoy that you still want to keep in touch, and it helps us feel like Carl is still so very much with us, as he definitely is, and we can feel his presence each day!!!

Please keep all our dear friends also battling cancer and other illness in your Powerful Prayers, and remember all of the other Angel Parents that miss their children so much!!

Please keep the Prayers coming for our friend John Hogan who is healing from an accident. He could use some of your Powerful Healing Prayers for a speedy recovery!!!

Sunset Observed

Have you ever stood silent
Before the night fall
Facing the west
Hearing birds call?

No matter your location
it is always there
Right at the tree line
For you to share

No need for investment
in travel afar
To witness God's beauty~
He's given us stars!

An evening adventure
To witness the sun
Setting at dusk
On the horizon

They change with the seasons,
Locations, and colors...
With deep orange and blue
Unlike any other

Clouds add dimension.
Rain blocks it out.
Yet, it's there every evening
Without a doubt!

A perfect dessert
To end every day...
You've only to look,
To thank God, and pray.

Leslie Droll

Love & Peace


Thursday, March 24, 2005 11:45 PM CST

Good Evening this Thursday to all our dear family and friends!!!

Thank you everyone for stopping by, and all of your Great notes of encouragement and Love that you leave us!! Thank you too for the emails and phone calls, I hope to catch back up with you all soon!!!

We are busily getting ready for Easter!!! We will be having dinner at our home this year, and we are very Excited to see everyone that is coming!!! We are anticipating a Beautiful weather day on Sunday!!!

To all of you that will not be here with us, and to everyone everywhere, we wish you all a most Blessed Easter Holiday and Wonderful Weekend!!!!!

The doves are doing just what they are supposed to, they have learned to use their trap door and come back in the loft just like we want them to!!! Tomorrow we plan to take down the fly pen, and let them out again "free" for the first time, and Pray they return the way they now know how to!! Then if all goes well, we plan to do our first release away from the building. I was thinking just part of the way down the driveway, then they will still be able to spot thier loft, and hopefully fly back to it!! If all goes well, then we will be able to start taking them out further to release them!!! We really hope to get them started working very soon, as we are so Anxious to get "Carl's Angel Wings" off the ground :0)

Sydney is spending her Easter break in Texas with her Dad, and Bryan will be here with us for the weekend!! Sam is all excited for coloring eggs at Grandma's and to do the Annual Easter Egg Hunt in the park on Saturday!!! It will not be the same without Carl, as the two of them enjoyed Easter and all of the frills so very much together. We recieved an email from our sweet little niece Kate the other day :0) I wanted to share something she said that was so very precious!!! ~

I cannot wait 'til Easter but then I can wait. The reason why I can wait is because my bestest cousin is not going to be there & the reason why I can't is because I love cloring easter eggs

Thanks Kate for your nice email, and for sharing your feelings about Easter and missing Carl. We will all miss Carl, and it will just never be the same without his high energy, and excitement to share with him. We will always hold all of those special memories of Easter spent with Carl, very close to our hearts, as we Celebrate the resurection of our Savior, and know that Carl is Happily spending Easter together with our Lord! I am sure he is busy up there with all of his friends coloring the most beautiful eggs imaginable!!! I can only imagine all of the orange eggs Carl will have sitting around drying :0)

Thank you for your continued support, and for all of your Prayers that give us strength each day!!!

Please remember all of our friends battling cancer and other illness in your Prayers. Please keep John Hogan in your Prayers as he is healing from an accident that happened a couple of weeks ago.

God Blessings to you all this Holy Easter Weekend!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
Bryan, Sydney
Sam & Angel Carl

Tuesday, March 8, 2005 9:39 PM CST

Wednesday evening!!!!!!!!!!!

FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got the OK to do our Lemonade Stand at the ~ MALL OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Mary for all of your help getting this approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Love you all!!!!!!!!


Tues Evening ~ Thanks Ann for sending this....You made me cry

Ask my Mom how she is
My Mom, She tells a lot of lies
She never did before.
From now until she dies,
She'll tell a whole lot more.
Ask my Mom how she is
And because she can't explain,
She will tell a little lie
Because she can't describe the pain.
Ask my Mom how she is,
She'll say"I'm alright".
If that's the truth,then tell me,
why does she cry each night?
Ask my Mom How she is,
She seems to cope so well.
She didn't have a choice you see
nor the strength to yell.
Ask my Mom how she is,
"I'm fine,I'm well, I'm coping".
For Gods sake Mom, just tell the truth
just say your heart is broken.
She'll love me all her life,
I loved her all of mine.
But if you ask her how she is,
She'll lie and say she's fine.
I am Here in Heaven.
I cannot hug from here.
If she lies to you don't listen,
Hug her and hold her near.
On the day We meet again,
We'll smile and I'll be bold.
I'll say,"You're lucky to get in here, MOM
With all the lies you told!"



Good Evening this Monday!!!

I wanted to share some Exciting News on Alex's Lemonade Stand, from Jay and Liz Scott!!! In an emial, the Scotts, tell how Alex's fund is helping to fund different Research Positions!!!

~ Alex's Lemonade Stand recently funded a Clinical Research Coordinator position for NANT. This is a position that has been in place for some time, but funding for the position was cut for this year.

It would be great if someone could figure out, who we, as parents, could most effectively complain to about this lack of funding

As many people on this list have supported Alex's Lemonade Stand, we wanted to make you aware of some of the projects that have been funded with lemonade money.

After lengthy discussions with researchers from around the country, most were telling us that there is a drastic need for funding of positions like data managers and other allied research associates. So we have worked very hard in funding positions that could not otherwise be funded.

The Lemonade Stand grants for 2005 include funding six full time and two part time research positions for 2005. These positions include data managers, a research nurse practitioner, a research assistant, and a clinical research coordinator, (and we hope to fund 2 more positions, this year).

Also three Young Investigator grants have been made for 2005.

Our goal is to be able to raise enough money this year to double the number of research positions funded for 2006.

Take Care

Jay & Liz Scott


It is not too soon to be thinking about Alex's Lemonade Stand and our Exciting Goal this year, to hold our stand at the "Mall of America" Actually I need to get busy working on this soon!!! The date we are planning is Sunday June 12th!!!!

Also we still have quite a few books on hand ~ "Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand" If anyone would like to purchase one please let me know!!! It makes for a Great Rememberance of Carl since he is one of the featured friends in the book!!!!!

Today I stopped by the cemetery on my way home, and was stunned by what I believe to be a sign from Carl!!! As I was getting out of my car, a Shrek song came on the radio :0) I smiled and proceeded to walk over to his grave. A pretty little pot of orange flowers that someone had brought to Carl was leaning over, so I leanded over to set up up straight. Also near his orange flowers was a little bag of Valentines that his sweet friends brought to him :0) I stood up and looked down, then I looked up at the sun peeking through the clouds. I looked down again, and then what I saw was a little shower of sparking/flashing fluttering type stars floating around my head. Just as I realized what was happening, I was just as dumbstruck, I closed my eyes and opened them again, and they were still circling around my head and sides??? I believe it was Carl.... Just letting me know that he knew I was there today :0)

When I told Tom about it later he thought I was having a highblood preasure effect~ "seeing stars" I know better, as this has never happened before, it surely must have been Carl!!!!

Thank you all for checking in, and for all of your Awesome Prayers lifting us up so high!!!!

Love to all


New Zeocast added!!! If the music gets irritating, just click on the "music" at the bottom of the box, and it will shut off the tunes :0)

Sam took second place last Saturday in the Redwood Valley Wrestling tourney!!! GO SAM!!!!!!!!!!!! We had quite a cheering section!!! Auntie Jill, Auntie Janet, Uncle Chuck, Cousin Nicki, Cousin Tim Wolter, Auntie Holly, Cousins Mike, Jeff, Blake & Abbey!!! Cousin Kate was next door in another gym with her Basketball tournament, So Uncle Johnny & Auntie Sheila were also there. It was a fun event, and we all had a ball YELLING for Sam!!! What fun Wrestling is, we hope that Sam will keep up his interest and want to continue in the years to come!!! Wrestling really seems to suit him well, and he is definitly built for it!!! He looks so darn cute in his little singlet outfit :0)

We are all doing well, always trying to keep busy!!! We are hoping the temperatures warm up soon, so we can get outside and do some more work on the dove loft!! The birds are doing good, but we did loose a few the weekend we tried to start training them, and let them out. We discovered some of the errors we made, and what we should have done. We should have had screened in a fly-pen area around the trap to keep them contained "outside" for a week or so, to get them used to coming in and going back out the door. Then they will learn how to use the trap door and know how to return to their loft. What I was told, was that the birds become so strong, and when they get out flying around they "fly" and if they have not learned to use the trap, they can get too far away and basically get lost :0( So these birds that I thought were stupid, are really not, but the trainers are very stupid!!! Oh well we are learning as we go, and we are not giving up!!! The Lord put this project on our hearts for a reason, and we feel so strongly about caring this through!!! We have more birds on order and will pick those up in a couple of weeks. Once we get back on track, it should be a piece of cake!!!! Right??? :0) Along with the funeral dove releases we plan to do, we are hoping to do a release at the opening ceremonies for the Relay for life Events this summer!!! My vision is to open a Beautiful white wicker trunk and release a flock of doves all together!!! One other main event this summer is our Niece Melissa's wedding. We are planning on the bride and groom doing a dove release with two doves after the ceremony!!! It will be so Beautiful!!! So we are very Excited to get Carl's Angel Wings Flying!!!!!!

Carl continues to be on our minds and we feel the void he left, daily. There are few days that go by, without tears. We struggle to find peace, but know that time will help to heal our wounds. On the 26th of February, marked the three month anniversary that Carl left us for Heaven. That weekend was very difficult for me especially. I don't know if it was the anniversary hitting me? Or just one of those unexpected whap in the face experiences that can take you by storm without warning? I don't know if it is better to try to block these desperate emotional feelings when they hit, or to make myself as sick as I did from crying so much? I am trying to learn to re-direct my thoughts to something Happy and positive about Carl, but I am still in this mode of going back to the day of his death, with visions of those painful moments surfacing over and over again in my mind. I find comfort in knowing how peaceful his passing was, but the conflict in my head is of this so "full of life" little boy, that should still be here, and how he slipped away so quickly. There are so many other children still battling this beast with every ounce of energy, and their parents still searching for treatment options to continue the fight. A part of me wishes we were still in this battle, even though so very draining and hopeless, we would still have time, even if a short while....Then the other part of me feels relief, that Carl is not enduring more pain and sickening treatments that would eventually not work anyway, I feel Joy that he is free and cured, and our minds are free forever from that worry of losing him.

We are so very Blessed to be surrounded by family and friends that still want to talk about Carl as much as we do, and still want to keep his memories Alive!!! How healing it is to have this support, it brings us comfort to sit and talk about “Carl Memories” and to laugh and cry together, as we all miss this little Angel boy so very desperately. We share our dreams that we wonder if Carl is communicating through, and we share little happenings that we find curious, and believe Carl is responsible for!!! We all feel him working in our lives!! We know he is very much Alive and must be very busy up there between entertaining all the Angels, & his heavenly friends, and challenging God with all of his silly little antics, and practical jokes he is performing :0) Carl had a smile that would brighten the darkest day, and a laugh that would cheer anyone, those many memories we all share, help to warm our hearts and Always make us smile... to remember :0)

Thank you all for your steady support and Love you continue to show our family!!! We are so very Blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to help hold us up, and to know we can count on, when we are needing to be held up, and sometimes even carried. We Appreciate that you know that we are still hurting and grieving, and need to keep talking about Carl, and you understand our need to keep his Memory Alive in our hearts and minds, as you too need our support just as much!!! Carl was Loved by all of you just as much, and we all need each other to hold up and Love.

Song, long be my heart
With such memories filled!

Like the vase in which roses
Have once been distilled ~

You may break, you may shatter
The vase if you will,

But the scent of the roses
Will hang round still.

~ Thomas Moore

If you find that hope eludes you and the future
Stretches before you dark and bleak, then you can
Ask another person to hold your hope for you, and to
Believe in you even when you have difficulty believing
In yourself. Then their hope can sustain your hope.

~ James E. Miller
I will give them an everlasting name
That will not be cut off.
~Isa. 56:5


Please remember in Prayer all of our friends battling cancer, and other illness, and all of the Angel Parents missing their children so terribly.

Love & Peace

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, March 2, 2005 3:02 PM CST

Good afternoon to everyone!!!

Thank you for stopping by, and for keeping our family so close to your hearts as you so faithfully do!

I would like to ask for PRAYERS for our dear friends Jay and Virginia from MD. Jay is currently at MSKCC in the hospital, in pain, and not doing very well. It breaks my heart to say that he will be joining our Angel Carl in Heaven soon. Jay and his Mom Virginia are two very special friends that we were Blessed to know when we went to NYC with Carl. Jay had lived at the NY RMH for about a year straight. He has been through almost every treatment and was never cleared of his Neuroblastoma. Jay has been the most Amazing fighter, and would never give up!! He Always managed to enjoy living despite all the sickness and pain he has had to endure along the way. Jay and Bryan got to be friends and spend some time together in NYC too, which was a real joy!!! They had lots of great times together, and Brayn will Always remember his friend!!! Our family will Always treasure the times we spent with both of them!! You may visit Jay's webpage by clicking here ~


Things have been going ok here on the homefront, not too much new to report. Sam has had Wrestling camp every night this week to prepare for his big Tourney this coming Saturday!!! We are all excited for the weekend, I believe Auntie Jill and Cousin Nickie are coming to watch Sam wrestle too!!!

Sydney has been busy with her school work, and busy watching the (older boys) at wrestling, while watching Sam during his practices :0) She has turned into quite a little lady!! We still are sticking to the NO dating until you are 21 rule!!! I know that is probably not going to happen, but we still keep telling her that :0)

We hope you are all having a Great week so far, and having warm sunshine wherever you may be!!! It is supposed to get up to 40 by the end of the week, and today it is sunny :0) So I am smiling :0)

It is not always ours to understand
why morning passes to midnight
without full chance of day.
But in the darkest hours,
the fight you were given,
however briefly,
will shine above you. . .
In the stars
and in the eyes
of an
-P.S. Points

We Love you all dearly!!!

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, February 20, 2005 10:58 AM CST

Good Morning this Sunday!!!

WOW two updates in two days, how about that!!!

I added new pictures, the above Zeocast with our Precious baby twins Kody & Kaylee. As you can see, they are growing and changing very fast!!! The babies are two months old, and they look so different :0) From the Hospital, as little tiny preemies, to thier Baptism Celebration yesterday, two cuddlie bundles of Joy!!! The babies were so perfectly behaved all through the church service!!! I am sure Carl was with us, wispering sweet soothing Angel talk in their ears, to keep them peaceful! In some of the pictures I noticed white circles near by and in the air, I always wonder if we are capturing Carl's spirit in these pictures with us? The Baptism, was very Special and so Beautiful. Tom and I were so touched to be chosen as Godparents to little Kody. What a special gift in our lives after such a tragic loss of our own precious little boy. It brought back memories of Carl's Baptism, 5 years ago in January. We will always treasure the memories of Carl's special relationship with his Loving Godparents, Uncle Chuck and Auntie Janet. And we hope to Love and guide our little Blessing Kody, just as much as Carl was, by his wonderful Godparents!!!

I also added a shutterfly link with pictures of Sam wrestling the past few weeks!!! Some are from the Redwood Falls wrestling meet, when the little guys got to do a match before the Varsity boys wrestled. Then the other pics are from the Sacred Heart match a couple weeks ago, where Sam took Third place!!! He was so proud to wear his medal and show everyone afterward!!! Sam is doing so well, he has certainly come a long way from when I had such a struggle getting him to go to T-ball a couple summers ago. He has grown from a scared, insecure little boy, into a compettitive, confident, proud athlete!! We are looking forward to March 5th, when Redwood will hold their youth wrestling tournament at 3:00pm!!! When you take a look at these pictures, notice the white round circles appearing in these photos too?? I notice two circles in a couple of them, and It makes me wonder if this is Carl, and his friend Daniel Ourada watching over Sam and protecting him??

I do believe Daniel and Carl are together in heaven, and they are watching over our families as well!!! I have to share with you a dream that Sydney had the night before last. She dreamt that she could talk to one of the doves that we have, and she asked it to go and find the doves that are missing, and show them how to get into the loft through the trap door. The dove left and brought back all the doves, and all but two doves went into the loft. Then she said we sprinkled corn on the ground, and the two doves went to the ground to eat. We took our net, to catch the two doves on the ground, and when we netted them, they changed into two boys (with Angel wings, and Halo's) the two boys were Carl and Daniel. Sydney then woke up... I am sure Carl is communicating to us, through these dreams. Our sweet niece Jenny also had a very powerful dream with Carl a few days ago. Jenny had been listening to the St. Judes radiio-a-thon for a couple of days at work, and in tears many times over the stories that were shared on the program. Some of the children talked about had Neuroblastoma, and some of the stories were very similar, and also some were about the children earning their Angel wings, very close to Carl's story. Jenny said she was Praying and talking to Carl to give us a sign that he was ok... That night (or early morning) she said she felt a tingling feeling (kind of like you have the chills) a feeling like Carl was hugging her from around her back. (Which is something Carl used to do all the time. He would Hugg us, and/or wrap his arms around our neck, or back from behind) Jenny was neeling on the floor at Grandpa & Grandma Robinson's house, by her little curio cabnet in the living room, facing Grandpa's recliner. She felt Carl wrapping his arms around her, hugging her. She said she did not see him, but she felt him and heard his sweet little voice talking to her. He told her that he visits the farm alot, and he likes to play with the cows in the barn :0) Jenny told him she Loves him and misses him....He told her he misses us too!! She said that she did not see Carl, but she could feel him there, and kind of saw an outline of him, and thought he could of had wings? I never questioned Jenny's credibility of her dream.... I am certain Carl did "without a doubt", visit Jenny, and communicate with her! I am so glad Jenny had this experience, and I am so glad he chose her to come to and work through. Carl Loved Jenny, and he knew that she and I are very close, so I know he chose Jenny for a good reason!!

Ok on to the tattoo experience!!! Pictures of our tattoo were added to the photo link (either on top or bottom of the page) All three of us went and braved all the horror stories, and graphic descriptions, and visual immages conjured up of this procedure. We all survived, and handled the whole deal quite well actually!!! We all like our "Carl tribute tattoo" and are glad we did this together!!! We are bonded for life with this common handprint replica that Carl imprinted last spring. At the time, who would have thought that his art-work, (a handprint flower) hung on the bulletin board at the Rochester Ronald McDonald House....Would turn into a tattoo, that we would share as a memorial tribute to Carl, after he earned his Angel wings...less than six months later. I am sure Carl is smiling knowing that we are wearing his handprints proud!!!!! Thank you Jackie for getting this tattoo designed, it is Awesome!!!

Tom has been out snowplowing since 5:00am. We are having our third measurable snowfall for the season, and we do have enough snow for the kids to do a little snowmobiling!! Well for a day or two maybe?? It is supposed to warm up to the fourties by the end of the week, so hopefully it will be melted by this time next week :0) SSHHHHHHHH don't tell the kids I said that :0)

Have a Wonderful Sunday, and for those that have Presidents day off :0) ENJOY your Holiday!!!!!

You are not alone, little soul,
Not here, not now,
Not before, not after.
We are all one, through all time;
And something greater than ourselves.
Always the same,
Always the one,
Always the Love you knew, and were,
And still are.

-B Milleson James

Love & Peace

Kelly & Tom
Bryan, Sydney,Sam
& Angel Carl

Friday, February 18, 2005 5:36 PM CST

Hello and Happy Friday to everyone!!!

Thank you all for "Still" checking in on us, it really touches our Hearts to know that you care enough to be looking in on us as often as you do!!!! THANK YOU and know that we will continue to update as long as there is still our dear family and friends stopping by :0)

The doves are proving to be a learning experience for Tom and I!!!! LOL ;0) We turned about half of the them loose last Saturday, and it took a few days to get some of them back. One was found killed, and about 7 are no where to be found??? One of our problems was that we should have let them go out on their own. We sort of helped them out the door, and we should have let them take the plunge on their own when they were ready. The missing doves may still show up eventually? But we are not counting on it at this point. We are even questioning the "homing" genetics in this whole batch we have?? A very reputable pigeon company "Foy's" that originated in Minn, and is now in PA, sells these precious white homers. We are going to replace our lost birds with a bunch from Foy's and hopefully get back on track soon!!! We are not giving up on the little darlings in the loft just yet, they will get some more training when the weather will be warm for a few days in a row, in case some stubborn birds prefer sitting in trees, over their warm loft!!! I was quite nerve wracking going outside and seeing them sitting in a tree, during that sloppy snowey/rain we had last weekend. They are quite hardy however, and none of them appear sick at all. We were driving back home one evening, and turned into the driveway. I said to Tom "Is that one of the Doves out there in the field?" So Tom shined his lights out in the plowed field, and sure enough one of the birds was just sitting there on the ground??? OK what is up with that??? Just sitting there waiting for anything to pounce on it and have a midnight snack!!! Not a sitting duck, but a sitting dove!!! So we went and got the fish net and drove back out to the dove. Tom snuck up on it and netted it quite easily. We brought it back to the loft, and let it loose with his other friends!!! He was very Happy to get back home and see the others!!! So our next step is to get a new pen ready to house the new pigeons that will be arriving soon. We hope this will all get done within a week or so, and we are Praying for warmer weather to allow for more training of our Polish bunch of doves!!!

Tomorrow is Carl's baby twin cousin's Kody & Kaylee's Baptism Celebration!! We are all Excited, and looking forward to this very special day for our little sweeties!!! Tomorrow I am joining my sweet nieces in getting a very special tattoo in rememberance of Carl!! Jackie had an Awesome tattoo designed of Carl's hand prints and a Halo above it. Carl's hands are done in Orange and it is so Beautiful!! I have never considered getting a tattoo before, but after seeing what Jackie had done, and how nice it turned out, I was very Excited to get one too!! So Jenny, Jessie and I have appointments tomorrow morning in Willmar to get our special tattoo done!!! We all think it will be even more special that we are getting this same tattoo together!!! It will kind of be a special bond we will share. Bryan likes this tattoo too, and he wants to have this done himself when he is 18. Which believe it or not, will be September 18th 2005!!! So Bryan will join us with Carl's handprint tattoo later this summer. Wow it will be Bryan's GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!!! We girls will be getting ours on our ankel, but Bryan is thinking about having his larger on his arm?? To see Jackies tattoo (that we are all getting) go to Bryan's website, and click on the Photo link. I added it to Bryan's pictures, to show him what it would look like, and you can go there and check it out too if you like.

I will sign off for now, and wish you all a Wonderful Weekend!!!! GOD BLESS you all, and once again, THANK YOU for checking in with us, and for all of your Loving Prayers that continue still.

Today I stumbled and once again
was lifted up by an unseen hand.
What comfort and joy that knowledge brings
For I hear the whisper of Angel wings.

Author Unknown

Love & Peace

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, February 2, 2005 7:06 PM CST

Hello this Saturday evening!!! A quick update for now, then more to come soon. We let about 12 doves out this afternoon, and they clearly were nervous and confused :0) We expected they would return to their loft, but instead they perched on the roof, and practiced flying to nearby trees. We don't have to worry about them flying off anywhere, they want to stay home which is good!!! As for getting them back in their loft??? Well to make a long story short, we still have about 8 birds roosting in a tree for the night :( So tomorrow we will try to get them back in the loft, and begin lesson two of flight training :0) We will keep you posted, and hopefully get a complete update soon!!! Thank you all for your Love & Interest in our Carl's Angel wings project, and for keeping us all close to your hearts!!! God Bless you all!!

Love & Peace
Kelly & Tom
& Family

Saturday Feb 12th 2005 6:33AM
Good Morning this Saturday!!!!! Check out the new pics added, we took a few of the Doves in their new loft the past couple of days!!! They are doing Wonderful and some are starting to find mates :0) Today will be the first day of flight around the farm!!! We are Excited, and Anxious to see them fly for the first time outside, and return to their loft!!! I will be taking pictures and I promise an update later today!!!

Until Later, Love & Peace



Good Evening Everyone!!

Wow it is hard to believe it is already February 2, it does not seem like we should be out of December yet. The days keep passing, and time continues to tick away, life goes on yet we still feel this void in our hearts as though it were only yesterday that Carl left us. We can get through some days feeling strong and powerful, and then the next day will be going along just fine and something can trigger that gut wrenching pain, and the tears flow like a river once again. I was driving home with the kids after school yesterday, and we were talking and laughing and all of a sudden something triggered that pain, and Sydney burst into tears. She said "Mom I can't remember his voice anymore" :..( We cried all the rest of the way home, and I tried to assure the kids that we can just think of Carl and we will hear his voice again if we try really hard. We all long so very much to see him, and hear his sweet little voice, as he used to chatter constantly. When we got home, we found a package waiting on the deck. We brought in the mail and the package. I opened some letters, and found a card from Louise and Blair Anderson, some very dear friends that also have experienced the loss of their son. I know it was about this time a few years ago that Blair and Louise shockingly learned that their son Ryan had been killed in a snowmobile accident. These wonderful people, hurting and grieving for their own loss, have reached out to us, to offer more Love and Support to us because they know the pain and agony we still are feeling two months later. I know that they are feeling these same feelings we are, and especially near the anniversary of thier son's tragic accident. May God Bless the Anderson's for all of the Love and Comfort they have given to us. Please keep them in your Loving Prayers as they too are missing thier precious son. After I opened the mail, I went on to open the package that had come from my sweet friends Holly & Karla from Wisconsin. What we found inside, as I was opening the package through sobs....Was a beautiful wooden box. It is a memory box to keep special little things of Carl in... to remember him. On the top of the box is written ~ " I am with you Always" Which made me cry even more.... I told Sydney, Look at this Sydney, Look at what it says, I think this came today, for a reason, and it is a sign from Carl that he is with us Always... Thank you to Blair and Louise, and Holly & Karla for your Love you sent to us. You have touched our hearts, and we Love you all dearly!!! Thank you to everyone that continues to think of us, and know that this process of grieving is not an overnight thing... grieving the loss of a child is a lifelong struggle. We have Great days, and we will have the lowest of low days in amoungst the fine ones, and this will never end, as long as we Love, we will grieve forever...It is because of Love, that loss is so painful.

What have we been up to??? Carl's Memorial (grave stone) is in the works. We are working with Phil at Nelson~Martin Funeral Service and Borth Memorial's for Carl's Memorial. It will be very beautiful when it is all complete! We are having a picture of Carl and his 4H calf "Spike" etched in the stone, along with a picture of a dove. We have chosen the verse from Luke 3.22

"And the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form, as a dove, and a voice came from heaven, "Thou art my beloved Son; with thee I am well pleased."

The doves are coming along very good!!! Tom (tool time Tom ~ just kidding heeheeehee) has been busy working on their new loft!!! He and Uncle Chuck moved the building to our farm last week, and this past weekend, Tom & Uncle's Denny, Chuck & John worked on the exterior. It is now all enclosed with some new siding in spots, a door and four new windows!! As soon as it gets warm enough, I can get busy painting!!! This weekend we will try to finish the inside pens and get the trap and holding pen installed. We should be able to move the doves into their new home "hopefully" by the end of this weekend!!!

Sam has been busy with Wrestling these past weeks!! He had a little exibition match on Monday evening, and will be having another one Thursday at the Redwood School at 6:00pm. Their scheduled tourney was cancelled from a couple of Saturdays ago, and will still be re-scheduled in the near future, but they are doing these little practice tourneys before the big kids matches for practice!!! These little guys are so darn cute to watch!!! Sam was given special Wrestling shoes from our little friend Dominic Ourada, who is a size larger than Sam!!! They fit Sam just perfect, and he is so Proud of his new shoes!!! Thank You Dominic for passing your shoes on to Sam!!! Sam will wear them well!!!

Grandma Phyllis Update ~ Grandma had surgery today on her back, at Unity Hospital in Fridley. She had been having such terrible pain in her lower back for a couple of weeks. Jill and Joy were there with her today, and everything went well. The latest report was that she was not having any pain, but she was shortly out of recovery. We will pass along any updates, but Grandma should be back at Woodale in a day or two. She is in room 3001 at Unity Hospital.

Thank you for checking in, and for all of your Loving Support that continues for our family!!! We Love you all!!! We will update again soon!!!

Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises
was often times filled with your tears.
And how else can it be?
The deeper that sorrow carves into your being,
the more joy you can contain.
Is not the cup that holds your wine
the very cup that was burned in the potter's oven?
And is not the flute that soothes your spirit,
the very wood that was hollowed with knives?
When you are joyous, look deep into your heart
and you shall find it is only
that which has given you sorrow
that is giving you joy.
When you are sorrowful look again in your heart,
and you shall see that in truth
you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

Kahlil Gibran

Love & Peace

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, January 21, 2005 3:29 PM CST

Good Afternoon, and Happy Friday to All!!!

The above link was just added ~ Carl's Angel Wings ~ I finally took some pictures to share with all of you!!! I have also decided that my next hobby will be Dove Photography :0) It is quite a challenge getting the right angle, and timing to capture their total beauty!! The wings and tail feathers are so breathtaking as they take off or land. The sound of their wings flapping is also so Amazing to behold!!! The birds are doing well, they are now used to their temporary home until thier new cozy loft is complete!!! Tom found an old shed/garage that he was offered to have, so as soon as the weather clears, the guys are going to work on moving the building home. We have an old cement slab down in front of the house, on the edge of the grove that we will set this up on. After a few repairs, and some inside work to hang partitions, perches, and nesting boxes, we should be able to move the doves to their new loft!!! We will then start letting them out and train them to return through a trap door. This is all so Exciting to me, and it feels so good to be moving steadily forward with our dream!!! It feels so right to be putting energy into something this Wonderful to keep our Precious Carl's Name and Memory Alive!!! I just know that Carl had put this whole idea into our heads as we feel our grief lightly lift, when we foucus on his doves.

Today we got our first measurable snowfall. School closed early, and the kids are enjoying thier afternoon home playing!!! I was lucky to get started on the mail route early today, and got finished in time to pick the kids up from school. They always like it when Mom shows up and gets them off the bus at school :0) It sounds like tonight and tomorrow will still be a wintery mix of snow and sleet, and strong winds :0( I just keep thinking of warmth, and sunshine, and BBQ'S and Bon-Fires, and Go-carts, and Beautiful Flying Doves, and Flowers.....Mommy Flowers.

Tom and I have a new role and purpose in our lives. We have been chosen as God Parents for our little baby twin boy ~ Kody James Robinson!!! We are Thrilled beyond words, and so feel so very Honnored that Matt & Mandi gave us this privelidge!!!! We are so Happy we will have this precious little guy to bond with, Love up, and Spoil Rotten!!!! I will try to get some pictures of the twins Kody & Kaylee added soon!!! They are so Adorable, and so very Moochable!!!! I know that Carl is looking down on his precious little cousins, and watching over them carefully. He was so Excited for those babies to be born, I am sure he is visiting them and protecting them!!!

I also believe that Carl has been watching over Mom while she is working every day!!! I have never seen so many dogs in my path, while I have been working before?? I have always seen dogs, that isn't the question, but so many dogs come up to me or the car to show me they are Happy to see me!!! (not the typical bite the seat off the mail carrier routine) I get such a kick out of a Happy dog that jumps up and puts his paws in the window to get some lovin :0) It makes my day to be greeted by these furry friends, I just believe that Carl is up to this, as he knows how this makes Mom Happy and Smile!!! :0)

Thank you all for stopping by!!!! And for keeping those Prayers flowing for our family!!!! We Love you all dearly and Love knowing that you still read Carl's site, and check up on us so often!!!!

Please keep all the children battling Cancer and other illness in your Powerful Prayers!!

Dear God,

I have lost my precious Love.
I feel as though
my spirit is broken.
Please lift my heart
above this pain
to embrace your peace.
Reveal to me the truth
and show me that
Love never dies.
Marianne Williamson

Love & Peace


Thursday, January 13, 2005 3:58 PM CST

Hello to all our dear family and friends!!!

I guess it is time for an update, I am starting to get emails from many of you wondering how we are doing? :0) Thank you all for continuing to check in on Carl's site, and for keeping us so close in your thoughts and Prayers!!! We are so Blessed to have all of your steady support still! We Appreciate, and Love you all dearly!!!

Our family has been very busy it seems, as the weeks keep ticking by, and the days seem to fly, but it still is so very different and strange without Carl being the one to keep us busy. We were so accoustomed to running here and there, it just seemed to be our normal. But now we are living in a different sense of busy, and it feels busier than before. If we could have kept Carl with us, we would have been satisfied to live our crazy busy life taking care of him...forever if we would have been allowed.

The kids have been adjusting well, and don't seem to show any emotional distress. We talk about Carl constantly, and are always finding things that remind us of him. Things he would say, or things he would do. We do believe Carl has been giving us some signs. He wants us to know that he is visiting from Heaven and very much alive! Last Sunday Tom and I drove to Alden Mn and came home with 24 white doves/homing pigeons (More on this later) Sydney and Sam stayed with Uncle John and Aunt Sheila for the day. When we got home, the kids and I were in the kitchen talking, as I was making them a sandwich. We were talking about their cousins Sarah & Kate, and then the kids took their sandwiches into the dining room to eat. A few moments later a picture of Kate (on the frig with a magnet) flew off the frig, and made a loop in the air, then a larger loop and landed on the floor in the dining room. Sydney yelled "MOM CARL'S HERE"!!! Later in the evening, I was sitting at the table with Sam helping him with his homework, I got up to walk into the kitchen. I looked down, and on the floor by my feet was a rolled up drawing of Carl (A Charicature of Carl done in NY) which was in a bread basket on top of the frig?? Carl again??? It was pretty curious, since nobody was messing around with things on top of the frig, and it could not have just fallen down??? I have been reading a book about "The Other Side" about how our Loved ones do pay us visits, and want us to know that they are very much alive, and well!! I have found much comfort in this reading, as there are other things mentioned that our Loved ones may do to get our attention!! Pictures is a common item that is manipulated, to get our attention. One evening the kids and I came home from shopping. Sam went into my bedroom and was going to hop in my bed to watch TV. He wanted Sydney to come in and turn the TV on for him, so she did. Sydney said "MOM LOOK AT THIS!!" There was a polaroid picture of Carl leaning up against a check box on top of the dish box on the TV? She asked me if I did that? And No I did not, I had the picture laying flat, next to the dish box. When Tom got home, we asked him if he did it, and he also said No??? This picture thing did get our attention good!!!!! We try to pay attention now for other signs, or things that seem to be out of the way, but do to our house usually being quite disorganized it must be hard for Carl to decide what he can move around so that we would notice :0) Some of you have told me about dreams you have had of Carl!!! Also a couple of times certain songs have come on the radio and then followed by "I'm a believer" by Smashmouth (From Shrek)Both Auntie Sheila and I had this happen to us.. Maybe coincedence?? Maybe Not???

Sams fishing trip ~ Tom and Sam went up to lake Elizabeth to go fishing last Saturday!! They had a Great day, but only caught two fish :( One was pretty small, but the other they brought home to show Mom!!! Sam was pretty Proud of his fish (Perch) Tom cleaned it, and fried it up!!! We all had a taste of Sam's fish!!! They had a nice day to go fishing, and they had fun!!! Uncle Chuck met them at the lake too!! Tom said that Sam enjoyed eating the snacks and drinking Pop that they brought with almost more than fishing!!!

The Doves ~ or as we will call it "Carl's Angel Wings"

Tom and I wanted to do something that would carry on Carl's memory for a very long time. Something of a living memorial in Honnor and Tribute to Carl!!! We came up with the idea of starting to do "Ceremonial Dove Releases" like we did at Carl's funeral service. We want to give something back to our family and friends and community for all of the support and Love we have have been given. Our plan is to offer the free gift of a dove release to any family interested, that is planning thier Loved one's final arrangements with Nelson-Martin Funeral Service. From the moment we met Phil Martin at the hospital, the night Carl had passed, we felt such a sense of trust and Love. Phil told us the other day that when he saw me holding Carl at the Hospital, he didn't know what to say....He didn't need to say a word, as Phil sat down next to me and put his arm around me, I could feel everything he couldn't say, and that was all that mattered. We were treated with grace and dignity, during our planning of Carl's funeral, we could not have received more sincere compassion anywhere!! We are so very Thankful for everything Phil has done for us for Carl! We met with Phil a couple of days ago to order Carl's grave memorial, and we got that all set and in the works!! We mentioned our idea to Phil, about the doves, and he was just as Excited as we are about this whole project!!! We will keep you all posted as this whole plan transpires!!! The doves are eight weeks old right now. They have not been allowed outside to fly around yet. After a few weeks, we will slowly let them outside in our yard, and get them to go back into their loft from a trap door. Then after they have all mastered that well, we can take them further away, small distances at first, then further and further to practice flying back home. Eventually they will return home from anywhere we release them from!!!

We are looking forward to Jenny & Jessie coming home this weekend!!! We miss everyone so much since Christmas!!! The kids have got to see the twins Kaylee & Kody a couple of times, but I have not had the pleasure yet. Maybe this weekend I will get to see them and hold them, and mooch them up :0) They are both home and doing very well!!! I saw Mandi today as she stopped in the post office, and she looks Fantastic!!!

Thank you all for stopping by, and for all of your continued Love and support!!! Try to stay warm, at least here in Minnesota, it is freeezzzzzing out there!!!!!! I heard it is supposed to warm up to about 5 above by Monday Yippeeee!!!!! We still have little snow, just a small bit, not enough for sledding or snowmobiling yet. But I am not complaining, only the kids :0)

Take Care everyone, have a Great weekend!!!!

Love & Peace


Monday, January 3, 2005 9:09 PM CST

Good Morning everyone this Saturday!!! Be sure to take a peek at Camp Jornada's Website ~ link above ~ Stacey added pics (home page & view photos) of the kids on New Years Day at the Donald House and the Hotel swimming!!! Tom and Sam are going Ice Fishing today :0) I am sure Carl will be right there with them smiling :0)

Have a Great weekend everyone!!!

Love & Peace



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! To all our dear family and friends!!

This past year started out with sadness and ended with sadness. We learned on December 1, 2003 that Carl's neuroblastoma was growing again in his little body. We began chemo again right after we made a plan of attack, then the year 2004 began to unfold. In January we took a wonderful vacation to Disney World!!! Carl was feeling well and we all enjoyed every minute of our Magical trip!!! We made many memories during our first real family vaction we were Blessed to have together with Carl!!! February started a roller coaster of progress with Carl's treatment, and the heartaches of infection and antibiotics nearly every month. We were Exstatic to hear his test results were very close to being considered "NED" (No Evidence of Disease) we kept our hope alive, and faith strong, both never faultered as we continued our fight!!! In April we returned to New York for a Comprehensive Re-Evaluation. Carl was doing well, and his disease was considered stable. The highlight of our trip, was a reunion with our Dear cousins Freddy & Patti, and Ann & Keith Hauck!! We will never forget this precious time we spent with our NY family and friends!! Carl would recall this weekend many times, and tell us about his favorite moments he remembered!!! The summer was right around the corner, and we began working on Alex's Lemonade Stand, and gearing up for our big Event at the Minnesota Twins vs. Philadelphia Phillies game!!! Carl was unable to attend the Lemonade Stand as he had become ill a few days prior, with a (dose limiting toxitity) reaction to Irinotecan, the chemo he was treating with. Carl spent almost two weeks in the Hospital between Redwood Falls, and Rochester until he was recovered. We went ahead and held the Lemonade stand, and Carl (with the help of Auntie Jill and some of the sweet nurses) served up Lemonade from his Hospital room, and sold $20.00 himself for Alex's Lemonad Stand on June 12th 2004!!!! Carl's chemo was then changed to another doseage and schedule. After two rounds of this combination, we learned that his neuroblastoma had progressed, and it was now 60n his bone marrow, and spots were seen on his liver. Again his chemo was changed, we did a high dose round of Cytoxin/Adriamycin, and Carl became our little baldy again. His counts were very affected from both the chemo, and the cancer, so he required many transfusiions for many weeks. Chemo was changed again to try and surpress the neuroblastoma, and recover his counts. The counts got better, but the cancer started to progress in the liver. Through all of the summer trips to Rochester, and the Redwood Hospital for transfusions, and antibiotics (more infections) Carl had a wonderful couple of months playing with Sam, Sydney, his cousins, and enjoying all the things little busy boys do!! Carl got to bring his calf "Spike" to the Renville County Fair!!! This is one of our Highlights of the year, and we will remember how Proud Carl was of his calf, for the rest of our lives!!! Carl had another line infection, but his fever was managed enough to keep him out of the hospital for a couple days allowing him to spend two Wonderful days with his family at the fair!!! Watching Carl invite any passer-by to pet his calf, and seeing the smile on his face were the most priceless moments we have ever had!!! Carl was in his glory, and we were just as Proud of him, as he brought many smiles to faces those two days of the fair!!! Carl's summer was not all pain and agony, he enjoyed life each and every day to the fullest!! He never stopped to rest, or complained of pain, as he knew that he may not get to run and play if he admitted any discomfort. Carl Loved his time on the farm, and his time in Rochester!!! When Sam went back to school, Carl was a very sad little boy, he would even ask when we would be going to Rochester again. Carl did Love his time at the Donald House where he spent many hours playing with his buddy Andrew and other kids he met there!!! Even in the Hospital, Carl made fun out of each and every day, and found Joy in riding his little tractor like a maniac, and making trips to the playroom for activities whenever he could!!! Carl needed to go to school, and he wanted to go to school more than any child I have ever known. Carl wanted to go to school, just like Sydney and Sam, and he wanted to learn just like the other kids did!!! I was able to get Carl enrolled in Head Start, and we were so Excited for his first day to happen!!! Carl begged me every day to go to school, and he could hardly wait for his first day to come!!! The rest of the story is very sad. Carl went to Philadelphia for a treatment we had hoped and Prayed would slow his cancer, and give us more time and options to keep him with us longer, and allow him to go to school, just as he wanted so bad. After the MIBG treatment, Carl came home and was never the same. His cancer had progressed terribly the last week before the treatment, and he would never get that chance to go to school. One week after Carl returned from Philadelphia, his body quit fighting. Carl never gave up, but his little body stopped working. Carl would never have to fight for his life, or feel this dredded pain ever again. He earned his Angel wings, and flew from this life into the life he had so deserved.... He was cured of Cancer forever!!! Carl Won his long battle....In Heaven!!! Carl is now our little Angel in Heaven, and our lives will never be the same without him. What does 2004 mean to us??? It was the Greatest Joy we could have ever known, especially when we thought he was nearly cancer free once more. And it was the Greatest Sadness we have ever known, when Carl became cancer free. As Carl's button says ~ "Cancer No More in 2004"

Now we begin 2005. A new year, and a new life. Carl has a new life too....he has a new life of complete and total Happiness!!! Carl is still with us, but with us in another sense. He still surrounds our lives, and is present in our hearts more than ever!!! We think about Carl constantly, and Pray that he gives us signs from heaven that he is well and Happy!! We are comforted with the thought that we will one day be with Carl again, and that to Carl the time of waiting will not seem so long. In God's time it will feel like the blink of an eye. Carl will be with us and watching over us, until that day we can join him in Heaven for that Wonderful Reunion that we await!!!

Our weekend was very nice!!! On Saturday January 1st, we put on a house supper at the Donald House in Rochester!!! It was so fun, and we all had a Wonderful time doing this!!! We enjoyed visiting with Deb and Andrew, and Shelly, Justin & Ashleigh from Crookston!!! Our crew included Uncle John & Auntie Sheila, Sarah & Kate, Uncle Chuck, Uncle Denny, Auntie Janet, Auntie Jill & Cousin Nickey, Auntie Joy, and Tom & I, and Bryan, Sydney & Sam. We served Roast Beef sandwiches, Augrautin Potatoes, salads, and we served a Happy New Years cake with Ice Cream!!! It was good to go back to the Donald House, but I felt very emotional that Carl was not there with us for the first time. One little girl even asked where Carl was (a little friend he had played with) this nearly broke my heart as I explained to her that Carl passed away. Oh how I wished I could turn back the calander a couple of months, and have him come running in the room to ask everyone "Whatcha Doin?"

After our house supper, we all went over to our hotel and the kids all swam and played for a couple of hours!!! Stacey, Jesanna & Kyle, and Megan from Camp Jornada all stayed at the Hotel too!!! We had a nice evening of visitng and laughing!!! it was so good too, to hear many Carl memories told throughout the day and night!!! Carl made so many people smile, and laugh :0) I am sure he was so Happy to know that we were all together and had such a nice time this weekend, and that his Memories are so much alive in our hearts as we talk about his many funny moments!!! The hotel also brought on many emotions for me as we had celebrated Carl's 4th Birthday last December there, and Carl and I had stayed there many times during treatments. All of Rochester is loaded with many memories of Carl. He was everywhere in Rochester.

Thank you all for continuing to check in with us, we appreciate all of your Love and Support still!!! You are so important in our lives, and we are grateful for your ongoing support!!!

Please keep all of the children battling cancer or other illness in your Powerful Prayers!!!

They whom we love and lose
are no longer where they were before.
They are now....
Wherever we are.
-Saint John Chrysostom

I can tell you this
about Angel children,
from my heart, where I know its truth:
In the hand of God
or at his right side,
or on the cobbled, golden street of heaven,
his winged Angel Children
surpass in Love and Joy
all that they ever knew with us,
And lose forever
the merest memory of pain.
-B Milleson James

both from "I am wherever you are" by N.A. Noel

Peace & Love

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, December 30, 2004 4:36 PM CST

Hello this Beautiful Thursday!!!!!

Today is December 30th, sunny right now, 50+ degrees, no snow in SW Minn??? I can't help but wonder if Carl has his hands in this little Phenomenon?

Thank you to everyone that released balloons for Carl to Honnor his 5th Birthday on the 28th!! We were so touched to be at Sophia's wake on Tuesday evening and have people know that it was Carl's birthday!!! We were very Happy knowing that many Orange balloons were sent up to Carl that day, and we are sure he was very pleased!!! We could imagine Carl and Sophia catching them as they floated up to greet them....both silly little Angels giggling all day as they enjoyed all of your Birthday Balloons sent with Love!!!

We are so glad we were able to go to Boston to be with Diane & Dave and her family for Sophia's Celebration of Life. Thank you to EVERYONE that made it possible for us to make the trip!!!!! We met so many warm loving people there, and visited with friends we knew, Bob Oconnor Anna Bananna's Dad from Chicago, and Ellen Hanson from Cape Cod!! It was so good to seem them again, and having some time to visit together. Dianes whole family was so welcoming to Tom and I, we enjoyed every minute of getting to know them!!! Sophia's funeral was just as sad and Beautiful as Carl's. The church was so Beautiful with flowers and greenery, the music was equally as Beautiful, it was all just so Beautiful!!! The singer was especially picked by Diane, as she found her at a Chirstmas eve service somewhere else, Diane said she knew that Sophie would love this woman to sing to her. And she did sing to Sophia, soo Beautifully!!! We feel peace knowing that Carl and Sophia are up there together, and they are soo Happily playing!!!

Sydney called me today while I was working, she wanted to tell me of a dream she had a day or two ago. She said that we were at a clinic or Hospital? Tom and I were talking to Doctors about Carl's situation. She said that we were waiting for results or something?? Waiting for an answer If Carl was cured or if we would have to give up. Sydney said, Carl came out to her and said "Sissy I don't have cancer anymore!!!" I told her that maybe this is a message to her and us, that he is ok, and he is telling us he is cured in heaven!!!! Exactly what Sydney thought too!!!!

Thank you all for continuing to check in on us, and for all of your notes and emails!!! Your support has not failed, as we feel all of your Prayers giving us strength through these difficult weeks!! We are very Blessed to have all of your faithful Love!!! God sure knew what he was doing when he chose Carl to bring so many people together. If this was his mission, I think it was a very successful one!!! God Bless you all!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Saturday, December 25, 2004 5:45 PM CST

Merry Christmas to all our dear family and friends!!!! May you all be finding Joy and Peace this Holy Day and Enjoying the Celebration of our Saviors Birth!!!

We have been so saddened by the loss of two more of our Precious warriors. Little Trey and Sophia are spending Christmas with Jesus this year as Beautiful Angels. I know Carl is showing them all around and had probably lined up two Hot Wheels vehicles for his friends and they are busily racing around the Golden Streets of Heaven Smiling ear to ear and gigiling together :0) Please keep both Trey's family and Diane & Olivia, Sophia's Mommy & sister in your Powerful Prayers at this most difficult time. I have heard that God chooses the best to bring home during HIS Holy Season, and this Beautiful time of year will Always provide the Best of Memories of our Angels in Heaven!

We will be canceling our Balloon Release at the farm on Tuesday December 28th, so that Tom and I can go to Boston to be with Diane for Sophia's Celebration of Life. I still encourage anyone that wishes, to go ahead and release balloons on Tuesday anyway, from wherever you may be in Honnor of Carl's 5th Birthday!!!! We will still be sending some balloons to the Rochester Ronald McDonald House, and we will try to send some up to heaven for Carl from Boston. Carl will not mind if they come from everywhere, and at different times :0) I know he will be watching over us in Boston, and he will know how much we needed to be with Diane with her loss of Angel Sophia.

We have had a very nice Christmas!! Bryan is at home and did not get to be here with us, but will be coming out next week to Spend some time with us then!! Our family is planning on putting on a house supper at the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester on New Years Day!!! We are looking forward to getting together with family again, and seeing all our friends at the Donald House!!! We miss our friends there so much, and we want to be sure and see Carl's best buddy there Andrew, as he will be going home in a couple of weeks.

We started our Christmas Holiday by putting up a Beautiful Memorial Candle Holder with a 7 day candle, at the cemetery by Carl's grave. We lit the candle and then went to the Christmas vigil at chruch. The church looked so pretty with all of the Poinsetta's and greenery. I was so touched to see one of the Poinsetta's near the manger on the Alter was holding one of Carl's Memorial Cards. We went to Janets for our traditional Christmas Eve Family gathering. I was worried about emotions at Janets, because all of the kids Loved Auntie Janets so much!!! It is their favorite Memory of Christmas, and I wondered how it would feel without Carl there with us. I do think somehow he was right there with us, and we knew he was not far away!!! Some things we did at Auntie Janets were tradidional, and others were very new!! I think the new helped, and made for new traditions to carry on!!! Like our wine and beer tasting contest's :0) We had so much fun and lots of laughs too!!! I hope this doesn't mean we're all turning into a bunch of drunken wine-o's :0) After we left Auntie Janets we drove through the cemetery to check and see if Carl's Candle was still glowing. When we turned up the street and got near the cemetery, we could see the bright red glow from the road. It was so Pretty!!! I knew Carl would love his candle, because he was always in to flashlights, and lights :0)

We enjoyed some time at home this morning with Sam and Sydney getting their Santa presents!!! Sam was very Excited to get the Remote Control Hummer he asked Santa for!!! Sydney got a Stereo Boom Box for her room!!! It was so fun to see the Excitement in Sam especially, I wondered if Carl was looking down with a smile on his face :0) The last time Tom and Carl and Uncle Chuck were in Rochester, they stopped at Cabella's and they picked out a Ice Fishing House. It was so cute, when they got home, I was laying in bed with Carl talking about his day with him.. I asked him "Did you and Dad get a Ice Fishing House today?" And before I could get all the words out, Carl was SSSHHHHHHHHH'ing me and putting his little hands over my mouth :0) He was so worried that Sydney and Sam would find out, and he wanted to keep it a secret. Tom set the Ice Fishing House up out in the front yard last night after Sam was sleeping, and he woke up to a Big Surprise outside this morning!!!! We are not sure the Ice conditions? But we may try to go Ice fishing tomorrow, and I am sure Carl will be sitting right there with us, very very Pleased!!!!

We had dinner with my Sister Holly & her Husband Terry & their family today!!! It was so tasty, we really enjoyed a wonderful dinner!!! We all went up to Woodale then and spent some time with My Mom and Dad!!! We had some pepermint candy cane ice cream (my favorite) and cookies!!! We also watched the movie (The Christmas Story) Also another Christmas favorite of mine!!!! We stopped at the cemetery again, to check on Carl's candle, and it was still burning brightly!!! What a warm feeling to see that candle glowing for Carl. I am sure it will be even more Beautiful when we get a blanket of white snow covering the ground.

Speaking of snow, we do not have any snow to speak of!!! I am not complaining though, I have a feeling once we get it, we will be shoveling for about three months straight. The kids are so Excited for snow however so they can go snowmobiling and sledding!!! So we are hoping for the kids to get a fresh Beautiful Blanket of snow soon!!!

We would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Peaceful weekend with all of your families and Loved ones!!!


I see the countless Christmas trees around the world below.
With tiny lights, like Heaven's stars, reflecting on the snow.
The sight is so spectacular, please wipe away that tear;
For I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.

I hear the many Christmas songs that people hold so dear.
But the sounds of music can't compare with the Christmas choir up here.
I have no words to tell you the joy their voices bring.
For it is beyond description to hear the angels sing.

I know how much you miss me, I see the pain inside your heart.
But I am not so far away, we really aren't apart.
I cannot tell you of the splendor or the peace inside this place
Can you imagine Christmas with our Savior, face to face?

I will ask him to light your spirit as I tell him of your love.
So then pray for one another as you lift your eyes above.
So be happy for me, dear ones, you know I hold you dear.
And be glad I'm spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.

I sent you each a special gift, from my heavenly home above.
I sent you each a memory of my undying love.
After all, love is a gift more precious than pure gold.
It was always most important in the stories Jesus told.

Please love and keep each other, as my Father said to do.
For I can't count the blessing or love he has for each of you.
So have a Merry Christmas and wipe away that tear.
Remember, I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.


Peace to All

Kelly & Tom
Bryan, Sydney
Sam & Angel Carl

Friday, December 17, 2004 7:05 PM CST

Congratulations to Matt & Mandi Robinson with the birth of their twin babies on Tuesday December 21st 2004

Baby girl ~ Kaylee (sp?)
Baby boy ~ Kody

We visited them last night and they are Healthy and Beautiful!!! Mom Mandi looked Fantastic too!!!! The babies will have to spend a little time in the hospital before allowed to come home. Kaylee was the biggest at just over 5 pounds, and Kody was just under 5 pounds. Mom and Dad are Happy and very Proud parents!!!!

I also have some sad news, and would like to ask for your Awesome Prayer Power at this time. First off Bryan's grandpa Bill Creamer passed away yesterday. Please keep Brayan his Dad Bob, and all of his family in your Prayers at this difficult time.

Please keep our Sweet little Friend Sophia in your Prayers as she was admitted to the hospital last week, with an enlarged liver. Please stop by her site and offer your support.

Please keep Trey in your Prayers as he is at home, and will soon be earning his Angel Wings.

Thank you for all of your continued Love!!!! We would like to wish you all a Beautiful Christmas Weekend!!!!!


Kelly & Tom
& Family

Good Evening this Friday!!!

Thank you everyone for your continued Love and Support!!! We appreciate every note, card, phone call, visit, that you have taken the time to offer!!! Today we recieved a Beautiful floural arrangement from our Sweet Kala's family!!! Thank you for Brightening our day, it was so good to get new flowers again, that reminds us of Carl's Love for flowers!!! I have some button Mum's that I pulled from the "Son" arrangement that we had at the church for Carl's funeral. I ordered them because they resemble dandelions :0) I have a small bunch in a little glass of water, just the way I would in the summer. They remind me of Carl and believe it or not they still look Great after three weeks!!! Amazing!!!

We are planning this balloon release on December 28th for Carl ~ In Honnor of his 5th Birthday!!!!!

Jenny B. You asked what the plan is, so I will give it to you!!!! :0)

For anyone that is close by, and would like to join us to release balloons here at the farm, we are inviting you to come be here with us to send your balloons up to Heaven for Carl!!! Come to the farm with your balloons ready. We are planning on doing our release about 4:30pm, to allow anyone getting off from work to get here. We will also Celebrate Carl's day with some food, drinks and cake & Ice cream!!! Don't worry about bringing food, we will take care of the refreshments, just bring your balloons!!

Anyone that cannot join us here, but would still like to join our release is welcome to do so from wherever you are at, on that day!!! And whatever time is convienient for you to do so is just fine!!!! I have talked to Helen at the Rochester Ronald McDonald House, and we will be sending some balloons there on the 28th for Andrew and who ever would like to release a balloon from the "Donald House" for Carl :0) Carl spent alot of time at the Donald House, and it was his second home for over two years, so I know it will be special for our friends there to be included in his Celebration!!!!!

This is the plan for now, and we look forward to a very special day for Carl!!!!! It feels very good to be planning something for Carl, in his Honnor!!! What has helped us along the most since we lost Carl, is all of the support from all of you!!! We are so Anxious for Christmas next week, as we know many of our family will be back home again and we will be able to spend time together again!!! We miss you all so much, and can't wait to see you all soon!!!

Matt & Mandi are doing a very good job of keeping us all updated on the Twin Baby news!!! The twins are growing like crazy!!! Mandi is on bed rest now, and must take it easy to keep those babies in the oven for a couple more weeks!!! She is so adorable and pleasingly plump :0) She looks Great and is the cutest expectant Mom ever!!!! We are so Excited for the arrival of those babies!!! The Robinson's need some Happiness and Excitement in the family, and those babies are going to give us all that lift that we need!!! Carl was so interested in Mandi being pregnant, and her growing belly :0) The last time he saw Mandi, he was sitting on my lap down at Grandma & Grandpa Robinson's, Carl wanted me to scoot our chair as close to Mandi as we could, so that he could feel Mandi's tummy :0) He would have been such a little helper for those babies, and in such glory holding them :0)
We will keep you posted on any breaking news!!!!!

Thank you all for continually checking in, I think it is therapy for me to continue journaling, it makes it seem like Carl is not too far away...

Please keep in Prayer all of our friends battling NB and other cancers, or illness.

Tom and I are going to get away to St. Cloud tomorrow night after I get done working. We are going to enjoy a night away, and do our Christmas Shopping. We are looking forward to a this little escape!!! Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!!

We Love You ALL!!!!!!

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, December 13, 2004 4:40 PM CST

Good Evening this Monday!!!!!

Thank you all for continually checking in, and for all of your Faithful Love and Support that goes on.... for our family!!!

Last night Tom and I attended the Compassionate Friends Candle lighting service in Redwood Falls. This was a world wide ceremony for parents that have lost a child. It was good to meet other parents that know exactly how we feel, and are feeling those same feelings as well. This is a most difficult time of the year to be feeling the loss of a child, and it was good to validate our thoughts and emotions with other parents. As we have said before, we belonged to a club that nobody wanted to be a member (A Neuroblastoma Parent)....Now we belong to another club that nobody wanted to join....(Parents who have lost their child)....Or as I prefer to relate...(Parents of an Angel)....I guess the latter feels better to me.

Our lives have not stopped, even though our hearts have this huge hole....We are back to working, and homework, and chores, and trying to weed our way through each day the best way we can. Work has been good, It has kept my mind busy, and my body active. I try to find joy in each day as I go about my work. Sometimes it is a cute dog that runs out of a house to greet me as I deliver a package....maybe a couple adorable goats standing against a barn with the bright sun warming them :0) Or a flock of white doves that pass over and land in the field near by.... Or today my joy was seeing Jenny Bloedow's picture on each news paper I slipped into mailboxes all day :0) Today that made me smile, all day long as I worked :0) Ok Jenny I want to join that dodgeball league next year too!!!!!

Last Wednesday we enjoyed the company of John & Char Frank, and Kala, Laurie Ourada & Dominick, and Joel & Linda Harmoning with their adorable kids!!! It was a warm evening of good company, conversation and sharing. Laurie brought Sam his very own Christmas tree, with ornaments to decorate it. Sam was also presentsed with many special ornaments from the Franks and other friends that wanted to help Sam decorate his tree!!! We made Cranberry & Popcorn strings to hang on Sam's tree, and enjoyed Hot Chocolate and goodies together!!! It was a very nice evening that we will cherish in our hearts forever!!!

Saturday evening after Mass, all the children put on this years Christmas Program at Church!!! I noticed one of the teachers wearing an Orange ribbon on her sweater, and I thought to myself...."Orange ribbion...Carl!!!" Then as all the children came in to take their places for the program, I noticed that all of them were wearing an Orange ribbon!!! When the littlest children did their part, all I could do was think of Carl up there singing with them, as he would have been in this group this year. The tears started to flow, and then they made an announcement that this years Christmas program was dedicated to Carl Robinson!!! How very Precious.....

We are all missing Carl so terribly....It is still so hard to believe he is gone....the house is so full of Carl everywhere....his toys, his little things he kept, his Shrek :0) Sam is bringing Carl up quite often, which is good too...I think he is trying to feel better about Carl being with God in Heaven and not with us here. Sam asked me yesterday if God was taking care of Carl. I told the kids about a couple of dreams that I had....they seem kind of silly, but It made me feel a little better, and It made Sam and Sydney laugh :0) The first dream I had, involved myself calling for Carl....He wouldn't come and wouldn't come, so I went to go find Carl....When I got to him, he was playing with a baby Orangutang :0) Then the second dream...I was carring Carl around, and there were animals all around, and a lion came walking up to us???? I decided that Carl must be in Heaven....since there are tame wild animals around....and Carl's job is helping to take care of the animals up there :0)

I didn't feel like my dreams were a definite sign, but maybe a little glimpse??? I keep Praying for a sign....A unmistakeable sign that Carl is ok....I have read about other parents receiving signs from their child, and feeling a sense of peace about their Angel, and I am hoping and Praying for that too.

Auntie Jill has suggested that we do a Balloon release for Carl on his Birthday ~ December 28th!!!! I think that sounds like a Wonderful Idea and I invite any of you who would like to join us, to do so, wherever you are.. in Honnor of Carl's fifth Birthday!!!!! Carl will be spending his Birthday in Heaven, but he will see all of our Beautiful Orange Balloons rising up to greet him on his Big Day!!!!! Sydney and Sam want to tie notes to our balloons, so we will probably do that, and put Carl's web address on the notes, then we will wait to see if anyone logs on that finds one of them!!!

Thank you all for your Prayers and Love that continues for our healing....We Love you all so much!!!!

Please remember all of our friends with children battling NB and other cancer or illness.

Love & Peace in HIM

Kelly & Tom
Bryan, Sydney
Sam & Angel Carl

Tuesday, December 7, 2004 5:49 PM CST

Good Evening this Tuesday!!!

We can't tell you how much we Appreciate all of you still checking in on Carcar's site, and leaving more notes of support and comfort. We still keep checking daily, and I hope to keep journaling, even though it will be so different now, and we will all feel this void in our hearts and souls, where Carl took up residency for so long. It will seem strange not writing about the things Carl is doing, and saying, and how he is feeling each day. It will be different writing about the kids without Carl included, as he was always the little comic star we all laughed about :0)

We have recieved so many Beautiful cards in the mail from so many family and friends!!! So many nurses that took care of Carl in Rochester have sent cards with notes of sympathy. All of you have the same thing to say about Carl, all of you share memories of Carl riding on that little tractor in the halls of St. Mary's :0) How he loved the freedom to just ride like the wind.... I can remember so many times waiting for him to get unhooked, so he could get on that tractor and ride!!! He brought smiles to many faces around St. Mary's, and that was such a joy to see!!! I can still see people turning around to see what was coming up behind them, and stepping aside to let Carl zoom around them :0) Thank you to everyone that has expressed your sympathy in every way!!! We appreciate everything you have all done for our family during this very sad time in our lives.

One week ago today, we went up to the funeral home to get Carl dressed. How Beautiful and peaceful he looked. It was easy to see that the little Carl we knew was not the Carl laying there. Our little energetic, crazy Carl is going full speed up in heaven. He is racing around and playing with all of his new friends that has welcomed him into his new paradise. He is in the company of Jesus, and all the Beautiful Angels that are taking care of him. I am trying to find peace with knowing that Carl is ok, and well away from us. I know he is, but it is hard convincing ourselves that he is ok without us, since we have taken care of him for so long. I try to imagine how Happy he was when he would zoom off on his tractor, perfectly content to be out visiting with other patients or hospital staff :0) Or when Carl would desert me (most of the time) :0) at the Donald House to go play with Andrew his very speical buddy, or to go visiting with Paula and Maggie or Helen in the lobby :0) He was perfectly Happy and enjoying the company of whoever he was with!!! I never really worried about him, because I knew he wanted to be away from me socializing and talking or playing with his friends. It was hard to keep him put, and everyone at the Donald House or the Hospital knows what I am talking about :0) So I try to imagine "That Carl" running around visiting in Heaven with all of his new friends, and Having the most Wonderfully Happy conversations, and playing so contently that he would not want to come back home.

Our sweet niece Jenny sent us an email to let us know that she feels Carl is ok. Jen heard one of the songs from the video show (at the church) on her way home from our house on Sunday. She felt it was more than coincidence as she was looking at Carl's button in her car when it happened. I too think it is a sign for us, and I am so glad you felt this Jen!!! I have been hoping and Praying for a sign, or for a sure feeling of inner peace. I have not personally received this yet, but I am hoping for something to ease my mind and heart. Carl was all about surprises, so I am sure he will give us a sign when we least expect it :0)

Last Tuesday was Carl's wake. I have never seen so many Beautiful flowers in a church before. There were a couple little trees lit up with lights, and a Wreathe that the Aunties and Uncles gave with little trinkets of Carl's tied all around :0) We have it here at home now, but it is missing the little loader and a little tractor :0) Sam insisted on having them off :0) The steady flow of people was so unbelievable, we were so Blessed to have so many people come that night. We felt very Loved and we knew that Carl was so Loved too!!! Amoung our friends and family that came to the wake, we were so Thankful that Tracy Fischer and Eric, Mark, Ryan, & Alex made the six hour drive to be there, and then they had to drive back for Tracy's work on Wednesday. Thank you guys for being there!!!! You are Special Friends and We Love you dearly!!! Also speical friends from Crookston Shelly & Baldy (Justin) & Ashleigh our dear friends from the Rochester Donald House made the trip from way up North!!!! We were so Amazed to look up and see you all standing there, sooo very Awesome!!!!!! It was good to see you all and I know Carl Loved you being there!!!! Then our Sweet friend Diane Donnarumma from Boston made the trip (Sophia's Mommy) I still can't believe she did that, all to be there for our family!!!! May God Bless all of your heart's for making these journey's to be there for Carl and our family!!!!! It means more than words can express how Thankful we are to have you all in our lives.

The Prayer vigil was so Beautiful!!! The opening song was so Appropriately "Angel's we have heard on High" How very fitting, to sing of Angles in the presence of Carl. We Prayed and then Sang "Away in the Manger" one of my favorite childrens Christmas songs. Then we spent some time sharing memories of Carl :0) How very Wonderful to hear all of the many memories shared by Father Ron, family, friends, and a sweet nurse Amy from Mayo. It was very evident that Carl has touched so many people, all in some very special ways!!! Mostly remembered was Carl's spirit, and Energy!!!! Carl was full of Life and he lived life to the fullest every day.... up until his little body could no longer keep up. He wanted so much to feel good, I remember on Friday the 26th, the day Carl was taken home to Heaven....I was up at the Hospital with him, waiting for his blood transfusions to be done. I hung up the phone from talking to Tom, and in our conversation, we talked about Tom and Uncle John going up to Grandpa Jims to grind feed, and they were taking Sam along....Carl asked me what was going on....When I told him Dad and Uncle John were going to be grinding feed, and Sam was going along, Carl laying there not feeling so good, he grumbled and expressed his disappointment.... he wanted to go with too...But he knew he was just not feeling quite up to helping this time. The boys loved to play together on the farm, and they loved to help Dad and Uncle John with chores!!!! Oh how I miss seeing them bouncing back into the house after getting so dirty and full of ground feed :0) His little head complete with a dusting :0)

The funeral service was equally as Beautiful. Father Ron's sermon was very good, and touched on how we just don't understand why these things happen, but someday we will put the pieces together. I was also so Happy to have Sara & Vic Hammer from Lakeland, and Mary & Molly Hollway from the cities in attendance. They are both NB families and good friends we have met along Carl's journey. We also were comforted by all the gals from the Rochester Ronald McDonald House!!!! I know Carl Loved you all being there!!!!! The church was brimming with Loving Family and friends. Most everyone followed the procession to the St. Patricks cemetery. After the final Prayer, we had a Ceremonial Dove release. Three doves were released one at a time, when Father said "In the name of the Father....In the name of the Son... In the name of the Holy Spirit" They were released by Sydney, Sarah, & Katie. Then the fourth Dove was to represent Carl's spirit. John Frank released the fourth Dove "Carl's Dove" What a Beautiful sight to behold.... The three doves circled around for awhile, then the fourth dove that was released flew up, then came back and circled around the crowd once again before flying off to make it's journey back to their home in Montivideo. These doves are homing, so they will fly back to thier home from hundreds of miles away. Tom talked to the man that brought the doves, a couple of days ago, and he said that all the doves were back home safely!!! It did take a couple of days for the last one to get home....On Thursday morning when we went into town to go back to church to pick up flowers, we saw a white dove flying over a barn near State Hwy 19 & Cty rd 5, I said "Look there is Carl" Who knows, it could have been one of the doves that was released??? We were very glad to hear they safely made their way back to their home!!! Another Beautiful Expression of Love was the Balloon release!!! Many Orange and blue Balloons were sent up to Heaven for Carl :0) Some of them got caught in trees :0) It made me remember the balloon release at Captain Dan days in Lucan (In Honnor of Laurie & Terry Ourada's son Dan who was also taken away too soon on Dec 29, 2001) this past summer. Carl held on to his balloon and would not let it go when we released all of the balloons :0) He wanted to let his go when he was ready to!!! So when no one was looking he let go of his balloon....Then the little stinker said "Look there's my balloon"....when it was soaring up into the sky almost out of sight!!!!

Tomorrow night we are having Laurie Ourada and John and Char Frank over to spend some precious time with us!!!! Laurie has promised Sam his very own Christmas tree :0) And he has not let her forget about it!!!! We were so Blessed to have them over one night before the wake. It was so good to spend some time talking together. The Franks have a very special place in our hearts, and we know that our little Angel is still watching out for John as he has had a special bond with John!!! We are so Blessed to have family and friends care so much about our well being!!! We don't know what we would have done without all of your Love and Support this past week. We had the luxury of having company every day, and we Loved having them all here with us!!! We enjoyed our time, and conversations with you all!!!!! And Thank You to everyone that helped us work on Thank You's!!!! We still have some to work on, as we are still getting cards and gifts in the mail every day!!!!!

We have had some people ask about donations to a charity in Carl's memory? What we are doing, is first of all to take care of our responsiblities from Carl's funeral, we then plan to donate to one or more of our favorite charitable NB funds we have been supporting the past couple of years. We also hope to use some of the memorial money to help us with A tribute to Carl's memory, we hope to get started with very soon!!!! We are very Excited about this idea we have and we think the community will be very Thrilled as well!!!! As soon as we get more of the plans and details in place, we will be unvailing our Plan of "Carl's Living Memorial" to all!!! This will be a way for us to give Tribute to Carl over and over again, and to keep his name Alive!!! We hope to Pay foward all of the Love we have received from our supportive community in Honnor of Carl!!!!!

The kids are doing well, I think they are managing very good in fact. Sydney has received so much support from her friends at school, and today she got a little surprise from Anne Bloedow ~ Three roses in a vase!!! She Loved it, and she feels very comforted by her friends at school!!! Sam seems to be doing just as well, he doesn't say much about Carl, he just goes on about his business playing and drawing tractors and pictures. I asked the kids if they think they would like to talk to a school counselor, but they both said they felt they were ok. I hope to find a community grief support group for our whole family. I think things will get harder at different times, and maybe some of grief the kids are feeling will surface later? I think right now, things have not completly sunk in for any of us??? We are so Thankful for all of your outpouring of Love and comfort you have all been giving, we can't Thank you all enough for keeping us in your Prayers!!!!

Please remember to keep all of our friends in your Powerful Prayers, as there are so many children out there still fighting this terrible disease. Please continue to Pray for a Cure for NB. Please also remember all of our other friends battling other illness.

We Love you all!!!!!

Kelly & Tom
Bryan, Sydney
Sam & Angel Carl

Thursday, December 2, 2004 7:55 AM CST

Krista Daniels wrote this in the Wabasso Newspaper last week ~

For the second time in less than a month, I must sit before my computer and pen my column about the untimely death of a young person in our area.

Four-year old Carl Thomas Robinson earned his angel wings last Friday evening after a valiant battle with Neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of childhood cancer.

Even though Carl is from the rural Franklin area, I have written a couple of times before about his battle and he shared a special bond with Wabasso’s John Frank, so many people in this area know of him.

Carl’s battle began when he was only 2 years old. After many months of treatment, he was declared to be cancer free and remained so until November of last year, almost 11 months. And then he relapsed.

He endured one more year of treatments, but also during that year, he had many care-free, pain free days on his family's farm, and for that we can be grateful.

He had just returned from the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania after undergoing a new, aggressive treatment for his cancer. So, although we knew this day may come, I think we were all in shock that it happened when it did and happened so quickly.

He spent one last holiday with his family, including extended family that had come home for Thanksgiving. In a way, that knowledge is somewhat comforting.

And even though he was only with us for a short time, he taught us many lessons. First of all, it was from Carl that I learned to be more patient with my own children. Like most mothers can probably attest, there are days when you have one nerve left and your children are stepping on it. During days like this I would just think of Carl and remind myself how incredibly lucky I am that my children are healthy and here with me.

He taught me that worrying about my kids’ actions and what other people think is so trivial in the grand scheme of things. When they are running and screaming through Wal-Mart and won’t listen to a word I say, I need to remember that at least they are there with me and the alternative would be so much worse.

Carl taught me to appreciate the small things in life, the things that really matter. Like when my children pick me weeds and dandelions and present them to me and ask if I will put them in water. Carl’s mom, Kelly, calls them "Mommy flowers" and they have become extremely precious to me.

One of Carl’s favorite movies was Shrek. He watched it numerous times through months of treatments. I know that every time I see anything with Shrek on it, I will remember Carl.

I’m sure he’s tearing around Heaven about right now on the fastest toy he could find when he got there. And if God has any pockets, he better watch out. Carl was famous for "lifting" things from nurses pockets.

And I know he is looking down on us and watching over the thousands of people he touched during his short life, with guardian angel wings on his back.

God Bless you sweet boy, we will all miss you.

Thank you Krista, so very Precious!!!

I would like to share with you the Most Beautiful Tribute to Carl!!! This was in the Rewood Gazette Yesterday, and brought many tears to our family as we read the piece. Thank You Troy for your touching words.

A Shining example until the end

Another Article in the Redwood Gazette~

Sad Hearts

Good Morning Dear Ones!!!!! Thank you all for your outpouring of Love and Kindness, we will never forget all that has been done for Carl and our family.

I have many thoughts and feelings to share, and I hope to continue journaling on Carcars site. I will update soon, about the Beautiful Celebrtation we all experienced the past two days, as we said GoodBye to our Precoius boy.... Right now I would like to share with you an email from a Dear Friend Mary Hollway, another NB parent we met this summer in Chicago. The Hollways are also from MN. and have become a great support for our family, and so many other NB families around the country. We keep in touch with other families through our NB list serv, and Mary sent an email this morning to share with all our families, the Beautiful day we had yesterday!!!

Mary wrote:

Hi All,

I wanted to share with all the beautiful day Molly and I had today
celebrating the life of Carl Robinson.

We made the trip to Franklin MN, a quaint little faming town about 100 miles
from Minneapolis, in about 1 1/2. It was a beautiful day, the first day of
full sunshine in weeks. As we drove into town, you could tell life had
stopped for the day to celebrate Carl. The church was packed 3/4 an hour
prior to the service and as we entered the church, we were greeted by
Kelly, Carl's mom. We hugged tightly and we both cried! Molly was very
apprehensive as to how she would feel, and if it was OK to cry hard in
public. We marched to the front of the small church to see Carl adorned in
his Sunday best and surrounded by "Orange " items and his favorite stuffed
animals. He was angelic and we cried openly to see our sweet little friend
who's spirit was now with his maker.

The service was very nice but incredibly sad to witness. There were three
families for our list at the funeral. All the way from Boston, Diane,
Sophia's mom, had made the trip for Kelly and family. The Hammers, Sara,
Vic and baby , Mary were there from western Minnesota, and Molly and I.
Kelly was overwhelmed to see us all there, and it was so special to see one
aother again.( I certainly would have preferred other circumstances though!)
We had all met in Chicago! Thanks to Pat Tallgun!!

The highlight of the day was the cemetery. A procession of at least 100
cars followed one another to the cemetery. It was a newer cemetery, and
fortunately insight of the Robinson Farm. We gathered under the tent and
listened to the priest give one last prayer. After the prayer, four
beautiful Doves were released. It was breathtaking! They circled the field
and a few seconds later off went the 100's of Balloons...mostly orange, up
to the heaves with Carl. It was probably 20 degrees with the wind, but no
one seemed to leave. Carl's short life left an incredible impression on so

We all went back to the Church for lunch, and I finally asked why everyone
had so much Orange on? The pall bearers wore bright orange ties, all the
relatives painted their nails orange, there were little orange ribbons
everywhere!! It was Carl's favorite color, and how fitting that even the
roses were orange.

As Molly and I drove home feeling completely drained, I felt immensely lucky
to have met Kelly and the Robinsons. Even though Carl's life was so short,
what a huge impact he had on so many. I was so happy to see the Hammer's
again and hear Daniel was 2 Years NED, and dear Diane, she was so faithful
to come all the way from Boston to see her special friend.
Thank you for this wonderful list and thank you for special people like the
Robbinson's. Dear Carl may you rest in peace now free for this awful
disease and watching over all of us.... and probably wearing "Orange"

Love you Kelly, Tom, Sydney, Sam and Bryan!!!

Mary and Molly Hollway

Thank you Mary for sharing your Loving thoughts, we will always treasure your friendship. Thank you Mary, Molly, Vic & Sara with Baby Mary you have been a true friend from the first day we spoke on the phone about bringing Carl to New York, and Thank You to Diane who traveled so far from Boston to be here with us, we were so Amazed to see your smiling face and so thrilled to have you hear with us!!! We have many dear memories with you, and Sophia.... Carl is watching all of us now, and is with all of the other little Angels that went before him....I know he will be close to Jesus up there, I am sure he is hogging Jesus' lap :0) I will ask Carl to watch over Molly, Daniel and Sophia, and all of our NB warriors!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Thank you to EVERYONE that made our Celebration Of Life so special for Carl!!! Thank you to everyone that came to be with us, and to those of you that could not be with us, we know you were with us in thoughts and Prayers!!! We could feel all of those Prayers, as we did manage to find a sense of Peace with Carl leaving us...We know the Prayers were what was holding us up in this difficut time. Thank you to Father Ron for for the most Beaufitul Service we could have imagined... Thank You to all of the Church members for all of your help with everything... to those that served lunch both at the wake and after the funeral We are So Appreciative!!! It was so very nice how you had everything so perfectly orchastrated, and flowing so Beautifully!!!

Thank you for stopping by today, and for all of your Prayers that continue to give us strength today......

With Love and Hope

Kelly & Tom
Brayn, Sydney
Sam & Angel Carl

Tuesday, November 30, 2004 8:08 AM CST

Obituary in the Redwood Gazette, Redwood Falls Mn.

Carl T. Robinson

Carl T. Robinson, age 4 years, the son of Tom and Kelly Robinson of rural Franklin, died Friday, November 26, 2004. Many loving family members were present at the Redwood Area Hospital when Carl's two year battle with neuroblastoma cancer ended.

Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday from Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Franklin with burial at St. Patrick's Birch Cooley Cemetery, rural Franklin.

Visitation will be held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church on Tuesday evening from 4 until 8 p.m., with a prayer service at 7. Visitation will continue at the church on Wednesday for one hour prior to services. The Nelson-Martin Funeral Service of Redwood Falls is handling the arrangements.

Carl Thomas Robinson was born December 28, 1999 in Redwood Falls, a son of Thomas and Kelly (Greer) Robinson. He lived with his family in rural Franklin. Carl was a big Shrek fan, and also a fan of Bob the Builder who had taken special time to personally contact Carl. He also thought riding in the tractor, farming with his uncle Chuck, was a good time. Carl and his brother, Sam, were always outside with some sort of building project.

In 2003, Carl was named Redwood Falls "Person of the Year" by the Redwood Gazette. He was Honorary Chair for the 2004 Redwood County Relay For Life and this year year carried the torch for Morton in the Renville County Relay for Life.

Carl is survived by his parents Tom and Kelly Robinson of rural Franklin; big brother Bryan Creamer (age 17) of St. Paul; sister Sydney Bladon (age 11) at home; and his brother Sam Robinson (age 6) also at home. Other survivors include his paternal grandparents George and Phyllis Robinson of Morton; maternal grandparents Bill and Dorothy Greer of Redwood Falls; godfather Chuck Robinson of Morton; godmother Janet Welter of Morgan; aunts, uncles, cousins, and a host of friends.

Carl Thomas Robinson Celebration of Life

Wake ~ Tuesday November 30th 2004
4:00 to 8:00pm Prayer Service 7:00pm
At Sacred Heart Catholic Church
551 2nd Ave E.
Franklin Mn. 55333

Funeral Service ~ Wednesday December 1st, 2004 ~ 10:30am
Visitation one hour prior to service
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
551 2nd Ave E.
Franklin Mn. 55333

Out of town guests welcome at the Morton Inn. Morton Mn.
400 Kokesh Dr.
Morton Mn. 56270

Hotel Discount for Carl's funeral guests.

For directions or Information Please Call the Robinson Farm 507-557-2941

Or 507-430-2445 Tom's Cell phone
or 507-430-2446 Kelly's Cell phone

Tom and I would like to Thank EVERYONE for all of your Outpouring of Love and Support at this very difficult time. We have been surrounded by family and friends ever since Carl passed. You are holding us up, and making this terrible tragedy a little easier. I just don't know what I will do when this is all over, we will be lost and go through people withdrawls :0) We Truly Love you all so dearly, and Appreciate everything that has been done to help our family as we grieve for our little carcar. We realize that this has affected all of you too, not just us as parents feel this deep void in our lives. Carl had touched soooo many people in sooo many ways. I was always amazed by all the many people around St. Mary's that knew Carl :0) Not only the Sweet nurses that we Always Loved so much, but many people he went out an met on his own :0) I can recall many times going with him, (Carl peddling his little tractor) around the halls of the Hospital...Maybe we would be heading to the cafeteria, or the gift shop :0) And people along the way would greet Carl by name :0) And I didn't even know who they were? LOL

Carl has touched so many lives, even those that knew about him but never met him. He was a very special child and we feel very Blessed and are so Proud to be his parents. It will be so hard to live the coming days, weeks, and beyond without his little laughter, and smile to lighten our hearts. He has made a mark in our hearts forever!!!! Yesterday Tom and I along with Sydney, Auntie Janet and Auntie Holly, went up to the funeral home to dress Carl and get him ready. When we walked in and first saw him laying on a table (covered with a hospital gown) it about took our breath away. He looked like a little Angel laying there :0) So Precious and so Beautiful..... We dressed Carl, put his little ring on his finger that he liked to wear, and carried him to the casket and got him arranged comfortably as if he were sleeping. We brought a special pillow that he will rest on.... It was a little throw pillow he used to grab and sleep on when he would climb in between Tom and I in our bed (nearly every night) :0) We wanted him to look natural and peaceful the way remembered how he was sleeping peacefully. Carl will be covered and comforted by a very Special blanket that the Frank Family gave to Carl last year at John's benefit, when we met John and their family the first time :0) We felt very good about seeing Carl yesterday, it was healing and meaningful to all of us.

We will soon begin to bring things to the church to set up. We have so many pictures and some chosen items of Carl's that had special meaning to him. We have been enjoying all of the planning we have put in to his "Celebration of Life" and it has been so good to have our family and friends here with us to share in all of the memories we all hold so dear. We feel so confident that Carl knew how much we all Loved him!!!!! And he Loved Life and all of us with all his heart!!!!! He did live each day to the fullest, even when he was not feeling well, he still wanted to be included in what was going on and he would express wanting to go along or get up, but realized he was too sick to try. How very sad that was to witness, knowing how Carl had bounced back so many times so quickly and would get up and take off, or get on his little bike and ride for all he was worth!!!! :0)

Thank you all for the Wonderful food you have been bringing over, and all of the many groceries that will help us out so much!!! It has been so nice to not have to cook or look very far for something to eat!!! Please know that we Appreciate all of this from the bottoms of our hearts!!! God Bless you all we Love you so much!!!!!

We look forward to seeing many of you later today, and tomorrow, and for those that will not be here, we know that you are with us in Spirit and Prayer!!!

Love and Peace

Kelly & Tom
Bryan, Sydney
Sam & Angel Carl

Saturday, November 27, 2004 7:51 AM CST

Carl Thomas Robinson Celebration of Life

Wake ~ Tuesday November 30th 2004
4:00 to 8:00pm Prayer Service 7:00pm
At Sacred Heart Catholic Church
551 2nd Ave E.
Franklin Mn. 55333

Funeral Service ~ Wednesday December 1st, 2004 ~ 10:30am
Visitation one hour prior to service
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
551 2nd Ave E.
Franklin Mn. 55333

Out of town guests welcome at the Morton Inn. Morton Mn.
400 Kokesh Dr.
Morton Mn. 56270

Hotel Discount for Carl's funeral guests.

For directions or Information Please Call the Robinson Farm 507-557-2941

Or 507-430-2445 Tom's Cell phone
or 507-430-2446 Kelly's Cell phone
At 8:45pm Friday November 26th, Our Precious son Carl flew to Heaven with Jesus and all of Heaven's Angels. Carl was without pain, or suffering, he drifted off to sleep peacefully in his Daddys Loving arms. The tears are flowing as I type this journal that I have feared and dredded from day one, of carcar's website, and journey. It still does not seem real. It actually feels like a bad dream we will wake up from, and go on... Carl is not here with us, but his Spirit remains embedded in our Hearts and Minds. How could we forget a little boy that has touched so many lives and Hearts in such a short life... his memory will live on Forever!!!!!

Carl had a very nice Thanksgiving day at Auntie Sheila & Uncle Johns. He got to see most of his relatives, and enjoy time with his cousins that he adored so much!!! We visited Grandma & Grandpa Greer and my Sister Holly's family in the afternoon!! Carl even showed some interest in eating, although he wouldn't try anything. He slept pretty good through the night, but then woke up early with some pains. We gave him morphine a couple of times, over a short period of time. Tom brought Carl to the Redwood Falls Hospital to check his blood counts, as we expected his platelets would need transfusing on Friday. He did get platelets and red cells as well...they were also low. Tom thought Carl was pretty good all day at the Hospital, and he even took a couple of bites of pizza for lunch!! I later came up to the Hospital after work, and stayed with Carl until he was done with his transfusions.

Carl slept most of the time I was with him, but Tom had gave him another dose of Morhpine right before I got there. When we got done about 4:00pm we left to go home, and I needed to give him more morphine when we got to the car. When we got home, Carl crawled back into our bed and rested for awhile. I started his tube feeds to get some nutrition in him, and he rested. He continued to get more pains, and his tummy was looking more distended, so I shut off his feeds to let him rest. I had planned on taking Sam, & Bryan to the movies, and we were going to meet cousins Jenny, Jessie, Jackie & Uncle Denny. Tom was going to stay home with Carl to let him rest. Carl's pain was increasing after we left, and Tom was getting concerned about not controling his pains. His tummy appeared to be expelling some air through his g-tube, so he called the ER at the Hospital and talked to Nurse Heather about Carl's situation. She knows Carl and has helped us before with his g-tube when it had fallen out one time, so she was very helpful. Tom tried to draw out some fluid and air from Carl's tummy with a syringe, and it did help to relieve some of the pressure. Then Tom decided to bring Carl into the Hospital, to see if they could help make him more comfortable with his tummy.

The doctor on call was waiting for them to get there, and talked to Tom about Carl's condition. Tom realized that he did not have much time left at this point. The nurse sent for someone to find me at the movie theatre. I flew out of the theatre and got to the Hospital within minutes, and as I was walking down the hall the nurse came to tell me that Carl had already passed. It was only a short time before I got there. Tom held him and they helped him breathe with some oxygen, and Carl gently drifted off peacefully without any distress. It was a Blessing that he went so peacefully.

After I got to them Carl looked like he was peacefully sleeping in Toms arms. I held Carl then for awhile, kissed him and snuggled with him. Then Uncle Denny & the girls and Sam & Bryan came to the hospital. It was very difficult telling the boys about what had happened so unexpectedly this evening. Bryan came in the room and saw Carl, and he held him for a little bit too. I think that helped him to tell him how much he Loved his little buddy. Sam seems to be doing ok, but we will need to give him lots of extra attention and Love and try to help him talk about his feelings too. We stayed at the Hospital for a couple of hours, and more relatives came to offer support. My sister Holly & her Husband Terry came too. We all spent alot of time hugging and crying.

Sydney was in Texas with Her Daddy for the weekend, so she did not find out about Carl until this morning. We phoned Jeff, and he gently told her about her little brother. Then both Tom and I talked to her too. She will be coming home later this evening, Jeff will be driving her out to the farm after their flight gets in. I know Sydney will be a big support help for both Bryan and Sam, she is such a good girl, and she is so strong for a little girl.

Today Tom and I will meet with the funeral director, and try to make plans for Carl's service. We are not sure of any dates yet, we are thinking about next Tuesday or Wednesday to allow for making plans and for travelers. As soon as we know more we will update on our plans.

Thank you all for all of your Love and Support, and for all of your Prayers that have kept us so strong!!!! We Love you all and we Cherish your presence in our lives!!!

God Bless you all

with tears,

Tom & Kelly
& Family

Thursday, November 25, 2004 7:03 AM CST

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! To all our Dear Family and Friends!!!!!

Thank you all for your Loving Support that you have given our family so faithfully for so long. On top of our Thankful list, is all of you that have been on this journey with our family for over two years!!! Your steady Encouragement, and Prayers of Hope have given us strength to go on with confidence in HIS Plan so many times... You have never given up on Carl or our family... and for all of your Unending Love we Give Thanks, today and Forever!!!!!

We wish you all a most Beautiful Thanksgiving Day in the Lord, and a Wonderful Holiday weekend with your families and Loved ones everywhere!!!!

Our family will be getting together at John & Sheila's for dinner today!!! Grandma Phyllis will also be spending the day with us, so that will be very special!!! We will then visit my Mom at Woodale, and My Dad & my Sister Holly & her family will join us for Pumpkin Pie this afternoon!!!

We are hoping Carl will feel well, and have a fun day with his cousins and family together today :0) He Loves to be with his cousins, so we expect that will perk him up if nothing else can!!! He has been about the same, mostly resting on the couch or in my bed. We have continued to give him Morphine about every three or four hours, but last evening and through the night, he didn't request it as often!! I asked him if he needed pain medicine several times, and he said "no" so I told him to let me know if he has any pains. We have kept his tube feeding running pretty steady for over 24 hours now, and have his rate up to 40 now. The bruising around his eyes is gone and he looks better in his face. As for his tummy??? We are not sure if his tummy seems smaller, we keep looking at it and trying to decide if it does, but it is so hard to tell??? We don't think it has gotten bigger though. We are thinking possibly that Carl may be feeling a little better??? We Continue to Hope and Pray that his condition gets better, and we are allowed more time.

Tom said that Dr. Anderson told him from an email from Dr. Maris in Philly, that Carl getting in for the MIBG treatment was close to being under the gun with how his liver situation was getting. So his liver disease was progressing rapidly in the couple weeks and days up until he was admitted to the hospital for the treatment. He was very near being unable to get the treatment. We are Thankful he did get the treatment when he did, and we are Praying that it did help the NB spots, and in the liver, and things will settle down and stabilize yet. Carl's situation is very seriouse right now, it could go either way, for the better or the worse. Dr. Anderson told Tom that we needed to prepare ourselves for what could be happening??? As much as we do understand Carl's condition, we still hold on to Hope just as strongly!!! And we are Praying for his Miracle!!!

Thank you all for stopping by today, and for all of your PRAYERS that we feel and know are being sent up and stormin Heaven so strong for Carl!!! GOD BLESS all of you, and we Wish you a Beautiful Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend!!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
Bryan, Sydney
Sam & Carl

Wednesday, November 24, 2004 6:04 AM CST

Good Morning to everyone!!!

Thank you for all of your notes, emails, phone calls, cards, Prayers and Love!!!

Carl's appt. yesterday went ok. Dr. Anderson saw that Carl was not his usuall Happy, eregetic, busy self :0(
His blood counts were good, (was transfused Monday). Carl's pain continues steady, so we have a new precription for a higer dose of mophine to use. We also have begun to start tube feeds with a pump again. Carl has not eaten more than a few bites for about a week, so we think this will help get his tummy working and feeling better again! A return appt. was set up for December 23rd, to review Carl's counts and determine if he will need his stem cells back. He will have counts checked locally twice a week, and transfusions as needed. Carl's liver is enlarged, and he is in a very serious situation. However his lungs are clear, he has good color, and there is hope that things will get better. We are holding on to hope, and we are Praying very hard that Carl will feel better and receive that Miracle that we are all Praying for!!!

We started his tube feeds last night thanks to the Wonderful staff at Home Medical and our Sweet neighbor Cecilia, that brought over a pump, bags, and formula on her way home from work!!! Thank you and God Bless!!! We started to run his feeds at 20 overnight. We stopped it once to give him a little break, but later turned it on again, and it has been running steady ever since. We just bumped it up to 30 and hope to keep it running all day. He seemed to wake up feeling a little better. Tom and I both woke up feeling very good, and with peace about Carl...THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS!!!!! We know this is a very difficult time of the year for all of this to be going on, but we will keep our spirits High, and stay Hopeful!!!

Thank you again for all of your Loving support!!!!! We Love you all so much!!!!!

Uncle Chuck will be staying with the boys today while Tom and I go to work, so I am sure Carl will enjoy that!!! Thank you Uncle Chuck for all of your help!!!!!!!!

Have a Great Day in the Lord, we will update more later!!

Love & Peace

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Tuesday, November 23, 2004 4:44 AM CST

Good Morning to all!!!

Thank you all for your Prayers as Always!!!

Tom & Uncle Chuck are off with Carl to Rochester for his first follow up since the MIBG treatment. Carl is still having considerable amount of pains, and has not eaten much for about a week now. His liver is still enlarged, and his tummy feels very firm. We are getting concerned about all of this, and Praying things start to get better soon. Carl's counts were low yesterday, so he got both platelets and red cells in Redwood Falls.

We also have had a bought of the stomach flu going through our house over the weekend and last night. We believe Carl got hit with this as well, as last night he was vomiting too. It has been a miserable few days, but we are trying to keep pedaling along. We did get Grandma Phyllis out of the nursing home on Sunday, and brought her home for supper!! We think she really enjoyed her time at home, and it was fun to see the kids playing like they always do at Grandma's house :0) Including Carl :0)

I will update more after we hear back on Carl's doctors appt. at Mayo. Thank you for checking in, and Please say some extra Prayers today for Carl, as he is trying so hard to feel better.

Love & Prayers


Saturday, November 20, 2004 1:21 AM CST

Good Morning to Everyone!!!

The boys are Happily back home tonight!!!

Tom and Carl left the Hospital about 11:30am to head to the Philly Airport. Tom was telling me that they went out the front door of the Hospital and started looking for a cab. They crossed the street and asked woman where a good place to catch a cab would be, and she suggested down the street a block and a half. So they started down the street, Tom pushing Carl's stroller and dragging his bag on wheels behind him. Being the Savey NY traveler that Carl is, he knew exactly what to do :0) Tom said he sat in his chair with his finger in the air!!! A cab driver spotted Carl and whipped across two lanes of traffic to pick them up. He told Carl "You know how to hail a cab don't you!! "I stopped for YOU not your Daddy" :0) I can just picture Carl, feeling yucky, but still thinking :0)

Thanks to Uncle Clair and Auntie Joy for picking the boys up from the airport, and meeting me with them!!! We Appreciate you driving through all that crazy traffic in the rain!! And Thanks Auntie Joy for sharing your Pop :0)

Carl started right in showing Sam all of his treasures he brought home!!! He could hardly lift one of his bags, I caught him hauling a heavy one through the house to the living room, and quickly grabbed it away to help!!! Carl looks very weak and tired :0( He has lost some weight, and has racoon eyes. His right eye is very black and blue looking. His tummy if quite enlarged and distended :0( I was very shocked to see him this way from a week ago. I realize he has had a tough week from the MIBG treatment, and his liver has been very compromised, from not only the cancer, but from the MIBG working on it too. Tom thinks his tummy appears smaller since yesteray?? He does think he looks better in terms of energy though, and it was Great to see him playing and smiling with Sam and Sydney!!

I think I expected Carl to breeze through this treatment, and recover immediately?? I know I have read about other children coming out of MIBG treatment differently?? This coming week Carl will see Dr. Anderson at Mayo on Tuesday for a check up and labs. We will need to check his counts locally on Monday, because his platelets may need transfusing already. I was hoping to get Carl (he was too) started in Head Start school on Monday, but we probably will wait now until the following week, with the Thanksgiving Holiday break this week, and his appointments and all. Carl will need to be seen once a week in Rochester for labs and check up. His counts will bottom out in about four weeks from now. We are hoping he will not need to get his stem cells back, but we will see how he recovers on his own and go from there. We will be working closely with Dr. Maris in the furture for Carl's next treatment plan.

Thank you all for your EVERY PRAYER, and all of your AWESOME Support you have offered during this past week!!! We are so Very Blessed to have you all along with us on this journey we must travel. We are hoping Carl will feel up to keeping his commitment to help sell PopCorn at Turkey Bingo tomorrow night :0) Last week at our 4H meeting Carl raised his hand to volunteer when they were asking for helpers to take the evening Bingo Shift!!! So if any of you are gambling for a Turkey in Morton tomorrow night, we may see you there!!!

How precious is Your unfailing Love!
The children and the adults,
all take refuge in the shadow of Your wings.
They feast on the abundance of Your house;
You give them drink from your river of delights.
For with You is the fountain of Life;
in Your light do we see light.
Psalm 36: 7-9

Love to all

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, November 17, 2004 5:39 PM CST

Thursday PM update ~

Carl and Tom will spend one more night in Philly and plan on heading home tomorrow afternoon!!!

Today Carl's radiation level was considered safe. His foley cath was removed. Carl continues to have pains, and is still getting Morphine to help. He also has had a couple of fevers, but they resolved quickly with tylenol. Carl had labs drawn this morning, and his platelets were low, so he is getting a transfusion shortly. A MIBG scan was done earlier, to look at all the uptake. This will be a base to compare future scans to. Tom saw the scan, but said he couldn't tell much, it just looked very highlighted everywhere??? He should see Dr. Maris tomorrow before they go, and get a full report, and have questions answered as well. Tom said Carl is feeling a little better, but still is pretty tired and has just been resting all day.

Tom and Carl had a very special visitor today!!! Alex Scott's Mom Liz, and Alex's little baby brother :0) Tom was so Thrilled to meet Liz, and of course I was sorry to not have been there :0( I am sure we will be making several more trips to Philly and I hope to get the Pleasure of meeting the Scott's maybe next time!!! Liz surprised Carl with a gift bag of wonderful things !!! Thank you so much Liz for making Tom and Carl's day!!!!!

Tomorrow will be a big day getting Carl back home!!!! We are all so Excited and Anxious to see them both and give them Hugs and Mooches!!!!!!

My lips will be a glowin :0)

Thanks everyone for checking in and we will update more after we get these radio-active boys back home!!!!!

Love & Peace

Kelly & Family


Good Evening this Wednesday!!!!

THANK YOU ALL for your Wonderful notes and Beautiful words you have shared with us!!! We Love to read your encouraging entries!!! Your Happy notes have cheered us during this difficult week, and We Thank you for that!!!

This has been a very difficult week, but when ever I think about the road being so hard, I think back to this little story I have shared on Carl's site in the past!! This is my favorite of favorites, and I wanted to share this one with you all again!!!!!

The Road of Life

At first, I saw God as my observer, my judge, keeping track of the things I did wrong, so as to know whether I merited heven or hell when I die.

He was out there sort of like a president. I recognized His picture when I saw it, but I really didn't know Him. But later on when I met Christ, it seemed as though life were rather like a bike ride, but it was a tandem bike, and I noticed that Christ was in the back helping me pedal. I don't know just when it was that He suggested we change places, but life has not been the same since.

When I had control, I knew the way. It was rather boring, but predictable it was the shortest distance between two points.

But when He took the lead, He knew delightful long cuts, up mountains, and through rocky places at breakneck speeds. It was all I could do to hang on!

Even though it looked like madness, He said, "Pedal!" I worried and was anxious and asked, "Where are you taking me?" He laughed and didn't answer, and I started to learn to trust. I forgot my boring life and entered into the adventure, and when I'd say, "Im scared," He'd lean back and touch my hand. I gained love, peace, acceptance and joy; gifts to take on my journey, My Lord's and mine.

And when we were off again, He said, "Give the gifts away. They're extra baggage, too much weight."

So I did, to the people we met, and I found that in giving I received, and still our burden was light.

I did not trust Him, at first, in control of my life. I thought He'd wreck it; but he knows bike secrets, knows how to make it bend to take sharp corners, knows how to jump to clear high rocks, knows how to fly to shorten, scary passages. And I'm learning to shut up and pedal in the strangest places, and I'm beginning to enjoy the view and the cool breeze on my face with my delightful constant companion, Jesus Christ.

And when I'm sure I just can't do it anymore, He just smiles and says...


I have talked to Tom many times today, and I am so Happy to report that the boys may get to come home tomorrow night!!!! Carl's radiation level was 15 this morning. Thanks to a helpful tip from a dear friend Shayne Thomas, Christi's Dad :0) Tom has changed Carl's sheets a few times today, and we believe that has helped the radiation count go down faster!!!

Carl still is having pain, but it is being managed by IV morphine on a regular schedule. Tom thinks it is getting somewhat better? Carl's activity level is practically nothing....He told Tom "I just can't wake up" Bless his dear little heart. He is feeling the effects of the MIBG working on his NB and we think it has knocked the wind out of his sail in the process. He has not eaten much, but this is also a normal side effect for a couple of days. One of the Doctors told Tom that usually the second day is the worst, and things should imporve from there!!! So we are expecting Carl to be feeling better by morning, and to hopefully be perking up as well!!! Tom told Carl that they may be able to go home tomorrow, and to that suggestion he got a raised eyebrow... but still too tired to get up and Celebrate :0( I personally think this is GODS way of keeping Carl calm and managable during this trying isolation period!!! Knowing perfectly well what Carl's normal level of performance can be, I was very worried about how we would keep him confined and stationary during this treatment. So this may be a little Gift from above that we don't fully realize!!!

One other little concern today was Carl having a small temp. They treated him with Tylenol and a dose of Roseffen and he will get another dose of antibiotic tomorrow morning. They were unable to culture his line, due to his blood being radio-active still. I am not sure what will be done, it is possible that he will get culutured when they get back home? Or if his fever remains normal, then maybe nothing will need to be done for a culture?? The nurse did say that his urine had some sediments in it, so it is possible that he has a little bladder infection going on from the catheder? We Pray that his fever stays away and he is feeling energetic and back to his Crazy Carl self by tomorrow!!!!!!

Thank you all again for looking in on Carl, and for all of your POWERFUL PRAYERS!!!!!! They are being heard, and we can feel a storm of Peace & Comfort coming straight from above!!!!! God Bless you all, We Love you all Dearly!!!!

Until Tomorrow ~ With The Grace from HIS Love

Kelly & Family

Tuesday, November 16, 2004 7:41 PM CST

Hello to all our Precious family and friends!!!!

It means so much to us to know that you are all out there checking in on Carl, and keeping him lifted up in Prayer as you do so faithfully!!! I am Amazed to learn daily of all the wonderful people that I didn't realize do follow Carl's journey!!! We see the number of hits on Carl's page growing steadily, but don't really fathom all of you out there that care so much about this little guy!!! Thank you all for your dedication, and Supportive Love that truly gives us the strength to march on!!!!!

Carl is doing soo Well!!!!! I am so Happy that he is managing so good in his isolated bed!!! Tom sounds like he is holding up Wonderful too!!! I am so Proud of the both of them, I can tell you all one thing for sure...... They are both my HEROS!!!!! Carl went down to sedation this morning to have his foley cath placed, and didn't fight a bit, he was not fond of the idea, but he did not resist sedation or fight at all. What a trooper!!!! When the nurse was putting Carl to sleep, she asked him what he was going to dream about :0) He told her Mickey Mouse :0) So when he woke up, she went and found him a little surgical cap with Mickey Mouse on it to wear!!!

The MIBG infusion started about 1:40pm this afternoon. It took about an hour and a half to infuse. Tom said that Carl slept through the whole process, and did not complain much of any discomfort when he was awake!!! He is continuing to get Morphine on a regular schedule for awhile to help with tummy pains, and Dr. Maris said his pains should go away within a week!! I am sure the pain meds are helping his mood as well, he is not as cranky and whiney. The child life staff is keeping Carl busy with legos and other activities!!! Tom was able to get out of the room for a short jaunt to McDonalds which is downstairs in the Hospital!!! Lucky for Carl, he can get those Chicken Nuggets daily still!!! Overall things seem to be going well for the boys!!!! I am very Proud of these guys, but miss them terribly!!!!

On the home front we are doing very well too!!! We went to Sydney's reading conference tonight and I was so pleased that she is doing very well in her class!!! Sam came with and was acting so shy in front of Sydney's teacher :0) It is so nice to be here with the kids, and actually make it to a childs conference and feel like a concerned, supportive parent!!! It is also a joy to be able to go over their homework each night, and help with spelling words, and reading!!! They are surly appreciating Mom being here with them this week, It is a good feeling both ways!!!

Tom said he is wearing a Geiger counter (to measure his level of radiaion) and last time he looked it was over 200 something??? He said that Carl's count was about 31. A radiology guy took a reading a certain distance from the door. He said when Carl's level was down to a 7 (I believe?) he would be allowed out of his isolation area. He also told Tom that he is not a Doctor, but he thought that the longer it took for the radiaion level to drop, the better it probably was??? Meaning that the radiation was working longer in his body?? Which makes sense to us too. So we are not in any hurry to get Carl out, as long as the MIBG is working like crazy to rid his body of those nasty NB cells!!!!

The boys are settled in for the night, and we Pray that tomorrow goes as well as today did!!! It certainly makes my worries less, knowing that these boys are not climbing the walls and going crazy in there!!!

THANK YOU LORD for Helping Carl and Tom through these difficult days, and for keeping my peace of mind while away from them this week!! Please send your Angels to Guard over Carl and stay with him to ease his days during this treatment. He is such a good little boy, he never questions what we ask him to go through, he just trusts us with his life, to make these decisions with your guidance. He is so Precious to all of us, as he has touched so many lives throughout this journey. He has shown us YOUR Love in so many ways, and reminded us that You have a very speical plan for him in the works. We may not understand right now, but we do know that Carl is in your hands.

Thank you for keeping us so strong with your Prayers!!! Please also remember all of our friends battling cancer and other illness.

By God's Grace

Kelly & Family

Monday, November 15, 2004 7:02 PM CST

Good Evening this Monday!!

Carl's phone number at CHOP ~ 267-426-4301

The guys had a very nice weekend!!! They visited the Betsy Ross House, The Liberty Bell, and went to the Philadelphia Zoo with Freddy & Patti our sweet cousins from NY!!! They enjoyed their wonderful company yesterday and it sure helped to have some quality free time, before getting checked into the Hospital today!!! Thank you Freddy & Patti for making the trip to Philly to spend the day with Carl and Tom!!! It sure meant alot to the boys spending the day together with you yesterday!!!!

Today I was talking to Tom several times earlier, and I could hear Carl crying in the background. Tom said Carl's tummy has really be hurting him again :0( He put Carl on the phone, and I tried to explain to him that the reason he is there, is to help make him feel better, and that after his treatment his tummy pains will be better. Carl then started sobbing :0( It about broke my heart to not be able to hold and kiss him... Tom got back on the phone then, I suggested he check with the nurse to see about getting him some pain medication. Up until now, we have only been using tylenol or ibuprofin. There is no reason why he should have to be in that amount of pain!!! So the Nurse did get him a dose of Morphine, and that did help a lot. The next time I talked to him on the phone, he was happily sitting in a window watching a skid loader working outside on the street :0) He was talking to Dad, telling him that is what he wants to do when he grows up :0)

We do believe that his liver is causing the pain. The Nurse Practitioner Pat could feel his liver, so it has started to become enlarged. She also reported to Tom today that Carl's liver enzymes were elevated. Up until now all of his levels have been within normal range. This elevation has caused some problems with enrollment on the MIBG protocol. She first came in the room and told Tom there was a Problem...All Tom could think was that we were not going to be able to go ahead with treatment. What will happen is more paperwork, and a consent to go ahead with the treatment. He will still have the treatment, and she said that it was very needed at this point!! Along with Carl's liver funtions being elevated, his blood counts have plummeted too. He is currently getting both red cells and Platelets, also a requirement (high enough platelet count) to qualify for the treatment protocol.

They are settled in to the room they will spend the next three or four days in. Tom said it is covered with plastic everywhere. As we knew before, everything that Carl touches (after treatment starts) will need to be disposed of. It sounds like Tom can keep things on the other side of the room, and that will be ok, such as Carl's stroller, and his bag. Once the infusion takes place, Carl will need to stay in bed (with lead sheets around his bed area) until the radiaion level is safe enough to come out. Tom will be doing all of Carl's cares, and this will include giving him doses of iodine (Lugos) about 10 times a day? (I think he said) The nurses have Carl's IV pole set up close to the door, so they can administer meds easily without going into the room. They strung enough tubing from the pump to reach to Carl's bed. He will be sedated briefly in the morning to have a foley catheder placed, and then the MIBG Injection will be given. There was a question about the volume of Carl's stem cells in storage, and that is all settled. There is enough to allow the Highest dose of MIBG that Dr. Maris wanted to give Carl! So we are very Happy about that!!! If there were not what was needed, then he would have only got a smaller dose, but we are glad he will get the higher dose, in hopes that this will work hard to kill those cells all over his body, including his liver.

Carl also was able to have the blood drawn for the TX vaccine study!! So that is done, and being shipped off to Dr. Heidi Russell to begin working on his cells to create a vaccine to hopefully be ready for him in about four to six months!!! With Carl's low counts today, Tom didn't think this helped him very much, he said they took many tubes of blood to be sent!!! Hopefully the transfusions tonight will help boost his blood back for awhile!!!

I just checked with Tom again, and he said Carl is getting his red cells right now and sleeping peacefully. He did get another dose of Morphine tonight and Carl was up to his old tricks again ...He was trying to fleece a Calculator from the Nurse's pocket :0) Carl is famous at fleecing Nurses, just ask one of Carl's nurses and you will hear his little line ~ "What do you got in your Pocket?" :0) So that is good, he is feeling up to being his little stinker self!!! The only thing missing is a little three wheel bike, and an open hall way!!!! Oh heck a crowded hallway is even better, it makes for more swerves and turns and break locking!!!! :0)

Have a Great night everyone, and Thank you for looking in on Carl tonight!!! We will keep you posted as the next couple of days will be the toughest!!! We know you will keep those Prayers Stormin Heaven!!!!!

Thank you and We Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, November 14, 2004 8:05 AM CST

Good Morning to everyone!!!

I talked to Tom and Carl yesterday afternoon, and they sounded Wonderful!!!! Carl was feeling well, and said his legs are not hurting and his tummy is better!!!

They went on a little outting to visit the "Betsy Ross House" It sounds like they had fun together!!! Tom said Freddy & Patti (Our NY cousins) are taking a little road trip to Philly today!!!! I am sooooo Jealous that I will not be there too :0( I know they will have a Wonderful day together!!!! I asked Carl "Do you know that Patti and Freddy are coming to see you tomorrow?" He said "I know and I'm sooo Excited"!!!!!

The boys will check out of their Hotel, and get admitted to the Hospital around noon tomorrow. Tom explained the isolation period to me, and it doesn't sound as bad as I had thought. He will be able to stay in the same room with him, but be on the other side of protective lead sheets that surround Carl's bed. The hardest part will be that Carl can not get out of bed until the radiation level is at a safe level. He can get out of bed to use the toilet, but only for that! He will have a foley cathater placed before the procedure, and I was glad to hear that they will sedate Carl for the placing part. He will not be Happy to wake up with it, and it will probably be uncomfortable, but at least he will be sleeping when they put it in!!! He has had one put in several times, where he was awake, and it was a terrilbe experience for him.

All is good on the home front!!!! We are having sunny cool days, and enjoying our time here together!!! I think the kids are Happy that Mom is here with them, it makes the time go by much quicker, and keeps their lives somewhat normal!!!!!

I wanted to update you all on Alex Scott reaching her goal of ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!! The Scott's made an announcement this past week, and it was on many radio stations and News stations around the country!!! We are soo Proud to have been a small part in helping Alex reach her goal!!!! We are very Blessed to have Carl at CHOP right now, being in the care of her Wonderful Doctor Dr. Maris!!! The hard work and dedication of Alex, has made a difference already in Neuroblastoma reasearch and goal of a cure!!! We are forever Grateful to Alex and her family for all that they have done for all of our children battling this terrible disease!!!

I also wanted to share an email that we received from the Scott's about upcoming Events and Awards to continue on with Alex's Legacy!!!!!!


Please forward this e-mail to anyone you think may be interested.....

We are writing today to let you know about a new award that Volvo Cars has created. It is called the Alexandra Scott Butterfly Award and is a hero award started to honor children who go above and beyond for others.

If you know someone you would like to nominate go to ALEXANDRA SCOTT BUTTERFLY AWARD to nominate them. The child who is selected will receive a $25,000 donation to the charity of their choice. As part of the awards Volvo will also make a donation of $25,000 to Alex's Lemonade Stand For Pediatric Cancer each year.

Volvo describes their Volvo for Life Awards as follows:

The courage to act. The conscience to care. The character to do what is right. This is the promise of Volvo – and of the Volvo for life Awards program.
The Volvo for life Awards honors your heroes: ordinary people who go above and beyond the call of duty to help others in Volvo’s core areas of Safety, Quality of life and Environment.

The nomination deadline for the 3rd Annual Volvo for life Awards program is January 10, 2005. Your hero could be featured on this Web site – and receive a donation to a charity of choice, a trip to our Times Square awards gala on March 23, 2005, a starring role in a heroes documentary…or even a Volvo for life!


Jay & Liz Scott

Thank you to all that helped our family with our Minnesota Alex's Lemonade Stand this past year!!!! We are Already making plans to hold a Second Annual Alex's Lemonad Stand this coming June. The Scott's are planning on the second weekend in June, so we are Hoping to hold our stand on Sunday June 13th 2005!!!! We will keep everyone posted as the time gets closer. A couple things we are thinking about is to Hold our stand at the "Mall of America" We also have two other Minnesota NB families that may team up with the Robinson's, to help make our Minnesota Effort so Awesome!!!!

Thank you all for stopping by, and as Always for keeping Carl and our family in your Prayers!!!!

Have A Beautiful Day in the Lord+

Love & Peace


Friday, November 12, 2004 5:36 AM CST

A quick update :0)

Praise the Lord, the boys bag was found and delivered!!!!!

All went well today with Dr. Maris and Carl's clinic appt. :0) They are waiting to confirm the volume of Carl's stem cells? It seems there is some confusion, and the dose of MIBG will depend on the true amount of stem cells in reserve. This should be settled by Monday. Otherwise, they talked about the MIBG procedure, and isolation time. Tom said Carl enjoyed the childlife area :0) Today the activitiy was reading "Alex's Lemonade Stand" book :0) Carl pointed out his picture in the book for the child life girl :0) Tom said it is a very nice place, and he even had the pleasure of visiting with a family we met in NYC back in April, their little boy Josh is starting a new chemo there. It is always so warming to see familiar faces, and reconnect with friends we have met along the way!!! I will try to update more this weekend, it will be fun to hear what the boys do to entertain themselves over the weekend before they get admitted to the Hosp. on Monday. Carl asked me if it was raining at home, because it was raining there :0( I told him "No it is a Beautiful Sunny day!!!" Hopefully the weather will clear up so they can enjoy getting out to the zoo or something!!!!

Thank you all for checking in!!! And Thank you for keeping those Prayers coming strong!!!!!! They are being heard!!!!!! God Bless you all!!!



Good Morning to everyone!!!!!! Thank you for stopping by today, and everyday that you do!!! We are glad you come along with us on this journey, and we are so Grateful for your Love, Support and Prayers that keep us Strong!!!!

Tom and Carl arrived safe and sound in Philly yesterday afternoon!!! They arrived....but thier bag arrived in Boston :0( So almost everything was perfect. Northwest is tracking the bag, and hopefully today it will be tracked and catch up with the boys!!! As of last night, we figured out that there is no NWA flights from Bosotn to Philly, so we believe they were going to put the bag on another carrier in to Philly, then have it delivered to thier hotel??? Like I said ....Hopefully today

They are staying at the Sheriton University Hotel. The phone no there to reach them at is ~

1-215-387-8000 and they are in room number 1625

I talked to Carl a dozen times last night :0) Each time I was on the phone with Tom, trying to solve the lost bag problem, Carl would pick up the other extension in the room and start talking :0) It was so Precious, and very priceless :0) He sounds so adorable on the phone, and last night he sounded very Happy and well!!! Tom said he has been walking pretty good, and not complaining about his leg, but last night he was having some tummy pains?? It could be anything from constipation to hungries??? We are not too concerned, we are just Glad they are in Philly and will be seeing Dr. Maris today, and will get the MIBG soon!!!!

Yesterday morning we met with Dr. Anderson at Mayo. We were unable to get the blood drawn for the Vaccine study in TX. We needed all of the Tuesdays labs back, and they would not be back until today. So they packed up the collection kit, and all the paperwork and brought it with them to CHOP. The blood draw should be done on Monday now, so that it will get to TX early in the week. Other than that, we picked up a consent form for the MIBG treatment, and some other paperwork and off we went to the airport. We talked to Dr. Anderson about the stem cell infusion (if and when that would happen) Tom will talk to Dr. Maris about this, to see if they have any preferences as to where it is done? We may have the option to get the cells sent back to Mayo from NYC and re-infuse them at home? The other two options would be to do it at Philly, or go to MSKCC where they are, and reinfuse there?

We have lots of questions for Dr. Maris...Poor Tom, I do wish I was there for all of the questions, but I know he will be Wonderful and Carl will be Great with his Daddy helping him through this treatment!!! I am anxious to hear how todays meeting and visit will be with Dr. Maris :0) We have nothing but Wonderful things to say about all of the care and consideration we have received up until now on the phone and emails etc. with Dr. Maris and his sweet Nurse Practitioner Pat B. They have been very kind and compassionate. We are so Happy Carl will be in their hands, we feel very Blessed to have Carl there!!!

I will update later this afternoon!!! Please say a few extra Prayers for their bag to arrive to them today :0) And as Always Please keep all of our friends in your Awesome Prayers!!!! God Bless you all

Love & Peace


Tuesday, November 9, 2004 8:22 PM CST

Good Evening this Tuesday!!!

Thank you for checking in on Carl, and for all of your Awesome Prayers that have been stormin Heaven for his healing!!!

Carl has been doing very well, considering he has been off of chemo for almost four weeks. We have started to see some effects of the progression. Since this weekend, Carl has been complaining of leg pains (mostly his left leg) and he has started to limp some when he walks. It is so hard to see this happening, it is the reality of this disease, and a reminder of how fast Carl condition would deteriorate if we stopped all treatments.

Dr. Maris will be seeing Carl in the clinic at CHOP on Friday morning. Then on Monday he will be admitted to the hospital. I believe the treatment will happen on Tuesday. What MIBG treatment is, for those of you that are wondering…. The same radioactive isotope that is injected into Carl to do a MIBG scan (areas of NB light up on scan) at a much higher dosage will be injected into Carl. The radioactive material will go to the cancer spots and kill the tumor cells. During the time that Carl is the most radioactive, he will need to stay behind protective screen walls, and be in somewhat of isolation until the radiation level is safe. The hardest part of this whole process will be the isolation. Everything that goes in with Carl will need to be thrown away, and will not come out with him.

I spoke with an associate of Dr. Mairs this evening to go over some of the plans and to make arrangements for Carl to come to clinic on Friday. We are very Happy Carl will be able to get in so soon, and get this treatment in hopes of halting much of the NB progression. We do not know how much this will help, but we are Praying very hard that it does a good job of killing as much tumor cells as possible!!! Carl will be able to have additional treatments in the near future, as long as his stem cells are not needed to rescue him following very low counts when they will drop several weeks following this treatment. Carl should feel pretty good coming out of MIBG treatment, and will most likely be back to running and jumping again very soon!!!!

To add a little more stress to our already crazy lives, I learned this week that my job at the post office will be turning Full Time. Because of the need to be available and active in my job right now during this critical time of waiting for the position appointment, I am not going to be able to go with Tom and Carl to CHOP. We decided that my full time position was very crucial to us in our lives, and we must make these sacrifices to try to make it work for me to be able to keep my job. Tom has time available to him for taking leave from his job, so he will be the main caregiver, and one to take Carl for appointments and treatments for awhile, until I have some time built up to take off too. It is very difficult and painful to make these choices in our lives, but we also know that we must consider our future, and what our situation will be like regardless of how things turn out for Carl down the road. We Pray that our lives will somehow find a normalcy, and we can enjoy these Blessings and manage with Carl having some stability of his disease. He is also ready to start Head Start school when he gets back from treatment, and he is soo Excited to be finally going to school!!!! …. Another little sneak peek at what it would be like to live a normal life!!! Working actually feels very good to me, it is a sort of “escape from reality” and without trying too hard, one can almost slip into that all too comfortable “denial mode” that NB parents know and can all relate to so well.

I think Carl is excited to be taking a trip with Dad again!!! He has done a few NY trips with Dad in the past, and these two boys managed so well together!!!! I also think there is a chance that Carl will actually behave better, if I am not there with him :0) I also do believe that this will be much harder on Mom than it will on Carl …

So Thursday we will head to Mayo for an Appt. with Dr. Anderson, then to finish up with drawing blood for the Vaccine trial we have also enrolled Carl in. Then the boys will fly out to Philly, and meet Dr. Maris on Friday morning. We are not sure where they will be staying yet, someone from the Hospital will be phoning tomorrow to help us make arrangements. I was told that since we were doing MIBG treatments, we would not be able to stay at the PA Ronald McDonald House?? Not quite sure, but I was told they would help us get something arranged. I believe Tom should be able to stay at the Hospital during Carl’s admission, so this will not be too bad. I will be sure to post his hotel/phone no so that anyone wanting to get a hold of them or just call to offer moral support during Carl’s isolation period, you may do so!!!

Please keep those Prayers steady during the next couple of weeks, it will be a challenge for all of us!!! We are hoping the boys will be back home for the Firemans Steak Fry next Friday night!!! Then on Saturday night, Carl volunteered himself (during our 4H meeting last night) to help out selling Pop- corn during Turkey Bingo, for the Beneath the village Wreath Celebration in Morton ~ Next weekend!!!!

Please remember all of the other children fighting cancer, and other illness in your Powerful Prayers, as our hope continues for a cure very soon….

Thank You we Love you all!!!!!

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Saturday, November 6, 2004 9:28 AM CST

Good Morning this BEAUTIFUL fall (Minnesota) morning!!!!!

The forcast is for 60 and above warm sunny weather!!! What a Joy and a gift to us this late in the fall season!!! We know in Minn how easily it could be snowing and blowing and bitterly miserable. It is also opening deer hunting here, so the hunters should enjoy warm sitting :0) But I think I have heard they actually like a bit of snow for tracking (The non sitting ones)

Auntie Joy is at home this weekend for Grandma Phyllis' Senior Center Fall Fund raiser. I am going to bring Sydney down shortly to help serve and clear tables. Grandma will be spending the afternoon at the ceter too, she will enjoy getting out and about on such a nice day, and seeing all of her friends from Morton!! An update on Uncle Mark . . He is back home and is doing well!!!

Carl's docotors appts, went well this week!!! He is in very good shape going into MIBG treatment, which is such a HUGE Blessing!!!! Carl's blood counts look very good!!~

HMG ~ 10.4
ANC ~ 15.41
platelets ~ 294,000

MIBG Scan ~ multiple areas of diffuse increased uptake within skeletal structures, including skull, proximal hemeri, pelvis, femurs, and proximal tibias. These would be consistent with marrow involvement with know Neuroblastoma. 8/13/04, previously noted diffuse abnormal uptake in thoracic and lumbar vertegrae is much less evident on todays exam, as is previously noted increased uptake in the proximal and distal left femur. However, diffuse uptake in the mid to distal left femur is more prominent on today's exam. With spect imaging, multiple foci of increased uptake are seen in both lobes of the liver, also consistent with metastases. On whole body images, this appears unchanged. IMP: multiple areas of abnormal uptake consistent with skeletal and hepatic neuroblastoma metastases, with mixed response to therapy compared to exam of 8/13/04.

Overall the report shows some improvement with marrow uptake (Skeletal) since August scan. Carl has new/more uptake in his left femur. So he has had some response to therapy, but very mixed???

We are very confident that he is going in to MIBG therapy in excellent shape for his condition!! He is feeling well, and continues to maintain his high energy level!!! He is outside with Sam right now hammering boards, as they are in the process of making something??? :0) He enjoys his wide open spaces and freedom to play outdoors just being a Happy little boy!!! We are also Happy that after the MIBG treatment, Carl will not have any side effects of sickness or pain, hopefully allowing him to keep up his current quality of little boy living!!!! We will have to keep an eye on his counts, and keep him protected when they do get dangerously low, but other than that, it should pretty easy!!!

Carl was also excepted for Head Start this week!!!! He can start this coming week, I just need to complete some paperwork and he should be good to go!!!! He is very Happy about starting school, and we could not be Happier as parents that he will be allowed to experience being a big boy going to school, like other children do!!!! The first couple of weeks will be hit or miss, when he can go, but we are Hoping that soon after we are done in Philly, that Carl can get on somewhat of a routine, and enjoy many full weeks of school to come!!!!

Next week I will bring Carl back to Mayo on Tuesday for a blood draw to check for the EBV (Ebstien Barr virus) to qualify him to enter the new Baylor TX vaccine study. Then on Thursday we will go back again, to draw his tubes of blood to send off to Dr. Heidi Russell in TX. The process of getting his blood/cells ready for reinfussion will take about four months, so this will be in the works while we are hopefully getting Carl stable by MIBG treatments in the mean time. We will also see Dr. Anderson on Thursday to go over anything before we head to CHOP (Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia) the beginning of the next week (We are thinking by Nov 15th) Dr. Maris is still in the process of getting all of Carl's preliminary tests/studies together. But by yesterdays consult with Dr. Anderson, it looks like Carl should meet all of the requirements, and is a very good candidate for consideration at CHOP!!!

We feel Carl is physically ready and able to go into the MIBG treatment, and we are very Hopeful he will have a Great response!!!!! Although his bone marrow is still at 30 percent involved, he has good cellularity of >95%. Which means his marrow is functioning well and is not so beat up by all of the chemo he has endured over the past two+ years. Carl's weight is holding at 38 pounds, and we think he is getting taller every day!!! I have been trying to boost up his nutrition with a couple of cans of pedia-sure daily, and I think this has really helped!!!!

We are Happy to be back home, and also overwhelmed with thoughts of what our next couple of weeks will be. We know we will manage, and will be in GODS hands, as we feel ever more confident that HE has led us in this direction, and we feel this is right plan for Carl now!!! Thank you all for keeping those Prayers lifting us up daily, we don't know what we would do without all of your constant Love and Support!!!!! We can count on your presence in our Lives, to remind us of HIS presence ALWAYS!!!!

Please continue to keep all of our friends in your Powerful Prayers as their journeys lead them on new paths. Please remember all of the Precious Angel's that we have lost to this terrible disease, and remember all of their Parents struggling daily for Peace and meaning. Pray that warm memories flow to their hearts, as a constant reminder that their child will Live on Forever!!!

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be Happy.
Anne Frank-

Today is for itself enough....

One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song,
read a good Poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.

Peace by HIS Generous Love

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Tuesday, November 2, 2004 4:53 PM CST

Good Evening to everyone!!!

We hope you all had a Fun Halloween, and made it through this big election day!!! I will be very Happy to NOT be getting any more political phone calls every day :0)

Carl is busy playing with a new little group of friends he met here at the Donald House. Very cute little ones, a little bald girl, she looks about 2 or 3 years old, kind of reminds me of Carl not so long ago. And another little girl wearing a mask, also reminds me of Carl's transplant days :0) And another little boy about Carl's size!!! He gets so busy and involved in his playing, doesn't even want to stop for supper. I fixed some soup, and he did eat part of a bowl before heading back to the play room. I'm sure he will want to raid the pantry about bed time :0)

This week we will be busy getting all of the necessary preliminary tests done that will be needed for the MIBG treatment at CHOP. Tomorrow we will go to the clinic early for blood work, then we will do a four hour urine collection to once again check vma/hva levels. Then Carl will have a heart echo. On Thursday he will get the MIBG nuclear Med injection, and then on Friday the MIBG scan followed by our Doctors appt. with Dr. Anderson in the afternoon. Carl's bone marrow results came back about the same as last time. I am no pro at reading these reports, but it appears that the cells are matured, and overall about 30 percent marrow involvement? One aspirate showed 10 percent and the other showed 60 percent?? Dr. Anderson said mixed report, some same, and some better??

It sounds like Carl will be able to get in to CHOP as early as the week after next!! I am very Happy about this, as I was beginning to be worried about him being off of chemo for too long. This Thursday it will be three weeks since he has had chemo. Carl continues to maintain his high energy level, and still tires me out, and puts me to shame!!! I only wish he could share a small portion of his energy :0) This is very good of course, it is a good sign that his NB is staying stable. I am constantly on the look out for any clue that he is in pain or stressed. Aside from his port-a-cath still being a little tender, he has been doing very well since last week!!!

Thank you everyone for stopping by to check on Carl, and as Always for lifting him up in Prayer!!! It is with all of our Prayer Power happening, and by the Grace of God that this little boy is still with us and is doing so remarkable!!!! We are so very Blessed and Grateful to have all of you in our lives, to share Carl and the Love we know that is given us from above. God Bless you all+

Please remember all of the other children battling cancer and other illness in your Prayers as well. And remember all of the little Angels that are no longer with us here, and all of their Loving parents that miss them so terribly.

Please keep Uncle Mark in your Prayers as he is having some tests and procedures down at Methodist Hosp in the cities. He gave us all a scare, but we are sure he is in Gods hands and will back home soon!!!

Have a Great Evening everyone!!! We will keep you posted on Carl's week, and anything new!!!

By GODS Loving Grace

Kelly & Carl
at the Donald House

Saturday, October 30, 2004 7:59 AM CDT

Halloween Pictures ~ CLICK HERE

The kids enjoyed carving pumpkins with Uncle Chuck yesterday, and had a Fun night trick-or-treating!!! In the pictures, we visited Jenny Bloedow's house :0) Where Carl left with a rope :0) Then we hit Sam's teacher's house, Miss Jones :0) They all got lots of candy and had a Wonderful day!!! Sam was Prince Andrew (The prince that rescued sleeping beauty) And Carl was a Dragon :0) Sydney Helped Grandpa George hand out candy in Morton!!!

I will update more later, still waiting to hear back on Friday's bone marrow test, and what will be taking place this week.

Thanks for keeping the Prayers coming strong!!!!

Love to you all


Good Morning this Saturday!!

Thank you all for all of your steady support, for all of your Awesome Prayers and for everything you continue to do for Carl and our family to help our lives when our times become so confusing and troubled.

Carl's surgery went very well, he didn't have any problems like the last time waking up with a headache. The surgeon said there were no complications getting his new Port-a-cath placed!! He also had bone marrow biopsies and aspirations, that are done here by a bone marrow team. Carl has had quite a bit of discomfort at his new port site. He complains and winces when we pick him up. We have been giving him ibuprofin quite regular since yesterday. We expect this soreness will subside and should even get much better today!!!

We probably will not hear the BMA results until at least Monday. They usually are done within a day, so we should get those back then. Both Dr. Anderson and myself have been in touch with Dr. Maris from CHOP (Childrens Hospital of Philladelphia) Dr. Maris thinks he can help Carl, and he said they do have some openings soon!!! After Dr. Anderson gets back to him early next week with BMA's and other information requested, we should find out more about available dates for Carl. The protocol states that the child needs to be at least three weeks from Chemo to start MIBG. I am not sure if this is true for all of his protocols, but it is for the one he sent to us. If we can't get Carl in very soon, then we will have to get him on some type of chemo. We are hoping and Praying that we can move directly to CHOP for MIBG in the next couple of weeks. Carl does have a bag of stem cells available in storage at MSKCC in NYC, which are a requirement to be considered for the MIBG treatment.

We also heard back on our email request to Dr. Heidi Russell from Baylor at TX. She is working on a vaccine study that would require us to send blood to TX to be worked on for about four months. Here is what Dr. Russell said ~

Thank you for your interest in our lymphocyte study. We are generating two types of lymphocytes that are modified with a chimeric receptor that has a GD2 antibody fused to the lymphocyte receptor. Therefor the lymphocytes should recognize and kill the tumor cells. Half of the lymphocytes will be generally stimulated, and the other half of the lymphocytes will be specific for EBV.
> We can send you all the tubes for the blood we need to get started, the consent form and a fed-ex slip to send it back to us. Then it would take about 4 months to make the cells. During this time, we'll keep in touch about how the cells and how the patient are getting along. He will need to receive the cells in Houston and stay for about a week, other follow-up can take place at home.

So we have this option as well. We know of several other parents that have already got started with the vaccine process, and may have their cells ready fairly soon. Carl does meet the requirement of never reaching a HAMA when doing antibodies, but the other eligibility is being positive to the EBV (Ebstien Bar Virus) which most of us are, so hopefully Carl too will test positive for this!!!

So for right now, we are kind of in a holding pattern. . . It is always so difficult to just be waiting. . . But we feel comfort in that we are in HIS hands, and we do feel peace and HIS Love surrounding our lives as we move ahead with Carl on this next step!! Aside from Carl's temporary discomfort of his new Port, he is Happy, and still full of Energy!!! He is Excited for Halloween, and he keeps asking me when is Halloween!!! He just asked me about 5 minutes ago ~ "Is it today"? :0) We are trying to take each day as it comes, and enjoy every day we are given, because each new day is a gift from HIM!!!

We are back home for a couple of days, then we will be back to Mayo early next week for Blood work, Labs, and an MIBG scan, as well as meeting with Dr. Anderson to go over results and discuss our next leg of the journey. We know you will be lifting us up in Prayer, as we can feel the Power of all of your Prayers Stormin Heaven for Carl!!!

Thank you and God Bless

Teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time,
for that's the stuff life is made of.
Benjamin Franklin

The best thing about the future is that it
only comes one day at a time.
Abraham Lincoln

Peace. . By HIS Love

Kelly & Tom
& Family

P.S. Check back for Halloween Pics, and check Bryan's site for an oldie but goodie..... (sorry Bry) :0)

Thursday, October 28, 2004 5:08 PM CDT

Good Evening this Thursday!!!

We just got back from the clinic and our appt. with Dr. Anderson. Carl's vma/hva were slightly elevated. The ct scan shows the liver spots as some lesions unchanged, and some are enlarged. Carl's blood counts are very good, and holding well, so we are very encouraged by that report!! We are saddened that this chemo did not do more for Carl in terms of the liver, but we did accomplish his blood count recovery, and that will allow us to go on to another treatment from here.

We discussed several options for Carl, from the IL-2/IL12 Study, to a new chemo trial here at Mayo. Then we brought up the option of bringing Carl to CHOP for the MIBG treatment. That is what we are setting our sights on right now. With this report of slight progression, we fear getting hung up getting on the IL study and Carl progressing worse. We have been reading about several other relapsed children lately (even with heavy bone marrow disease) that have done the MIBG treatment. So for whatever reason, I would Like to believe GOD is directing us in the right decision/path (And we do feel peace) we will be starting the process to get Carl to CHOP (Philly)

Dr. Anderson has emaile to Dr. Maris, and we will find out more hopefully tomorrow. We also will probably need to get Carl on some other chemo in the mean time to hold him over. Now we are getting more limited on the drugs that he will not be resistant to, so hopefully Dr. Maris will have some ideas on what to do there. We are also going to find out about collecting some blood to send to TX for the vaccine study that Dr. Heidi Russell is working on. This may be an option down the road after the MIBG treatment???

Tomorrow Carl will have his port placed, I believe he will be scheduled early in the morning, I will need to call the surgery scheduling line later tonight for the exact time. Then while he is having his surgery, a Bone Marrow ASP/Biopsy will be done as well. We will hopefully be able to head back home for a couple of days, then we will be back for an MIBG scan and chemo. I am hoping this will get scheduled for Monday or Tuesday.

I will keep updating as I find out more information. Please keep Carl and our whole family in your Powerful Prayers as we will be taking another path, and another big step to try to buy us more time with Carl. We are feeling at peace, and for the most part we are feeling that this is the right decision right now. We do not want to waste any more precious time, and we know that Dr. Maris will be Wonderful, and he will help us with Carl. Dr. Maris is the doctor that helped our Precious Angel Alex Scott for many years, and never gave up trying to help her and her family!!

Thank you and God Bless+

With Love in HIM

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, October 25, 2004 1:48 PM CDT

Good Afternoon this Monday!!!

Carl's labs this morning ~

Platelets ~ 37,000 WhoooHoooo!!!!!!!There coming back!!!
HMG ~ 12.5!!!!
Wht ct. ~ 18.3!!!

Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!! I was Praying for NO transfusions today!!!! What a Blessing to be home this evening!!!

We are well, and very Exstatic about Carl's counts today!!! We really were expecting a transfusion of platelets at least, but this news is so Great!!!!!

Carl is out playing with Pika, it is sunny and cool, but a very nice Beautiful day here in Franklin :0)

We enjoyed our trip to Byron's Twietes Pumpkin Patch on Saturday!!! It was a little rainy and chilly, but we managed to keep warm and still had a Great time with all the camp kids that joined the party!!!!! Thanks Stacey and Megan for all that you do to arrange these Wonderful get-togethers for all of these kids!!!

The next couple of days we will be getting ready to head back to Rochester for Carl's Doctors appts on Thursday & Friday. He will get his new Port placed on Friday, and hopefully we will be back home again for the weekend!!! We should also find out what the next step will be for Carl's treatment plan. Either another cycle of chemo the same as he has had now twice (Gemcitibine) or we will make plans to head to Madison Wi to see the NANT Onocologist Dr. Sondel there about the phase I study we are looking at? Today we just feel very Blessed to have Carl here with us, still feeling Great and full of Life!!!!!

I would like to share with you a Beautiful Essay a Sweet friend of Carl's wrote. Anna-Bannana who Carl met in NYC last year during Antibody treatments. For this Essay, Anna won first place ~ Andre-Sobel Award!!! The assignment was to write a letter titled "The letter I wished I would have received from a friend or family memeber while in treatment" It is truly Amazing and Most Definitely Note Worthy, and I would like to share this with all of Carl's faithful readers/Prayer Warriors!!!!


Wishes to you all for a Beautiful Day in the Lord+

My Neighbor,s Bible . . .

I am my neighbors Bible,
He reads me when we meet;
Today he reads me in my home,
Tomorrow in the street.
He may be a relative or friend,
Or slight acquaintance be;
He may not even know my name,
Yet he is reading me.
-Author Unknown.

Peace in HIM

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, October 21, 2004 12:08 AM CDT

Hello this Thursday!!!!! MEA Weekend YIPPEEEE!!!!!!

First off.....Yes Jenny I am with you on the Sox thing :0) It was a Great Game last night, and Hats off to the Sox for coming back after three losses!!! Sorry Ann & Eric Fischer, and all of our Dear Loving NY Family & Friends that We Adore and Love so much (die hard Yankees fans)!!!!! Something about rootin for the Underdog, is Minnesota style!!! And I agree about Dougie M. :0) It will be a fun World Series to watch!!!!!

Carl, Sydney and I watched the game last night from the Redwood Hosp. :0( Carl did need platelets and red cells, as his counts were low from last weeks chemo. It went very smooth however, and our Sweet nurse Jeannie Green did such a Perfect job of getting Carl's IV line in his hand, and wrapping it up (like a cast) :0) and the whole process was pretty manageable. Carl even had to have two sticks in his arm earlier in the day for his blood draws. He did well, a little fussing but overall he was very brave and a such a big boy through it all!!! Carl was a bit antsy in the Hosp. we were there from 4:00 til after 10:00 to get the whole job done. It helped to have Sydney with us to entertain Carl and take him for walks and a ride in the wagon around the halls :0) Then we just watched the game and Carl sang "Take me out to the ballgame" at the top of his lungs!!! It was getting late and I was trying to stifle his performance, but Sydney reminded me "Mom just let him sing, he is soo Happy" :0) Which is very true!!!

School was so fun for Carl!!!! He didn't hesitate to go with the teachers to complete his testing!!! He did very well, and was scored about average for most areas, he scored low for motor, which I am not surprised with his disease affecting his bone marrow, which involves his legs. Carl scored on the Higher level with Social skills, which too was no surprise :0) We even learned that there may be an opening in a few weeks for Head Start, and Carl could go to school Monday through Thursday every week!!! I am soo Happy for this chance for Carl!!! I asked if it would be a problem with our schedule? Sometimes Carl may need to miss shool for a week or more with his treatments, and it sounds like this would not be an issue, we would just need to keep the staff informed of our situation/schedule for Carl!!! So Carl may get to go to School, like a big boy!!! I will need to bring Carl to school every day, because bussing runs only within the Redwood Falls City limits. But Carl would be able to take the bus from Jeannie's daycare if he should be there while I am working!!!

The kids are enjoying being home today :0) I couldn't believe Sam.... A kid who I have to drag out of bed every morning and dress while he is still sleeping.... was the first one up, and waking the rest of us up!!!! I guess it's like those snow days, when you could go back to bed, but you are just so darn excited you couldn't sleep so you stay up anyway!!! :0) We are going to try to do a face lift on the house today and tomorrow, then Saturday we will be packing up and heading to Byron to visit the Tweites Pumpkin Patch with our friends from Camp Jornada!!! Bryan will not be coming with, he will be joining Emily and her family for a little trip to Chicago this weekend!!! He is very Excited to be going, and I told him I don't blame him, I am sure he will have a Blast!!! We will be doing some fun things at Tweites including a Hay ride!!! We are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather is nice, at least not raining.

Thank you all for taking the time to check in on Carl as often as you all do, it really means the world to us to know that we have all of your support, and encouragement and Prayers lifting Carl up daily!!! I do believe all of the Prayer Power is what is keeping Carl so well and full of life!!! He is a little Miracle, and we are Amazed every day by his Spirit and Energy!!!! We continue to have HOPE alive in our hearts, and it is so easy by just watching Carl and the Love he generates wherever he goes!!!

Nine requisites for contented living:

Health enough to make work a pleasure. Wealth enough to support your needs. Strength to battle with difficulties and overcome them. Grace enough to confess your sins and forsake them. Patience enough to toil until some good is accomplished. Cherity enough to see some good in your neighbor. Love enough to move you to be useful and helpful to others. Faith enough to make real the things of God. Hope enough to remove all anxious fears concerning the future.

May you find Blessings in every day!!!

Love to all

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 7:41 AM CDT

Good Morning this Wednesday!!!

Carl spent the night at Auntie Sheila's house last night :0) He pleaded with me all day yesterday, "I don't have anyone to play with" He was missing his cousin's Sarah and Kate, and thought they should not be in school yesterday so they could play with him!!! We waited until the afternoon, then Carl called to Auntie Sheila's house and left a message :0) We called back a little later to talk to the girls after school, then Carl phoned Auntie at the bank to see if he could come over to play!! So Carl got to stay at Auntie Sheila's house last night, as she had a day off today :0) I made Carl very Happy, but when Sam got home from school, all heck broke loose when he found out Carl was at Uncle Johnny's and he could not stay over night!!! I reminded Sam that he gets to stay many times when Mom and Dad are away to Rochester with Carl. I thought it was so cute how Carl thinks it is Auntie Sheila's house, and Sam thinks it is Uncle Johnny's house :0)

I think Carl got spoiled rotten in Rochester last week!!! He misses his friend Maya, and he was getting very accoustomed to having numerous art projects and activities set up for him in the play room each day!!! He got pretty used to that life style, and was enjoying himself :0) I also think Carl is sooo much ready for some type of pre-school/learning readiness. And as a matter of fact, I will be bringing him this morning to "Sam's School" for pre-school screening!!!! When I told him the other day that we would be going to school to do some fun testing/play activities, he about jumped out of his skin with delight!!! This little boy wants to go to school so bad!!! He asked me about it yesterday too, he wanted to know if I would be leaving him there? I told him No I would be there too, and then later he would be able to start some learning classes and go to school!!! He said "But arent you going to leave me there, I want you to leave me there by myself!!!" :0) He really is so Excited to go today to this screening, and Hopefully we will be able to get him into the learning readiness program!!! And of course I Pray that we will be able to be home often enough for Carl to be able to "Go to school" This little boy even wanted to know if I would wake him up early like the other kids so he could go to school too!!! Bless his sweet little heart!!!!

Yesterday Sam's class made Stone Soup :0) It sounds like it was a hit!!! I sent him off to school, forgetting to send him with a veggie for his contribution to the soup ooops :0( So Carl and I made a quick trip up to school to make sure Sam had something to add to his class Stone Soup!!! Carl enjoyed peering into Sam's classroom and picking out Sam in the crowd :0) And I am sure he would have stayed all day, if he could have!!!!

This morning I will bring Carl to the Hosp, to check his blood counts, and have a culture drawn. We are hoping and Praying his counts are holding!! I have noticed a couple of bruises on his head? So wondering if the platelets are dropping, or if it is just a bad week for clumsey bumps? Then we will head over to Carl's preschool screening!!!

Wishes to you all for a Great Day!!! Enjoy, I heard that it will be in the 60's here today?? We have to enjoy this warmth while we get it, it sure won't be long and we won't get these little breaks for a loooong time!!!!

The Art of Abundance ~

Abundance is . . . a jack-o-lantern grinning at you from a doorstep.

Abundance is . . . a comfortable chair

Abundance is . . . a class in a subject you're interested in.

Abundance is . . . the potential of every child born on this earth.

I will bless the LORD at all times:
his praise shall continually be in my mouth.
Psalm 34:1

Love to all

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, October 18, 2004 11:32 AM CDT

Hello to everyone this Monday!!!

We hope you all had a Nice weekend!! It sure has turned chilly here in Mn. Burrrrrrr. The boys bundled up and played outside anyway!!! They enjoyed farming with Dad for a few hours yesterday, and Sydney and I spent some time working on her Health poster for school. We are glad to be home again for a couple of weeks before needing to go back to Mayo. On Wednesday I will bring Carl in to the Redwood Hosp. to have his blood counts checked and a culture done to make sure the infection is gone.

I checked emails last night and was so saddened to read about another relapse. Little Sydney Dungan from Texas has recently relapsed. Her Dad Mark is the Wonderful man that started Lunch For Life last year and has continued his efforts tirelessly this year to continue for his purpose!!! All of us NB families share this same purpose, and for that we all feel connected and feel each others pain and loss. It hit me in the gut to read about Sydney, and how it brought back those those same feelings nearly a year ago. A year ago we thought Carl was just fine, he was still doing antibodies in NYC and our lives seemed to be feeling "Normal" again for the first time. Shortly after Carl returned from his Nov antibodies and scans, we heard that devestating news that Carl had relapsed. How we learned in a hurry that we could never take one day for granted (not that we did since Carl's diagnosis), each and every day now was ever more cherished.

Lunch for Life is still an ongoing benefit for Neuroblastoma and all of our children. The link above will take you to the Website Mark has created for all of our children. If you have not already pledged a lunch for all of the NB children, you may do so still!!! I myself have slacked and not sent in our donation, but will be doing this today!!! It is only with research dollars that a cure can be found, and our children deserve the best chance at survival, the same benefit as any other childhood cancer enjoys, they cannot fight for themselves, so we have to help them!!!!!

An update on Alex's Lemondade Stand ~ The total is very near Alex's goal of one million dollars!!!! Last weekend most VOLVO dealers around the country donated money for each test drive of a new Volvo!!! I have not checked lately but I do believe they are very close!!!!! Next summer "ALEX'S LEMONADE STAND" Will be truly Amazing with all of the dedicated folks getting involved to help us raise these so important research dollars!!!! Already the money raised has helped in some of the new trials that have become available for our children. Carl may even directly benefit from all of our Hard work!!!!! The NANT group of Researchers/Doctors is working steadily on new and coming trials for NB and one of them is the IL-12/IL2 that we hope to enroll Carl in, at Madison Wi soon!!! I was contacted by a man John Grossman from SYKE magazine last week, he is doing a story about Alex's Lemonade Stand and wanted to talk to several other families that participated this last June 12 with a Lemonade stand. This magazine is one that is in the seat backs of Delta planes. It will be interesting to see the final story!!! Carl's Commando's is hoping to gear up for next years Lemonade Stand and possibly joing forces with the Hammer, and the Hollway families, also Mn NB families!!!!

Thank you all for keeping Carl in your Prayers, Please continue to Pray for all of the NB Warriors, and Angels that we have lost to this terrible disease. Remember the parents that are struggling to find peace and comfort with either their battling child or the loss of their Angels.

Have a Beautiful day in the Lord

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, October 15, 2004 1:38 PM CDT


Yes we are busting out of Club Med today!!!!!

Carl's last antibiotic infusion is at 2:00pm so we should be on the road by 3:30 YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!

Auntie Jean we are glad you will be staying until tomorrow so we will get the chance to see you!!! What a bummer, you come all the way up from St. Louis, then we leave town the whole time you are there :0( Thanks for all your help with the kids, and for helping Sam with his little bunny journal!!! We can't wait to see your Pumpkins Sam!!!

Carl's return appts. are set up for Oct. 28th & 29th, he will have an abdominal CT, an Ultra sound to check for the best place to put his new port, then see Dr. Anderson and a Surgery Consult. Then on the 29th, surgery to place the new port. Carl and I ran in to Dr. Anderson down stairs a little earlier. After a long week here at Club Med, it was nice to see his smiling face :0) He said he was very Pleased with Carl's counts!! I asked him if he knew if Carl would be doing another cycle of chemo before we head to WI. and he was not sure, he said it depends on the Doctors there? He said probably about a 50/50 chance? Either way we will be Glad to see him when we return in a couple of weeks!!!

I better sign off and go round up Carl to get hooked up for his final antibiotic infusion!!! Oh and grab our clothes out of the dryer!!!

Have a Great Evening everyone, and Thank you for all of your constant PRAYERS And Support!!!

We Love you all!!!!

Kelly & Carl

P.S. Please keep sweet little Maya in your Prayers, as she is still trying to get her tummy working right.


Thursday, October 14, 2004 5:37 PM CDT

"If you want to hear GOD laugh, tell him your plans"
Mother Teresa ~ borrowed from Maya's page :0) Thanks Holly!!

Speaking of Maya, Please continue to keep this sweet little dolly in your Prayers!!! MAYA'S PAGE

Carl's port is out ~ he temporarily has his cast :0)

We go home tomorrow. . . YES HOME ~ we learned today from the infectious disease doc that since the source of infection is removed, we do not need to do a week of antibiotics after, only 24 hours, then we are done!!!!!

That will be Wonderful!!!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!!!

The morning started out VERY stressful!!!!! From the nurse questioning if Carl should get his chemo since his ANC (infection fighting white cells) were so low??? Leading to STRESS for Mom!!!! To a personal visit from the doctor to inform me that if I choose to do chemo, I could be putting Carl at risk for serious/life threatening consequenses!!! Then on to the afternoon, Carl has been in pain with a terrible headache since coming out of anesthesia, and has required several doses of Fentenal for relief. He also was having fits of screaming from pain (worse than antibody pain when we did 3F8's in NY) Then the resident came in to tell me the news that there must have been an error with Carl's blood counts because the ANC was actually 1500 today and yesterdays recorded figure was 400, which could not have been correct??? So the whole Serious/Life Threatening scene was all for nothing, which I still have not recovered completely!!! I cannot go in to details, but those that Understand. . .Understand!!!!

We are Happy however that we can get back home and not need to be running to and from the Hospital for antibiotic infusions!!! Carl will start his GCSF shots tomorrow, and we will check his blood counts several times in the next two weeks, in case of needing a transfusion. I feel frazeled today, to say the least!!! I do believe a cocktail or two would be in order for tomorrow night when we get home!!! Well a kiddie cocktail for Carl :0) It just breaks my heart that Carl was so good this morning, getting up and asking me when we would be going down to get his cast. He was in such a good mood, and so very cooperative!!! He rode down to surgery so nice on a little crib/cart, smiling and talking to everyone he passed. He even was so good when they made him breathe the mask to go to sleep. Then after waking up, and even after getting up to our room he was having such terrible headache pains :0( What these poor little people have to go through, I often question how this can be right?? It certainly does not seem fair to me and I guess never understand, just try to trust and believe in HIS plan for each of us, because it is definitely not the plan we would choose ourselves. . . .

Thank you everyone for stopping by, and for keeping Carl and all of his little friends in your Prayers. God Listens, and he shows this by all the many Blessings we can still find, even when our road is rough and we don't understand, we just have to get out of the drivers seat, and go for a ride and trust HIM at the wheel!!!

Carl did get his second dose of Gemzar this morning, I think God had something to do with this count thing, I think this was a little demonstration to reassure my faith in HIM was right, to believe and stand up for!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Wednesday, October 13, 2004 12:38 AM CDT

Good afternoon this Wednesday!!!

This morning we learned that Carl's Oct 10th culture came back positive:0( This bacteria seems to be slow growing, and slow to clear. The decision was made to pull Carl's port tomorrow after his chemo in the morning. He will have a IV in his hand (He calls this getting a cast) Our Dear cousin Patti Hauck from NY remembers this, because last time we went through this ordeal, Carl called Patti up and told her he had a cast :0) Then the whole plan has changed to have Carl admitted to the Redwood Hosp. to finish out his antibiotics. I believe Carl will still be able to leave the Hosp. on passes inbetween his infusions, like we have done in the past also. I am sure we will have lots of volunteers (Aunties and Uncles) willing to bring Carl in for one of his shifts once in awhile :0) I am not sure how long this will be, probably for at least 10 days. Hopefully with the port removed, the infection will clear sooner. We will have a new port placed when Carl is due for his next chemo, which has not been scheduled yet, but we do have a return appt. with Dr. Anderson on Oct 28th. I am sure it will be arranged then, as well as our next step of treatment. By then we were hoping to be moving foward on the Phase I trial in Madison Wi. (NANT IL-12/IL-2)

We were hoping, and looking forward to seeing Auntie Jean when we got home Tursday. Jean is in Morton all week to spend some time with Grandma Phyllis!! I am not sure, but I think Jean is leaving on Friday? We will get discharged on Friday if nothing else comes up in the mean time. It was fun to read your notes Auntie Jean :0) And Grandma's too!! We are so Happy you are getting to spend this time with her, and I am sure she is enjoying your company as well!!! We are also so Pleased to read how well Grandma is doing, and how well she is walking again!!!! Keep up the Great work Grandma!!!!!! We all want you back home soon, it is not the same missing those Sunday night suppers in Morton, and getting together when we all did!!! Also the boys miss going to Grandma's house and getting spoiled rotten :0) Only at Grandma's can you get Ice Cream and Pop corn in the morning!!! And a full cookie box waiting for grubby little fingers to help themselves any time :0) We all miss you at home Grandma and we look forward to when you get back there again!!! we Appreciate all that you are, and all that you do for us still!!! We are not done needing you. . . and we ALL Love you so much!!!!!

I also should mention that we were moved to a different room. We are now in 3-108 and our phone no is 507-287-4620
They needed our room for a patient that required the overhead monitoring camera. So we are two doors down, and exactly right across the hall from Maya!!!

Thank you for all checking in on Carl, and for keeping those Prayers Stormin Heaven!!! We appreciate all of your Love and Support!!! We continue to find many Blessings in each and every day, and one of our Biggest Blessings is all of you!!!! God Bless you all

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

P.S. Thanks for joining us for Supper last night Sara, it was fun!!! Thanks Roy for picking up our Tab!!! We miss you Megan and wish you were there to enjoy some of Carl's obnoxious behavior :0) Oh Ann Carl and I had a piece of Carmal Pecan Silk Supreme!!!! Yummmm, I should be starving myself today after all thoses calories :0(

P.S.S. Stacey!!!! Thanks for stopping by to visit us, it is so good to have you close by us here :0) You are sooo Wonderful Girlfriend!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004 4:03 PM CDT

Hello to everyone this Tuesday!!!

Thank you for checking in on Carl, and Thank you for your notes in the guestbook, your phone calls, and Prayers!!!

God is actively working Miracles in Carl, and we are witness to HIS Love each day we are Blessed to share with this Happy energetic little guy!!! Each smile Carl brings to another face, is a Ray of sunshine and a gentle reminder of HIS gift to us each day. Carl has been busy spreading sunshine all over the hospital this week :0)

Carl gets a dose of Vancomycin every 8 hours, and is unhooked between doses. He is allowed out on pass, but he chooses to stay here and play. He is enjoying all of the attention from the childlife staff, and he is having so much fun with his friend Maya right across the hall to visit and play with too!!! Maya has not been feeling well, so I have to remind Carl to let Maya rest so she gets to feeling better. She is such a precious little princess, it is so fun to watch a little girl playing for a change :0) She Loves Dora, and pretty things :0) Please keep Maya in your Prayers, as she may be spending a couple of weeks here before she can go back home.


This morning I received my RN training for (IVAD)Implanted Vascular Access Device: Accessing, which included 7 pages of written instruction, a couple pages were for drawing blood and cultures, both of which are good to know as well. I am actually greatful for the training, both of the sweet nurses helping were very good and showed me the proper sterile techniques that are so very Important!!! We will get perscriptions for all our supplies, and should be all set to handle port accesses when we are discharged.

I just got a call from Sara Gosse (Sweet Megans Mom) and Carl and I are going to meet Sara for supper at Bakers Square in a little bit!!! So I will sign off, so I can go round up Carl to get ready to go!!!

Have A Great Evening and we will update more tomorrow!!!


Kelly & Carl

Monday, October 11, 2004 9:26 AM CDT

Good morning everyone!!!

The above ADORABLE picture is of Carl with his little friend Devin, who was at the Hosp. yesterday visiting with Holly & Maya and some of thier other friends that they met on the internet who are here for appts. today!!! It is always so fun to visit with friends we know, that we have followe their journey for over two years too. Both Holly & Maya, and Karla with Baby Jacob and thier family were all staying at the Donald House back when Carl was first diagnosed. We became friends, and enjoy getting together each time our paths cross here in Rochester. We were saying that we will have to all get together on a non-medical grounds somewhere and spend some time with one another!!! Little Devin and Carl enjoyed playing with play-dough, riding the halls on the three wheelers, and then they had a little pizza party together for supper :0) Tom and the kids were also here yesterday, they came on Saturday night, and then left to head back home in the early evening Sunday. Carl always likes to have Sam and Sissy here with us too!!! It makes our stay more of a family experience when we can all be together, and it breaks up some of the long days of the same-old.

Carl's temps have been better, not spiking so high, just 99. temps off and on, but to me that is considered a temp, because he usually keeps a low temp. The question is if they will pull his port, put in a IV in his hand temporarily until the infection is cleared, and the antibiotics have run their course, then putting back in a new port. Or leaving his port in, and hoping the infection clears and we have no re-occurance of this infection??? I am in favor of pulling the port, even though it may not be necessary. I am thinking about our short-term plans/goal to get Carl started on the Phase I study (IL-12/IL-2) in the upcoming weeks, and would hate to see him set back by having this infection cause complications again before, or during the start of this trial. This morning when I got up, I asked the nurse to check to see if they had scheduled surgery for this morning, because I didn't want to feed Carl anything if he should be NPO. She paged the docs and then came back in to say, No not today. Then one of the residents came in for her routine morning check on Carl, and she said "I am sorry about the confusion about the surgery" "We have not set anything up or contacted the surgerons etc." Well I just told here that I wanted to be sure, before I fed Carl anything, because there has been at least two occasions where transport people have showed up to get Carl for surgery, that I knew nothing about prior to them coming (I knew it would be happening, but was not iformed exactly when) So anyway, I do know that nothing will take place today yet. I am not sure how long we will be here either? It will probably depend on this port issue too. Carl is due for his second Infusion of Gemzar on Thursday as well, so maybe it will work that he is still here to get that done???

We don't know much else, just trying to survive the day in and out hospital routine. Holly (Maya's mom) made reference to ground hog day in her latest journal, and I can totally relate to that feeling. We wake up each day, and it starts out and progresses just like the last. The days seem to mesh together, and you forget that you have been doing this for a week already... Pretty crazy!!!!! It is a good thing the nurses change, or we would really get confused :0)

The doctor just came in for rounds, and the plan is to keep Carl here until after his Thursday chemo. So we will get back home Thursday after that, and then finish his home IV schedule of Vancomycin, then culture his line again a few days after the antibiotics are complete. If Carl's culture comes up positive, then his port will get pulled. I also discussed taking over doing Carl's port accesses at home, to assure more consistency of handling his port. His last line infection was about August 16th, so this is becoming way too frequent and inconvienient, and extremely costly, with both time and money. I know these infections can occure and are often nobodys fault, but with proper cleaning, and handling, they may be highly avoidable. The nurses will be setting up a training session for me to practice a port access before we go home. Even without training I think I could handle it, as I have watched this done a hundred times or more!!!

I hope you all have a Wonderful day, and find many Blessings all week long!!!!

Thank you for all of your Prayer Power, and for all of your notes and well wishes!!!!!

Please remember all of our friends in Prayer that are also battleing NB and for all the Angels and their Loving parents that miss them so much. And for all the other children with other forms of cancer or illeness.

Love to all

Kelly & Carl

Saturday, October 9, 2004 7:47 AM CDT

Good Morning to everyone!!!

Carl's culture did grow a Staph type bacteria, we finally heard the news last night. Yesterday morning it was still negative, leaving us all very surprised, since the whole scheme of things was so typical of a line infection. They have not yet identified what strain we are dealing with, but hopefully will find that out soon. Carl has been treating on Vancomycin since Thursday, so with any luck this was the right mix that should work on whatever type it may be. I do have my concerns however, since the fevers are continuing, it seems about every eight to twelve hours he spikes another temp. I wonder why, because in the past, his fevers stop within twelve hours or so. Today some time we should have more information to go on.

I always believe to everything is a purpose? And even when not so good things happen, we can believe there is a reason for this somewhere, but we don't always understand right away. Many times we are Blessed to see that "reason" and find that understanding (what gift from ABOVE) I have been wondering this since Thursday, "what purpose" as I DO Believe there is a course of events or happening/s for a "reason" with Carl's infection that has come on??? I keep looking, and wondering, and have my antennas out to try to pick up something that may occure to explain this whole process??? I do know that an understanding may not be clear for some time, or it may come to me when I am not trying to see, but then it will make sense later?? Does any of this make sense to you?? I guess I have had much too much time on my hands to think about things, but I do believe in purpose, and it is a GIFT when we do see the light!!!

Other than the fevers, when Carl is feeling well, he is very well, just as always, on the go and not wanting to take a break or rest :0) We were so Greatful, Anutie Sheila came yesterday morning to bring us some clothes, and she was able to stay and visit with us for awhile!!! We were able to unhook Carl for a couple of hours, so we decided to get him out and go across the street to the Honker for lunch. He started to feel a little warm just as we were leaving. When we got over there, Carl was not himself and was starting to shiver, with his lip quivering. So I brought him back right away, Auntie Sheila waited for our food and would bring that back to our room. Sure enough when we checked Carl's temp, it was on its way up and the whole picture was starting to resemble the one from Thursday in the PITC when Carl had his seizure. We were lucky to get his temp down, and no complications this time. We are trying to watch his temp closly and start Tylenol or Ibuprofin right at 99. to avoid his fever shooting up so quickly.

Shortly after Auntie Sheila left to go back home, Deb and Andrew stopped by the Hospital (Carl's friend Andrew from the Donald House) They brought Carl and Sam a "Homer Hankie" How very sweet and much appreciated!!! Then, Megan Gosse came to visit, and brought Carl his favorite food ~ Chicken Nuggets in a Happy Meal!!! Carl played and fooled around and made Megan laugh as usual, Then Stacey came by when she was done with work!!! It was Great to have company from all of you yesterday, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for making our day!!!! Not only did we get visitors, but our Friends Holly with her little sweetie Maya were inpatient right across the hall from us, so we were able to visit with them for a little while!!! Also Karla with her precious Jacob, was visiting Holly and Maya, so we got to see them too!!! A very nice added bonus, is to know your neighbors in the Hospital :0)

Today we will play, and try to keep Carl's fever under control and wait for more information on his infection. It may be that his antibiotics will be changed, based on what strain is identified? Or another possibility would be to have his port pulled, depending if this is the same type as last time (prelim reports showing it may be?) However the case, we will enjoy our day, as it looks like it will be a Beautiful sunny day :0) We may be allowed out on pass for a couple of hours, so we may be able to go do something??? There is a new Halloween shop in town that I have been wanting to get to :0) We have a job to find Sam a costume!!! We found Carl one a couple of weeks ago, but could not find one in Sam's size. That may be on our to-do-list today!!!

We will miss Mandi's baby shower today :0( But we will be thinking about all of our family and friends that are home this weekend to be there, we will miss all of you. We hope it is alot of fun, and that Mandi makes Wonderful Memories of her special day, In preparation of those two little (baby boy & baby girl) Robinson babies!!!

Please keep the Prayers coming strong for Carl during his hospital stay, and for all of the other little children especially Maya who is here recovering from surgery.

Have a Beautiful day in the Lord


Kelly & Carl

Thursday, October 7, 2004 3:41 PM CDT

Good Afternoon everyone!!!

St. Mary's Hospital room 3-104
Phone no. 507-287-4600

It is hard to believe our little smiley "Twins wanna-be" in the above picture (taken yesterday) is laying in bed tired, recovering from a febrile seizure. When Carl woke this morning, he felt warm :0( He had a 99. temp. I gave him some tylenol, and we left for Rochester. He was feeling ok, but not as active in the PITC while getting his chemo. We were trying to work on his beaded bracelets for his aunties that are all coming home this weekend. Carl felt tired, and mostly rested while he watched Home Alone 3. After his chemo was done, and during the flush, he started to chill, and shiver terribly. I took his temp but it was only about 100. I knew with the shivering he was soon to spike a temp and could easily seiz. I gave him some tylenol and within 20 minutes he had a seizure :0( This one was tougher than the others, and the Doctor was concerned enough to want to admit him to the ICU. He did come around and respond shortly after, so the order was changed to admit him to the floor. We were transfered to the floor, and Carl has been sleeping off and on ever since. We are stronly suspecting a line infection AGAIN!!! Carl received a dose of Cefapine, and they went ahead and started Vancomycin already, as this is the typical for these line infections. Dr. Arndt is on service today, and she said that Carl will be getting ten days of antibiotics no matter what!!!

I guess I am feeling like I am not sure what hit me right now, and I know Carl will be wondering the same when he wakes up and gets ready to ride the halls. We didn't plan for a hospital admission, even though Carl was starting a temp already this moring. I figured we would come back home after chemo, and keep a close eye on him. I guess we are Lucky this all happened when it did, and while we were already here, otherwise we would most likely had to come back very soon anyway. Carl's fever is back to normal, THANK GOD!!! We were worried about a second seizure, as it was not coming down for some time. This is a total surprise to us, as Carl has been feeling so well and had no signs of any illness or infection.

On a good note Carl's platelets were 127,000 today!!!!! His marrow is indeed working, and he is making those platelets on his own!!! We are very Blessed!!! I am also very Thankful that Carl got his chemo in before any of this happened today, another Blessing!!!!!

Yes we did enjoy yet another exciting Twins/Yankees Game!! We are ready to hoot and hollar tomorrow night, I guess we will be doing it here at the Hospital. Maybe Bryan will come and stay with Carl and Mom for the weekend to keep us company, we will see!!! Right now it looks like we will not be home for Mandi's shower, and possibly for a few days at least until we figure out what is going on, or Carl's cultures (If positive) come back negative.

Thank you all for checking in on Carl today, and for all of your Awesome Prayers that are giving us strength to ride on through this roller-coaster that we ride.

Love & Prayers


Wednesday, October 6, 2004 10:58 AM CDT

Carl's quote this morning ~ "When I grow up, I want to play baseball, and wear this shirt!!!" :0)

How About those Twins!!!!!


"Open House Baby Shower" for Mandi Robinson!!! This will be on Saturday October 9th at 1:00 PM at the Morton City Hall!!! Come one and Come all!!! The shower will be put on by all of the Aunties, we will be serving Hot turkey sandwiches, Salads & Deserts!! Matt & Mandi are expecting twins ~ Both a little boy!!! And a little girl!!! In December!!!!! We look forward to seeing everyone there on Saturday!!!!! Please Pass the word to anyone that does not already know!!!

We enjoyed the game last night, all together piled up on our bed. The kids spilled water in the living room satelite dish box last weekend, so we are out of TV viewing in the livingroom for now. We had fun cheering and clapping for our Twins!!!

We are all well, and Loving this PERFECT fall weather we are Blessed with!!! These are the days we will remember, and long for, when the snow starts to fly, and wind starts to whip around. Carl is outside with a bucket right now, looking for frogs, or worms or whatever he can find. We had Sam's conference last night, and his sweet teacher Miss Jones, says that Sam is all about being outside and hands on learning!! How true for both of these little guys!!! A couple of months ago, we ventured into a Learning/Toy store while in Rochester (finding Carl a toy for a reward for being good during ct scans) and we found these cute frogs in an aquarium :0) And next to it, a stack of boxes/kits to grow-a-frog. Well after not sending in for our tadpole for weeks, we finally did it, and we also got a second tadpole to grow :0) The kids are having fun watching their little critters get bigger, and sprout legs!!! It is pretty amazing to watch!!! What is nice about these frogs is that they stay in water all the time, and are not picked up and handled :0) So they can have their frogs inside the house, and keep them too!!!

Tomorrow Carl and I will head back to Rochester for a count check, and chemo (90 Min. IV infusion of Gemzar) then we should be back home in time for supper!!! We are sure Carl's platelets will have held strong, so we should not need a transfusion this time!!!!! How wonderful it feels to know that we have had our Prayers answered!!! I was beginning to fear that Carl's platelets would never recover, and we would be seeing the start of the end of the road for this journey. We have been given more time, and a chance, that is all I have Prayed for!!!!!

Have a Beautiful day in the Lord

Praise the Lord for he is sooo Good!!!!!


* God honors your desire to come to him-
however you choose to come.

* Faithfulness matters more to God than dura-
tion. But as you grow closer to the Lord,
chances are your time with him will grow.

* If you let them, times of trouble can mature
your prayer life.

* Prayer still works even when you're full of
questions. And don't be afraid to bring your
questions and doublts to the Lord.

* Always remember to say Thank You when you
pray. It's not just a question of manners, but
of remembering how blessed you really are.

-Emilie Barnes.

Please keep all the NB warriors & Angels in your Prayers, and all the children everywhere battling other forms of pediatric cancer.

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, October 4, 2004 6:25 AM CDT

Carl and I just got back from the Hosp. and I couldn't wait to update!!!!!

Platelets ~ 89 WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!
HGB ~ 12
WBC ~ 3.5

Today is a day of CELEBRATION!!!!!!!

Thank you Lord for hearing our Prayers, we are so very Blessed!!!!!!

Thank you all for all your Prayers, this means that Carl's platelets are starting to rebound, and his marrow is functioning!!!! We will be able to go on to a Phase I trial with Carl!!!! We were given the chance for more time!!! What a gift this truly is!!!

Thank you, and May God Bless you all


Good Morning to everyone!!!!!

Before I begin, I would like to announce the "Open House Baby Shower" for Mandi Robinson!!! This will be on Saturday October 9th at 1:00 PM at the Morton City Hall!!! Come one and Come all!!! The shower will be put on by all of the Aunties, we will be serving Hot turkey sandwiches, Salads & Deserts!! Matt & Mandi are expecting twins ~ Both a little boy!!! And a little girl!!! In December!!!!! We look forward to seeing everyone there on Saturday!!!!! Please Pass the word to anyone that does not already know!!!

We hope you all had a Beautiful weekend!!! We had cooler weather to start out with, but then it got just Perfect yesterday!!! We enjoyed our time with Auntie Jill, Nick & Kiri, & Auntie Joy and Uncle Clair, who were all home this weekend!!! Bryan was here as well, so Nick & Bryan got to hang out together for a couple of days :0) Carl and Sam always like it when Nickie is here too, in fact we believe Sam and Nick were cut from the same cloth :0) We spent some time with Grandma Phyllis, and yesterday we all gathered to share Bryan's Ice Cream Cake "Belated B-day" at Woodale, and even had my Mom join us!! Grandma Phyllis is feeling better, and we think her spirits have improved!!!

Carl has been feeling well all weekend!! Today we will go in to the Redwood Hosp. to check his blood counts, and transfuse if needed. We are hoping and Praying his platelets are starting to rebound a little. We usually start to see some bleeding around his Mic-Key button about this time, after his latest platelet transfusion (last was on Thursday) but he has not had any bleeding so far!!! We will check his counts again on Thursday at Mayo, when we return to begin Carl's second Cycle of Gemzar. The second cycle will consist of one Gemzar infusion on Thursday over 90 minutes, then the following Thursday another infusion. Then two weeks off to rest, then we will see Dr. Anderson again on October 28th. We will also repeat the abdominal CT that Thursday. Carl's urine test ~ vma/hva will need to be collected and sent in after his second chemo infusion so that it is done in time for our Dr.s appt.

Thank you all for checking in on Carl, and for keeping him lifted up in Prayer!! We Appreciate all of your support, and knowing that we have so many wonderful family and friends out there that care so much about Carl and all of us!!! We never feel alone in this journey, we know we have HIM and all of YOU by our side ALWAYS!!!

To plow is to pray - to plant is to prophesy,
and the harvest answers and fulfills.
-R. G. Ingersoll, About Farming IN Illinois

Abundance is . . . tereacotta urns full of pink geraniums and blue ageratum flanking the entrance to your home.

Abundance is . . . ripe southern peaches dripping
with juice and flavor.

Abundance is . . . kissing a baby's cheek.

Candy Paull.

Have a Beatiful day everyone!!!! Thank the Lord for all of his many Blessings


Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, September 30, 2004 1:25 PM CDT

Good Afternoon Prayer Warriors!!!!!!!!!!

Carl is now at the PITC getting his platelet transfusion, and then we will be heading back home!!! Dad is with Carl, and I am over cleaning our room at the Donald House :0) Well sort of taking a break to do an update :0)

We did Carl's CT'S yesterday, and got his blood work done in the morning too!!! We ended up seeing Dr. Anderson earlier, and swaping with the PITC (transfusion appt)time, so that worked out very well. Carl's platelet count was 11 yesterday and today!!! We are Praying that this is a sign that it is starting to hold its own, and maybe even be recovering!!!!! Carl's HGB and WTC are good, I don't have my lab papers with to give you the exact figures, but his ANC is Great so we can stop the shots for now!!!

As for the CT reports, the head CT was clear!!!! Jokingly Dr. Anderson told Carl that he still has a brain :0) And the Best news of all is that the Liver CT shows some response to the chemo!!!! The spots are smaller!!! Carl's vma/hva was slightly lower, not as much as I had hoped for but lower at all is an improvement, and We will take this as stability for now and Rejoice with this Wonderful news!!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!!! These are not huge steps but they are small steps, and small steps are steps nevertheless!!!!! Carl has been Happy and Playful, we allowed him to take his little three wheel trike to both the PITC and the Clinic today :0) It was very priceless to watch his little legs peddling so fast up the hills and down the hallways. We of course had to remind him to slow down and watch out for other people, about every 10 feet :0) But we couldn't be Happier ourselves, or feel more Blessed!!!

Thank you all for your Awesome Prayers for Carl's healing!!

I Loved this so much, I want to add this again, as it has so much meaning to us, especially today!!!!!

What is faith?

Faith is the eye by which we look to Jesus. A dim-Sighted eye is still an eye; a weeping eye is still an eye. Faith is the hand with which we lay hold of Jesus. A trembling hand is still a hand. And he is a believer when his heart within him trembles when he touches the Hem of the Saviours's garment, that he may be healed. Faith is the tongue by which we taste how good the Lord is. A feverish tongue is nevertheless a tongue. And even then we may believe, when we are without The smallest portion of comfort; for our faith is founded Not upon feelings, but upon the promises of God. Faith is the foot by which we go to Jesus. A lame foot is still a foot. he who comes slowly, nevertheless comes.
-George Mueller

Today is so Beautiful, the air is so clean and fresh feeling!!! Almost more like a spring day :0) It feels Wonderful!!!!!! Wishes to you all for a Beautiful Day in the Lord

Please keep lexy in your Prayers, her latest scans were not with imporvement. She is a beautiful little girl that Carl met and played with in Chicago!!! We met her parents and Grandparents and they are the most Loving people!!! Lexy's site is LEXY'S PAGE

Please keep the Prayers coming for Sweet Sophia, who is almost ready to come home from her transplant!!!! GO SOPHIA!!!!! SOPHIA'S PAGE

Please Pray for all of the NB warriors and Angels, and all of their loving parents.

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Tuesday, September 28, 2004 10:41 AM CDT

Good Morning to everyone!!!

As you can see by the new picture, Carl is up and out with Uncle Chuck, in the Beautiful fall weather farming!!! I didn't have to ask him twice if he wanted to ride along with Uncle Chuck today :0) I was waiting for him to wake up, and I finally went in and asked him if he would like to go farming with Uncle Chuck, because he called and could take him with for awhile today? Carl turned his head over with a smile :0) Then I told him to let me know when he was ready to get up and get dressed. He nodded his head yes, and then 20 seconds later Carl said "I'm ready to get up!" :0)

Yesterday we spent most of the day at the Redwood Falls Hospital. Carl was having some bleeding around his g-tube, and I became concerend about this going on all day and until Tuesday evening when we were scheduled to bring him in for his platelets. I phoned the Hosp. and talked to Dr. Medrud, who also thought Carl should be checked and get platelets Monday. So we went in for blood work, Carl's platelets were 9, and HGB was 8.5, so Carl got both platelets and red cells. The HGB is likely due to the bleeding from the low plateles. Carl's white count has been ok, it was very high last Thursday as we started to give him the gcsf shots. I backed off for a few days, because it was 17.9 on Thursday. Yesterday it was back down to 1.3, so we started the shots again to boost his whites back up. He is still feeling very good, and in Excellent spirits!!! He is a Happy playful little guy, and I still wish I could keep up to his energy level. When we were leaving the Hospital last night, Carl insisted on taking the steps, and then he ran all the way to the car :0) The nurses were joking that he wanted to get the heck out of there fast!!!! :0)

Tomorrow we head back to Rochester. Carl will be having a head ct tomorrow. I requested this because of the nose bleeding Carl was having previously. I am sure it was nothing serious, but I would rather be cautious than not. Then on Thursday Carl will have a body CT, blood work and then see Dr. Anderson. I am sure he will probably get platelets again on Thursday as he will most likely be needing them. We had set his transfusion schedule up for Tuesdays and Fridays, but ever since we have been doing this, we have been changing it to Mondays and Thursdays, so I will check to see if we can just plan on those days in the future, as that seems to be when he is most needing the platelets. We are still Praying very hard that Carl's marrow and platelets start to work and make their own soon. I am not sure how long this can go on, before one makes the determination that they just are not going to ever recover? We are Praying that it will still turn around but just needs more time, and that the chemo has helped to surpress some of the NB in Carl's marrow to help this whole process!!! We also turned in a vma/hva urine test last week, so we will see how this has changed since the last results. His latest vma/hva was 18.6/24.0 normal is 13.0/13.5 So we Pray that these values come down to indicate the NB is being reduced in his body!!!

May you all have a Beautiful Day!!!! Wishes for Bright Fall colors, and warm sunshine over your shoulders!!!

Please Remember all the NB warriors, and Angels in your Prayers. And thier parents that are struggling and heartbroken with loss and grief.

We must not hope to be mowers,
And to gather the ripe gold ears,
Unless we have first been sowers
And watered the furrows with tears.
It is not just as we take it,
This mystical field will yield as we make it
A harvest of thorns or of flowers.
-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, September 24, 2004 9:17 AM CDT

Saturday evening update ~ Sept. 25th

Just a little update to let you all know that Carl has been fever free all day, and we have not heard anything about his cultures growing so we are very Happy and very Blessed!!! Thank you for all of your Prayers that are working wonders in our lives!!!

We have had the most Beautiful Fall day :0) Sunny and very pleasant!!! We have Sarah & Kate here with us today, and they are enjoying the boys and Sydney so much!!!

Have a Wonderful evening everyone!!! And a Beautiful Sunday in the Lord

What is faith?

Faith is the eye by which we look to Jesus. A dim-Sighted eye is still an eye; a weeping eye is still an eye. Faith is the hand with which we lay hold of Jesus. A trembling hand is still a hand. And he is a believer
Whose heart within him trembles when he touches the Hem of the Saviours's garment, that he may be healed. Faith is the tongue by which we taste how good the Lord is. A feverish tongue is nevertheless a tongue. And even then we may believe, when we are without The smallest portion of comfort; for our faith is founded Not upon feelings, but upon the promises of God. Faith is the foot by which we go to Jesus. A lame foot is still a foot. he who comes slowly, nevertheless comes.
-George Mueller

Love & Prayers



Good Morning and Happy Friday to all!!!

Pics from last weekend ~ CAR SHOW ~ CAMP SNOOPY

It is a chilly morning and Carl is still snuggled in bed snoozing. . . . zzzzzzzzzzzz

Yesterday we visited Grandma Phyllis at Woodale, and Grandma Dorothy & Grandpa Bill. They were having a September Birthday celebration, and My mom's birthday is today!!!! Grandma Phyllis is back at Woodale after spending a few days at the Hospital. It will take some time for her to recover, and get around again, she seems like her spirts are very down, and it is hard to see her like this. Please keep Carl's Grandma's and Grandpa's in your Prayers, they are all so fragile and dear to us.

During our visit with Grandparents, Carl felt warm so I asked one of the Sweet nurses to check his temp for me. It was about 99.9. We left shortly after that, and when we got home it had spiked to 101. So we packed up and went to the Hospital for line cultures and antibiotic. Carl also got his Friday platelet transfusion early, as his platelets would be expiring by midnight, so we just did it early, otherwise we would have had to wait til tonight. Which would not have mattered really, because Carl will need to go back in for a second dose of antibiotic today. We are Praying this is NOT another line infection. While I was up at the Hospital with Carl, Auntie Jill and Auntie Janet came up to see us :0) Auntie Jill suggested she stay with Carl so I could get home and with the other kids for homework and to get them ready for bed!!! Thanks Jill for your help, it did work out Great!!!!!!!

Carl's fever continued in to the night, and of course made us very nervous. He has had several seizures from High temps in the past, and it is always a fear. Right now with his platelet issues, we can only give him Tylenol, Motrin can cause bleeding so we are limited to only Tylenol. I always preferred Motrin for fevers, it seems that it worked faster and better. If there is a bacteria growing in his culture, we should hopefully hear this later today or tonight. I guess today we will have to tentatively prepare to pack up and head back to Rochester if he should have a line infection. Our lives are forever on this uncertain path, we can never tell from day to day what will transpire. I got a call from one of the Peds/Onc scheduling nurses this morning about Carl's scans that are scheduled for next Thursday. After I hung up, I thought, well the way things go, we may not keep those appts, and we may be in Rochester sooner and the whole scheme of things change depending on these culture results.

I have not heard anything back yet about any options for Carl, after I emailed to Dr. Maris at CHOP. He did tell me that he would be talking to Dr. Anderson, and/or one of them would get back to us. I would not be surprised if we do not hear anything until we are seen back at Mayo with Carl. Another fear of Carl landing back at St. Mary's with a line infection, is that we would most likely be dealing with one of the other doctors. We have received the most support from Dr. Anderson, and he has been helping us in any way possible to keep Carl with us as long as we can. He respects our wishes, to "Try" and not just give up because statistically Carl should not still be with us. We appreciate all of his dedicated help, and care. It can be very disheartening, and stressful when we don't feel that same support from other doctors.

Carl is keeping his High sprit and energy flowing for all of us to keep hope!!! He is truly Amazing and such a little trooper!!! He has been Happy, and bubbly, the other day he made about 7 bracelets from beads, he wore 6 of them and gave me one :0) Then he gave Auntie Janet and Auntie Jill one at the Hospital last night!! We told him he was going to have to make all of his Aunties a bracelet, or they would be very jealous :0) Earlier that day, Carl went out and picked Mom a little bouquet of "Mommy flowers" It was so precious, and I wondered if this was the last of the mommy flowers to be found for this season? Carl can be so naughty at times, and full of such negative energy, but then he can be the sweetest little Angel and bring tears to my eyes the next moment. I Pray that next spring and summer we see thousands of Mommy flowers and I find two little outstretched fists bursting with beautiful yellow flowers, and that precious smile to brighten Mommys day!!!!!

Please continue to Pray very hard for Carl's Miracle!!!

Abundance is. . . . .

Abundance is. . . a smiling four-year old child.

Abundance is. . . a full box of kittens.

Abundance is. . . the first day you feel better after

having the flu.

Abundance is. . . a crocus peeking it's head out of the snow.

Abundance is. . . the little tight green buds of spring.

Candy Paull.

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, September 22, 2004 8:42 AM CDT

Good Morning to all!!!

Thank you for visiting Carl's page, and for all of your Powerful Prayers!!!

Carl and I were in the PITC at St. Mary's yesterday from 9:00am until 6:00pm. Carl got a second Infusion of Gemzar (chemo) then Platelets, then red cells. His counts are still low, and not recovering. His platelets were 11, and red cells 8.1. The high 80,000 on Friday night, was from his platelet transfusion on Thursday. Platelets are only temporary, lasting a couple of days. His bone marrow is still not making platelets on its own? We are still hoping this will turn around, and it will just take some time. Carl has had two infusions of Gemzar now, so we are curious to see how this has helped him. We will go back to Mayo next Thursday to see Dr. Anderson, and to repeat the abdominal ct and check urine again. I am thinking it would be good to check bone marrows and a mibg or pet scan again, but we will see? I have also emailed to the NANT Dr. in Wisconsin, and also to Dr. Maris at CHOP to see if/what options we may have with Carl's platelet issues??

Carl continues to feel well, no complaints of any pain, and his performance has not stopped a bit!!! I am sure Deb and Andrew are getting a much needed rest after Carl has been terrorizing them for the past couple of days at the Donald House :0) Carl is busy playing with Pika today, and he has let a couple cats in to eat already, so I have been busy throwing animals out left and right this morning. It looks like a Beautiful day today, after the rain they had here yesterday, so Carl is ready to get outside and burn off some of his energy!!!! I only wish I could borrow half of Carl's energy to get some of the things done that needs to get done around the house!!! Maybe I can put him to work :0)

Please keep the Prayers coming for Carl as we still are so uncertain of what will be next in our lives. Keep Sophia in your prayers as she is in transplant in Boston. And remember all of our other friends as they have struggles of their own.

Grandma Phyllis is in the Redwood Hospital getting better, Please keep her in your Prayers for a speedy recover, and to be feeling better, so she can get back up on her feet and get around again soon!!!

Thank you all, and God Bless+

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, September 17, 2004 12:02 AM CDT

Here are some quick pics from Yesterday CAMP SNOOPY

Mary Hollway another NB Mom that we met with her daughter Molly, shared these pics with our whole NB family. We also met up with the Hammers and had a Wonderful day!!!!!

Saturday was as equally Awesome!!! The Car show was so fun, the kids had a great time, and we Celebrated Bryan's Birthday with the whole group!!!! Thanks to Stacey and everyone that put on this Fantastic Day and that had a part in making Bryan's day so special!!!!

Carl and I are in Rochester, we arrived on Friday night after Carl began to have some bleeding from his nose. It turned out that his platelets were 80,000!!! So no need for transfusion, but I am still a little worried about the nose bleeding, as he has had a little more bleeding since?? Tomorrow Carl will get his second dose of Gemzar (chemo) and platelets, also red cells as his Hmg was near transfusion level on Friday night, so I am sure he will get red cells too.

I will add more pics from our entire weekend after we get back home, it is so much easier to work on them at home!!!

Have a Great Evening everyone and Thank you for your Prayers and support Always!!!!


Kelly & Carl

Hello and Happy Friday to everyone!!!

Wishes to you all for a Beautiful Sunshine day, it looks as though it will be one here :0) This is my favorite time of year, when the weather is a little cooler, and the sunshine shows off all the beauty of the fall colors!!!

We are doing well here!!! Carl has been soo bored with Sam in school. He just doesn't seem to know what to do with himself :0( Mom is ok, but not the same as a friend to play with. Yesterday Carl came to me upset "I have Nobody to play with me!!!" Carl even asked me "When are we going back to Rochester?" So I suggested we call to see if his little friend Peyton could come and spend the day with us on Friday!!! She was able to!!! Carl and Peyton are Having such a ball thinking up things to do together!!! Carl slept in almost until Peyton arrived, so he had not eaten breakfast yet. Peyton came and then the two of them were in and out of the house about 10 times before I had breakfast ready. I called out to Carl that their breakfast was ready :0) As they climbed up the steps to come in the house I could hear Peyton telling Carl "I'm not even hungry" :0) I chuckled, and thought this little girl was probably thinking this crazy Robinson lady is trying to force feed me after I already ate breakfast!!! I guess it just comes with the territory, It is natural for a Robinson to try to feed everyone!!! Anyway the two thought it would be fun to bring their breakfast up to the fort to eat:0) Peyton said "This is just like camping"!! They are having fun, and it warms my heart and makes me smile to watch these two enjoy playing together!!!! Carl is in his glory today, and such a Blessing to see him so Happy and Excited!!!

On Wednesday night as I was putting Carl to bed, I noticed he felt warm. He did have a temp of 100, so Tom and I got him ready and made our way to the Redwood ER for line cultures and antibiotic,, the usual schpiel. His blood was checked too, and to our displeasure, his platelet level was at 11. So instead of doing platelets on Friday as we had scheduled, we set it up to do them on Thursday along with his second dose of Roseffen antibiotic. Carl has been feeling well, and fever free ever since?? We have not heard any word on the cultures growing so we are Praying he is infection free, and nothing else is going on!!! We feared if we held off for a day or two on checking him, we would be that further off from getting results and him started on any treatment. I hope we don't have to deal with any line infections for a long time, it has been a couple weeks since he has been off his home IV antibiotics for the last line infection. It has to be hard on his system with all of the antibiotics too!!!

Our weekend should be fun-filled and Enjoyable!!! Tomorrow is Bryan's birthday ~ He will be *17* years old!!!! WOW I can't believe I am old enough to have a 17 year old YIKES!!! We will be going to Lake City to the Camp Jornada fundraiser!!! It will be an Antique car Ralley!!! We are looking forward to seeing some of our Camp friends and counselors!!!! Then on Sunday, we will be heading to the Mall Of America for the Make A Wish Annual Camp Snoopy Fun Day!!!!!! We went last year and had such an Awesome time there!!! The kids are Excited to try out the new rides and enjoy a day of non~stop fun and Excitement!!!!! We are Praying that Carl's platelets hold out and allow us to take in all of this fun stuff before we return to Mayo on Tuesday for his next scheduled infusion.

Please keep all our friends in your Prayers, all of the children we have met along Carl's journey, both with NB and other cancer or illness.

Keep little Sophia in your Prayers as she is starting her bone marrow transplant, and she needs lots of healing Prayers for a speedy recovery!!! SOPHIA'S PAGE

Sing to the LORD with thanksgiving;
make melody to our GOD upon the lyre!
He covers the heavens with clouds,
He prepares the rain for the earth,
He makes grass grow upon the hills.
Psalm 147:7-8

It all goes by so fast. . . Oh earth, you're too wonderful for anybody to realize you . . . Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it - every, every minute?
-Thornton Wilder, Our Town

Love & Prayers to all

Kelly & Tom
& Family

P.S. If you get a chance, Please stop by Bryan's page and wish him a HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY!!!! I know it would mean the world to him!!!!! ~ Link above

Tuesday, September 14, 2004 8:59 PM CDT

Good Evening to all!!!

Thank you for stopping by, and for keeping those Awesome Prayers Flowing so strongly!!!!! We can feel them today, as we are filled with a sense of Peace, and confidence. We don't know if anything is necessarily better, we just feel lighter hearted, and the air feels clearer!!!

We met with Dr. Anderson this morning, and have opted to try the chemo Gemzar for a few weeks. This is a different agent than Carl has ever had, and it will hopefully be easy on his platelets. Dr Anderson said that there is a chance that Carl's platelet situation will improve from the chemo? It may help, or may not, but should not get worse. Carl is now scheduled to get platelet transfusions twice a week automatically, on Tuesdays and Fridays. He is also now labled "transfusion dependant" but we PRAY this is only temporary!!!

Carl's schedule will go something like this. Transfusion at Redwood on Friday. Chemo on Tuesday, with Platelets at Mayo. The chemo is a 90 minute IV infusion, then we will start gcsf shots to boost white counts. Then transfusion again on Friday 24th, then platelets on Tuesday the 28th at Redwood, then back to see Dr. Anderson on the 1st, and platelets if needed. When we return for our follow up we will re-evaluate Carl's situation to see how the chemo is helping. If the Platelets are up, then we will be checking to see about enrolling Carl in one of the NANT studies (preferably IL-12/IL2) Dr. Anderson has contacted Madison Wi Nant Hosp. about Carl for his potential enrollment. We were thinking more about Chicago, since we do have family and friends there, but I am not going to complain at this point, if we can get to WI with good Platelets!!! I would go to the moon for Carl if it meant a chance to beat this Neuroblastoma!!!!! Madison has a "Donald House" too and it is drivable for us!!!

Plan B if platelets don't recover to 100,000 Well we are not really sure?? There are a couple of other studies that don't require this higher platelet level. The CEP-701 only requires 50,000 and above (This would be Great right now!!!) then there is the Fenretinide study (16 pills a day) YIKES!!! We are also in the process of checking to see if it is acceptable to crush the pills, mix with cream (it needs fat to digest with for absorption) and then syringe into Carl's g-tube (Mic-Key button) Not sure if this is allowed for the study? Fenretinide is coming out in powder form, but not until early 2005. And if nothing else, more chemo, low dose?

Carl continues to prove he is a little fighter and wild man, as his performance in the doctors office is literally "out of control"!!! I am not sure what is going on, but I think he is getting messages from HIM above that he needs to prove he is feeling well, and that he really does have energy to burn, without any pain!!! He is proving that his exhistance in his present state, is truly a miracle every day!!!! He demonstrates that he is a Happy, Busy, Silly, Goofy, Crazy normal little boy (despite living with terminal cancer) and showing us all that we should NEVER underestimate the Power of Prayer!!!!! Carl is living Proof that Prayer is Powerful!!!!! And Always remember that there is POWER IN NUMBERS!!!!! So lets keep Praying for Carl's counts to recover, so that he can move on with treatment to beat this terrible disease forever!!!!!

GO CARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom and I both drove down to Rochester today, because we wern't sure if Carl and I would be staying for a few days or coming home right away? We were glad we were able to come home right away, and enjoy the rest of the week at home, and enjoy how we are feeling.....That Life is good....right now... We are learning to know what it feels like to live each day to the fullest, and to live it like there is no tomorrow!!! What a gift that truly is, to know how to appreciate every moment as a gift, and to really feel that in your heart!!! What a gift to not take anything for granted. . . to live your life and feel it, this close to the bone is to truly "Get It" I'm not saying that I am so Happy to be one that "Gets it" I would much rather go on about my daily business, and not have to think about how it will feel to live my life without my precious baby... Hope is all we have to sustain us for now, Hope and life!!!! For as long as there is life (Carl running around like an out of control maniac) there is Hope.... Thank You Lord each and every day for our Crazy Carl, he keeps our minds in the right place, and makes us smile and laugh, and reminds us of your Love!!!!!

On the road trip we brought with the boys play walkie talkies :0) They worked to talk back and fourth on our drive. Carl enjoyed saying "Hi Dad" "What you doing?" "Can you hear me?" "WHAT?" over and over again, it was quite humerous!!! It made for entertainment down and back from Rochester!!! We also stopped at Sam's club on the way home. Carl always enjoys having all the samples they are dishing out in the food section :0) You can go grocery shopping, and have lunch all in one place!!! I picked up a case of Pineapple juice there. One of the NB Moms had suggested this to help raise Platelet counts, she swears by it!!! Since Carl will not drink it much, we can rely on his handy dandy g-tube for this little home remedy too!!!!

I wanted to ask for Prayers for Grandma Phyllis, she fell today and fractured her pelvis, and broke her wrist. She was having an insulin reaction and this was believed to be the culprit. She will be staying at Woodale for the time being until she is recovered. Please remember Grandma in your Prayers for a speedy recovery!!!!

Well it is getting late, well not actually but last night our power went out in the storm. We had no electric, and our alarm clock was not on either. So we stayed awake til nearly 1:30 waiting for the power to be restored, afraid to go to sleep as we were needing to get up early by 4:00 to get ready to head to Rochester. So needless to say, I am very tired tonight, and it will feel very good to hit the pillow soon!!!!

Thanks again for all of your Prayers!!!

How precious to me are thy thoughts, O God!
How vast is the sum of them! If I would count them,
they are more than the sand. When I awake, I am still with Thee.
Psalm 139 17-18

He Prayeth best, who Lovest best,
All things both great and small;
For the dear God who loveth us,
He made and Loveth all.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Please remember all the other NB warriors and Angels in your Prayers.

Little sweet Sophia is having a bone marrow transplant, please keep her in your Prayers!!!! GO SOPHIE!!!!! ~ Sophia's Page

Love & Hugs
Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, September 13, 2004 1:16 PM CDT

Good afternoon this Monday!!!

Carl's counts today ~

WBS 13.6 Normal - 4.8 to 10.8
HGB 10.7 Normal - 14.0 to 18.0
PLT 16 Normal - 150-400
ANC 38 Normal - 37-80

Needless to say Carl will be getting platelets today.

I am not sure what to say about Carl's count situation. We don't know if this is still from the chemo, or from the cancer? We are really at a loss right now???

At the suggestion of another Mom, I contaced Dr. Anderson to see if we could get Carl back to Mayo sooner than the 22nd. We are concerned about waiting that long to start some other type of chemo. If Carl still has 60% bone marrow involvement, it could be worse by then, if we don't get him started on something soon. This other Mom's little boy had about 100% marrow involvement, and came home from the Hospital with 0 counts and pneumonia. She told me that 60% is better than 100% and she thought it would be wise to get Carl back to the Dr. sooner, while we still have a chance. This other little boy became very sick, and became an Angel soon after. Dr. Anderson has suggested the chemo Gemcitabine before, and I had read this on our friend Jay's website that he is using the combination of Gemcitabine/Docetaxel. Dr. Anderson thought that this would be a better combination than the cytoxin combos, since it has been worse on these. So we are Praying we can start Carl on this tomorrow, and I think it is an outpatient regimen, so we can do this in the PITC easily!!! Virginia, if you are reading this, I will have to talk to you about how Jay is doing on this chemo!!! I also remember Dr. Anderson saying before that the Gemcitabine was a liver targeting chemo?

We don't know what our future holds, or how long we will be Blessed to keep Carl with us? We only Pray that HE continues to give us strength, and Faith to trust in his Plan for Carl, and to believe that HE will see us through. Please keep the Prayers coming for Carl's Miracle. God is in the business of Miracles, and there just may be one around the corner for Carl!!!!!!

Jesus said "If you have faith as a grain of mustard, you will say to this mountain Move from here to there, and it will move nothing will be impossible for you"
Matthew 17:20

God Bless+


Thursday, September 9, 2004 8:21 PM CDT

To view Cabin/Fort pictures ~ click here



Good Morning and Happy Friday to all!!!

Carl's counts are rising slowly, I had hopes of higher numbers today, but I will take what we got, as it is a start, and Pray for better!

WBC ~ 10.4 (normal 4.8 to 10.8) (high level due to gcsf shots)

HGB ~ 10.5 (normal 14.0 to 18.00) (transfuse at 8.0)

Plt ~ 39 (normal 150-400) (transfuse at 20)

ANC ~ 33 (normal 37-80)

Carl spent the night last night at Auntie Janet & Uncle Marks house. He is still with Auntie Janet today enjoying some quality time with his wonderful God Mother!!!

I will try to get some pictures added of the new cabin/fort. It sounds like the boys will be shingling this weekend, and if the weather is good, maybe two little campers will get to try out their new fort!!!

We will check Carl's counts again on Monday, and then every few days after that. We need his platelet count to recover to 100 in order to try one of the Phase I studies. I am not sure what we will do if not, possibly some other chemo to try to control things?? We are scheduled to return to Mayo on Sept 22nd.

Thank you for your Prayers and Support, Thank you for your comforting words and Love for Carl and our whole family.

God's Love and Blessings



Good Evening this Thursday!!!

Thank you for checking in on Carl today, I know many of you are looking for an update from yesterday.

We were very saddened to find Carl's counts still low and needing transfusions. Carl received both red cells and platelets again before we went home.

The abdominal ct results were just as disappointing, the liver spots are appearing larger than a couple of weeks ago?

The HVA/VMA urine test that I mailed in last week, was still showing pending on the computer? We questioned if it was lost, so we did another collection to turn in, and should have those results back later this week. A test was done right before the last cycle of chemo, so this test will be a good indicator if the chemo Carl just had worked on his NB at all?

We are hoping and Praying that Carl's counts start to recover soon allowing us more time, so that we can try something else, such as one of the studies we were looking at in Chicago.

We will do a count check on Friday and again on Monday, and transfuse if needed. Yesterday Carl's platelet count was 24, so we are Praying it begins to rise and stabilize.

last night and again tonight I gave Carl a gcsf shot for his white counts. Over the past week, his legs have been very bruised from the shot sites. Tonight I took off his bandaid from last night, and it was completely clear without a mark or bruise!!! This may be a sign that his platelets are coming back!!!! We Pray!!!!!

I will update more tomorrow after we check his counts in the morning. Please Pray very hard for Carl's counts to recover, we are keeping our hope alive, as long as Carl is as crazy and active as he is, we know that he is not giving up, and we are not giving up either!!!!!

On a lighter note, yesterday during our appointment with Dr. Anderson, Carl was the naughtiest little boy ever!!!! He was mouthy, and threw toys around the room. He even hurrled a stuffed bear at Dr. Anderson a couple of times, and left the exam room to go visiting in the hall with the nurses!!!! Dr. Anderson scored Carl 100n the lansky scale for performance, so it is very difficult to accept these reports seeing how active he continues to stay!!!! This is a good thing, and this is what gives us hope!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom

Tuesday, September 7, 2004 9:39 AM CDT

Hello this Tuesday Morning!!!!

Thank you for stopping by and for keeping those Awesome Prayers flowing for Carl's complete healing!!!!

We are all well, Carl is feeling good, and we believe his platelete count is starting to hold it's own!!! He did get a fourth platelete trasnfusion on Monday morning. After the infusion his count was 108. We are hoping this will hold him now!! We are getting ready to head back to Rochester for tomorrow, we will be leaving later today. Carl will be having a body CT in the early morning, followed by bloodwork, and a doctors visit. I don't think he will be ready to start another round of chemo yet, but we will see? If not we will probably be able to come back home for a few more days?

Our weekend was very special!! Tom, with Chuck, Denny & John's help constructed a Beautiful cabin/fort in the grove for the kids!!! The boys helped out some, and enjoyed hammering and watching the progress as the walls went up and finally complete with a overhang roof and Beautiful flight of steps to climb up to their hide-out!!! What a Cool place for the kids to hang out!!! Carl is all ready to do some camping out with Auntie Janet next weekend if it works out!!! :0) Thanks to all of you that were here to help out, it has made these little people very Happy!!! I am sure these kids view you guys as their Hero's the way you slapped up that fort so skillfully!!! Auntie Jill you would be very Impressed!!!!!

Carl this morning asked when we were going back to Rochester? He is Happy to be going back, and visiting his friends at the Donald House!!!

Have a Beautiful day in the Lord

Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will aquire the skill to do difficult things easily.

Do you see a man skilful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.
Proverbs 22:29

Every good endowment and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.
James 1:17

Until Later ~ Love & Prayers


Thursday, September 2, 2004 9:25 AM CDT

Friday update ~

New photos on the photo page added!!!!

Carl's platelets are 9 today, another transfusion to happen.

He is feeling well and enjoing Dad being home today!!!

Dr. C. Anderson is checking with Chicago, to see if/when Carl could be enrolled in the IL-12/IL-2 study there.

Will update later, Thanks for your Prayers and Support as Always!!!!!!!

Please remember all of our friends in your Prayers too ~ Our Dear friend John Frank is in the Redwood Hosp. recovering from hip surgery, Please send some extra Prayers upstairs for John's Speedy Recovery!!!!!!!

Love & Prayers



Good Morning and Thank you for stopping by!!!

Since Carl was up late getting his blood transfusions (1:00am) he is still sweetly sleeping. Tomorrow we will complete the home IV antibiotics. Friday I will bring Carl back in to the Hospital to check his counts before the weekend.

This morning went much better than yesterday for getting the kids off to school!!! It is just so hard to get them used to going to bed early now!!! Both kids had a Great first day of school, and It was so fun to hear about Sydney's day and the male teachers she thinks are cute :0) Sam seems content with his class, and told me he would soon be taking a field trip to the Redwood Hospital. I told him "Man you should know all about that"!!!

Besides all the blood concerns and worries, and getting kids off to school, I have been doing some more research on other options for Carl and other possible clinical trials available. I finally took my dear friend Sara's advice and emailed to Dr. Clarke Anderson, a doctor who is very knowledgable and experienced with NB in LA. I originally was inquiring about a trial called BSO-LPAM, that is a very high dose kick butt chemo followed by a stem cell rescue? Dr. C Anderson, emailed back, and did confirm my suspicions that Carl would not qualify, due to the fact that he has had both his kidneys radiated. He did also, spend some time to give a list of other suggestions, and offer any help we needed!!!

First off, I am just blown away by the care, and kindess of this Doctor!!! I could not believe he took the time to write such a nice email and never even meeting Carl or speaking to us before!!! Dr. C. Anderson works with the NANT (New Apporaces to Neuroblastoma Therapy) The NANT is mostly Phase I clinical studies. We have heard of several of his options, and I was mostly impressed with his kindess!!! This is the email I received back from Dr. C. Anderson ~


Thank you for the extra details. Before I go into details, the bottom line
is that the odds are pretty stacked against curing Carl and therefore no
matter what is decided you must weigh that into the decision. The other
thing that I think is important to consider is that if Carl is older that 7
years old, he should be directly asked wha he wants.

If Carl were treated at CHLA, here are the range of things that I might try.
(no particular order)

1) PZA---a new agent that works really well in the test for resistant
disease. The toxicities are bone marrow suppression (so need stem cells)
and mild nerve toxicities. So far, the kids on it have done well.

)Interleukin-12!!!!!!! Might be a very strong choice (more I think about
it, I might even rank #1) If eligible (and I just briefly scanned the
eligibilit), might be reallly attractive. It exploits the bodies' natural
immune system t destroy (in theory) even chemo-resistant NB. The major
(and this is big) is that it is intravenous, inpatient and the side effects
include major (potentially) flu-like symptoms. I am currently treating a
patient with this medication this week and she is in the play room and
feeling pretty good.

2) ??? MIBG, the double infusion. I am not completely sure if possible
and I would be happy to discuss with Dr. Matthay about the 60arrow thing,
but . . . I jsut read the protocol and it states, "Patient with massive bone
marrow invasion (greater than estimated 50replacement of bone marrow by
tumor cells), will still be eligible, but the first dose of I-131-MIBG will
be decreased to ensure that the whole body irradiation delivered does not
exceed the planned dose(Section 5.33)" Dr. Maris is very smart to be
concerned because the problem with massive involvement is that the radiation
dose to the bone marrow space is obviously much higher so much higher risk
for bad things (non-engraftment, other bad things). Again, I think Carl
might still be eligible, but . . .?? if worth the risks. I will of course
be happy to call Dr. Matthay for you. The other question I have that may
preclude the MIBG is how much radiation Carl prviously had to his liver--per
the protocol, I don't see where it would prevent treatment.

3) Consider Topo/Cyto again. Antecdotally, I have seen this temorarily
work if it has been awhile since received or if never had.

4) Low dose chemotherapy (cytoxan or vp-16 or temodar) plus retinoic acid
plus celebrex (plus even thalidomide and rocaltrol). This is potentially
a good choice because the side effects are minimal (e.g. can go o school and
feel good) and in resstant cancer might still work since these medicine are
intended to attack the normal blood vessles that are growing into the tumor.

5) No anti-cancer therapy. As scary as this sounds, it is actually an
important consideration. Carl sadly has had a lot of therapy and the
stupid, evil disease is laughing. If he is feeling good right now (as your
email states), then maybe exploiting this time might be important. Not
many parent choose this route for obvious reasons, but in adult
oncology----believe it or not, it is a common personal choice (e.g. feeling
good for a major trip, visiting firends)

6) others-------it is late and I could write out at least 3 or 4 other major

Please mull this over and let me know what you want to do. Take care. No
matter what you decide, it will be the best thing to do and I will be happy
to help. <<<

I will be talking to Dr. C. Anderson a little later today, He is in SPT, which is two hours earlier than here! If Carl is eligible, Tom and I are considering the IL-12 study, and would most likely be doing this in Chicago, our NANT center of choice, due to the fact that we have our Robyn & Kevin in the Chicago area, and Anna Bananna!!! And Angie & Michelle that we know from the Rochester RMH!!! We would know some family and friends in Chicago!!!

This study would involve about three or four weeks? There would be testing before, during and after the course of the treatment. Carl could potentially get up to four? cycles of this treatement if it works, and after the first course, it would be much easier, and possibly more out patient!!

This is all alot to think about, and a HUGE decision to make. Most of our options are probably temporary, but maybe we will get some more time with Carl until a cure is found!!! I just Pray that this last cycle of chemo did kick good NB butt, and knock down a majority of the cells.

I will keep you all posted on what we decide to do, and what else I find out after I talk to Dr.C.Anderson.

Keep the Prayers coming everyone!!!!!!



Wednesday, September 1, 2004 12:29 AM CDT

Thanks for stopping by today!!!!

This morning's first day of school, left a lot to be desired ~ with tired kids that were up too late, and pulling Sam out of bed three times before he would get dressed, then missing the bus?? I still don't know how this happened, I guess I will have to syncronize my clock with the bus clock??? Luckily a friend was driving by with his daughter that also missed the bus, and brought the kids in to Morton to catch the bus there!! Thanks Ryan for your help!!!

Carl's counts are still dangerously low, his platelete count was 5 this morning, it was 11 on Sunday evening, and he was transfused Monday? We are waiting for the arangements from Redwood, to get platelets sent down from Willmar. We will be spending the late afternoon, early evening at the Redwood Hospital doing both Red cells and platelets today. I am checking about Tom giving platelets here to use for Carl, if he should need them in a couple days again? Also I wonder about red cells if they can be given and then directed for a person?

Other than the low counts still, Carl continues to be busy and active!!! He is lonesome without Sam today, and is a little bored. I told him we would be spending some time at the Hospital later today, and he didn't seem to care. Carl's mouth is also bleeding again, it is from one of his front teeth this time. Dr. Anderson at Mayo has prescribed a syrup type solution to have Carl swish with that will help any clots that are breaking off and continuing to bleed. As long as Carl stays fever free, and is not sick, we can stay home with him and just monitor his counts, and transfuse as needed.

Have a Great Day everyone!!! And Thank you for keeping Carl in your steady Prayers!!!!

The Art of Abundance ~ Discovering Life's Treasures

Abundance is . . . changing cloud patterns
in a bright blue sky.

Abundance is . . . a card in the mail from a friend.

God Always gives us strength enough, and sense enough,
for everything he wants us to do.
-John Ruskin

Abundance is . . . Renting a three-hanky
romance video and having a good cry.

Cancy Paull

Love & Peace


Monday, August 30, 2004 2:55 PM CDT

Hello this Monday afternoon!!!

Carl is starting to show signs of stress from last weeks chemo. We noticed some blood spots in bed after he got up yesterday morning? We could not really figure out where it was coming from? Later in the day, we were down at Grandma & Grandpa Robinson's and noticed blood around the corners of Carl's mouth? We checked inside his mouth, but could not really see anything that looked like it was sore or bleeding? We kept wiping the corners of his lower lips, as the blood was continuing to appear? Later after we got home, we were stripping him down for his bath, and noticed how very bruised his legs were :0( Then the lightbulb went off, and we realized that his platelets were probably very low. After a phone call to the home health service we brought Carl in to the Redwood Hospital to get checked. His blood was drawn, and not to our surprise, his platelets were 11, the number they usually transfuse at is 20, so he was very dangerously low. This morning we went back in to get Carl transfused with platelets, and hopefully this will hold him now. He will have counts checked again on Wednesday. His ANC is still below 1000, so we will continue to give the GCSF shots for now. His poor little legs have a bruise at each shot site :0( And he has a collection of bandaid marks.

Other than the low platelets, Carl continues to go full speed without hesitation!!! I brought Sam with me to get Carl's transfusion this morning, and forgot (since it has been so long) that it takes about three hours to get this done. So the boys were little dickens, running around and driving their Mom crazy the whole time. Sam has started this belching thing, he does this at will, and the more you try to stop him, the more he continues to demonstrate his new discusting skill :0( I told Sam that he better stop doing this before he goes to school!!! His teacher will not put up with this, and he will be getting himself in Big trouble!!!! Then we went to Revier tire to get my tire put back on my car that we dropped off earlier this morning. The boys were climbing in the stacks of tires they had sitting around in the waiting room. They both looked like Michelin babies with their heads sticking out!!! All I could picture was Carl tipping over, and cracking his head on the cement floor with his platelete situation (hopefully with the transfusion, it is better)!!! So to say the least, Carl is the busiest, craziest little (sickest???) I'd say NOT, little bugger this side of the river!!!!!

I had better get going, we will be heading up to Reede Gray soon, to meet Sam's new 1st Grade teacher Miss Jones :0) Hopefully for his sake, (and my embarassment) he is all burped out by then!!!!

I found a favorite misplaced book!! ~ Abundance

Discovering Life's Treasures

Clean clothes. A hot bath. A smile from a stranger. Lunch hour browsing in the shops. A quick sandwich on the run. Crusty bread. Crisp salad. Salty olives. The car starting on the first try. A red carnation sitting jauntily on the desk. Daffodils and paperwhites displaded in the florist's window. Kids laughing as they get off the bus in the afternoon.

Love & Prayers


Sunday, August 29, 2004 7:16 AM CDT

Good Morning to all!!!

Thank you for checking in today, and for your continued Prayer Support!!!

New Photo above ~ We managed to take in the State Fair yesterday, and the kids enjoyed sitting/climbing on all the toys at Machinery Hill!!! I was a fun day, we got up at 4:00am to get on the road by 5:00am. Tom and Sydney wanted to watch the Beef Showmanship at 8:00am. The boys were not up to sitting quietly at the show, so I walked around with them for awhile, so Tom & Syd could watch the judging in peace :0) I took the boys up the giant slide, and we walked through the grandstand. We had to get out of there though, as there were too many things the boys wanted to have!! We all had a nice day, and were very tired by the time we left for home.

Carl is still feeling well, he even walked much of the day yesterday!!! We will be checking his blood counts on Tuesday to see where he is at? And if his ANC is above 1000, we can discontinue the GCSF shots. We will check his blood again a few days later, and the home antibiotic infusions will continue until the 3rd of September. Our next visit to Mayo will be the 8th, unless Carl should start to run a fever with low counts before that. We took a urine collection before we started chemo last Monday evening, and I will be sending another one in this week to compare HVA/VMA levels. Overall he looks and seems to be feeling very good, but it is so hard to imagine what is going on inside his little body?

Sydney and Sam will be starting school on Wednesday next week. We will be going to their open houses on Monday and Tuesday evening!! The beginning of school has always been such a bitter-sweet time for me, I guess I can always remember my own emotions as I would go back to school each fall, as a child growing up :0) I always tell our kids, that this is the best time of your life, before you have the responsibilities, and all the worries of grown up life!!! I just want them to Love school, and enjoy learning!!!! One of the biggest milestones that I hold in my heart is for Carl to one day get on that big bus and go to school with his brother and sister. A Blessing it would truly be!! It Angers me to think of how many parents out there don't even care, and take for granted that gift of their child being able to step up on that bus, and enjoy seeing their kindergartener return home from that big first day of school, and skip off that bus with a big smile on their face, bursting with pride. The nagging pain inside my heart is the reality that he may never be allowed to experience that first day of school. . . with his Proud momma taking pictures and following him on the bus with my camcorder (Sydney is still embarassed, and scarred for life):0) If other parents only knew, maybe they would look at their child a little longer, hug their child a little tighter, and appreciate just a little bit more.

Thank you and God Bless all of you this Beautiful Day in the Lord+

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created.

James 1:17-18

Love & Peace

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, August 26, 2004 8:41 AM CDT

Babies (Twin update) Allert!!!!!!!!!!

Our Sweet Matt & Mandi Robinson had an ultrasound yesterday!!! We are :0) (The Robinson family) expecting a little boy and a little girl!!!! We are Soooo very Happy and Excited!!!! It will be fun to have both a baby boy and baby girl addition to the family!!!!! Congratulations Matt & Mandi, we can't wait for the Big Day!!!! I think the EDA (expected date of arrival) is December or January??? Just around the corner, so we are Thrilled and Very Happy for the both of you and both of the babies, and for all of us that are ready and waiting to share your new bundles!!!! God Bless those precious babies+

Carl is such a trooper!!!! He is feeling Great, and busy back to fun activities around the farm with brother Sam!!! Last night we had Sue Nelson, a sweet Redwood home health nurse come out to show us how to administer Carl's Antibiotics (Vancomycin) the last five days here at home. We hook his line up to a little vaccume packed ball, that releases the med into Carl's line over about an hour. Carl thinks this is pretty fun, he enjoys hauling his little ball around, and treats it like it is a little puppy or something :0) We also started the GCSF shots last night, to boost Carl's white counts. That went off without a hitch too!!!

It looks like a rainy day today, so I am sure the boys will find many things to do inside :0)

Thank you all for checking in, and for all of your Awesome Prayers that continue to lift Carl up and give our family the strength to march on in this battle.

Thank you God for all of the Awesome Relationships you have formed in our lives throughout this journey, we need these Loving people to help us through with your Love.


* You were never intended to go through hard times alone.

* In the middle of your pain and difficulties, God is calling you to ministry - to be his hands and feet and ears and voice in a hurting world.

* Every Moment of your life, in sickness and in health, you have the choice to withdraw into self or reach out to others.

* Your ultimate source for love and support is the Lord. But you can trust him to provide the human support you need.

* Yourt need can be a gift for someone who needs to reach out. Ask for it!

* Your deepest regrets will be those you could have helped. Even when you're hurting, reaching out to others will carry you toward peace.

* Your greatest gift of love toward another person is to share Christ with them.

Emilie Barnes.

Love & Peace

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Tuesday, August 24, 2004 10:10 PM CDT

Hello this Tuesday evening!!!

Carl is in the process of getting day two of his chemo. He tolerated day one like a pro, never a clue of sickness or fatigue until this evening when his motor was slowing down, then finally quit. We were allowed out on pass this afternoon, so the boys ran themselves ragged at the Donald House, while Sydney and I went back to school shopping. We got back to the Hospital about 6:00, and by 8:00 Carl was laying on the couch, watching Shrek, then before long fell asleep, and has been sleeping like a baby ever since.

After Carl's morning dose of antibiotic, we can check out of the hospital, and get ready to go home!!! We will go back to the Donald House to clean our room, and check out of our room there, that we have occupied for nearly a month this time. We will head back home, and start Carl's home care of antibiotics (til next Monday) and for the first time in almost a year in a half, we will start giving Carl GCSF shots to boost his white counts. This will be strange, and something new again for Carl to get used to.

It is funny but many things that Carl never questioned, or thought twice about, he is starting to wonder about. Such as our talking about his hair falling out again, and he was so fascinated with his blood transfusion yesterday :0) Anutie Janet and I tried to explain why he was getting a blood transfusion, and where it came from. Then we told him about the time in New York when he got Auntie Jills blood that she donated for him :0) Both Sam and Carl sat there with their ears wide open listening and the wheels turing as they tried to process that whole concept. At the time, Sam was sitting on the little tykes tractor that Carl has claimed all week, and was riding in and out of our room every ten minutes or so. Well Sam left the room, and when he returned, the first thing out of his mouth was "Carl and Jill have the same blood"? Janet and I broke out laughing, what a hoot!!!

As long as Carl does not spike a fever or get sick, we will be able to be home until about September 8th, when we will come back to Mayo for a follow up with Dr. Anderson. We will repeat the VMA/HVA urine test, and do a liver ct for staging after this first round of chemo. We will hopefully start a second round, or be eligible to enter the Phase I study with these two chemos Carl is getting plus the G3139 Antisense drug. We feel very relieved that Carl got started on this chemo, and we are Praying very hard that this begins to Kick NB Butt!!!!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!! Thanks for all of your Loving support and Prayers Always!!!!!! We desperately need them right now, and we can feel them coming strong!!!!

Love to you all

Kelly & Carl

P.S. Megan I am sorry we will miss that cheese cake :0( Thanks for the offer sweetie!!!!

P.S.S Michelle we do have those hankies all ready in case we need them!!! They did work, and we really relied on them back then. I can remember Carl feeling the effects sometimes a few days after his chemo was done. Thanks for sticking with us all of these two years!!

Monday, August 23, 2004 10:51 AM CDT

Good Morning to everyone!!

We hope you all had a Great weekend, we had a very Good one ourselves here!! Bryan was with Carl and I until yesterday, and we were able to get Carl out of the hospital on pass to go to a Twins game!!! It was alot of fun, we went with Stacey and a group of kids from the Donald House and camp!!! The kids got to run the bases after the game, and we stopped TC down on the field to get a group photo!! It was a fun day and THANK YOU Stacey and to everyone that made this possible!!! Did I mention this was a sky box at the dome? Very Awesome!!!!

Carl is doing well, he is still full of energy and craziness :0) We will not be starting the new Phase I trial today, since Carl's platelets do not meet the requirement. They are 88 and need to be at 100 thousand I guess? Plan 2 is to begin chemo anyway, without the G3139 agent of the trial. The two chemos are Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide, both chemo drugs that Carl has had in the very beginning of his treatment. He responded to these drugs very well, so we expect he will have good response to them again!! Carl's blood counts will drop low, and he will have the other side effects already experienced, such as nausea, vomiting, hair loss ect. Carl may develope a fever when his counts drop, and again require a hospital admission for line cultures, and antibiotics. We will finish this first cycle of chemo, then decide what to do from there? The NB may be reduced from this first cycle, and more stablized, so counts recover enough to start the trial, a couple weeks later?? We will just see what happens, and I know that GOD is leading us down the right path for Carl.

We are waiting for the lab to come up and draw blood for a cross match, required to order up a transfusion. Carl will receive red cells this evening before starting the chemo after. We will be allowed out on pass, until about 5:00 when we will come back to get started on his transfusion. We are also waiting for Auntie Janet with Sydney and Sam to arrive!!! They will be coming for a couple of days to keep us company and offer some moral support!!! I am very glad Sam will be here to play with his buddy, Carl is starting to get bored, and the week has only started :0( Dr. Anderson thought we may be able to be discharged either Wednesday or Thursday? So hopefully we can get back home for the weekend, before Carl's counts bottom out.

Thanks everyone for checking in on Carl, we can feel the Power of your Prayers and know that we are not alone in this continued battle. Please remember all of the NB warriors, and other children battling illness of their own

Bryan has set up a caringbridge for himself to jornal and keep in touch with family and friends!!! Stop by and leave him a little note if you get a chance :0)


God Bless you all

Kelly & Carl

Friday, August 20, 2004 9:02 AM CDT

Bryan now has his own web page, to keep in touch with friends and family!!! Go to ~

Now he can keep in touch with all of his new camp friends!!!!


Good Morning & Happy Friday!!!!

Carl is up having breakfast, watching Dora (wearing a huge milk mustasche) :0) He is feeling well, actually so well!!! We had some visitors last night, Deb & Andrew from the Donald House!! Deb asked at the desk what room Carl was in, and she said they told her room 110, but you will probably find him riding around in the halls!! It was fun to see our friends, we do miss them, and Carl sure does Love tagging behind Andrew most of the time:0) Carl did his usuall tractor riding through the halls here yesterday, and he even got in trouble as he came riding by one of the nurses full boar, and slapped her on the behind on his way by. She Loves Carl dearly though so I don't think she minded too much!!!

This morning I checked out the Redwood Gazette website, and found an adorable picture of Sam, with his calf Spot!!! To view go to linke ~


The kids got finished up at the fair yesterday, and brought all their fair stuff and animals back home. They will be busy putting everything away today. They had a Great time this year, and made many memories for themselves and for all of us too!!! I was so Happy that Carl was able to spend a couple of days there with Spike his calf!!! Thanks again to everyone that helped us out and helped the kids with their animals!! We appreciate all of your efforts, and patience with Sydney as I know she needs reminders to stay focoused on her responsibilities of a 4H'er!!! She is young (pre-teen) and at that age, but I am sure she too appreciates all that has been done for her to help her with her projects again this year!!! Tom and I were talking this morning, and this is the second year, that we both have not been there very much for the fair. We have not been there to coach, discipline, and supervise the way we as parents should and wanted to be. We know the kids were always in Excellent hands, and we THANK YOU all for helping us through another year of a busy fair week. We know you will be richly rewarded!!!

We will soon be leaving to head over to Camp Jornada to get Bryan from his adventurous week of Fun!!! I talked to him last night again, and he was so Happy and Excited about his week!!! We will join the campers for lunch, then attend the Camp's closing ceremonies, complete with a slide show of all the pictures that had been taken all week!!!! WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! Bryan will be staying with us here at the Hospital until Sunday. I am so glad we will get to spend some time with him too!!! I am looking forward to some quality Mom/Son Son's :0) time!!! I have alreday picked out some Great movies to watch, and we will just hang out together and relax!!! I'm sure Carl will be fine riding the halls, (Just kidding, we will try to corrall him for some fun movie watching too) :0) We will also be able to leave the Hospital on Pass for a few hours each day.

I am still waiting for the Doctor to come by rounds, we are still keeping our fingers crossed that Carl can start his new protocol by Monday!!!

Thank you for stopping by, and for keeping us in your constant Prayers!!!

Maybe Bryan will update later on his Wonderful week at camp!!!


Kelly & Carl

Wednesday, August 18, 2004 9:14 AM CDT

Thursday August 19th update ~

St. Mary's Hospital ~ room 3-110
phone no ~ 507-287-4623

The strep bacteria of Carl's port culture is an eppi strain of strep that is Roseffen resistant. He was admitted this afternoon to begin Vancamycin IV Therapy. Cultures were drawn again this morning. The resident was just in and said that the Vanco will be an hour IV infusion four times a day. We may be allowed out on pass between infusions. Carl was due to start the new chemo protocol (Clinical trial) on Monday, so hopefully he will be able to stay on track with that plan, and we will find out more tomorrow after we see Dr. Arndt.

We had not realized it, but August 18th yesterday was the two year anniversary of Carl's diagnosis. Sitting here in a room directly across the hall from our first room back then, it brings back so many of those emotions. It in many ways does feel like the beginning, like we are starting from scratch, and never even got anywhere in two years.

Please keep Carl in your Powerful Prayers, as our journey marches on . . .

Love & Peace



Wendesday evening update!!!

What a day at the fair!!!! All of the kids did a FANTASTIC job of showing their animals, we are so very proud of them!!! Sam earned a participation ribbon for his baby calf project, and both Kate & Sydney earned blue ribbons on their breeding heifers!!! Sydney won Junior Showmanship for her heifer!! For Chickens Sarah and Sydney both did very well, their chickens each had some minor flaws, so they did not do as well as they hoped. But they did a Wonderful job of showing all their animals and presenting their projects to the Judges!!!

I have to Thank Jenny & Jessie & Dustin for all of your help this week!!! These guys took off a whole week of work to be here to help the girls with their animals at the fair!!! It is with their dedication and enthusiasium that has enspired the girls to work hard and keep trying!!!! Thank You So Much we could not have done all of this without all of your help!!!!!

We received a phone call from Dr. Gross at the Redwood Hosp today, Carl does have a gram positive infection. We made another trip to the ER tonight for a third dose of antibiotic. We will be seen in the morning at Mayo, and learn what the treatment plan will be to treat this infection. These set-backs really make us angry!!!!! They are unnecessary, and preventable with proper sterile handling of Carl's port and line. We caught on of the Doctors last week (An Anesthesis) trying to go into Carl's line for sedation without wearing gloves, or cleaning the tip on his line. Not only once but twice!!! So it is not hard to figure out why these line infections are happening!!!!! Now depending on what needs to be done, this could compromise Carl's chemo schedule, and push everything back. At this point we don't feel like we can afford these thoughtless mistakes, when it is our childs life hanging in the balance!!

I talked to Stacey today for a brief moment, before my cell phone cut off on me, She said that Bryan is having the time of his life at camp, and he wants to come back every year!!! She said he even wants to be a camp counselor!!!! I am so Happy Brayn is enjoying his week!!!!!!

Thank you for checking in on Carl and for all your Prayers Always!!!!

We Love You all!!!!!!

Kelly & Tom & Co.


Good Morning to all!!!

We are enjoying the fair, but more sitting back watching the boys with their calves :0) They are so proud of their little projects, and have been busy to keep them cared for!! They noticed how everyone would stop at thier little calves and ooooo and ahhhhh over how cute they are, so they began to ask every child that stopped if they wanted to go in and pet their cow :0) Soon Carl began to venture further out of the barn to snag wood be walkers by, to come in and pet his cow :0) It was very precious, we sat and smiled, and laughed so much at these boys!!!

We have been keeping a close watch on Carl the past couple of days. He started to run a temp on Monday, and has visited the Redwood Hospital for line cultures, and antibiotics twice to cover a possible line infection. We have not heard an official report after 24 hours, so I guess then this should mean no news is good news?? He wanted to be here so badly at the fair, so we are so Happy that Carl got his chance, and that Sam was able to have his little partner with him!!!

Bryan is at camp Jornada this week, and I have not heard anything from him so far. I know he is having a blast, because they have a week of fun activities planned for all of the campers!!! I think later today was the biggest event of all week ~ The Jello War!!!!! I can't wait to hear all about his adventure at camp, and see the pictures of all the kids!!! They should be having nice weather this week, it did rain earlier on, but it has been just Beautiful ever since!!!

Sydney has already left with Tom to get to the fair. Today they must wash and get ready her chickens and her heifer for the shows!! Sam will be showing Spot, but he really needed to sleep in a little this morning since they were working so hard yesterday, and were so tuckered out last night :0) Sydney's Grandma and Grandpa Bladon, Doyle and Helen are here to watch Syd show her animals, and Jeff arrived last night too. I was in the restroom yesterday, and turned around after washing my hands and Helen was standing there!!! I said "HELEN" and she said "KELLY" and we hugged!!!! She didn't expect to see me at the fair, she knew Carl had some tests to do in Rochester this week, but didn't know we got it all done on Monday, and could come home for a couple of days!!! It was so good to see them again!!! They are all excited to see Sydney show her animals today, and Sydney is so Lucky to have so many family members there supporting her!!!! We also have Auntie Jill and Nickey coming this morning, Aunties Janet, Joy and Sheila will all be there today too!!!! Thanks to all of you for taking time off of work, and making this a special fair week for the kids!!!!! Sydney will be bringing her friend Heather to the fair with her tomorrow, she is looking foward to a day of fun, after her showing is all done!!!

Thank you for stopping by, and for all of your Prayers that are making a difference in our lives!!!


* It's impossible to be always happy, but it really is possible to be continually joyful.

* Little joys can carry you through when you can't get your mind or body around big ones.

* You can be joyful even when you don't feel joyful. You can accept comfort even when you don't feel comfortable.

* When you don't feel comfort, look for strength. When you don't feel strong, give the Lord your weakness.

* Joy comes from understanding what has been promised, trusting in God's care, practicing thanksgiving-and appreciating life.

* God will give you the comfort and joy you need, in the proper dosages, to bring you where you need to be.

* Joy is that deep-down knowledge that all is well, regardless, and all shall be well, no matter what.

Emilie Barnes-

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Saturday, August 14, 2004 7:47 AM CDT

Good Morning this Beautiful Saturday!!!

If you have not been to Carl's site for a few days, let me bring you up to speed on what is happening. Last week we started tests/scans. His results include bone marrow progression to about 60 percent, and liver involvement.

We met back with Dr. Anderson yesterday to review results and figure out a new plan. Carl's MIBG scan clearly showed the bone marrow progression, and confirmed the bone marrow biopsies to be about 60 pecent. Carl's little body was lighting up like a christmas tree. The liver spots that were discovered on the CT scan, were noted on the MIBG scan but too small to measure. So what we are dealing with is heavy bone marrow involvement, with mets to the liver (however small) We are Happy that no tumor, or lesions were found. We feel ok with the results, we of course would have liked to see less bone marrow disease, and now we live in the fear of what will transpire next with new growths. Carl had about 80 percent bone marrow involvement at diagnosis, and cleard afer a couple of rounds of chemo, so we are hoping and Praying that a chemo protocol will kick butt on the marrow disease again and give him a good response!! The MIBG treatment at CHOP is not an option with this much marrow involvement. We have contacted Dr. Maris about Carl's situation, and asked to be put on his list (two or three months) to consider then if his condidion should change.

We were presented with the Fenretininde study, (oral pills, works like accutane but better) but we dismissed this option because we don't feel Carl can swallow 16 pills a day. This drug will be coming out in powder form in the fall, so we can use this as an option later! We discussed several palliative chemos with Dr. Anderson, then discussed a couple of possible clinical trials. One was the Rebeccamicin trial, a new chemo drug trial. The other was ADVL0211, a trial using two chemos that Carl has already had in the past (that worked) and introducing another agent that works to block the way cancer cells become resistant to chemotherapy. We are thinking about the second trial, since it includes two chemos that we feel Carl can respond to again.

We will be heading back to Rochester tomorrow to bring Bryan to Camp Jornada. Carl will have appointments to get a heart ecco, a bone scan, & blood work. We are hoping to get them all done on Monday, so we can get back home for the beginning of the fair. Carl will not be able to start this new protocol until Monday the 23rd, as he has to be off of prior chemo for two weeks before starting. Sydney and Sam will be bringing their calfs, Sydney's is a breeding heifer. She will also be showing her chickens. The times for shows are poultry 10:00am and beef 12:00 noon, both on Wednesday August 18th. We are planning on bringing Carl's little calf Spike, just so he can experience having his little guy at the fair too :0) He is so Excited for the fair!!!

Thank you all for checking in so faithfully, and for keeping those Prayers Storming!!!! We are feeling a strong sense of Peace, so we know that the Lord is ever present in our lives and has a very speical plan working for Carl!!! We can feel it so strongly!!!!

Please continue to keep all of our friends with children fighting cancer and other illness in your Prayers, and all of our NB family, all of the warriors, and Precious Angels that we have lost. Thank you and God Bless.

~ The Power Power Of Prayer ~
No Ocean can hold it back,
No river can overtake it,
No whirlwind can go faster,
No army can defeat it,
No law can stop it,
No distance can slow it,
No disease can cripple it,
No force on earth is more powerful or
Than the power of prayer.
(author unknown)

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, August 11, 2004 3:43 PM CDT

Thursday afternoon update ~

We are back at the Donald House for a moment, we need to go back to St. Mary's for Carl's MIBG Injection soon, then over to the Mayo bld. for an eye exam.

More troubling news today, I met with Dr. Anderson for a few minutes to sign a consent to have Carl's Bone Marrow sent to another lab for further testing. The bone marrow aspirates are back ~ one shows 10 percent and the other 60 percent ??? I am not sure I understand that this can be?? Just one month ago, the Marrow showed less than 1 can't believe that a little boy as active, running, busy, can have this much disease in his marrow?? Just one week ago, Carl made about 10 trips up the super slide (32 steps) hauling a heavey carpet to slide down on. He did this all alone with no help. I don't know what to say, but I guess we will certainly find out more tomorrow with the MIBG scan results.

I best go round Carl up and head over to the Hosp. for his injection. I will update tomorrow after our Doc.consult.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all of your Prayers that are surly helping us through!!!

God Bless

Kelly & Tom
& Family


Good Afternoon this Wednesday!!!

The little boys are in the tub right now, getting cleaned up from beer!!!! Yes BEER, they got into Dads cooler that was sitting outside, and had a blast breaking cans and spraying each other. They came in the house smelling like a brewery :0) Carl said "Im not too bad Mom - see" showing me his drenched back.

Yesterday when we got home from Rochester, Mayo called to update me on new appointments that were scheduled for Thursday, and Friday. Carl will be having an eye exam tomorrow (not sure why, could be due to a clinical study that requires the exam?) then an MIBG injection for a MIBG Scan to be done Friday Morning. Also urine and bloodwork tomorrow. We are glad they are now doing the MIBG scan, since it may be very important for what may be coming up. I emailed to Dr. K. today and asked to have Carl's MIBG scan and CT'S from April sent fed-ex to Mayo for them to compare to. We have received many emails from our NB family about Carl's situation, and as we figured, this is not a good situation for Carl. We are so Thankful for all of the Support and Well Wishes, Prayers and Positive Energy being sent our way!!!! It means the world to us to know that so many people are pulling for Carl!!!!

We will meet with Dr. Anderson on Friday after all of the tests are complete. I am not sure if we will keep the Monday PET scan or not? We already have some thoughts and ideas about a plan of attack!! We are sure Carl will need to get on a chemo soon to hopefully halt any more NB growth in the liver, and beyond. Carl did have mets to his liver at diagnosis, and it did clear from the chemo, so maybe this will work again, and buy us some more time!! We then will probably get on the list at CHOP for the MIBG treatment, or explore the other Phase I studies at CHOP that are showing some promising results in some of the children, we just don't know how well they would work for liver mets?

PRAY PRAY PRAY I am asking all of you to Pray harder than you ever have for Carl. Lets join forces and like Sara Hammer said "Storm Heaven with Prayers for Carl" Lets Pray for Carl's Miracle!!! This time it is not just for clear scans, the stakes are so much higher. Please Pray that Carl will be allowed to live longer, Pray that he will be given more time here on earth with all of us. I am not afraid of Carl going to heaven, I know he will be in Jesus loving arms and the company of all the other precious Angels we have lost. I don't think he is afraid of going to Heaven, he talks about Jesus and that Jesus Loves him. Today he told me that "Jesus Loves me... He is always with us, and he will take care of us" The faith of a little child is so Amazing!!!! We just want to have Carl with us for as long as possible!!! Pray that we make the right decisions that are best options for Carl, and that the Doctors lead us with God's help!!!

Carl and I will be heading back to Rochester tonight, so that we will be there early in the morning to begin appointments. Tom will join us tomorrow night, and be there for Fridays tests and to meet with Dr. Anderson.

Thank you all for all of your Help, Support, Love and Prayers Always!!!! We couldn't do it without all of you!!!

O LORD, I call to you; come quickly to me. Hear my
voice when I call to you. May my Prayer be set before you like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice....My eyes are fixed on you, O Sovereign LORD; in you I take refuge-do not give me over to death.
-Psalm 141:1-2,8

Love & Peace

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Tuesday, August 10, 2004 9:14 AM CDT

Thank you for keeping the Prayers coming strong!!!

We are getting ready to head back home, Carl is done with his bone marrow procedure, and eating his second order of toast with butter :0)

While I was waiting for Carl in surgery, Doctor Anderson came in the room and wanted to give me the results of yesterdays CT's (abdominals) It did reveal some spots on Carl's liver. We will know more after the bone marrows are back, as to what else we are dealing with, and also the PET on Monday. We will be meeting back with Dr. Anderson on Friday to discuss Carl's results, and to come up with a plan. We will be considering a phase I study, such as the ABT 751- or CEP 701 oral chemos, but I would like to see Carl get a couple of cycles of IV chemo to target the liver to get him stableized before going into a Phase I study. We will find out more on Friday, and feel more comfortable once we establish a plan of attack!

Carl is getting restless in his stroller here, so I will sign off for now and get us on the road. Thank you for all of your constant Love and Support!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Monday, August 9, 2004 5:58 PM CDT

Good Evening to everyone!! Thank you for checking in on Carl today, and for remembering him in Prayer.

I was going to hold off on an update until I know more information, but I then decided that we may need to start pumping the Prayers strong, and it couldn't hurt to begin sooner than later. I have had a very sick feeling in my gut, and I can't shake it. I have been on the verge of tears all day, and more than once wiped my cheeks as my thoughts have been much more about gloom today, than sunshine. And I fear the rest of the week will also bring more unpleasant test results.

Carl had CT scans this morning of his body, and everything went fine with that procedure. Carl is really turning into the most cooperative little patient. He let the girl access his port without a peep. He layed on the table with his arm up to let her get at his port area, and he watched Jo Jo's circus while she got him hooked up :0) As we were waiting for his contrast to sit in his tummy for about a half an hour, I decided to make a few phone calls to see if we could get his PET scan done this week instead of next Mon. the 16th. Well no luck there, the girl in Nuclear Med, said there was NO openings this week at all!!! So I thought then I would try to call one of our scheduling gals in the Peds Hem/Onc area to see if we could then get an MIBG scan set up this week since it was scrapped last week when we were trying to get it scheduled. So I talked to Norma on E9 and then directly to Dr. Anderson who explained that Nuclear Med, were the ones that felt it not necessary to do both the MIBG and PET. And the most important/best scan right now would be the PET as it would show anything of any concern and was the most sensitive scan. Also he was aware that we cannot get it done unitl the 16th, so we just have to go with that and nothing really can get changed.

Then Dr. Anderson looked to see if Carl's VMA/HVA was back from the urine collection I turned in last Thursday. Yes it was back and the results are as follows:

VMA - 22.1
HVA - 28.2

His last test about three wks ago were:

VMA - 15.8
HVA - 17

Normal for both of these values are less than 13

Three or so weeks ago, when Carl's results were elevated we questioned if it could possibly be some fluke, due to something he ate, or that he was on the antibiotics during the collection etc. Now we are almost certain that this is not a fluke, but tumor growing somewhere?? Dr. Anderson does think that we will find something.

Carl will be having his Bone Marrow Aspirates/Biopsies tomorrow. We will go back home and then return on Friday to complete the CT's (Head CTs) then we will meet with Dr. Anderson in the afternoon to go over the results that we will have back so far. We will bring Carl back to Rochester on Monday for the PET Scan, and I suspect if anything is showing up on the PET we will probably do an MIBG scan since Dr. K. and Dr. Maris at CHOP prefer to use these scans for NB. We will probably be heading to CHOP next and Carl will most likely have every test repeated again???

It is so hard to speculate before we know for sure, and very hard to imagine what will come next if he does have some new growth going on. It is just so hard to wait . . .

Mostly what this all means, is that the chemo he has been taking, is not working, or has become resistant to his disease. Not a complete surprise, it has been very nice for a very long time that Carl has responded so well to this drug. He was so much of an exception to the relapse rule for response and quality of life. It was almost too good to be true, we were living in a fantasy world for almost a year, and getting too comfortable with Carl being so well, I guess our luck has run out!!! And we are now awakened to the reality of the true picture. . . a slap in the face if you will, and it feels so terrible. I would prefer to go on living in the fantasy/denial world that we have become so accoustomed to, it felt comfortable, and safe.

We ask for lots of Prayers from all of our Prayer warriors right now. We are facing the unknown, but we know we can make it though with all of your help. We know that God is in control, he has Carl's life in his hands, it is His will, in His time. We Pray that Carl will continue to fight this hard, and our dream of a second remission be obtainable for Carl.

I will update as soon as we have more information.

Please also remember all of the other NB warriors in your Powerful Prayers, and all of our Angel's and their loving parents that miss them so much.

Thank You and God Bless+


Thursday, August 5, 2004 8:08 AM CDT

Saturday Morning update ~

Carl and I arrived back home yesterday early evening. We feel Happy to be back home, and Carl is quickly catching up with Sam and activity he has missed all week!! We attended the Renville County Relay for Life last night in Olivia. Grandma Phyllis and Carl carried the tourch for Morton, and I once again found myself in tears as I watched our two survivors with Pride!!!

Sadly little Simon has passed away to join Alex this week in heaven. Please keep both families in your Prayers, as the struggle to find meaning, and peace with their devestating losses. Mary, Simon's mom posted a link this morning to a story tn the Utah paper ~


We left Mayo yesterday, trying to get Carl's scans/tests set up for next week. I received a call when I got home from the sedation nurse, and it seems that they could not schedule everything on our list, which was ~
Bone scan, MIBG, Pet scan, all which required sedation, because Carl would never hold still for 20 to 40 minutes without moving a muscle. So they consulted with the our Doctor, and have decided to only do the PET scan and cancel the rest. And the PET scan was scheduled for the 16th??? Not next week while we are doing Carl's bone marrows, and CT scans (without sedation) So we will be trying to get his PET moved up to next week, to make our lives a bit easier. The way it is set up it will require a trip to Rochester on Monday, then home on Tuesday, then back on Friday to see the Doctor for results. I do enjoy the drive to Rochester, but 150 miles one way, can become inconveinient, when appts. are scheduled so spaced appart. Then we still have the issure of the MIBG scan, that we really would like Carl to have. Dr. K. in NYC is still following Carl, and he prefers this scan to study NB. So anyway, we will either be trying to schedule this at a later date, or visiting Dr. K. again in the near future to get this all done for Carl's benefit!!! I wouldn't be as concerned this time, if his urine markers were not elevated this last time, but with that result, it could mean NB growing again? We did repeat the vma/hva urine test, and should get the results back next week too. So I guess this is just all in the day of the life of a chid fighting cancer!!!! And a day in the life of a mom trying to manage a busy schedule. All of Carl's scheduling issues, also revolve around the County fair the week of the 15th, where Sydney is spending a week with her animals. And Bryan going to Camp Jornada in Stewartville. I missed Sydney at the fair last year, so I wanted to make an extra effort to be home with her this year, as it is so very important to her at this time of the year!!! All will work out and fall into place, it always does!!!

Today we are going to spend a quiet day at home. Carl wants his little friend Payton Loken to come over to play, so we will see if that is ok with her parents!!! It is so fun to see him having fun with a little friend!!!

Please keep the Prayers coming for Carl, as he will be doing his scans/tests bone marrows next week, and for all the NB warriors and Angels.

God Bless

Kelly & Tom
& Family


Good Morning to all!!!

I am adding a link directly to Carl's News Clip from the WCCO story on Tuesday evening. Go to~


It aired again yesterday at noon :0) I left Carl in our room for a few minutes while I left to go and get him a glass of milk, and when I walked back in the door, I caught the tail end of it. Carl watched it then for the first time, as he was sleeping at 10:00pm that first night :0) Now he thinks it is just natural that he is on TV all the time!!!

Today Carl has chemo at 9:00am then we head over to the clinic for blood work, and then to see Dr. Anderson to set up Carl's scan/test appointments for next week. After that we will spend the afternoon at the Olmstead county fair!!! Carl has a wristband for rides, and is very excited to start using it!!! We met Stacey and Megan, her Mom Sarah and a few other friends at the fair yesterday, and went to the Rodeo last night!!! It was a Great time, but it bothered Carl to watch the calf roping event :0( He thought they were hurting the little calfs, and he was thinking about Spike his own little calf at home.

Thank you all for checking in, and for all of your notes and comments about Carl's News appearance!!! I too Loved it, and I am so Happy they captured Carl in his true essence!!! A very busy active healthy looking little boy!!!! He was such a crack up, it was just perfect!!!!

Thanks for keeping the Prayers Flowing, we are very Blessed to have such a strong Prayer force pulling for Carl!!! And we will need all the Prayers we can get next week during Carl's scans/tests!!!

Have a Beautiful day in the Lord

Love to all

Kelly & Carl

Tuesday, August 3, 2004 12:45 AM CDT

Good Morning to all!!

I just found a video link on WCCO to view last nights clip :0)

Go to, and look for WCCO Video Minn boy fights cancer by selling Lemonade: Bridgette Bornstein

I think they did a wonderful Job of capturing Carl in his natural form, he started out a little shy, but after he got going and was turned loose outside with his buddy Andrew, he was Crazy Carl!!!!

Have A Great Day and we will catch up again with you later!!!

Love and Peace

Kelly & Carl


Just a quick update: Carl and I were interviewed this evening by Bridget Bornstein. It should run on the 10:00pm WCCO channel 4 news tonight. If it does not get on tonight, it will be on tomorrow night!!!

Good Night, and God Bless



Good Afternoon everyone, and Thank you for looking in on Carl today!!

Carl's week has been going very well, and he is busy and full of Energy like any normal child would be!!! Actually I think he is busier than any normal child, he is a little fire cracker, and anyone here at the Donald House could attest to that!!!

last week was a FANTASTIC first week of chemo, and we enjoyed our time here in Rochester very much!!! On Thursday, we went with Megan, (a very sweet Camp Jornada Counselor) to Kellogg Mn to the Lark Toy store!! It was an Idea of Megan, and a good one too, we had a great time ;0) Megan works at Baker's Square here in Rochester, a few weeks ago we went for pie and ice cream with Stacey, Carl wanted to get a Shrek guy out of a game in the lobby ;0) But couldn't. Megan asked her manager if he could get it out for Carl, but he could not. So her manger went to Toy's R Us and purchased a Shrek for Carl, and a Donkey and a Shrek Sticker book!!! Can you believe that!!!! Well Megan wanted to give these treasures to Carl, and she thought the Lark Toy store would be a fun place to go!!! Inside the toy store, is a beautiful hand carved wooden Carousel. We all took a ride on the carousel, and looked at all the interesting toys all around the store. Carl also took a little train ride ouside before we left!!! It was SO much fun, THANK YOU Megan for being such a sweetheart, and Thanks to your manager for his part in Carl's surprise!!!! We will be stopping in for Pie sometime to Thank you both again!!!!! :0)

Bryan came out then on Thursday night and we left for home after Carl's chemo on Friday morning. Sam's 6th Birthday was Saturday!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY!!!!! We packed up the car Saturday morning and drove up to Spicer/New London for a fun filled day of fishing, putt putt golf and go-carting :0) Sam and Carl even cought a few little sunnies with Grandpa Robinson's Cane pole!!! We had a very special day, it was so good to get away, and forget about the world for awhile!!!! On Sunday we drove down to Isanti to attend Uncle Rick's folks- Dennis and Shriley McVenes' 50th wedding anniversary!!! It was a very nice party and we were very glad we were able to be there too!!! From there Bryan, Carl and I headed back to Rochester to start Carl's second week of chemo on Monday. Bryan needed to be back home for a special date tonight (Tuesday) it is his and Emily's third month anniversary :0) So Bryan headed back home last night!!!! Oh to be so young and in Love!!!!

We are keeping busy here at the Donald House, Carl is enjoying his friend Andrew, and being the little tag-a-long that he is known for ;0) It is so Great that Andrew doesn't mind too much!!!!

Since Alex's passing, we received a phone call from the WCCO News station. They would like to come out later today and do an interview, and Story about Alex, and a follow up on how Carl is and our participation with the Lemonade Stand!!! I am not positive this is happening, but I will find out a little later when one of the reporters calls back to confirm them coming out. If the story is done, it will probably be on the evening news, and I will let you know that later for sure. It would be channel 4 news here in the twin cities.

Thank you all for keeping Carl lifted up in Prayer, it has helped us get through these difficult times, and gave us comfort and hope to carry on!

God Bless you all


Kelly & Carl

Monday, August 2, 2004 7:55 AM CDT

The Philadelphia Paper has an article about Alex Scott ~ ALEX SCOTT

Good Morning to all!!!

After a fun filled busy weekend Carl, Bryan and I are back in Rochester for Carl's second week of chemo.

I just opened my emails after being away from the computer for a few days, and I am sitting here in tears.

I have learned that Alex Scott passed away yesterday about 4:00pm. She passed very peacefully in her sleep, without pain, with her family holding her hands. A very sweet precious child that has touched the world, is now an Angel. I knew that Alex has not been doing very well, I think we all thought she would just keep on going the way she has for all of these years. Alex has done a wonderful thing for Neuroblastoma with her Amazing Lemonade Stands across the country!!! The last update I read was about 700,000.00 total so far, with many more stands and fundraisers to happen all throughout the summer. The Scott's are sure they will surpass one million dollars. We are very honnored to have been a part of Alex's Amazing Lemonade Stand day this past June 12th 2004!!! Alex has forever touched the lives of so many people, and so deeply, even people she has never met!!! Alex will be Honnored and remembered forever, and the world of Neuroblastoma will forever be changed because of Alex!!!! God Bless the Scott family at this most devestating time, Please keep them in your Powerful Prayers as they could use peace and comfort right now.

This past couple weeks has been very difficult with our NB families. Another child that is loosing his battle with cancer is Simon. His mother Mary has been so wonderful with her updates and journals. She is Amazing and has been so helpful to all the other families in our group so often! Even when she has been in the midst of her troubles, she will always reach out to other folks that have questions or concerns. Please keep Simon in your Prayers, pray for painfree special moments for his family while they wait for Simon to gain his wings. To read about Simon go to ~ SIMON'S PLACE

I will update more about last week, and our wonderful weekend later. Right now all I can muster is these a few requests for Prayers. Carl is well and Happy, so we are feeling very Blessed right now, Please continue to keep Carl in your Prayers as he continues this second week of chemo, and for his upcoming scans/tests the week of July 9th.

Thank You and God Bless

Love & Prayers

Kelly & family

Tuesday, July 27, 2004 5:07 PM CDT

Hello this Wednesday!!!

I have a photo link to view pictures we took in Chicago, and of the Rochester Cruise.


Hopefully this will work, I added them to shutterfly, you should be able to view them as a slide show!!!

We are doing well here today!!! Getting ready to go meet Stacey for lunch!!!

Have a Great Day everyone!!!

Warm Wishes

Kelly & Carl

Good evening to everyone!!!

Thanks for checking in, as I said yesterday I would re-cap my journal, that I lost.

We are back in the routine of chemo, and playing!!! Our schedule will be 9:00am every morning, and we should be done around 10:30 each day, allowing for much playing!!! Tomorrow we are going to meet Stacey for lunch, and catch up with her on what has all been going on!!!

Today we went shopping, we visited the Rochester Harley store, and Carl enjoyed riding a quarter opperated Harley in the lobby area :0) He rode normaly, then backwards, then he stood up, then he rode on the back as if he were a passanger :0) He was quite entertaining I must say!!!

We then made a trip to Menards to look for a new (much needed) kitchen faucet for home!! Well as soon as we got in the store, Carl started singing the famous song ~

"Save big money at the nards"

:0) Who said advertising doesn't work??? Well to my embarassment, he sang loud and non stop :0) We found a fawcet, and got the heck out of there, but left Carl's little Harley cap in the cart in the process :0( I called "The Nards" when we got back to the Donald House and they found Carl's cap, so we will go back and get it tomorrow!!! :0)

If you have read any of the guestbook entries, you will have noticed that we met and enjoyed our time soo much with many families this weekend at the Chicago Neuroblastoma conference!!! It was very Awesome, and we are so Happy we went this year!!! The kids had a blast, and made some new friends too :0) We got to see the Hammer's, the Thomas team, the Oconnor's (Anna Bananna ~ Carl's best girl) and many other faces we recognized from NYC!!! We met folks that we have talked via internet with about our children for the past year and a half! We were amoungst some of the nations most admiral Doctors/Researchers that study NB and are as dedicated to finding a cure as all of us parents!!! Truly a Joy to be there, and we will never forget it!!! It was hard to say goodbye to some of our friends, and others we missed a hugg as we were leaving Sunday morning. We felt so much Love and compassion for and from everyone in attendance, and we all were united for the same reason, which is what made this a special event for all!!! If you missed the pictures, go to my previous journal from yesterday and click on the link there with NB Conference Pictures on it!!!

When we got back to the Ronald McDonald House Sunday afternoon, we were there just in time for the 3rd Annual "Cruise" bike ride to raise dollars for the Rochester RMH!!! The Cruise include almost 900 bikers, and our sweet Kala and her Dad rode in the ride too!! It was very Amazing to witness this many bikes parading together to reach the RMH where they parked for ice cream and pop :0) The Event raised over $60,000.00!!! I have some Great Photos and hope to get them added soon!!!

Carl's appointments have gone well so far. We do have a small concern, but hopefully it is nothing to worry about. The level of his hva/vma was slightly elevated from a urine collection I sent in last week. This value measures tumor activity, and could be an indicator that NB is growing somewhere in Carl's body. It also could mean nothing, as these values have been know to be in-accurate before and can be affected by simply eating a particular food or being under stress or many other factors. Also Ganglio tumor(mature/treated NB)can cause an elevation??? These were the values that we got back ~ VMA 15.8 & HVA 17.0 I have heard that each lab will have a different range of what is considered normal? MSKCC has a differnent measure than Mayo etc? So we will continue with this current cycle of chemo that we are on, and then re-test/re-scan.

Thank you all for stopping by, and for all of your heartwarming notes and Prayers Always!!!

Please keep the Prayers coming strong for Carl this week and in the next couple of weeks to come. Pray for nothing new growing in his body, Pray for clear scans, as he so very much deserves to continue with this Blessed good health that he has been enjoying!!!!

God Bless you all

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Monday, July 26, 2004 7:26 PM CDT

Good Evening everyone!!!!!!

I just spent about an hour doing a Great update, and lost the whole ball of wax!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGHHHHH!!!!!!!

I will try to recap my journal tomorrow sometime, but here is a link to see some pictures of some of the kids this weekend at the conference!!!! Which was Awesome!!!!!!


Another Minn Mom that we met, Mary Halloway, took these pics, and shared them with our group today. We had a fantastic time meeting new families, and sharing time with old friends we already knew!!!! What a Joy!!!!!

We started chemo today, and all is well, Carl is feeling good, and busy as ever!!!!!

I will try to update tomorrow with more details about the conference and share the Wonderful "Cruise" Motorcycle fundraiser that took place here at the Rochester RMH last night!!!! Very Amazing Event!!!!!

Love & Huggs to all!!!!

Kelly & Carl

Tuesday, July 20, 2004 10:14 AM CDT

Good Morning to everyone!!!

Relay For Life Pics added!!!!

I am Happy to report that Carl is officially home from the Hospital, and done with his antibiotics!!! Praying that they did the trick, and his line infection has cleared, to avoid pulling his port, and another hospitalization.

Thank You auntie Joy for staying with Carl on Sunday night, it sounds like you all had a Great time with your Shrek Party!!! Thanks Uncle Clair for bringing Bryan Home on Sunday, it helped us out very much!!!

Some more Thanks You's ~ To Krista for stopping by on Friday to visit Carl, and for bringing the boys the Hulk guys :0) I did spend some time reading those magaizines you brought!!!! So Much Appreciated!!!!

Thank you to all of the Redwood Falls Hospital Staff, for all of your Loving care, and for putting up with a very busy little guy all week!!!

Thank you to everyone for all of your help the past couple of weeks, we truly appreciate all of your assistance with everything that you do to make our lives more bearable!!!

We especially Thank you for all of your steady Prayers that keep us strong during these crazy times. May God Bless you all, We Love you Dearly!!!!!

We are getting ready to head to Chicago on Thursday for the Third annual Neuroblastoma Conference!!! We are Excited to be attending this year, and so Happy we will get to meet up with some of the Great Families we have met and communicated with over the internet for awhile now!!! We are also hoping to come home more educated and informed about treatment options for relapse NB.

Here is a link for the Childrens Neuroblastmoa Conference 2004 ~

Carl will be due back in Rochester on July 26th for his second round of the new chemo protocol (week 1) so on our way through Rochester, coming back from Chicago, we will stop off at the Donald House and hopefully get a room for the week. It will be a busy couple of weeks as usual!!!

Please keep all of the NB warriors in your Prayers, and Pray for safe travels for all the families making thier way to Chicago this week!!!

GOD'S Gift of Truth for your own Journey ~

* No matter where you travel, God lives there,
too. There is nowhere you can go to get away
from his love and care.

* You can trust the Lord to guide you through
every earthquake zone.

* To build your faith, remember to look back
at where you've been!

Emilie Barnes

Love & Peace

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Saturday, July 17, 2004 2:18 PM CDT

Hello this Saturday, Thank you for stopping by!!!

So much to update, it has been a busy week for all!!

I am so sorry to have read that Michaela has passed on. Even though I knew this would be happening, it still cuts like a knife to know that another of our precious children has been taken much too early, from this terrible disease. I feel anger, and rage that something is not being done quicker to stop this deadly form of childhood cancer!! I know it is being worked on non-stop, but still a cure must be found soon, this has taken too many innocent lives, for too long!! Our children deserve the same chance of survival as other forms of cancer, it just needs to happen now!!!!! Please keep the Mease family in your Powerful Prayers during this very difficult time, I can't even fatham what they have endured, and are feeling with the loss of their Beautiful daughter.

Carl is still inpatient doing his antibiotics, he should be discharged on Monday some time. We were able to bring him to the Relay for Life last night, and he enjoyed nearly all of the evening with us!!! He needed to leave at 7:00pm for two infusions, but was able to return by 9:30pm for the Ceremonies, and to get some time playing with his brother in their little camo tent, and running around the track of Beautifuly decorated luminaries!!! Carl was honnoray chair this year, so Carl made an appearance at the Cermonies with us. I was the one to speak for him, but choked and could not get much out. I had many thoughts and feelings I would have Loved to convey, but at such an emotional time, it was not easy. I wanted to tell everyone about Carl's past, and how well he is doing right now, but I could barely speak. I guess I am better at writing than speaking, and maybe should have wrote this all down and read it off of a paper? If I would have been able to speak about what I have on my mind and in my heart, I would have been there all night. There are just too many emotions involved in fighting cancer in your little baby, and I just hope everyone understands that!!!

We also enjoyed our friend Stacey from Camp Jornada being with us last night!!! Stacey drove all the way up from Rochester with her sweet daughter Jessanna, and set up a very cool Tee-Pee for us all to check out!!! Stacey also spoke at the Ceremonies about Camp Jornada!!! "Camp Jornada" The most Wonderful Camp in the world for kids with cancer, their siblings, or children of parents fighting cancer!!! I am adding a link to the "Jornada Rocks" site for you all to keep tabs on what is happening with our favorite camp!!! Stacey trys to organize other activities throughout the year for the camp kids to get together and have fun!!! Such as our night at the Rochester Honkers game a couple of weeks ago!!! It is good for the kids to renew their friendships formed at the summer camp, and to get to see one another in between summer's as it gets to be an awafully long year of waiting to go back to camp each summer!!!! These kids have the best time together, and Love Stacey dearly!!! She is a Angel appointed by God to Love these kids as she does!!! Thanks Stacey for all of your help and Love Always!!!!

As I mentioned the Luminaries were so Beautiful last night!! Carl had so many bags around the track, some with adorable pictures of him on them, and others with his favorite charictures "Shrek" "Nemo" and little notes to Carcar, and how much he is Loved!!! Yes he is Loved so very much by so many people, he has touched so many lives in this short (or long) two years since he has began this battle with Neuroblastoma. It is always amazing to me to have someone come up to me and ask me if I am "Kelly ~ Carl's Mom"? I am so very Proud to be his Mom, and so very touched to have so many people recognize us, and want to tell us that they have been following his site for a long time!! It touches me that Carl has touched so many people and made a difference in so many lives, even so many folks we have never met!!! If this is the reason for Carl's trials, then I feel that we have a purpose, as we were chosen by God to deliver this message!!! The message of Love, and Hope to all!!


~ God is good. God is good. God is good.

~ God heals - but he does it his own way. And
he wants to heal the whole person, not just a disease.

~ Death happens - but Christ is the Lord of death.
So death is really just a change of address.

~ Anything that ever happens to us can be a
building block for God's kingdom.

~ Every moment of our lives is an extravagant
gift from the God who Loves you! Don't forget
to say Thank You.

from ~ A different kind of Miracle
Emilie Barnes.

Love and Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, July 14, 2004 6:04 AM CDT

Good Morning and Thank you for looking in on Carl!!!

He is doing well, just busy and very active at the Redwood Hospital :0) We can take him out on pass a couple of times a day! Once after his noon infusion for a short hour and a half, then again after his 3:30 antibiotic until 7:00pm! Auntie Sheila stayed overnight with Carl last night, to give me a break to be at home. Thanks so much Auntie Sheila, it was good to sleep in my own bed again!!! Carl was so Happy to have Auntie last night, Tom talked to him on the phone once, and he said Carl was very excited!!!

We will keep doing the same through the weekend until Monday I believe. We are getting prepared for the Relay on Friday Night!!! It should be a very enjoyable night, as it always is with friends and family around, but it will be a bummer with Carl's inpatient situation :0( But we will mannage and get through this, as we do every little setback we are dealt!

Please keep the Prayers coming for Carl this week, and say some extra Prayers for sweet Michaela (link above) and her Loving family. I am so heartbroken for Kim and Dave and for what they are facing with their precious child. No parent should ever have to experience the pain of losing thier baby at 8 years old. God Bless Michaela and her family and bring them peace, comfort and special moments to cherish forever!

Thank you all for your endless Love and Support, we appreciate knowing that you are always with us in thoughts and Prayers no matter where we may be in our journey!!

God Bless+

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, July 11, 2004 11:29 AM CDT

Good Morning to all!!

This afternoon we will move Carl to the Redwood Falls Hosp to complete his antibiotic IV treatments, which will continue until a week from Monday. Due to the complexity of administering the two drugs, it was too difficult to set up home infusion therapy. It will be easier and more efficient to do this in the Hospital. We will be able to get Carl out on Pass between his infusions. Right now Carl is receiving Gentamicin every 8 hours, at 3am, 11am, and 7pm. Then he gets Ampicillin every 6 hours, at 2am, 8am, 2pm and 8pm. So we will be able to leave between some of the infusions.

Yes this is going on until Monday after the Relay this coming Friday night. We will try to get Carl out on Pass to go to the Cancer Walk for a few hours!! It will not be as convienient as we would have liked, but then when is anything ever convienient when you are fighting cancer in your child!! We are still planning on CARL'S COMMANDOS keeping our annual position at the Redwood County Relay For Life this year, and we are feeling very Blessed that Carl will be with us, walking proudly as a TWO year survivor!!!!! GO CARL!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Stacey our friend here in Rochester, she has made our week enjoyable and helped Sydney pass some of her time!!! Sydney went with Stacey on a road trip to bring Brooke back to Iowa yesterday!!! It sounds like they had a Great time and many laughs ;0) When the girls got back they were giggling and trying to keep a little secret:0) Well it turned out Stacey picked up a "fart machine" and the girls were fooling around with it all day yesterday. Stacey had the box in her purse, and Syd had the remote :0) Well soon enough the boys cought wind of the fart joke, and joined in on the fun!!!! Carl had the box hid in his pants, and walked out in the hall (pushing his IV pole) and Syd and Sam did the remote ;) all the while trying to keep from cracking up!!! Stacey told Carl that he needed some "Beano" :0) Thanks Stace for all the great fun and laughs this week!!!! It has been a Blast!!!!

Be sure to check the guestbook ~ Stacey added a zeocast of pics from the Honkers game!!!!

Thank you for checking in on us, we appreciate all of your constant Love and Support Always!!! Thank you for keeping us in your Prayers daily!!

I will try to update during the week as I get a chance, we will make trips home for breaks while we are out on pass, and I hope we will be able to see my folks during some of these breaks as well, it has been so crazy the past few weeks we have not been able to see them very often.

Take Care and Have a Beautiful Day in the Lord+

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, July 9, 2004 7:57 AM CDT

Good Morning and Happy Friday to all!!!

Had our week turned out as we hoped, we would be up cleaning our room at the Donald House, and getting ready to head over to the PITC for Carl's last dose of chemo, then hitting the road for home by 10:30 or so. We would probably end up stopping at McDonalds either on the way out of town, or in Owatonna to get Carl's fix on McNuggets :0)

But since our plans changed so quickly on Wednesday, I am typing here on a cot, Sydney is snoreing on the couch, and Carl is still snoozing in his bed behind me at St. Mary's Hospital!! Carl will finish his last dose of chemo this morning, and will continue on his antibiotics to fight off a Strep Infection now classified as Enterococcous. They do know which antibiotic to best treat this strain, and have been using it since last night. Carl was on four antibiotics for a short time, but now has been cut back to two, the best combination to work on this particular type of strep.

A little earlier I was up and in the bathroom. One of the residents came flying into Carl's room, and spotted Sydney sleeping on the couch (thinking she was me) . . . so she then came bustling into the bathroom to turn on that light, only to find me sitting on the pot!!! Well no big deal, a little embarassed, but I am getting used to it since yesterday the cleaning lady barged in on me also sitting on the pot!!! I guess I had better start locking the door, I must be feeling too much at home here. At home someone is usually blasting in the bathroom whenever anyone is in there with the door closed, and Pika even pushes the door open to come in and visit on occasion.

Today I hope to find out more about the treatment schedule for Carl's antibiotics and the outlook of our hospital admission. The resident explained that the culture drawn yesterday, was still growing the Entro strep, so they may need to keep culturing until it comes out negative before we are safely able to leave the hospital, either to continue IV antibiotics from the PITC here, or to try to transfer home to complete the 10 or so days?? We are pleased Carl's fevers are gone, and he is feeling very well, and is energetic as ever!! It is always so hard to see him down, but when he is Happy and enjoying himself, we can deal with daily IV antibiotic infusions, especially when we know what we are dealing with!!

Tom and Sam are coming later today, and Carl is very Excited about that!!! He has been telling all of the nurses "My brother is coming"!!! He even told Sam on the phone yesterday "I got some silly string, we can squirt the nurses" heeeheheheh (Thanks Stace!!! ;O) ) Stacey brought Carl some silly string and told him he will have to squirt Farah one of the nurses and camp counselors!!! So he has been looking for her ever since ( I think she is on today) :0) Then Carl told Sam that he has the tractors all ready for when he gets here!!! Oh no, I hope they are ready for the two brothers to hit the halls here again!!!

Tonight is the Rochester Relay For Life, so Sydney and I are going to Join Stacey and some of the Camp Jornada team at their Relay here!!! It should be fun, and we are looking forward to getting out of the Hospital for a little while!!! Dad will hold the fort down here with Sam and Carl A.K.A. Maniac tractor drivers!!! It is almost time again for the Redwood Relay For Life back home. Next Friday is the date, and we are hoping and praying that we will be able to be there for the walk!!! We are certain that Carl will need to have at least 10 days of IV antibiotic treatments, so we will try to get this transfered to Redwood as an out patient basis, even for a few days, so that we can be home for our Relay on Friday!!!

If our lives are not hectic, and busy enough, the following week July 22nd through the 25th we are planning a trip to Chicago for the third annual Neuroblastoma Conference!!! This conference will include many physician guest speakers from around the country and everything will be about NB, from the history, current treatments, up and coming therapies, and about grief and support! We will get the chance to meet many other families that we have communicated with over the past year and a half on our NB support group list serv. And reunite with families we have met in NYC at MSKCC. The kids can come with, as there are activities planned for all the children while the parents are in the lectures. We did not go last year because we were doing so much traveling back and fourth to NY and we just wanted to stay home. This year we wanted to make every effort to go, as it will be especially important to attend since we are now dealing with Carl's relapse and seeking as much information as we can find about treatments and options!!!

Thank you for all of your Prayers and Support, it means the world to us knowing that we are backed by so many concerned, Loving friends and family!!! Carl is very Blessed to have so many fans on his side!!!!

Please continue to keep all of our NB families, and other friends battling other cancers, or illness in your Powerful Prayers!!!

God Bless you all+

Love & Peace

Kelly & Tom
& Family

P.S. Jerri, it is so good to have you back reading and signing the guestbook again!!! We missed your wonderful entries!!! Thanks to all of you that take the time to sign in to just say HI, or to offer well wishes and Prayer, It always brightens our days to read those notes!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2004 10:31 AM CDT

Hello this Thursday, and Thank you for looking in on Carl and for Keeping the Prayers flowing!

Carl does have a line infection, a strep bacteria has grown from the culture, and we are waiting to see if any further classification is grown, to determine which strain and the best way for antibiotic treatment. He woke up with a fever again, and we got on it with tylenol to keep his temp under control, and avoid any further seizures from the high temperatures. This should all improve too, with the antibiotics kicking in on the infection.

It will be at least 48 hours of culture growth before we know exactly what we are facing for treatment (antibiotic) and how long we will be admitted. Of course we were hoping to be able to go home this weekend, but we are not counting on it right now, we will just wait and see what transpires with this culture. Carl was able to get his next dose of chemo this morning, and he will finish this round tomorrow! I am very happy that he has handled his new chemo regemind so well, and has not experienced any side effects from the lower dose Irinotecan!!! So with that, we should be able to keep him on this plan for the time being, and he will need to repeat this two week round starting on the 26th of July. The plan is to re-scan after that round to see how things are looking at this point.

We did get to meet Sandy last night, she was able to walk over to the Hospital, as they were staying at a hotel right across the street from St. Mary's!!! We enjoyed our visit, and we think Sandy is the sweetest person, we are so glad we finally got to meet her, It was so fun to visit and get to know her better!!! Stacey came by last night too, and kidnapped Sydney for awhile:0) They went shopping, and to watch a friend Lynne play Volleyball!! Thanks Stace for all that you do for us, you are so Great Girl!!!!

Please continue to keep our friends in your Prayers also battling cancer and other illness. We are so Blessed to have all of their support, we need to remember them too, and offer our Love and Prayers to help them in thier journeys.

Thank You and God Bless+

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Family

Wednesday, July 7, 2004 4:38 PM CDT

Hello this wednesday afternoon!!

We are at St. Mary's Hospital Room 3-110

Carl has been admitted to St. Mary's today. We headed over to the clinic to have labs drawn, after chemo this morning, as Carl was feeling sick. He was having chills, then later spiked a temp. While we were waiting to be called for labs Carl went into a seizure. It was short, but never the less scarry as usual! Once again a febrile seizure, and had I realized he was feverish earlier, I could have dosed him with tylenol or mortrin and posibbly prevented it.

We are not sure yet what is going on, perhaps an infection? The fever is the cause of the seizure, but the fever could be from a virus, or infection of his line or some other infection in his body. After a nap in the ER (we were taken by ambulance to the Hosp) Carl woke up and was back to his little crazy Carl self again!!! The nurses were very surprised up on the floor when they saw his condition when we got up there ;0) He looked very good!!!

So for now we are expecting at least a two day hospital stay, maybe more depending on the culture results. I am over at the Donald House packing some belongings, and I will head back over soon. Syd is holding the fort down with Carl, they are actually in the playroom and hopefully Carl is mending his ways while I am gone!!!

We are expecting a very special visitor tonight, Sandy Tryon from Duluth!!! She is a cancer survivor, and a former Peds patient here at Mayo!! She has been following Carl's website for a long time now, and finally we will get a chance to meet her!!! We are hoping she will be able to find us at the Hospital, she was going to come by the Donald House tonight. I will let the desk girls know where we are at!!!

Please keep Carl in your Prayers that he gets over this little virus/infection with few complications, and we are able to get back home this weekend!!! Thank you all for checking in, and for your continued Love, Support and Prayers!!!!

Kelly & Sydney
& Carl

Monday, July 5, 2004 4:13 PM CDT

Tuesday Update!!!

Thank you for stopping by, and for all of your Awesome Prayers helping Carl and our family in our daily journey!

Please keep Mandi & Matt, and her whole family in your Prayers. Mandi's Grandmother passed away yesterday. Please Pray for peace and comfort during this very sad time.

Please remember to keep the Prayers coming for all of our dear friends we have met along the way. Pray for sweet Michaela (link below) and all of the Neuroblastoma warriors. Also all of our friends here in Rochester at the Donald House, that we have come to know and Love so much!!!!

We have a gloomy day here in Rochester today, but we are going to go and find something fun to do!!! There is a place called "Bearcat Wallow" ?? a little south of town, that we are going to go check out!!! It has Bears, Cats and other animals. We thought about going up to the Mn. Zoo in Apple Valley, but thought this would be closer to get to today, and we will save that for another day, and maybe we can meet my friend Shellie there some time!!! hint hint Shell :0)

It is fun to have Sydney here with us, she has been a big help with keeping an eye on Carl :0) He is such a little social butterfly, feeling welcome visiting just about anyone here at the house:0) Last night we went to the Honkers game!!! It was so much fun!!! It did rain, but we enjoyed our night very much!!! Brooke got to run the bases before a dog got back from retrieving a stick!!! Then Carl and little Chloe got to go out on the field between a couple of innings to do a performance ;0) They had to dress up in the big guys clothes, with shoes and all, then run to home plate!!! Sydney was with Carl helping him, and Chloe got help from her Daddy:0) Stacey got many Great Photo's of our night!!!! She will probably get them posted on her site soon!!!! To check there go to ~ CAMP JORNADA ROCKS

Thanks Stacey for everything!!!!!!!

Ok I thought this would be short and sweet, so I will sign off for now!!! Have A Beautiful day everyone!!!

Thank you for your continued Love and Support!!! We Love you all!!!!

Kelly & Syd
& Car************************************************************

Hello this Monday!!!

We are back in Rochester for week two of chemo. It is so strange, it really feels like Sunday here. The good thing, is that we already have day one of chemo behind us, and only four more to go!!! So it feels like we have a head start or something??? Not really but it feels that way!!

Bryan and Sydney are with us, Bryan will be leaving us in a half hour, he still has some summer school to attend, so we will have to wait until that is all done for him to spend some time with us here on another trip. Sydney had only one day of softball, so we thought it would be ok for her to miss that one day. Sam has three this week, so he is on the other end, and I hate to have him miss three days:( So he will be home with Dad this week, and will get some quality Dad and Sam time to himself!!!

We enjoyed our Holiday weekend at home very much!!! It really flew by way to fast however. Carl enjoyed being back home, and having the freedom again to run around outside!! We managed to keep him nearly mosquito bite free, even with the "Est Tile" virus scare going on around our house :0) Carl made a new little friend this weekend, her name is Payton Loken, Larry and Joann's little girl:0) Payton and Carl were born the same year, only three months appart. It was so Adorable to watch them chumming around together, Carl was so happy to have a friend of his own!!! I even caught Payton helping tie Carl's shoes for him:0) I was so impressed!!! Tieing shoes at 4 yrs old!!!

Sam and Carl have become quite enterprising these days:0) It all stared with Sam finding a really neat rock in the crick at the park!! He thought it must have been some sort of fossel or something, as it appeared to have a spot on it where bugs could go into and hide:0) Believe it or not, he managed to sell that rock to Uncle Clair for $1.00 :0) Well a little while later, when Carl caught wind of Sams money making operation, he was busy looking for a rock to sell too!! He wanted me to help him find one, so we looked for a short time. I figured Uncle Clair wouldn't care what the rock looked like, if Carl came by trying to sell it, he would probably succeed with a rock of any sort:0) So we quickly found a rock, and off Carl ran to find Uncle Clair!!! It was so Adorable watching from a distance:0) I could see Carl doing his pitch, then pretty soon Uncle Clair bending down to listen closer, (Hook, Line, and Sinker) Uncle Clair was reaching in his pocket for a bill:0)
One of those very priceless moments. . . Well it cost Uncle Clair a buck I guess!!!! :0)

Tonight Sydney, Carl and I are going to the Honker's baseball game with Stacey and some of the kids from Camp Jornada!!! It should be a blast, we are excited to get to meet Brooke and some of the other camp kids!!! Stacey is such a sweetie pie, we are so lucky to have her in our lives, she Loves these kids so much!!!!

Well I better get going here, it is almost time for Bryan to leave. I will update more tomorrow!!!!

Have a Great Evening Everyone!!!!!

P.S. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes too!!! It has been a good Birthday, and I feel very Blessed!!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Sydney
& Carl

Friday, July 2, 2004 11:38 PM CDT

Happy Fourth Of July To Everyone!!!!!

New Photos added to Zeocast from this past week!!!

The above Photo of Carl I took on Monday, he was standing in front of his artwork on the bulletin board along with all of his friends handprints!!! This beautiful display was added to the Ronald McDonald House for their recent Open House. It is with much Prayer and all of our hopes that Carl will be able to say "Cancer No More in 2004" This is our goal, what we are striving for with blood, sweat and tears!!! Monday also was the first day of Carl's new treatment protocol. It is a new beginning for Carl, and as I was taking this picture, I was thinking what a special day it really was, and what a special photo of Carl in front of his little hand prints. As you may recall, we did Carl's handprint almost two years ago when this all began, we called it Carl's "Heart On Hand" If you notice one of his hands almost looks like it has a heart on it! This time we did not put a little sticker heart on his hand for the print, the "heart" likeness came out on his natural handprint!!! On Monday, I couldn't help but wonder, if this day was the first day, of the rest of Carl's life, and with it would bring, a healthy happy child that truly would have Cancer No More in 2004!!!!! And Forever!!!!!

Have a Wonderful Holiday Weekend Everyone!!!!

God Bless you all!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, July 1, 2004 7:46 PM CDT

Hello to all and Happy Friday (tomorrow) To everyone!!!

Carl is having a Fantastic week!!! We have one more day of week one left for chemo!!!!

So far no side effects to be concerned about!!! He is looking so good and feeling well too!!! He is also eating like a horse, which is so wonderful, I am so Happy he has such a nice appetite this week!!!

We have been finding things to do to pass the time, and Carl is having fun too!!! A couple of nights ago, we went over to the Best Western Apache for swimming :0) A couple of the boys here were going, and they were talking about it in front of Carl, well the next thing we knew we were on our way to the Hotel too :0) Angie here found out that the kids from Ronald can swim free any time over there!!! They had such a good time, and Carl slept so well that night!!!

Tonight I took Carl to see the new movie "Two Brothers" What a fool I was to think I could sit through that whole movie about two little tiger cubs that were so cute, seperated, father killed, mother almost killed, the little ones nearly tortured, then put back together by some mean men expecting them to fight to kill one another, only to recognize eachother as brothers and begin playing together again, then to be set free, then reunited with their mother!!!!! Without Crying. . . . NO WAY, ok sorry if I spoiled the plot for you all, but it was so terrible, I was just sobbing in that theatre!!!! Carl even looked at me once and said "This is so sad" which made me cry even more!!!! Well we are ok now, we went to the Olive Garden for supper, and I feel better after a couple glasses of wine:0)

Tomorrow after Carl's morning treatment we will be heading out of town to pick up Bryan after summer school, and then heading back home!!! Carl is very excited to be going home, and he can't wait to show Sam his new scooter :0) Sam has been staying at Auntie Janets this week, since she was off work, and she would be able to get him to his T-ball game and practice. We talked to Sam last night, and it sounds like he has been really enjoying himself at Auntie Janets and Uncle Marks the past few days!!! He told Tom he didn't want to come home until Friday when Mom gets home:0) We also learned that he has been shopping with Janet, and he has conned her into a few toys in the process!!! Sydney and Katie (Happy Birthday Kate!!!) just got home from 4H camp today!! It sounds like they had fun, but she said something about their cabin getting robbed? Hopefully it wasn't too serious!! She was Happy to hear my voice on the phone tonight, and we are all so Excited to get back home together soon!!!

We would like to wish all of you a most wonderful Independance Day, and weekend!!!!! Enjoy your time together with your children, and remember to give them a squeeze, and tell them how much you Love them!!!

God Bless you all

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Tuesday, June 29, 2004 1:40 PM CDT

Good Afternoon to all!!!

Two beautiful days here in Rochester!!! Can't beat that, we so do Love these sunny warm days, and one thing I can really appreciate is hardly any mosquitos!!!! Carl wanted to go ousidse last night, and he aske me "Is it est tile out?" After repeating his question about 6 times, I realized what he was asking me LOL he was asking "Is it West Nile Out?" I have been so strict about letting the kids out after supper at home, because the mosquitos are so thick, I think I have them scared for life about West Nile Disease!!!! We do have WND in our area, and two years ago, (When Carl was first diagnosed) we lost "Meg" Toms horse to West Nile. With all of the rain we have had this spring, the mosquito population has got to be astronomical this summer :0( But back to my point, it is so nice to be outdoors in the warm breeze without being eaten alive!!!!!

Two days of chemo have gone very good!!! The Temolozide is a caplet filled with powder. We are able to open the caplets and mix the powder with water, and (Thank God Carl still owns a G-tube) syringe the mixture in his Mic-Key button, and he is not any worse for the wear!!! I don't know how we would have been able to get him to swallow "5" pills a day, but I suppose if we had to, we would have found a way to do so!!! He has complained a little today of tummy pains? I gave him an extra dose of Zofran, and it has helped so far. Also our appointment for chemo was at 9:00am today, so Carl did not get a chance to eat anything before hand. But the Temolozide is supposed to work best on an empty stomach? Hopefully this will get better and not worse as the week goes on!!! Other than a few small complaints, Carl's energy has not kept him down, and he is keeping his reputation "Crazy Carl" going strong!!!!

If anyone knows Carl, they also know what a little conversationalist he is :0) Or shall I say a little question-er he is :0) Carl's little buddy Andrew, told us that one day (while we were home) the crew here had a "Carl day" They immitated Carl all day with ~ "Why?" "Because" and "How Come?" :0) What an Honnor for Carl!!! :0) It just goes to show how much he is Loved here!!!!!

We have kept busy with a fun Volcano activity yesterday afternoon, then we went shopping!!! Carl has wanted one of those little scooter deals, so he can go outside with his buddies and ride, while they are riding their skate boards :0) He spotted a little girl with a pink Barbie scooter yesterday, and what do you think happened next? You guessed it "Mommmmmmm can I get a scooterrrrrr" Well when we got back from Toys R Us, Andrew and Mohamed met us outside, and Andrew had a big grin on his face :0) All he said was "I knew that was coming?" I guess Andrew has gotten to know Carl pretty well, or I'm a sucker one of the two!!!!!

Carl and I stopped at Bakers Square last night for supper, and met a very nice gal Faye, and her friend that happened to be sitting right behind us in a booth. Carl was crawling around, and flirting, as usual, and pretty soon we were talking to these girls!!! Faye told us that she also has Neuroblastoma, she is battling a relapse too. We still can't get over meeting someone else, and an adult that has NB here in Rochester. We enjoyed visiting with them and when we were getting ready to leave, Faye grabbed our bill and insisted on paying for our supper!!! What a very kind, sweet person, we were so Blessed to have been seated right next to these two wonderful Women!!! I was telling my friend Stacey about this happening, and she said "You know what, God puts people in the right place at the right time" And I too believe that as well!!!! If you are reading this Faye ~ Thank you and God Bless you, for touching our hearts!!!

Thank you all for checking in on Carl, and Thank you Always for keeping the Prayers going strong for him!!! I am very convinced that all the Prayer Power happening for Carl, has been working, as we are reminded of Gods presence in our daily lives!!!

God Bless you all+

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Saturday, June 26, 2004 12:08 AM CDT

Hello this Saturday!!!

Thank you for checking in on Carl today!!!

It is a Beautiful day here in Mn today, the boys are off with Dad doing chores, and Sydney is at a 4H poultry class with Sarah!!! Before we know it, the county fair will be upon us again. Tom and Syd brought out the two heifers yesterday, that she and Kate will be showing at the fair!! They are leading around so nicely!! Then Syd and Sarah got their chickens a couple days ago, it is so cute to watch Carl with the chickens, he is not afraid to pick them up and hold them :0) They are so gentle which really helps, but he looks so cute with a chicken tucked under his arm petting her back with a smile on his face :0)

Carl and I will leave tomorrow to head back to Rochester for two weeks of chemo. The new plan will be a lower dose of Irinotecan with Temozolomide. The Temozolomide is an oral pill? So this will be a first time trying to get Carl to swallow a pill. The Irinotecan will be the same as before, an IV infusion, but will be a lower dose over two weeks. We are hoping to get home for a day or so for the Fourth of July weekend, heading back to Rochester early on Sunday the fourth, to begin week two. We are not counting on getting home, as soon as I plan something, it will not work out, so I am just taking a day at a time, and Praying Carl will toloerate the new chemo dose well!!

Please continue to Pray for all of the Neuroblastoma Warriors, and Please say some extra Prayers for Michaela (Link above) she is now under the care of Hospice, and her wonderful family are trying to make the most of each day, to handle their daughters care with Grace and dignity. We are Praying for Michaela's Miracle, but if not that, then for her to experience peace and painless days until she gains her Angel wings. God Bless Michaela and family+

Have a Blessed Weekend!!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, June 24, 2004 9:30 AM CDT

Good morning to all!!!

Thank you for stopping by Carl's page today, and for keeping him lifted up in your Powerful Prayers!! We truly are so blessed to see him feeling well again, after that week of dehydration in the Hospital. I reflect back to a little boy laying in bed with a bucket next to him, not a smile in days, to this little Happy boy outside with his brother (fawcet running on the house) filling water balloons and giggling :0) Thank you Lord for keeping Carl well, and showing us your Wonderous works!!

We have had a very busy week with Sydney, and Sams ballgames, and Sam's football camp!! We wouldn't trade being there watching them for anything!!! Sam is so cute in T-ball, he actually caught a ball and threw it to first for an out!!! He stood there grinning afterward, very pleased with himself!!! He is doing so good this year, he is so much braver and confident, which is so nice to see!! Sydney does well too, she was Happy her team won yesterday!!! She enjoys playing and a few of her good friends are on her team with her!!!

Bryan is busy for a few weeks in summer school. He would rather be home enjoying his days, but it won't last long and he will be done soon!!! Everyone thinks his girlfriend Emily is so cute, and she and Bryan make such a great couple!!! They really do, Emily is such a sweet girl, we Love her and enjoy having her around with us!!! It is so hard to believe Bryan is growing up, but we see a very honest, caring, loving young man, that is so fun to be around!!! We are very Proud of Bryan for being the wonderful person he is!!!

We believe all of our kids have learned many life lessons after being around cancer for two years. They are strong, compassionate, Loving beings. They accept our crazy, un-normal schedules, and have learned to adapt to changes at any given moment. They have seen our fear, and felt fears of their own, but through all of our ups and downs, they know we will always be honnest with them, and they have unending trust in us as parents with all that we face.

I would like to ask for Prayers for another little girl battling a relapse ~ Michaela (link above) She relapsed about the same time as Carl, and has been desperately fighting ever since. She is now experiencing pain, and her Neuroblastoma is rapidy growing. The doctor has said there is nothing more they can offer for treatments. Michaela is now taking oral VP16 and will have some radiation to a leg for pain. Please Pray for a Miracle, as we are not in control, only He knows the plan for each of us. May God Bless Michaela, her dedicated Mom Kim and their whole family as they look for comfort and Peace.

Wishes to you all for a Beautiful Day in the Lord+

As it is written in the book of the words of
Esaias the prophet, saying, The voice of one
crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way
of the Lord, make his paths straight. Every
valley shall be filled, and every mountain
and hill shall be brought low; and the crooked
shall be made smooth; And all flesh shall see the
salvation of God.
Luke 3:4-6

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, June 20, 2004 7:55 PM CDT

Happy Fathers day to all the Dads, Grandpa's, Uncles, God Fathers, Dad's to be!!!

We enjoyed our very full weekend so much!!! We spent most of yesterday and much of today in Morgan at Morgan town and country days!! We sold lemonade, and enjoyed family and friends and just relaxing in the beautiful weather!!! Today we made breakfast for Grandpa Greer, and also had supper in Morton with Grandpa & Grandma Robinson!!! It is so Amazing to see Carl feeling well again :0) Just one week ago June 12th while we were all at the Metrodome with our Minnesota's Alex's Lemonade Stand, Carl was a very sick little boy in the Hospital at St. Mary's in Rochester (Although he was enjoying Auntie Jill being with him, and he managed to sell Lemonade from his hospital room) :0)Yesterday while watching Carl take part in the Childrens Tractor Pull, we reflected back to his condition one week ago, and we feel very Blessed that he is here with us and feeling so good!!!

Yesterday Dr. Anderson phoned with the bone marrow results from last week. His explanation was that there were very minimal cells found. Less than the last bone marrow test that was done. I asked him if it was measurable, like 10% or 5%?? And he said "Less than 1%" Dr. Anderson was very pleased with the results, and described Carl as having a very good partial remission!! We are very Happy with this report, and feel very Blessed at this time!!! We will begin his next round of chemo on June 28th. After a couple of rounds of this new combination of chemos, we will repeat the bone marrows again, and Pray very hard that he is in a complete remission!!!

It will be so Wonderful to be home for a whole week before we have to head back to Rochester!! Both Sydney and Sam are active in T-ball and Softball, and it means so much to be there at their practices and games with them!!

We hope you are enjoying your summer, and doing lots of fun things with your family!!!! Happy Fathers Day!!!!

Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land
and enjoy safe pasture.
Psalm 37:3


Kelly and Tom
& family

Friday, June 18, 2004 4:47 PM CDT

Good Evening and Happy Friday!!!

A cool but sunny day we have had, a break from the rain is always welcome!!!

We have not heard any bone marrow results yet, probably not until Monday I believe. Dr. Anderson said he would call as soon as he gets the results back.

Carl had kind of a rough evening yesterday, he ate and ate when we got home. We went to Sam's T-ball game last night and that was so much fun!!! Those little boys are so fun to watch, it is just a hoot!!! After the game we went back to Grandma Phyllis's and were visiting for a few minutes, when Carl got this look on his face and said my tummy hurts :0( Thanks to the quick reaction of Auntie Sheila, grabbing the lid on the cookie box, and handing it to me just in time, Carl lost his cookies :0( We all felt so bad for the little guy and of course it just worries us more. I do believe that he ate so much, so quickly, and his tummy is just not back to normal yet after a week of being upset.

Today no upset tummy, and his diareah is getting better. I have been syringing some plain yogurt through Carl's g-tube several times today, and I really think that is helping!! From all the antibiotics he has had, it has not helped matters. I do believe Carl is feeling better each day!!! We also will be staying home for a full week before heading back to Rochester, which will give Carl some more time to recover!! We will return on June 28th, and start the new combination of chemo's that we will try next.

Tonight the kids and I are going to take in Garfield!!! We are excited to Escape at the Movies!!! Then tomorrow we will be selling lemonade at the Morgan Park for Morgan days. Auntie Joy and Uncle Clair are coming home tonight and we will get to see them tomorrow!!!

Here is a link to an Associated Press Story that has a picture of Sam from Alex's Lemonade Stand!!!


Have a Great Night Everyone!!!

The LORD said: "My eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place."
2Chronicles 7:15

Love to All

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, June 17, 2004 7:23 AM CDT

Good Morning to all!!!

We should be able to bust out of here soon!!! Waiting to find out from the Doctor, what the plan will be. Carl had CT scans of his head yesterday. And today he is scheduled for Bone Marrow Biopsies/Aspirates. Dr. Anderson said they were going to do four, similar to NY but they would do them all in the back and not two in the front. It will be a larger sampling than they usually get. I already collected urine this morning for the vma/hva test, Carl is such a good little guy, he woke up when I asked him to, peed in a cup then went back to sleep like nobodys business. A MIBG or PET scan will be done later, if the urine is elevated or the bone marrow has got worse.

Dr. Anderson will be talking with the Radiologist Onc here about doing Carl's Jaw radiation that we consulted about last time. He too agrees that this should be done, because it would be a prime area for another relapse if left alone, and it should be done soon, and not wait til after Carl's bone marrow is clear, as "we" know there is no set protocol for clearing relapsed NB. I don't know when this will all begin, probably within the next few weeks. As for Carl's next chemo, which was scheduled to begin the 21st of June, We will start on that day, but with a lower dose of Irinotecan, and a different drug called temezolomide. The Irinotecan works in synergie with other drugs, so this combination may be a good change for Carl. The only down fall is that it is run over two weeks. So we will go home after the first five days, then need to come back on Monday for the second five days. We certainly have learned to take one day at a time, as is the case now, as we just don't know what will be.

It would be wonderful if Carl's bone marrow showed clear!!! If that were the case, I don't know what our treatment plan would be? but that is our goal to get him back to Ned "No Evidence of Disease" Lets all try to focus some positve energy towards Carl this morning, and Pray for No NB cells in his bone marrow!!! As helpless as I have felt this past week, and beyond, I have turned Carl's life over to the Lord more than ever. It is a feeling of powerless. I turn my worry and struggles over to the Lord and trust that he is showing us the right path, that He has everything in His hands for Carl. His Great plan for Carl is at work in our lives, and we must trust that he has everthing under control, we must Believe He is with us and He knows best.

On the home front ~ Tom has been working hard this week to get the kids to the right places every day for their summer rec activities!! Thank you Auntie Sheila for taking care of getting the Lemonade Stand Donations in the mail to PA yesterday!!! And I heard you got the lawn mowed yesterday, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

A little stray dog showed up at our home last weekend while we were gone. If anyone is missing a little brown, scrawney male, chiuahuaua looking dog, or if you know of someone missing one, please let us know!!! He has taken a liking to Pika, and needless to say she will be getting fixed next week. I will try to post a pic of him when I get home to see if anyone recognizes him, but Tom thinks someone just dumped him off somewhere :0( and he found his way to our place???

This weekend is Morgan Days!!!! Our Carl's Commandos team will begin gearing up for our "Relay for Life" coming up in July!!! I believe we will be setting up our Lemonade Stand in Morgan this weekend to start raising dollars for our teams total, all to be directed "ear-tagged" for Pediatric Cancer Research!!! Carl is so Excited to join in with our family selling Lemonade, so we hope he will be able to be there some to help out!!! If any of you are looking for something to do this weekend, head down to Morgan for the activities, and stop by for some Lemonade!!! Maybe even served up by Carl!!! :0)

Thank you everyone for your Powerful Prayers that continue for Carl and our family!!! We so do know they are being heard, as we feel the Lords comfort and peace in these difficult times. We have learned to Trust in the Lord for He is always with us, and will never forsake us!!

God Bless you all+

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Monday, June 14, 2004 10:40 PM CDT

Good Evening to everyone!!!
Carl has had a very good day today!!! He is eating well, and his energy is amazing!! It is so good to see him wanting to go to the play room, and enjoying activities again!!! He is still getting TPN and Lipids, but the Doctor thinks that will be weaned soon. His loose stools are getting further appart, and he has put on most of the lost weight from this past week!!!

We would like to Thank those of you who have mailed us donations to include in our Alex's Lemonade Stand total!!! We are so touched by the generousity of so many wonderful people out there that are moved by what we are doing, and have found meaning in their own lives from Carl's journey! Lana ~ Thank you for collecting all of those donations, we are so moved by your act of kindness!!! We are so very Greatful!!!

We have so enjoyed being a part of Alex's Lemonade Stand Day!!! It was such a Huge High on Saturday, and I can almost feel the energy whenever I look back over the pictures again!!! Thanks Stace for taking all of those wonderful pics, and for putting them on a disc for me!!! We all should feel very proud and satisfied that we contributed to something so very Important, something so very needed!!! The last I heard, the total count was over $300,000.00 so far!!! These dollars will go to help advance pediatric cancer research to one day find that desperately needed cure!!!

It is almost 11:30pm, Carl is sweetly sleeping, and I am ready for sleep myself!! So I will say good night,God Bless you all, and may your tomorrow be a Beautiful day in the Lord

Love to all

Kelly & Carl

Sunday, June 13, 2004 6:33 AM CDT

I wanted to add a link to the St. Paul Pioneer Press story!!! The story (In the paper) features Sam yelling "Ice Cold Lemonade!!!" I will scan the photo when I get a chance (and add it to the site) ... It is sooo adorable, the photographer had to work very hard to get his picture :0) Whenever Sam would see her trying to catch him, he would duck down below the stand and hide ;0) For awhile he was trying to help by calling out to the crowd passing by!!! Here's the story:

St. Paul Pioneer Press Story

Here is another link to a story done on a little boy Jacob Mozer, this was a very informative piece both on Alex's Lemonade stand day, and about Neuroblastoma itself. go to link:


Thanks Sara for emailing this link to us!!!

We decided that when the kids were the ones pouring lemonade, we had more folks stopping by for a glass!!!


Good Evening this Sunday!!!

Carl is doing Great, he is feeling much better, and back to keeping us very busy again ;0)

Carl is eating and drinking well, and keeping it down, we only need to clear up his diareaha and we will be back on track again!!!

A culture is pending to determine if this is a certain virus, if not then the doctors believe this was from the Irinotecan (chemo)? We talked today a little about what we will do for treatment if this is chemo related? It sounds like a different chemo to work with the Irinotecan would be an option, since certain chemos can work differently together to change how they respond to NB cells, and ease side effects.

NEWS ALERT ~ The Early Show Monday Morning tomorrow at 7:00am will feature an update on Alex's Amazing Lemonade Stand, and may include footage of our Minnesota Lemonade Stand Effort!!!

Have a Great Evening Everyone!!!!


A quick update from Mpls Mn!!!

Alex's Lemonade Stand Update ~ Carl's Commandos effort at the Minnesota Twins game yesterday helped generate $1845.00 (so far) towards Alex's one million dollar goal!!!

The most touching part of our day yesterday was when we heard from Carl at St. Mary's Hospital in the afternoon!!

Carl had set up shop at the Hospital, and was selling lemonade from his room!!! Auntie jill reported that he was set up by his door, with the help of his nurses :0)

He later even sold a couple glasses of lemonade from his bed, and helped to raise about $20.00 on his own!!!

We are so proud of Carl!!! He is our Hero!!!!!

We enjoyed our day, it was Amazing and Perfect in nearly every way!!! We were presented with a check for $500.00 from Stacey and Camp Jornada!!! Thank You Stace for all of your Awesome help yesterday!!!! You are a Wonderful Person and we all Love you sooo Much!!! You do so much for all of our children, and your true dedication always shines through, you are the best!!!!

The weather was perfect, hot and sunny, it could not have been a better weather day for selling Lemonade!!!

We managed to be interviewed and on channel 4 CBS/WCCO News, and they covered the stand Live at 5:00 and 6:00!!! We were also on Fox 9, and Kare 11 news!!!

The St.Paul Pioneer Press did a story as well!!!!

We felt we had a very successful day, and are very proud to have been a part of such a Wonderful Cause!!!!

A Big Thank you to everyone that helped to make our Mn Lemonade Stand Effort possible!!!! We could not have done it without all of your support!!!!

Carl you are the reason and our drive!!! We Love you so much and miss you sweetie, we can't wait to get back to you so we can hug and mooch you up!!!!

God Bless you all

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Carl's Commandos!!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2004 11:21 AM CDT

Hello this Friday!!!

We are in Rochester at St. Mary's Hospital with Carl.

Room no. 3-148
Phone no. 507-287-4641
Tom's cell phone 507-430-2445
Kelly's cell phone 507-430-2446

Yesterday morning Carl was looking better, but before long was appearing to look about the same as the day prior. He has become severly dehydrated due to all of the vomiting and diahreah going on for a week now. We decided to transfer him Rochester around noon. I rode in the ambulance with Carl, and Tom went home to pack what we needed for the weekend (Lemonade Stand items) and clothes. When we arrived at the Hospital, the nurses were very shocked to see "Crazy Carl" looking so down :0(

I am Happy to report that Carl is doing better today!!! He was so very dehydrated, even after all of the fluids he was getting in Redwood. They hooked him up to a heart monitor to watch his vitals during the next few hours where he received many bolus's of fluids. Lab came in about 4 times to draw blood between bolus's to check his electrolytes and sodium etc. I was astonished by the amounts of fluids he was getting and so quickly. Within an hour you could see imporvement in Carl's skin, with fullness and color again. His eyes looked so sunk in and he really was weak from all of the loss throughout the week. Now he looks much healthier again!!! We collected urine and stool to check. The Dr.s are suspecting Roto virus?

Carl's strength is better, he will sit up and has even been eating real food without vomiting! He was struggling and kicking when the Doctor woke him once last night to check him over again, and he even made a tear, which is a good sign, I don't think he could have cried tears a few days ago. So he is definitely feeling and looking better, and is showing much improvement with eating!! We are still waiting for labs/cultures to come back. Carl will be starting something called "Gama goblin" Spelling????? it is something to help his immune system. He will also start TPN which is an IV type of feeding. We will consider starting tube feeds if Carl's food intake is not enough. Overall, we feel he is on the road to recovery!!! The bad news is, that he will not be able to come to the Lemonade Stand at the Twins game tomorrow :0( Auntie Jill will be coming down tonight to stay with Carl, so that we can get up to the cities and take care of what is needed before tomorrow and then to start our Big Day ~


Carl will be there in spirit, and we will wave at him if this should get on the news!!!

I understand "Alex's Amazing Lemonade Stand" is being picked up by the Associated Press!!! It was found online and here is a link to read about it!!!

Associated Press

We are very Excited about the Event, and can't wait to get to the Metrodome and get started selling Lemonade!!!!

We would like to THANK ~

Faye Kruse and her vendors from the Morton Liquor Store for donating all of our cups to use at the Lemonade Stand!!!

Magic Water in Redwood Falls for donating some jugs of water to get started setting up!!!

Glenwood Inglewood Mpls for donating 120 gallons of water to make our lemonade stand run!!!!

Northstar Ice for donating all of the Ice to chill our Lemonade with!!!!!!

Thank You Auntie Joy for all of your hard work making these contacts for us, since our previous water and ice offer was cancelled on us at the last minute. We couldn't have done it without all of this and without you!! It takes the time, sincere willingness to help, and Love in your heart, to make such an Important Effort, a meaningful sucess!!

Lemonade Stand Information~

Come to Alex's Lemonade Stand at the H.H.H. Metrodome Plaza outside by gate F (near ticket stand)

We will begin setting up at 12:00 Noon!!!

We will be open until game time 6:10pm

Come by for Lemonade, and if you want stay for the game!!!
"Minnesota twins vs Philadelphia Phillies"

We will be selling Alex's new book "Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand" at the stand as well!!! Complete with a charicture likeness of Carl!!! Pick up your copy at the Stand, or get information on how to order one!!!

Thank you for stopping by, and for all of your steady Love and support you have given!!! Thank you everyone at home who has helped us get through this week, it has been very trying and stressful, but with all of your support we are always able to handle these unplanned situations.

We look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow at the Lemonade Stand!!! If anyone would like to donate to Alex's Lemonade Stand that can not come to our Event, please visit Alex's website for imformation.

Alex's Lemonade Stand

We will update with any breaking news, and will update as soon as possible after our Big Day!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 4:11 PM CDT

Thank you all for continually checking in on Carl and for your notes of well wishes, and Powerful Prayers as always!!

Carl is a very sick little boy, I can't remember when he was this down and out. I am not used to seeing him laying in bed, not smiling or talking much for this many days. He has not eaten since Friday night, and he is down five pounds now. It just breaks my heart, and everyone else that has come to see him the past couple of days. It is just that Nobody is used to seeing Carl this way, it's just not him, it's just not right!

We had been going into the hospital twice a day for fluids, as Carl has been so sick and not keeping anything down. Then yesterday Dr. Medrud felt it would be better to just admit Carl and keep him on a continual IV drip and get him hydrated again. We have limited his oral fluids to small sips, trying to give his tummy a rest and to hopefully turn him around towards recovery. He is very dehydrated, and continues to have diahreah, and smaller boughts of spitting up. He is somewhat better, but mostly due to limiting his oral intake. His temp has been better, but we are watching it very closely to avoid any seziures. Dr. Nelson, the doctor on call here today phoned to Dr. Khan in Rochester about Carl this afternoon. She advised to start trying Imodium a couple times a day. We are still not sure what is causing this trouble, none of the lab/cultures are back yet, but we are thinking it is a virus of some sort? He is also getting an antibiotic in case of a bacterial infection.

We are hoping and Praying that Carl will recover and be able to be at Alex's Amazing Lemonade Stand on Saturday June 12th (This coming Saturday)!!! If not, Auntie Jill has offered to stay with Carl, so we can carry out our plans to hold the stand at the Twins Game. It will not be the same without Carl there, and I don't even want to think about that right now, I am only thinking positive thoughts that he will recover and be able to join his Commandos on Saturday!!! Please Pray very hard and send Positive Energy for little Carl that he gets over this bug soon!!!

We are still getting plans in place for Saturdays big event!!! I had been trying to contact some of our Minnesota Media over the past few weeks to see about getting our Event covered to Promote Alex's Lemonade Stand!!! I just ran home from the Hospital to check up on emails, and Carl's site, and to do an update. I received an email from Tracy Smith from CBS News "The Early Show" she is doing an update on Alex's Lemonade Stand and would like to include footage from our Minnesota Stand!!!!! We are so Excited to be involved in such a Huge Passion of ours~ To raise dollars for Pediatric Cancer Research!!! It feels so good to be "doing something" to help Carl and all of the other little children that are fighting for their lives, that should never have to endure such a terrible fate.

Thank you all for your Awesome Love and Support that never fails!!! God Bless you all+

Should anyone have to reach us in the next couple of days, you may try one of these options ~

Home ~ 507-557-2941
Tom's cell 507-430-2445
Kelly's cell 507-430-2446
Redwood Falls Hospital 507-637-4500 Carl's room 201

Love & Prayers


Sunday, June 6, 2004 7:17 AM CDT

Monday evening update.

Please keep the Prayers coming strong, Carl is still a sick little guy. He is still has virus symptoms, vomiting and diahrea intensly. We brought him into the ER last night and he did get a bolus of fluid to rehydrate him. I brought him back in this morning again, and we will be heading back in shortly to get more fluids. One more complication, Carl is starting to run a fever :0( So I am sure we will have to go through the routine of a line culture and antibiotics. I don't think he will be admitted, since they are comfortable doing his infusions then sending us home? We are not sure exactly what we are dealing with? Probably something Carl picked up in Rochester last week. We Pray that this clears up and Carl is feeling better for our big June 12th Lemonade Stand.

Please Pray very hard for this miserable little guy to feel better.

Love to all


New Zeocast Photo's added - Enjoy!!!

Good Morning to all!!!

Carl and I got home yesterday afternoon!! We did not go to Bryan's Saturday games, Carl has been sick the past couple of days :0( The Hawks took fifth place in the State Softball tournament!!! Congrats Bryan!!!!

On Friday evening while we were driving up to Coon Rapids, Carl was complaining of his tummy hurting, and that he had a headache? Then he got sick, luckily he found an empty Walmart bag on the seat to use. We were on 35E at the time in rush hour traffic :0( I did manage to find his Zofran (anti-nausea med) and a syringe in my purse, and measured him up a dose and handed it back to him. He felt better very soon, and even ate some pop corn and had some Gatorade at the game. I knew he was not his normal self though, and thought back to earlier in the day, when he picked at his lunch. I am sure this is not chemo related, as Carl never gets sick from chemo. I think he has definitely picked up a bug of some sort. Yesterday on the way home it was the same thing, Carl was feeling sick to his tummy. He has only eaten a couple bites of mac n cheese since yesterday. Carl also has a bit of the diarreha:0( He slept well last night, but some time during the early morning we discovered him in bed with us. We will be keeping a close eye on Carl especially if he is not eating or drinking well. Please say some extra Prayers that Carl is over this little bug quickly and is feeling better soon!!!

Lemonade Stand Update~

After Alex appeared on the Today Show, we received this email from the Scott's:

We are back from NYC and The Today Show. It went very well, we thought Alex did a great job.

After the piece was over the crowd started to hand MAtt Lauer money for the FUnd. Then they started chanting 'pass the jar, pass the jar' Alex's brother, PAtrick grabbed the jar and walked around the crowd and collected almost $900 on the spot. It was very cool. We then got a donation from an office collection of $1600. That puts us $2500 closer to $1million.

Jay & Liz & Alex & Family & Volunteers

I did hear from more than one source that Alex WILL be on the Oprah Show on Monday June 7th!!! This piece was taped a couple of weeks ago, and will air on Monday. Alex has not been feeling well, and she just had some radiation treatments to her throat recently. Her parents are very Proud of her for what she is doing!!! Here are comments from her parents in another email to our NB group:

She is having a very rough time and is very sick. She amazed us on The Today Show yesterday. The Today Show and Matt Lauer said they really wanted to help promote The Lemonade Stands and would proceed even if Alex was unable to particpate. We tried to talk her out of doing the show because her throat is very sore from radiation treatments, but she insisted on going on. She did a wonderful job and we were very proud.

Jay & LIz Scott

I watched the tape that Tom made of the Today Show for us, since we missed it in Rochester. I like many others that commented on how touching Alex was, found myself in tears watching it too. I can understand how Proud the Scotts are of Alex, I can't imagine watching my sick little child do what Alex did, and keep my composure and not start bawling watching her speak, as wonderful as she did. The Scott's are very strong people and I admire them very much for their strength!!

If you have not seen the Thursday June 3rds edition of the Redwood Gazette, here is a link to see Carl's Story about our Minnesota Lemonade Stand Effort ~


Thank you all for stopping by today, and for keeping the Prayers coming strong!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, June 4, 2004 1:14 PM CDT

Friday Evening Update!!!!

Carl made the Front page of the Gazette on Thursday's eddition!!! THANK'S TROY for helping us to get our story out!!!! It's Great!!!!! go to this link


I did not get a chance to see Alex on the Today Show this morning :0( Rochester's channel cut off at 9:00am and went to something else. Luckily Tom was watching at home and taped it for us!!! I talked to Auntie Jill this afternoon, and she said she did get to watch the piece!!! She said she was in tears and called several girls at work to have them tune in as well!!! Jill described her feelings about seeing Alex talk about June 12th and National Lemonade Stand Day, she said she felt so full of Pride to be a part of this effort, and that is exactly how our whole family feels about what we are doing to help Alex!!!! I personally feel so much Gratitude to the Scott family for letting us all get a piece of such an Awesome Event to help all of our children!!!

I am getting kicked out of the computer lab so I will update more tomorrow!!!

We went to Bryan's game and they did not win, but they are all Winners in my eyes!!! It was fun!!!

Until Tomorrow

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Hello and Happy Friday to all!!!!


I can't believe my baby girl is already 11 years old!!! She left today to go on vacation with her Dad. She will not be with us for the Lemonade Stand on June 12th, but she will be having almost as much fun on a Caribbean cruise ;0) Syd will be back right after that, to start her softball season for Summer Rec!!! Sam is doing T-ball again this year :0) and he even asked me to sign him up for Football camp. I am so Excited for the kids to be doing some Great summer sports activities!!! It makes our lives feel normal!!!

I have several questions to answer for all of you that may be wondering about the Lemonade Stand Day June 12th, Thanks Marjean for asking!!!!


The Lemonade stand will be set up by 2:00pm on the Plaza outside the Metrodome by gate F (by the ticket booth) The game time is 6:10pm and we will be closing everything by the start of the game, as our family, and many of our family and friends helping at the Stand will be attending the game too!! I don't know if there will be anything during the game for Carl? That would be very nice if there was, we have not heard anything at this point if there will be, such as recognition during the game for Carl, but we are hopeful!!! We will be very Happy if the Twins can make some announcements, and help us to promote what we are doing!! So, you do not have to be going to the game to visit the Lemonade Stand, but if you are interested in attending the game, you can surly purchase tickets right by the Lemonade Stand!!! Anyone and Everyone is welcome and Invited to visit Carl's Minnesota Lemonade Stand at the Metrodome on Saturday June 12th!!! Come for Lemonade and Stay for the Game!!!!!

Carl and I are getting ready to head to Coon Rapids to watch Brayn's game tonight!!! The Humboldt Hawks are once again playing in the Mn State Adapted Softball Tourney!!!!
GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Great day everyone!!!! Thanks for checking in and for keeping the Prayers flowing for Carl, our family and all of the little children battling cancer.

God Bless

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Thursday, June 3, 2004 1:04 PM CDT

Hello this Thursday afternoon!!!

Last nights game "Rochester Honkers" was a blast!!! We all were as entertained by Carl as we were the ballgame going on:0) What a little goof ball!!! His buddy Andrew took Carl to purchase one of those "Honker blower noise makers" and I am sure you can just picture the scene :0) It is very loud,annoining and he was blowing continually!! Some of the audience in front of us did not think it was so cute though, we saw a few heads turning around to see what parent was letting their kid Honk!!! :0) Good Times!!! The fireworks were Awesome, very nice show!!!

Today we ended up having Carl's needle removed, and reaccessed (needle in port for chemo) due to the activity last night, Carl's port was bumped and hit a few times. It couldn't have been his climbing over rows of seats, and climbing the backstop fence a few times ;0) Oh well, nothing too serious, just a small delay in getting hooked up for chemo. Two more days of chemo then we will be heading back home!!!

We have a few loose ends to tie up before next weekends Lemonade Stand on June 12th!!! Hey if you get a chance, visit Alex's site (link is above) and check out the Volvo offer!!! Volvo is giving away a two year lease for entering a drawing, with a donation!!! Pretty Impressive!!!

Remember to watch the Today Show on Friday if you get a chance!!! There will be a piece about Alex and her Lemonade Stand Effort!!! She will also be talking about her new book "Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand" that is now available to purchase!!! All proceeds of Alex's new book are going to the Lemonade Stand Fund!! Liz Scott, who wrote the book, asked me a few months ago if It would be ok with us to include a charicture with a likeness of Carl in Alex's book!!! So it will be fun to see the final product!!! The Scott's are sending Carl's Commandos a couple of cases of books to help sell. So Alex's new book will be available at our Minnesota Stand on June 12th. If anyone unable to make it to the Twins Game would like to reserve a copy of the book, Please let us know and we will keep one for you!!! This is a childrens book, and would make great gifts for any child for birthdays, Christmas or any occasion, and they are going to help the best cause in the World ~ CHILDHOOD CANCER RESEARCH!!!!!!!

Have a Great Day Everyone!!! It is warm and Sunny here, so we are Lovin it!!!!! God Bless you all!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Wednesday, June 2, 2004 10:04 AM CDT

Hello this Wednesday!!!

Carl is doing fine this week so far!!! He is Happy and full of energy as usual!! He started round 9 of chemo yesterday, and will complete his week on Saturday morning since we got a late start due to the Holiday on Monday. Carl is enjoying his friends here at the Donald House :0) and we just saw little Justin's Dad at the front door, so his buddy Justin (the little guy that got a bike just like Carl's) will hopefully be getting a room by tonight too!! We have been so Blessed that we have met and got to know so many Great folks here at the Donald House. Carl is right at home and feels Loved by everyone!!!

Yesterday we met with the Radiology Oncology Dr. here at Mayo to discuss treatment on Carl's Jaw, where he had the large lesion at relapse. Plain and simple, talking to this doctor, I felt like I was half out of my head for suggesting that radiation be done at this time? (keeping in mind that Dr. K. in NY thought this was very appropriate to do soon) Her thoughts on this subject were, since Carl still has bone marrow involvement, it is not urgent to treat the jaw right now. She felt that if his marrow cleared, we could do it at that time. Also throwing in that if the spot were to start growing again they would definitely treat it then? and it would not make much of a difference (in set back) if it did start to grow and they treated it then? OK I am chalking this up to Lack of NB knowledge and experience!!! I will not go into details about my frustrations, I am currently waiting for a call back from Dr. Wolden in NY (MSKCC'S Radiology Oncology Dr.)to run this by her!!

On a more Postive note ~ The Ronald McDonald House is taking a trip to the Opener of the Rochester Honker's Baseball game this evening!!! They are having a taco bar first then taking cabs over to the Mayo field!!! We are looking forward to game, and even more thrilled that the weather is supposed to be nice today!!! YIPPPEEE!!!!

Remember to watch the Today Show on Friday if you get a chance!!! There will be a piece about Alex and her Lemonade Stand Effort!!! She will also be talking about her new book "Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand" that is now available to purchase!!! All proceeds of Alex's new book are going to the Lemonade Stand Fund!! Liz Scott, who wrote the book, asked me a few months ago if It would be ok with us to include a charicture with a likeness of Carl in Alex's book!!! So it will be fun to see the final product!!! The Scott's are sending Carl's Commandos a couple of cases of books to help sell. So Alex's new book will be available at our Minnesota Stand on June 12th. If anyone unable to make it to the Twins Game would like to reserve a copy of the book, Please let us know and we will keep one for you!!! This is a childrens book, and would make great gifts for any child for birthdays, Christmas or any occasion, and they are going to help the best cause in the World ~ CHILDHOOD CANCER RESEARCH!!!!!!!

Wishes to you all for a Beautiful Day in the Lord+

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl
Ready to cheer on the Honkers Baseball tonight!!!!

Monday, May 31, 2004 5:35 PM CDT

Good Evening this Memorial Day Monday!!

We are back at the Donald House

Room no. 219 (When we were checking into our room Carl said "Hey this is Baldy's old room") Baldy is Justin Erdmann Carl's buddy!!

Phone no. 507-252-2189

We hope you all have had a very nice weekend, with BBQ'S picnic's, friends and family and many memories made!!!

Our family had a Wonderful weekend together with all of our family that were back home!! We spent yesterday working on the lettering for the Lemonade Stand. It turned out Beautiful!!! We will surly stand out blocks away!!! Uncle Denny did the construction of the stand, then with Tom help they finished painting the boards "Bright Taxi Cab Yellow" to get ready for the lettering. Then with the help of everybody that was around we got all eight boards complete with lettering!!! The finished product will read ~

top boards say:
Alex's Lemonade Stand Hosted by Carl's Commandos

bottom boards say:
Fighting Pediatric Cancer
one cup at a time

Everyone worked so hard on this, I think we all feel so good about the work we did, and sooo good knowing what this is all about!!! We are very geared up for the big day June 12th!!! and we are ready to sell Lemonade like crazy!!! Please join all of us Commandos and Pray for a Hot Sunny Day!!! No more rain, we have had enough!!! Yesterday we spotted a little duck couple swimming in the small body of water that collected on the side of the driveway :0) very cute!!

Thanks to everyone for all of your help this past weekend, we had a ball working on the Stand, and so much fun spending time together!!! It was Great!!!

I heard that Alex's appearance on the Today Show may be this coming Friday June 4th. She will be talking about all of her efforts to raise funds for Pediatric Cancer, and about what we are all doing on June 12th!! If the date changes I will let you all know. Also she is expected to appear on the Oprah show the second week of June!! Stay tuned for details on that too!!!

Carl and I are in Rochester for at least a week, if not longer. Carl will begin round 9 of chemo. He will also be having a radiation consultation tomorrow to discuss radiation treatments to his jaw bone. When Carl relapsed, the largest spot was on his right jaw bone. It has disappeared with the chemo treatments, but usually with a spot this size, radiation is done to follow up the chemo in case of any residual cells still lurking in that area. I don't know how many days this will involve, but usually radiation can be anywhere from seven to fourteen days/treatments. Carl will not receive treatments on the weekends, so we may be able to get back home for a day or two, and Carl will definitely be appearing at the Lemonade Stand on June 12th God Willing.

This coming weekend is Bryan's State Adapted Softball Tournament!!! The games will be at Coon Rapids High School, on Friday evening and on Saturday. Carl and I are planning on driving up to the cities for the games, for sure on Friday night, and hopefully Saturday too, depending on when Carl's chemo will be scheduled. We enjoyed meeting Brayn's girlfried Emily at the Awards Cermony last Wednesday evening!!! She is a very cute and sweet little girl!! Bryan is so proud of her, and he was Happy we were able to come and meet Emily!!! We ended up running into some terrible bumper to bumper rush hour traffic on 494, which delayed us by almost 45 minutes (I almost thought we were in NYC):0) We missed most of the Awards presentation, but caught the tail end of it!! Bryan received an award for "Most Dedicated Player" and he will have a name plate added to a huge plaque that hangs on Humboldt's Wall of Fame, directly below his best friend Mike York who received this award last year!!! Bryan is very proud to follow Mike up with such an Honnor!!!

Thank you all for stopping by, and for all of your Awesome notes, and Prayers lifting Carl and our family up so high!!! We gather our strength every day, from all of your continued Love and Support that never fails!!!
God Bless you all

Have a Great Evening, and a Fantastic end of the school year to all of the kids, and all of the parents!!!

And to all of the Wonderful teachers that we entrust our children to every day, that help us to raise our valuable possessions. . . Thank you helping our children to grow!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl ~

In Rochester, and Carl is off playing with his friends, just like he has not missed a beat for two weeks!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004 12:08 AM CDT

Good Afternoon everyone!!!

Well the sun shone long enough for us to dress Carl up, run outside, and quick take this picture :0) He did get a few laps in too, before coming back in the house! We are still having scattered rain, and cloudy weather. Noting like our friends in Iowa, it sounds like they have got hit pretty bad :0( We are ready now for some warmth and sunshine just in time for the weekend!!!

We are Excited for the weekend, and looking forward to seeing Auntie Jill, Uncle Rick & the kids, and Jenny & Jessie that are all coming home!! Our plans are to do the lettering on the Lemonade Stand. Uncle Denny is getting the boards all done this week with Bright Taxi Cab Yellow!!! Then the lettering will be Bright Orange (of course) and black!! Things are really coming together for our June 12th Lemonade Stand at the Twins Game!!! Alex, the little girl that has Inspired this effort, will be making a couple of appearances on National TV soon. She will be on the Today Show, and on the Oprah Show. I will let you all know the exact days and times as soon as I hear when that will be!!! In an email I received from Liz Scott yesterday, she mentioned that Alex is starting a new chemo, and has she has not been feeling well. PLEASE keep Alex in your Powerful Prayers!!! Her dream is to raise one million dollars on June 12th with all of the stands that are helping her around the country. Please say some extra Prayers that Alex will respond to this new chemo, and that she feels better so that she can enjoy her special day, and reach her goal with Pride!!!

The kids and I are heading to St. Paul this afternoon to be there for Bryan's sports award ceremony!!! He is so Happy that we will be there with him, and we are so Excited to meet his girlfriend Emily!! They also are having a Parents against the kids softball game!!! It should be a fun time!!!

Thank You all for checking in, we are doing Fantastic, and enjoying our time here at home before we need to be back in Rochester on Tuesday June 1st.

Have a Beautiful day in the Lord

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, May 23, 2004 7:12 PM CDT

Good Evening Everyone!!! Thank you for checking in!!!

Wow this weekend is nearly over already. It has been cool, and rainy here most of it. The kids have been climbing the walls today, wanting to get outside, even though it was raining pitchforks out!! Auntie Joy was here this weekend and surprised Carl with an adorable power wheels, Orange Harley Motorcycle :0) He was heartbroken that he was limited on riding these past two days. Also Uncle John and Dad, finished building a Go-Cart, and brought it home yesterday!! Hopefully the weather will clear soon, so they can all get out and have some fun driving!!!

Carl is feeling better, but Sam is now coughing terribly. Actually Carl has been a little dickens the past couple of days, so we suspect he is well rested, and feeling chipper again!! We missed everyone in Rochester and Iowa this weekend. It sounds like the Auction was a Huge Success for Camp Jornada!!! That is so Great!!! Sydney and Bryan will be joining the Camp crew this summer in August for a week of fun and adventure!!! It will be a Great time to see other friends, and parents that will also be bringing their kids to camp!!! Some of the other campers are, Eric Fishcer and his brothers, Zane and his brohers, Elijah, and his brother :0) And some new friends we have met, maybe Justin and his Sister from Crookston will be there!!!

We are getting closer to June 12th, our Lemonade Stand at the Minnesota Twins Game!!! It is getting closer, and we are trying to get everything arranged and done!! Kevin White has put together a "Carl's Customized" Tri-Fold brochure for us to use at the stand, and to hand out before the Event!!! If anyone would like to view the brochure, or download a copy to print, you may find this at the above link "Carl's Zone" Kevin has added several options for the brochure files. A jpeg, less resolution, to download quicker, or a Higher resolution copy which is better quality, but takes longer to download. Feel free to check out and Print copies of Carl's brochure!!! Thanks Kevin for all of the work you put in to this for us!!!!!

Have a Great Evening Everyone!!!

From God's little devotional book for Moms ~

Give your troubles to God;
He will be up all night

He will not allow your foot to slip;
He who keeps you will not slumber.
Psalm 121:3

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, May 19, 2004 1:53 PM CDT

Thursday Update!!!

Shrek was Awesome!!!!! We had a blast, I can't remember when I laughed so hard :0) The kids Loved it too, almost as much as us adults!!! I think we really needed that!!!!

Carl woke up this morning with a croupy sounding cough :0( We decided to cancel our plans to go away for a couple of days, and stay close to home instead. I worry so much now, about Carl getting sick. He has been doing so good, we just want to keep him well with all of his treatments coming up.

We will miss you all at the Auction tonight in Rochester. We Pray that it turns out to be a Huge Success!!! I know you will have lots of fun, and we will be anxious to hear all about it!!!

We send our Prayers and Wishes to Eric and his family this weekend at Dubuque's Relay for Life!!! May God's Love and comfort embrace you at this very emotional time.

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Good Afternoon Everyone!!!!!

Shrek 2 is open today YIPEEEEEE!!!!!!

Carl is having a Shrek Party tonight!!!! We decided to ask all of our family here in town, to join us at the movies tonight!!! We are all very Excited, and looking forward to sharing this special Event with Carl!!! I guess we have been waiting for this day, for a very long time :0) Each time we would rewind and restart the Shrek 1 movie, during Carl's treatments and many Hospital stays, I would often think to myself, Shrek 2 can't come soon enough!!!! Don't get me wrong, I do Love Shrek 1 It has provided many many hours of comfort and security during difficult times during the past two years. It has been familiar comfort, during troubled times, and we will cherish those hours forever!!! We are Just so Happy to finally get to see Shrek 2!!! I'm sure it will have "new" bodily function sound-effects such as "Shrek Fluffing in the water" from no 1 :0) That we laughed at over and over again, and again, and again!!! ;0)

Carl had his dental work done this morning. He had 10 of his teeth capped, as he had some pretty bad cavities, and the start of some serious decay. Dr. Dorthe Hartmann did Carl's dental restorations. She is such a Wonderful Pediatric Dentist!! We are so blessed to have found her for Carl. Dr. Hartmann understands all of the things we are dealing with concerning Carl's treatments with his disease. She also has been down this same road with her little girl, who lost her battle to Luekemia about a year ago at the age of four. Dr. Hartmann is so sweet and gentle, she is a very special person! Carl did so well, and as usuall jumped right up and was ready to go again!!! He is out doing chores with Daddy right now!! Carl is supposed to take it easy the rest of the day, since he was sedated for the procedure. We thought a nice evening with family and loved ones, laughing at Shrek 2 could not be too hard on him tonight!!!

We have a couple of busy days coming us ~ Whats new right?? Tomorrow night the Camp Jornada Fund Raiser is going on at the Radison in Rochester!!! Sydney, Carl and I will be driving down to Rochester for the Event!!! To read about this wonderful Camp for children with Cancer and their siblings, you may go to this link ~


Also Stacey has a caringbridge website go to ~

Then On Friday, we will be heading to Dubuque Ia to join Eric Fischer and his family for their "Relay For Life" We are looking forward to seeing the Fischers again, and sharing Eric's Relay and "Survivor Lap" with Carl's first cancer buddy!!! Please continue to keep the Fischer's in your Prayers, as they just lost Eric's Grandma Judie this week to Cancer. I'm sure Eric's Relay will be very emotional this year.

God Bless

Let all who take reguge in you be glad; let them ever
sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you. For surely O Lord, you bless the righteous: you surround them with your
favor as with a shield.
Psalm 5:11-12

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, May 17, 2004 8:15 AM CDT

Good Morning this Monday!!!

Thank you for looking in on Carl, and for all of your Awesome Prayers being sent up to Him every day!!!

Yesterday we enjoyed a Great Day at the Lucan Park for Captain Dan Days!!! It was a Wonderful Celebration, and very Emotional as well. The presence of Love surrounding us all, we experienced a very touching Ceremony, beautiful music, and a balloon release. It was so nice to see John and Char Frank and some of their family too! John looks so Good!!!! Thank you Laurie and Terry for the donation to Caring Bridge, on Behalf of John and Carl!! This really means so much to us, as Caring Bridge has been our Life-Link for nearly two years now. We have used this website to communicate daily, to keep in touch with our many family and friends with urgent medical news, to update on Carl's progress, including his ups and downs, but most importantly it has been our source of support from all of our readers, and from many other families we have come to know throughout Carl's journey. The support given through your touching notes, and words of commfort and endless Prayers offered up, have keep us stable, steady & strong to march on in this battle wherever it may lead us!! We So Appreciate your Loving gesture, as we can't imagine what life would be like, without Carl's site and without all of your Love & Support we receive through Caring Bridge!!!
Thank You and God Bless all of you!!!

I learned this morning that Eric Fishcer's Grandma Judie has passed away. She no longer feels the pain of suffering with cancer, but feels the peace and comfort from Above. ERIC'S PAGE

Our sweet little friend Kala is doing so Great!!! I was so Happy to read her update today!!! GO KALA!!!!!

Thank You Patti & Freddy!!! Carl's box arrived and he opened it first thing when we got in the door on Friday!!! The boys are enjoying everything you sent back!!!

Thank You Robyn & Kevin for the Great Shrek cards!!!! It came at a perfect time, I cleaned the boys room this weekend, and they now have new Shrek Bedding!!! They are so Excited to sleep in their own beds now!!!! As you all probably know, Shrek 2 is coming out this week!!!! YIPPIE!!!
check out the SHREK sleeping beauties in the photo section!!!

Thank You Linda for sending the Adorable pictures of Sam!!! He Loved getting a letter of his own :0) The pics are so Great, it looks like he was enjoying his time with you!!!

Have a Great Day everyone!!!!!

God sends children for
another purpose than
merely to keep up the
race - to enlarge our
hearts, to make us
unselfish, and full of
kindly sympathies
and affections . . .

from God's little devotional book for Mom's

My little children, let us not love in word,
neither in tongue; but in deed and truth.
1John 3:18

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, May 14, 2004 11:00 PM CDT

Good Evening to all!!!!

Carl and I are home again, and we have had a Exciting first evening home!!!

We had a Bon fire tonight, and had friends and family over for some Go-Cart fun!!! Dale & Kathy Heiling with their little guy Brian, came over with two Go-Carts!!! Also Uncle John & Auntie Sheila, Katie, Uncle Chuck, Dick and Julie Sindelir and Josh were here too!!! The kids all took turns riding our path through the grove, around and around many times!!! Even us grown ups took turns, and we had many good laughs:0) It was a Great night, kind of chilly so the fire felt Great for warming our buns up!!! We took lots of Great pictures, so I'm sure they will show up here on the site some day soon!!!

Congratulations to our Nephew Nick McVenes, who will be making his Confirmation this weekend!!!! We wish you the best and hope you have a Wonderful Celebration!!!

I mentioned I would talk about Captain Dan Days for this weekend, but I am unable to find my schedule :0( We will be heading to Lucan on Sunday to take part in the festivities!!! I understand there will be T-ball, A balloon release, a Lemonade Stand (Carl will help out at) and many other activities for both Saturday and Sunday!!! We look forward to seeing many of our friends at the Event!!!

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!! Enjoy your family, and don't forget, it is ok to be a kid once in awhile too!!!

Love & Peace

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, May 13, 2004 1:50 PM CDT

Good Afternoon Everyone!!!!

Thank you for checking in on Carl, as Always!!!! And Thank You for remembering us in your Prayers. We are doing good here at the Donald House, Carl is through with his chemo for the day, and we have no other appointments for today!! Tomorrow morning Carl will see an ENT to have his ears cleaned out. They have become very plugged with wax, and our attempts to use drops to clear them out has not been making head way at all!! Then after chemo we will head back home, and should even be home before the kids get out of school!!!

This afternoon, we will meet with a couple of Make A Wish volunteers here at the Donald House. They called while Carl was doing chemo, and wanted to visit us here today! We have been trying to get Carl's wish all finalized, but our plans have become changed, as Carl's Wish trip is not what it started out to be, so they need to come and re-interview Carl to find out what he would like to do. Carl's wish started out to be going on a cruise ship, and since he Loved Disney so well, we thought it would be Great to do a Disney Cruise just like some of our friends did last year!!! Carl's trip was approved, but due to changes made with what Disney will allow for a compassion cruise, the trip is now cut down from what it used to be in the past. The curise was a seven night package, but has been changed to a four night cruise. When I spoke to one of the Make-A-Wish people about the change, he told me about Disney and their change, but if we were set on a seven night Cruise Wish Trip for Carl, we could certaily look into other Royal Caribbean seven day packages, since MAW deals with Royal Caribbean, and this should not be a problem. So to make a long story short, we did some researching, and discussing with the kids about different options and places to go!! One of the options was an Alaskan Cruise, with an intinerary including a Salmon Fishing excursion from one of the ports, which sparked an HUGE Interest from Carl and Sam, since they have heard all about fishing in Alaska from cousin Nickey, when he went there last year!!!! We talked of many different choices and options, but the kids liked the Alaska idea the best! Our meeting today with MAW will hopefull get things settled, and they will see that Carl is very much interested in Alaska, and fishing!!! Some of the other neat things about this trip were Whale sightings, and panning for Gold :0) If anyone knows Sam and Carl, they know they are serious about Rock Collecting (even from our front yard rock garden)!!! :0)

This weekend if anyone from around home is looking for something to do, head out to the ~ Lucan Captain Dan Days!!! This is going on Saturday and Sunday, and includes many sporting events, and other activities!!! We will be there on Sunday, and help to run a Lemonade Stand at the Event!!! Some of the proceeds of the stand will be donated to Caring Bridge in Honnor of friends of the Ourada's John Frank and Carl Robinson!!!! It sounds like a Great weekend is planned, with loads of fun activities!!! I don't have my program here with me to list specifics, but I will try to talk about this more when I update from home tomorrow!!!

Have a Great Evening everyone!!!!!

Lots of Love & Hugs

Kelly & Carl

P.S. Carl has a new friend from Crookston his name is Justin, his site is ~ JUSTIN'S PAGE
I told Justin's mom that I have a couple of niecs from Crookston!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004 10:11 AM CDT

Good Morning to all!!!!

We are doing Great here in Rochester, and keeping very busy!!! Carl is enjoying his friends ~ Justin, Mohomad, Andrew, and Michelle!!! It is so comforting to come back to our family and friends here at the Donald House, Carl fits right in with his buddies and Loves them so much!!!

Sorry for the lack of update, each time I log on to the computer, I end up lost in numerous emails and responding to many notes we have received. I know that you all are so faithfully checking Carl's site for updates and news, We are so Blessed that we have all of your support and continuous Love wherever we may be!!! Thank You for keeping us close in heart, and for your steady Pray that we feel so strongly each and every day!!!!

Carl's week started out very Good!!! We met with Dr. Khan yesterday morning to review his blood counts and get him set up for the week of chemo. I asked if any reports were received from NY and they have not arrived as of yet. In our daily struggle to try to make sense of Carl's situation and decide what course of treatment is the right path, we continue this tug of war, called ~ "What do we do?"

On Sunday morning I was going through emails that were new, and noticed one from my friend Diane, Sophia's mom. I opened her letter and read over several fowarded notes from other parents that she sent to me, containing questions about the "Mini-Allo Transplant" This was brought up to one of our Doctors a few weeks ago, but we did not receive a positive response to this option. So we kind of let it go, and have not pursued it any further. We have kept this in the back of our minds however, and felt that we still needed to find out more about this posibility.

I sent a reply to Diane, and within a couple of minutes, the phone was ringing, to my Surprise it was Diane!!! We visited for awhile about the Mini-Allo Transplant idea, and how we both feel so strongly about this being the answer. Diane is still working towards this with Sophia, and she has gathered some promissing data from other children that had success with this transplant. I still feel a nagging in my gut that will not go away, and a feeling abut this that I can't leave alone. Both Diane and I feel the same way about this transplant, and the feeling is that it just makes sense!!! I told Diane that I feel I need to bring this up again on Monday with our Doctor, and see what she thinks about the idea. We would be seeing Dr. Khan, and she is a Transplant Doctor, so she would be able to give her opinion, from a transplant perspective!

I did ask Dr. Khan about the possibility of Carl doing a Mini-Allo Transplant (low toxic chemo- with donor bone marrow) She was very receptive to the idea, and said that she was actually in the process of writing a protocol for a Mini-Allo-transplant that would include Neuroblastoma!! She said Yes this would definitely be a possibility for Carl! She did say that he would need to be NED (no evidence of disease) before considering the transplant. So with this I felt for the first time in a very long time, that we maybe have a plan, and a feeling that there is something for Carl that is promissing!!! We know that there are many issues with this transplant, and it is not always a good outcome. The biggest threat is Graft Vs Host disease, which can be fatal if the patient does not respond to steroids and other medications that work to combat this complication.

For now we will continue with the current chemo schedule, and Pray Pray Pray that Carl's bone marrow becomes clear!!! We are very satisfied to keep Carl on this treatment plan for now, as long as he is doing so Great as he surly is!!! His hair is even growing back :0) He was looking in the mirror this morning when he was washing his hands, and he smiled at himself and patted his little head :0) He said "My hair is coming back"!!! in the most pleased tone of voice he could use!!! He is a Dolly!!!!!

We have been enjoying our friends here from Wisconsin, Karla with Baby Jacob!!! Talk about Dollies!!!! We went out for supper last night to Bon's Buffet!!! That was alot of fun, and it is always so Great to be able to chat with Karla, she is a very special Mom and a Wonderful friend!!!
To read about Jacob go to JACOB'S PAGE

Also we got to see Holly with her little girl Maya on Sunday and yesterday before they left to go home!!! It is Fun for Maya to have someone to play with and for Carl to learn how to play with a girl, and not always with his rough and tumble brother!!! Maya would refer to Carl as "My Friend" :0) What a Precious little girl!!! Holly moved to Lacrosse Wi from Michigan to be closer to Karla and her family and to be closer to Mayo with all of Maya's medical needs. We have a good chance of seeing them often, as they are here almost as much as we are!!! To read about Maya go to MAYA'S PAGE

Please keep all our friends in your Powerful Prayers, and remember Kala who is in transplant here at Mayo. She has many rough weeks ahead of her, and can use all the Prayers we can send up for her right now!!! Her page is KALA'S PAGE

Thanks for stopping by and for all of your Love and Support that continues to raise us up!!!

God Bless you all

Kelly & Carl

Friday, May 7, 2004 9:54 AM CDT

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!!

I emailed Dr. K. this morning to see if the final results were available. Carl's Bone Marrow Aspirates are about the same as they were here at Mayo. The urine is still pending. So I guess at this point we did not learn anything that we did not already know. I am still not sure what the uptake (highlighted area in the femur, from the radio-active nuclear med injection) on the MIBG scan means? I guess the PET scan does not pick up everything? So it appears that we may still have some NB present other than just residual bone marrow cells? Unless this is considered ganglio (sp?) (mature benign nb cells) ???
I guess we were hoping to have a better idea first hand, of Carl's recent test results. Perhaps we will learn more when we see the Dr. at Mayo on Monday, as all the reports were sent to Rochester from NY. I asked about having Bone Marrow cells checked for N-MYC amplification. What this is all about is ~ Neuroblastoma either does or does not carry this particular gene. If the NB is N-MYC amplified, it has made 200 copies of itself, and is usually more difficult to stop. It is better to be non-amplified, but not always a better outcome, as both types seem to be just as complicated. It is just a bit of information that is good to know, but knowing does not change anything usually. When Carl was first diagnosed, a biopsy of the tumor was never taken, and tested. So we have never known one way or the other. When surgery was performed in Dec-02, this should/could have been analized at this point also, but was never done. I actually was not aware of this "N-MYC gene, until we started to become educated about NB when we learned of MSCKK, and met other parents fighting this common war. So it has just been one of those things we always wondered about, and never found out with Carl's tumor? It is not right to assume that all stage 4NB is amplified, because I heard somewhere that only 20% of stage 4 is amplified! Would Carl have been treated differently had we know he was definitely not amplified? ~ no, because his NB had metatisized to many areas making him high risk anyway! I am assuming that since the Bone Marrow aspirates were minimal (like Mayo's results) that they were unable to test for this??? But maybe it will be in the report???

Carl and I will head back to Rochester on Sunday to be there for Monday to start round 8 of chemo! Please keep Carl in your Prayers for this next week of treatments coming up!!

Sydney and her 4H Group Birch Cooley did a Wonderful Job at their "Share The Fun" competition last night!!!! They did not take first again but we all think they are Winners!!!!

Brayn had a Great date last night :0) It was fun to talk to him after he got home!! He is coming out to spend the weekend with us, and I'm sure we will hear more about his new girlfriend!!!

I would Like to take this opportunity to Wish all Moms, Grandma's, God Mothers, Aunties, Day care providers, Special Nieces, and Cousins that know and Love our children so much!!!


To all the Mom's that have lost a baby, or child of any age, I Pray for peace, comfort, strength as there is nothing more difficult than loosing your child. There have been so many Mom's in our NB group that have lost a precious, innocent child this past year to a deadly disease cancer. And they struggle for strength to make it through each and every day, sometimes each minute as they miss their
child so desperately. One of our Mom's posted this piece, and I felt it very touching, and wanted to share this with all of you, especially the Moms who have lost a child.

> Surviving A Child On Mother's Day
> By
> Erma Bombeck
> If you're looking for an answer this Mother's Day to why God reclaimed
> child, I don't know. I only know that thousands of mothers out there
> desperately need an answer as to why they were permitted to go through the
> elation of carrying a child and then lose it to miscarriage, accident,
violence, suicide, disease or drugs.
> Motherhood isn't just a series of contractions; it's a state of mind.
From the moment we know life is inside us, we feel a responsibility to
protect and defend that human being. It's a promise we can't keep. We beat
ourselves to death over that pledge. "If I hadn't worked through the eighth
month". "If I had taken him/her to the doctor when he had a fever". "If I
hadn't let him use the car that night", "if I hadn't been so naive, I'd have
noticed he/she was on drugs or needed help with depression."
> The longer I live, the more convinced I become that surviving changes us.
After the bitterness, the anger, the guilt and despair are tempered by time,
we look at life differently. When I was writing my book: "I Want To Grow
Hair, I Want To Grow Up, I Want To Go To Boise", I talked with mothers who
had lost a child to cancer. Every single one said that death gave their
lives new meaning and purpose.
> And who do you think prepared them for the rough, lonely road that they
had to
> travel? - their dying child. They pointed their mothers toward the future
> told them to keep going. The children had already accepted what their
> were fighting to reject. Even those children who died a sudden death are
> to spriritually touch their parents and help them live on.
> The children in the bombed-out nursery in Oklahoma City have touched many
lives. Workers who had probably given their kids a mechanical pat on the
head without thinking that morning were making calls home during the day to
their children to say, "I love you."
> Joy and life abound for millions of mothers on Mother's Day. It's also a
day of appreciation and respect. I can think of no mothers who deserve it
more than those who had to give a child back.
> In the face of misery they ask, "Why me?" but there is no answer. Maybe
> are instruments who are left behind to perpetuate the lives that were lost
> appreciate the time they had with their children. They are the ones who
> pick up the pieces when tragedy occurs and others have lost their
> ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
> Love, Peace and Comfort to you this Mother Day!

God Bless+

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, May 6, 2004 10:54 AM CDT

Hello this Thursday!!!!

I will start out with no updated news on the rest of the tests ~ Bone Marrow Aspirates

I am however feeling a tad more anxious, and I'm not sure why it's not as though we fear hearing relapse, we are already beyone that phase. It could be taking longer, since I asked about having any cells found, to be analized for gene amplification. So it is possible the cells are still under investigation!! Or there is so few they are having to look so closely to detect any??? That would be good I suppose, but we still are not sure what the uptake on the femur is all about? Especially since the PET scan from Mayo was clear?? At any rate, it will be a relief to hear the final verdict, and go on with a plan!!!

The boys are outside, busy on Carl's new tractor!!! While we were in NY, the Tim Orth Foundation donated this tractor to Carl!!!! What a Wonderful Surprise for Carl to come home to!!! He Just Loves it, and has kept himself very busy, even when Sam is at school:) Yesterday he made many trips around the yard picking up sticks and fallen branches and hauling them off in the wagon to the grove!! It was so cute watching him, he was so serious about his work!!! A very special THANK YOU to the Tim Orth Foundation for thinking about Carl and making this little boy very Happy!!!

About the pictures above ~ The adorable picture of Carl and the older gentleman Pop, Patti's father, Yes I thought that was a Wonderful Photo too!!! Carl is so Loved by everyone there, we are so Blessed to have Loving family even when we are as far away as NY!!! Pop and Carl have a special bond and it is so fun to watch them both together!!! The first time that Carl was introduced to Pop, there was an immediate connection, and a special admiration for each other!!! It warms your heart to watch Pop and Carl interact!! Pop had not been feeling well a couple of weeks ago, Patti was telling us, so it was so good to have him there with us that afternoon, and to see Pop enjoy Carl again, and Carl fool around with Pop again too!!!

An update on Bryan ~ he is so Happy these days!!! He is doing well with his Softball team, and he has a new girlfriend, the third base player ~ Emily!!! Brayn and Emily are going on a date tonight after school, they are going to the museum, and out for supper!!! I am so Happy for Bryan, he just seems so Excited to have a friend to like, and do things with!!! Emily is also disabled, she has Spina Bifida, and uses a wheelchair too. Emily can also walk some like Brayn, so it really sounds like they have alot in common, and can understand each others challenges!!

Sydney will be performing thier skit "Share The Fun" with her 4-H group tonight in Olivia. This is the third year for Birch Cooley to be involved in Share the fun!!! The first two years they won 1st locally and were awarded a State Fair Trip with thier act!!! The group is doing a Great Skit again, and will do just as good!!! GOOD LUCK TO BIRCH COOLEY ~ Or should I say ~ BREAK A LEG !!!! (so not to jinx them) :0)

Thanks everyone for keeping up with Carl's Journey and for all of your constant Prayers that are keeping us going!!!

Please remember all of our other frineds battling cancer and other illenss in your Powerful Prayers!! thou an example of the believers,
in word, in conversation, in charity,
in spirit, in faith, in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, May 3, 2004 7:29 AM CDT

New Zeocast pictures added!!!!

Test results so far ~

Bone Marrow Biopsies negative
still waiting for Aspirates

MIBG improved from November

We should hear the rest soon!!!

Have a Great Evening everyone!!!!

I received an email from our Sweet niece Mandi, and she has some info on a Minnesota Twins Ticket Deal :0) Here it is ~
Matt and I went to Applebee's for dinner last night in Willmar and they are giving away one free ticket to any Twins game (home games only) with the purchase of their baby back ribs. Matt and I thought this was a great idea for anyone who is wanting to go to the game for the lemonade stand, (and also if you like ribs! :) I just thought you would like to know in case you wanted to get a few free tickets, or know anyone that does. They are doing this deal at all Applebee's until the end of April, or while supplies last.

Thanks for the info Mandi!!!! We always eat at Applebees when we are in Rochester, so we will take advantage of that deal, and I know others may also that are interested in attending the June 12th Home game against the PA Phillies!!! during our Alex's Lemonade Stand Event!!!!!!! Thanks So Much!!!!!

Good Morning to all, and Happy May 3rd!!!

We are home safe and sound, we must say though, our plane ride back home was the worst either of us has ever been on for turbulance etc. We were very glad to feel the wheels touch the runway when we landed. Carl had a Great flight though and didn't seem to mind the bumps and huge jerk we felt (it rattled my cage a bit) Carl just enjoyed watching his Nemo DVD and slept the rest of the way :0) When we drove up to our house, Sydney and Sam were ready with Smiles and Hugs to greet us!!!!

We had a Fabulous Saturday afternoon at Freddy & Patti's home with friends and relatives joining us for a Beautiful gathering!!! As Ann described in the guestbook, we all had loads of fun and laughter!!! It felt just like a typical Robinson function!!!! We are so Blessed to have such Wonderful family and have met the Greatest friends in NY :0) We had so much fun, and we already miss all of you guys!!!! THANK YOU ALL for such a Great day, and for your Royal treatment as always Freddy & Patti!!! It was so sad saying goodbye at the airport, we didn't want to let go. On the ride home from the airport, Carl asked us "Can we take a cab to NY"? :0) I have some great new pictures to add of our week in NY, I hope to get to that soon!!!!!

Today I am home with my two little boys:0) Sam woke up with a cough, and said he was not feeling well, so he is taking up residence on the couch right now. I think he also misses Carl and wants to be with Mommy today:0) I'm sure he will be feeling better soon, and will be up in action, playing with Carl and his new treasures he brought home from NY. Carl is feeling Great and is already up and busy!!! It is sunny here, and we are hoping for a warm day instore:0) Planting will be going on, so we will keep Pika in doors as much as possible so she doesn't chase the planter and get herself planted:0) She was also Happy to see us all come home last night!!!

We will soon begin working on our next project "Alex's Lemonade Stand Day" on June 12th at the Mn. Twins game!!!! We talked to Auntie Joy and Uncle Clair yesterday when they picked us up from the airport, and we have some good ideas going!!! We are gearing up and getting Excited for the Event!!! I will be sending out a group email to all that have expressed interest in helping on the project, If anyone else is available to help that day, or would like to get involved on any level, just drop me a line and I will include you on our list!!! Even if it is just for ideas and suggestions!!! Our hopes and plans are to make this one of the most "Successful" Lemonade Stands in the Nation on this day!!!! Thank you all!!!!!

We are coming up to a busy couple of weeks for Carl. He is due back in Rochester on Monday May 10th for his next cycle of chemo. Then the following week he is scheduled to have some dental work done at the Mankato Hospital. Carl will need to be sedated for X-rays, cleaning, filling cavities, and capping of some teeth. I will also need to talk to our Oncology Doctors at Mayo about starting some radiation treatment to Carl's Jaw, where he had the largest lesion at relapse. Dr. K. in NY felt it was important to get started on that very soon. I am not sure what all will be involved, but I am guessing it will require a week or two of radiation treatments to that spot (probably under sedation) so we may be spending some extra days in Rochester in the coming weeks. This radiation will interfere with normal growth in Carl's jaw where it will be treated, so this will also mean future reconstructive surgery as he grows and gets older to correct any damage done to that spot.

We are waiting for the other test results and reports to be finished from NY. I will update later if I hear anything today. I may not hear back for a couple of days though.

Thank you everyone at home for helping us out so much with the other kids (through sickness and all) and with farming and the chores, and the cows getting out, and EVERYTHING!!!!!! We could not have done it without all of your Love and Help!!!!

Thank you to Auntie Joy and Uncle Clair for having us at your home, for helping us to get to the airport, for keeping our car, and for picking us up again yesterday!!! Thank you for the Great lunch, and just for always being ready to offer of yourselves whenever needed!!!!

Thanks to Freddy & Patti and Ann & Keith and family in NY for all of your Love and Support for us whenever we have come to NY!!! You guys are so Wonderful!!! We feel so welcome and wanted as you open your Hearts and Home and we feel so much "At Home" whenever we are with you all!!! Carl is a lucky little boy to get so much Love and Attention from you all!!! Thank you so much, and know that we appreciate everything you do for us, we Love you all so dearly!!!

Patti ~ Carl Love's you 33 inches :0)

When we were riding in the car with Freddy & Patti, Carl was measuring his outstretched arms with a little tape measure he found, and it measured 33 inches:0) He was telling Patti that he Loved her this much!!!!!

Thank you to ALL of our family and friends who have kept Carl and our family in your ~ So Powerful Prayers!!! Although we don't know what our future holds, we feel peace and comfort, and we know that you will always be there with Love and Support as you so faithfully have done.

God Bless all of you!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Saturday, May 1, 2004 11:53 AM CDT

Hello to all!!!!

We are getting ready to have a BBQ at Freddy & Patti's this afternoon!!! We are enjoing our time here in NY and have Loved seeing our friends at the Donald House and Medical Team again!!! Carl is a little bit more spoiled than he was before we got here, as he has been treated like a King here at Freddy & Patti's!!!

We met with Dr. K. yesterday to go over test results so far. The CT's were clear, but the bone marrow tests were not back yet. The MIBG scan showed uptake in the right femur, but this is due to the bone marrow cells still present, not hot spots still showing lesions. We will have a better picture when all of the final reports are in, which should be Monday or Tuesday. For right now, there is nothing new that we didn't already know about, or anything that has changed. So for now we will continue on the current chemo schedule, then retest/scan in a couple of months, unless the final reports show something different, that we are not aware of, then we will need to make some decisions on what changes to make for Carl's treatment.

We will be heading back home tomorrow and should be back on the farm sometime in the evening!!! We miss all of you guys back home, and can't wait to see you all!!! We must say that we have very much enjoyed our trip, and Loved seeing everyone here again!!! We are already missing all of our family and friends here, but will be looking forward to seeing everyone the next time!!!

Wishes for a Wonderful weekend to you all!!!!

P.S. Bryan ~ Patti said you should be here, there is enough food to even feed you :0) We miss you and we will be calling you soon!!!! We need to hear about this new Gal!!!

Love & Huggs to all!!!!

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, April 28, 2004 3:08 PM CDT

Hello this Wednesday!!!

We are doing well here in NY, Carl seems to be back to normal after sedation for CT scans, and Bone Marrows today. Tomorrow he will have the MIBG scan, then Friday we will meet back with Dr. Kushner to go over what results are back at this point.

We have enjoyed seeing the nurses and so many familiar faces at the hospital, and Dr. Kushner was very Happy to see Carl looking so good and full of his crazy mischief!!!
Everyone has commented on how tall Carl has grown, today we got to see Gail, Carl's primary nurse :0) She was So Excited to see Carl today, she even got to mooch his cheek when he didn't expect it :0)

We have been keeping busy with our free time!!! We went up to Central Park yesterday after we were through at the clinic. We walked around, and went to Conservatory lake where they rent out little remote control sail boats. We spent a little time trying to figure out how to direct the boat the way we wanted :0) It was fun and a learning experience!! Carl wanted to slide in one of his favorite playground areas in the park. Tom and I enjoyed watching him over and over again, as he climbed the steps, then stood there watching the other children for awhile, then he would finally take his turn. Then he would run back up the steps and do it all over again:0) We walked up to Rockefellar Center, and then back to the Donald House. Carl actually walked about half of the whole trip, he didn't want to ride in his stroller, and was happy to run up to each intersection, then jump over the cracks and holes in the street as he held my hand crossing over each block :0) It is so good to see him Happy and so full of Energy!!!

Back home it sounds like things are not going as well as we had hoped. The flu is going around the house at Uncle John's and Auntie Sheila's :0( and everyone is taking their turn at being sick :0( We are sorry to hear that, and hope that this bug is gone very soon.

Thank you for checking in with us!!! And Thank you for all of your Prayer!!!

Please keep Kala in your Prayers this week and in the weeks to come, as she is having her Bone Marrow Transplant soon. KALA'S PAGE

Love & Huggs to all of you!!!!

Kelly & Tom
& Carl

Monday, April 26, 2004 7:03 PM CDT

Hello this Monday Evening!!!!

It has been a rainy day here in NY, but we have enjoyed our free day before all of the scans/tests begin.

We went to Tom and Carl's favorite place to eat for dinner. The Silver Spoon on first street :0) Carl Loves their meatloaf, and always eats there so well!!! They give you huge portions that you could never finish!!! So with the steady rain, we didn't venture out too far. We then decided to take Carl to the "Little Shop of Pottery" he painted a couple of projects, and Mom even made something fun!!! One of the girls there does face painting, so Carl got a lady bug painted on one hand, and Blue from Blues Clues on the other hand :0)

They had a house supper tonight!!!! Yippie!!! We were just as Excited as we get in Rochester :0) But before that, a group came to the house to make dirt cakes with the kids!!! Carl made two dirt cakes and planted bouquets of colorful flowers in the center of them :0) He thinks that they are decorations though, ~ we told him these cakes are to eat, and Carl says "NO YOU CAN'T EAT THEM"!!! They are the cakes that have chocolate pudding and layers of crushed oreo cookies, with gummy worms on top :0) They really are YUMMY!!! We will have to convince him later that they really are meant to eat!!! heeheeehee

Tomorrow begins Carl's week of appointments. He will get blood drawn first, then see Dr. Kushner. then the rest of the day will be free!!! Wednesday will be CT. scans and Bone Marrow Biopsies/Aspirates. We are Excited to visit the new Pediatric Day Hospital to see jsut how Wonderful everyone says it is!!! We are also Excited to see Dr. K. and all of Carl's nurses that he has not seen for awhile:0) I'm sure they will all be surprised at how much Carl has grown, and how Great he is looking!!!! And at how much of a wise guy he has turned in to!!!!

Thank You for keeping the Prayers coming so strong!!! We really are certain that all of the Prayer going up for Carl is making a difference in his health, and in our lives!!!

Please continue to keep our friend Kala in your Prayers this week and in the months to come, as she is having her Bone Marrow Transplant soon. KALA'S PAGE

Please Keep Eric Fishers, Grandma Judie in your Prayers. She is loosing her battle with cancer, and experiencing much pain. Please Pray for her, for painless days until she is called home to our Lord. And for the Fischer family during this difficult time. ERIC'S PAGE

God Bless you all+

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, April 25, 2004 3:36 PM CDT

Hello from NY!!!

We are safely at the "Donald House" and feeling very much at home again!!!!

Freddy & Patti met us at the airport, and greeted us with Waves and Smiling faces!!!!! We were so Happy to see them, and give them Big Huggs!!!! Carl didn't seem to miss a beat with his mischevious antics all the way into the city:0) He Loves to fool around being a little clown, and he Loves the attention he always receives!!! Thanks Freddy & Patti for all your help!!! We Love You So Much!!!

We got checked into our room, and the first thing Carl said was "Lets go find Jay" So we headed down stairs to the Game room/computer lab. We did find Jay and Virginia, and Richie too!!! It is Great to see familiar faces and good people we have missed so much!!! Carl is running around just like he is at home again, and I am typing next to Jay right now!!! We have decided to go out for supper with Jay and Virginia tonight!!!

I will sign off for now, and update more tomorrow!!! Thank you for keeping Carl and our family in your Prayers!!!

Please remember Kala this week as she will be soon having her Bone Marrow transplant in Rochester.

P.S. Thanks Everyone at Home for all of your help with the kids and animals!!!!! We Love You Guys!!!!!!!

Have a Great Evening!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, April 23, 2004 2:27 PM CDT

Hello from the farm & Happy Friday!!!!

Carl and I are back home!!! It is a Beautiful sunny day, the birds are singing, and the flowers are shooting up everywhere :0) When we were out and about yesterday, Carl noticed some Mommy flowers (dandelions) :0) The season of Mommy flowers is about to begin :0) Oh how I love to receive beautiful bouquets from my little boys:0) We must always put them in water, (even the stemless ones are floated in water) Carl carried some of his belongings into the house after our drive home, then he headed out side and soon I heard the faucet on the house running. I called out to Carl "what are you doing in the water?" he replied "I'M watering your plants" the shrubs in the front yard are starting to grow!!! Carl is becoming quite a little gardener:0) He planted a cup of morning glories in Rochester for one of the House activities!!! He was soo Excited yesterday to discover his little cup has a sprout popping through the soil!!! He insisted on holding his cup all the way home in the car :0)

I received an email from another NB parent today. He is from Texas, and is trying to get a Lemonade Stand going at the Houston Astros game on June 12th!!! I guess we have started something here in Minnesota, and I am so Happy and Proud that we are helping Alex with a Lemonade Stand at the Twins game!!! Hopefully the Astro's will also support our cause and allow a Stand at their game too!!! Wouldn't that be Awesome!!!! We are So Excited about the stand, and will be starting to put our ideas to work and make plans soon!!!

We will be re-grouping here at home, then paking to head out to NY on Sunday. Carl found a new little backpack/luggage bag on wheels (It has FDNY, with flashing lights) to bring along, so he is very Excited to pack his bag with fun things to take with!!! I would like to ask for your POWERFUL PRAYER POWER this coming week, as Carl will have scans/tests at MSKCC. He will have an MIBG scan, which he has not had since relapse. He will also have bone marrow ASP/BIOP (4 samples taken) then CT scans and urine. Carl has had two rounds of chemo since his last Bone Marrows were done at Mayo. I have hope, and I have Faith, and Confidence that Carl could show NO evidence of disease. Please send UP Prayer, and Positive Energy out to NY for Carls scans/tests to come out clear!!!!!!! This may be a long shot, but I feel so good about it, and I think we can do it!!!!!!!!! GO CARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishes to you all for a Beautiful Weekend!!!! Enjoy your children, and give them big Huggs and Mooches every chance you get!!!! Don't forget to be Thankful for Mommy flowers and display them, so your little people will see how much you really cherish them!!!!

God Bless+

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, April 21, 2004 3:21 PM CDT

Hello to everyone this Wednesday Afternoon!!!

We are doing Great here in Rochester!!! The weather has been wet and dreary, but Carl has managed to stay Happy and is making the most of being here with his friends at the "Donald House" :0)

Carl has another new little friend, his name is Rhett, I'm not sure how to spell his name?? It is like Rhett Butler?? Anyway he is just a little doll!!! Yesterday he had a new little "leaf blower" complete with goggles and all. Carl spotted that and of course that was the new hot item he instantly wanted!!! Rhett's Mom said that she found his on the clearance rack at Walmart for $5.00!! So today after chemo, we made a trip to Walmart to look for a leaf blower. The two little boys can blow leaves like crazy now!!! Carl was in such a hurry to rush back to the Donald House after we went shopping, he didn't even care if he ate lunch!!! I told Carl that the other children were all at the clinic still, and they will be back at the House later tonight!!! He is such a little go-getter, he is so Happy to be playing, and making new friends every day!!!

Last night there was a House Supper for all of us here!!! They served pork chops, mashed potatos and gravy, and corn and rolls and desert!! It was very good, and they even waited on us at our tables, what a treat that was!!! Tonight they are having another house supper, I think it is going to be Sloppy Joes :0) Yumm!!! We all were joking last night at supper, how our lives are so boring :0) We all get so Excited about House Suppers, and then our other Excitement here is watching Reality TV!!! We enjoy the Reality shows, because we know what our reality is, I think it must give us an escape or something. We all can laugh about it though, so that is good!!! We decided we are all lacking for good Entertainment!!! When Tom was here with Carl on Monday and Tuesday, they went to Fleet Farm, and spent a couple of hours checking out everything they had in the store. Then Tom said he took Carl to Walmart and let him climb on the go-carts in front of the store for about a half an hour :0) See what I mean!!!!!

We are half way through the week, just two more days of chemo, then we can head back home for the weekend!!!! We will be home until Sunday, then we will fly out to NY for a week of tests/scans at MSKCC. Today when I got back in from shopping with Carl, I logged on to my email, and noticed an email from Dr. K. in NY. His email asked ~ How is everything going? I had to chuckle, I don't know if he realizes we are going to see him next week :0) He knew we were trying to get scheduled to come out there, because he felt it would be useful to re-evaluate Carl there, but he may not know just when we are coming. In any measure, it is just a good feeling that he is concerned, and cares enough to question how everything is going!!!

Thank you all for checking in on Carl, and for keeping the Prayers flowing so Strong!! Our Spirits are High as we feel Confident that the Lord is working in our lives!!

Please remember in Prayer all of our family and friends that are also battling Cancer or other illness. There are so many children battling relapse with NB right now, please Pray for the Doctors and Scientists working on new treatments, that a cure be found soon.

Gods Blessings to all of you+

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Monday, April 19, 2004 6:48 PM CDT

Hello and Good Evening this Monday!!!

We have all had a Good day!!!

Tom and Carl are settled in the "Donald House" and day one of chemo went well. The only little inconvience was Carl having his port de-accessed and re-accessed. Tom was not satisfied with the way his port looked, and since Carl would be needing to stay accessed for the five days of chemo, he asked the nurses when they got upstairs to the PITC if they would re-do the needle and tegaderm. We are so paranoid about a line infection, we have been very particular about port accesses ever since. We don't mean to be pain in the butt parents, but a little extra cautious to avoid unnecessary problems. We Appreciate the Super Sweet nurses that take care of Carl in the PITC where he gets his chemo, they are all Excellent and it helps that they know Carl and they Love to see him when he comes!!!

I must have talked to Carl about a dozen times today on the cell phone :0) It helps now that we have these new cell phones with unlimited moble to moble service!!! I told Carl "I miss you!!!" he replied "I don't miss you!!" I said "What??" He then said ~ "I Love you but I don't miss you!!!" What a little stinker!!!! He cracked me up with that one!!! He was enjoying being back at the Donald House!!! We splurged on a new little three wheel bike, to replace the little bike Auntie Jill bought Carl last year. When Carl and Sam were both in Rochester together a few weeks ago, that other little bike was in three pieces :0) It not only was well used from Carl, it had been fought over by the two boys for a week!!! So anyway, Carl took off on his new littl bike as soon as Tom and he checked in and carried their bags up to thier room :0) I'm sure Carl has already visited all of his buddies ~ Andrew, Kala, Mohamad, Michelle :0) I'm glad he is so Happy!!!!! But I do miss the little bugger :0)

I work tomorrow, then I will head down to Rochester to take over, so Tom can get back home to work himself. It becomes difficult at times for me to keep my job going, and needing to be gone so much with Carl. Then it is even harder to justify Tom using his limited vacation days to be with Carl, so that I can work for a day. It gets hard to find a balance, without guilt or frustration!!! We both put Carl first, and we know that he is always our Priority no matter what, and we are Greatful for those that do understand and go out of their way to try to make our lives easier!! Especially to family and friends that have picked up the slack for us so many times without a complaint!! We feel like we owe all of you guys so much!!!! We hope you realize how much we Love you all!!!

On the home front here, Sydney is outside searching for her Volley Ball that got blown away in the storm last night. Sam is out fixing things, I last saw him walking by with a chain and boldt, he was fastening a swing somewhere on a tree? Bryan WON his second softball game today against Robinsdale!!! The score was 13-5 and Bryan got two RBI'S!!!! Congratulations Bry!!!! Pika is Good, she loves to be outside in this warm weather :0) She desperately needs a bath!!! Oh and Mom is fine, just a little tired!!

I would like to ask for Prayers for a cousin of Tom's, Loni's husband, who has relapsed with Leukeimia. Please say some extra Prayers at this difficult time.

Please keep all of the children fighting NB and other cancer in your Powerful Prayers. And all our other friends that are battling other illness.

Lemondae Stand Idea ~ Our Cousin Ann had an Idea of mentioning somthing about Alex being from Philly and Carl being from Mn. Like ~ Carl from MN helps Alex from PA sell Lemonade to fight Pediatric Cancer!!! Great Idea Ann!!!!

Wishes to all for a relaxing evening!!!

I found two verses that I would like to share tonight!!

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up
and judge fairly; defend the rights
of the poor and needy.
Proverbs 31:8-9

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me
strength, that he considered me faithful,
appointing me to his service.
1 Timothy 1:12

God's Blessings to all

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Saturday, April 17, 2004 7:15 AM CDT

Good Morning to all!!!

I have been getting terrible about updating, but with that means that Carl is doing Fabulous, and we are living some normal days, and enjoying life the way we should be!!! The boys spent a full day of playing outside, I did catch them (digging) more than once yesterday :0) They came running in the house with a bucket, I could only imagine what was inside, YIKES!!! Sam said "Mom what is this?" I slowly looked in and to my delight, saw a fuzzy little curled up ball. They had found a little caterpillar by the wood pile. Off they went to set him free, when shortly after that they came running back in to tell me they found their fuzzy guy a friend:0) After convincing the boys that they would probably fare better outside where they found them, they did go and return them to the wood pile. Later Sam and Carl came driving by on their Gator, Carl carrying a worm, he announced on the run by, "We're going to put my worm back now" :0) I can only think of how very Blessed we are to be able to watch Carl playing and having so much fun with his brother!!! The gift of Precious time, never to be taken lightly. We are so Blessed!!!!!

We lost another Neuroblastoma Child Jordan Luke on April 14th. Jordan put up the most Courageous fight, and surprised his doctors and family at how long he continued to fight! Jordan was a very Precious Loved child, and will be Terribly missed forever! Please keep the Luke family in your Prayers as they endure this very difficult time. These are Jordan's rules, and we will always remember them!!

Jordan's Rules: Let your children sleep in your
bed, let them make messes, have more patience,
don't take anything for granted and tell them
you love them all the time

Our kids like the sleep in Mom and Dads bed rule. And they take advantage of it whenever they can!! If Carl does not start out in our bed, he usually finds his way in sometime during the night. He snuggles in and goes right back to sleep. Last night I looked at the clock and he made his transition about 4:30am :0) One thing Sam likes about Carl being gone for treatments, is that he can take his turn and sleep with Dad or Mom :0)

I have gotten really Bad at remembering our Families Birthdays. It seemed we would be away, and a whole slug of them would pass by:0( So I have decided not to mention Birthdays anymore, as it is too hard to keep on top of, and I risk forgetting too many!!! I will however mention Uncle Chuck's Birthday which is April 18th!!! Uncle Chuck is Carl's God Father and a very special person to Carl and our whole family!!! We will Celebrate Uncle Chuck's Birthday tomorrow at supper in Morton!!! This is planting season, so we hope that Uncle Chuck and Tom will be there :0)

Lemonade Stand News!!!! I spoke to Andrea the contact person from the Minnesota Twins. We are beginning to make plans and gather ideas for our "Alex's Lemonade Stand ~ hosted by Carl Robinson" on June 12th at the game. I have received a few emails with Great Ideas and offers to help out!!! It looks as though we will be setting up on the Patio/concourse area in front of the dome. This outside location should be busy with thousands of people milling around before the game. We can set up early, and take advantage of the pre-game traffic around that area!!! I also asked to have an announcement made before the game, and that would not be a problem!!! I thought we could send a few larger kids (Tall & older not fatter ;0)) around with posters on (like human billboards) I have lots of ideas and am getting lots from you too!!! Thank you and keep the ideas coming!!!!! One thing that is really neat, is that Alex is from Philly!!! The Minnesota Twins are playing the Philladelphia Phillies on that day ~ June 12th!!! How Ironic is that??? I am quite sure that the Phillies already know who Alex is and what she has done for childhood cancer. Alex is quite a celebrity, as she has appeard on the CBS News many times!!! It will just be a fun time, and the fact that the Twins play the Phillies will make it even more special!!!!! I will keep you all posted on the Plans!!!

Please keep in Prayer all our friends battling Cancer, and other illness. Please keep Carl in your Prayers this next week as he will be doing another round of chemo in Rochester. We pray that this week goes off without a hitch, so that we can keep our plans to fly out to NY the 25th, for his Evaluation at MSKCC.

Thank you for stopping by, and for signing Carl's guestbook!!! We do Love to read your notes, it makes us smile and brightens our days!!! I check many other caringbridge sites of our friends as often as I can, but sometimes I don't leave a note :0( even when I know how much it means to me to read Carl's notes. Even a "Hi I was here" can mean so very much to people!!!!!

Have a Beautiful Weekend in the Lord

In your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.
1 Peter 3:15-16

Love & Peace

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, April 14, 2004 8:36 PM CDT

Hello this Wednesday Evening!!!

This week has sure been flying by, can't believe it is almost Thursday!!! We have been blessed with some warm sunny weather the past couple of days, but we hear it is supposed to rain and be windy :0( The kids have been in their glory playing outside and enjoying the things they have been waiting for all winter!!! It's so fun to watch them in action, full of old tricks and new ideas :0)

I have Great news to share!!!! We have been approved to host our June 12th Lemonade Stand for "National Alex's Lemonade Stand Day" at the Minnesota Twins Baseball Game!!!! We are so Thrilled, and Excited to have this Amazing Opportunity Granted to us!!!! We will be working with an appointed person from the Twins to coordinate all of our plans. We already have some family members volunteer to help, and if anyone else would like to help in any way, we would be more than Greatful for any help offered!!!! I will keep you all informed as the Event draws closer, what is all happening!!! We will be getting Media Coverage, since this is a National Event!!!

Some things we will be needing ~

persons to help at the event

Donations to the Event are Welcome ~ Checks can be made out to "Alex's Lemonade Stand" We will collect all of Carl's donation contributions, and mail them together to Alex's Foundation when the Event is through.

To read more about "Alex's Lemonade Stand" you may visit the above link.

Not too much else new, just getting ready to return to Rochester on Monday for Carl's next cycle of Chemo. Please say some extra Prayers that Carl manage to make it through this next week uneventfully, without any infections. We will be leaving then on Sunday the 25th for New York for a week of evaluation at MSKCC, and to see Dr. Kushner to discuss Carl's situation, and treatment options. We are also Thrilled that we will be getting together with our NY cousins again!!! We are Excited to see them all again!!!

Thank you all for checking in, and for all of your Powerful Prayers that continue to lift Carl and our family up so very High!!! God Bless you all

Those who know your name will trust in you, for
you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.
Psalm 9:10

Love & Peace
Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, April 12, 2004 9:16 AM CDT

Good Morning to Everyone!!!!


I would like to Thank Auntie Sheila, & Uncle John and the girls for our Wonderful Day Yesterday!!! Everything was so nice, and Dinner was so Yummy :0) I think today would be a very good day to start a serious diet!!! We had a very FUN weekend, and made many special Memories with our children and family!!! As you can see from the pictures above (New Easter Zeocast) that we all shared many smiles :0)

We are so very Blessed to be spending these Precious times together with Carl!! The gift of Precious time, never to be taken for granted. Of course we hope and Pray for many more years of Easter Sunday's to Cherish. Without knowing from week to week what we will be facing, and only taking one day at a time, we try to "drink in" these Speical Moments to hold in our hearts all of our days, whatever that may be? We are so Thankful for our Yesterdays, and for every Today we are given!!!

Thank you for stopping by, and for keeping the Prayers flowing for Carl's complete healing!!!

Have a Beautiful Day in the Lord+

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, April 11, 2004 9:00 AM CDT


Happy Easter to all our Family and Friends!!!!

Thank you for checking in on Carl and for all of the Prayer that we feel so Strongly every day!!!

Carl's appts. went very well in Rochester on Friday!!! His neck incision looks Great, and his blood counts are Fantastic!!! Carl has even gained a little weight!!!

We are getting ready to go to church, and then go to Auntie Sheila's & Uncle John's for dinner following!!! We have been having a very nice weekend so far, it has been fun seeing all our relatives that are home, and the kids have been having a ball playing outside with their cousins!!!

Have a Beautiful Day in the Lord

If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the bloodof Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.
1 John 1:7


Kelly & Tom
Bryan, Sydney
Sam & Carl

Wednesday, April 7, 2004 7:39 PM CDT

Good Evening to everyone!!!!

Thank you for checkin in on Carl today and for keeping our Family in your Powerful Prayers!!!

Today, Carl and I were guests of our sweet little niece Sarah, at her schools "Special Person Day" We enjoyed refreshments, and played Jepordy in her classroom!! We got to look around the school, and we saw Grandma Phyllis and Auntie Janet in Katherine's class, they were her guests!!! It was fun, and we enjoyed our time with Sarah today!!! Sam spent this time with Auntie Sheila while we were at school, and enjoyed playing outside as it was very warm this afternoon!!

I will be bringing Carl to Rochester on Friday to have his 10 day counts checked, and to have his neck looked at, from his node biopsy. It actually looks perfect, without any sign of infection or swelling. The best part is, we will be coming right back home after this appointment!!! Carl will start his next round of chemo on the 19th of April. Then we will be making a trip out to New York on April 26th to see Dr. Kushner and to do an Evaluation there. It will be good to compare Carl's scans to the scans that were taken in November that detected the relapse. We will have a true picture of Carl's progress on this chemo regimend he has been treating with. We will also discuss Carl's situation, and talk about other treatment options.

The kids are getting Excited for Easter!!! We will be having dinner at Uncle John's and Auntie Sheila's The kids have a tradition of coloring Easter Eggs at Grandma Phyllis's each year on Saturday :0) We are looking forward to seeing all our family that will be coming home this weekend!!!!

A nice evening to all!!!

He hath made every thing beautiful
in his time . . .
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, April 5, 2004 11:30 AM CDT

New Zeocast Photos added!!!

Also check out the Photo link ~ a couple from the Tim Orth Benefit Saturday Night!!!


Good Morning to all!!!

We hope you had a Great Weekend!!! We enjoyed the Beautiful weather, and the kids were Happy to spend most of the day out doors yesterday!! Tom put the Trampoline back up, so it was a Jumping afternoon on Sunday!!! We then grilled hamburgers at Grandpa & Grandma Robinson's for supper:0) It really feels like sping is here!!!

We stopped at the Tim Orth Benefit on Saturday night on our way home from Rochester. It was sure a Great turnout, we were Amazed by all the people there. We made it for part of the opening Cermony, and just before they introduced the Basketball teams. The kids Loved the Mascots again, Crunch, Gee Wiz, a blue Jaz guy, and the Baylor Bear were all there!!! I got some pretty good pictures of when they were slam dunking :0) I will have to update pictures soon!!
We wanted to stay long enough to get some pictures with the Mascots, and autographs, but it was getting pretty late, and Carl had really put in a full day with getting chemo, and the drive back home and all.

Sydney had a Great time on her Spring Break!! She went to a Monster's Inc. on Ice show!!! She had lots of stories to share, and she really enjoyed spending time with her Grandpa & Grandpa Bladon :0) Grandma Bladon sent a box of towels home with Sydney to have for her very own, all the time, as she went shopping and got some new towels for her bathroom. She said that Sydney always choose these towels to use while in Arkansas!! Grandma said, think of it as a Hug from us every time you use these towels!!! I thought that was pretty special of Grandma to do!!! How Lucky Sydney is to have such Wonderful Grandparents that Love her so much!!!

We are busy here trying to get caught up on many things that have been left undone for so long. It seems like a vicious cycle!!! With the warmer weather, it makes it easier to get motivated. Today it is very windy out, and not quite as nice, so the boys have stayed inside all morning so far. So I have two little helpers :0)

Wishes to all of you for a Beautiful Day!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, April 2, 2004 4:55 PM CST

Hello and Happy Friday!!!!

We have been on the go all day!!! The boys are full of Energy and Spring Fever!!!!

We went to the Zoo today in Byron, and got out in the Beautiful sunshine for awhile before needing to get to the Hospital for Carl's chemo, and antibiotic. One more day of Chemo left!!!

Tom is on his way to Rochester tonight, and we will get Sydney back tomorrow afternoon, after she gets back in to Minnesota!!! The boys have been asking about her daily, so I do believe they miss their big sister:) We will be anxious to give her big huggs and mooches again!!!

Tomorrow evening is the Tim Orth Benefit in Bird Island. We are going to try to stop on our way home!! Carl was one of the recipients last year and we are so very Greatful for the help this foundation has supported our family with!!! We were asked to come back this year, as they like to include past recipients each new year!!! The kids are already excited about going to the benefit. They know that all of the Mascots will be there, and they are looking forward to seeing them in action!!! Only Carl went last year, but we were able to see videos of the benefit after it was all done, so they all know how fun this event is!!!

Thank you for stopping by, and for keeping us all in your Powerful Prayers!!! We are so Thankful for all of your support and Love that continues so Strong!!! God Bless+

Have a Great Evening all!!!

Love & Prayers

Sam & Carl

Thursday, April 1, 2004 10:44 AM CST

Good Moring to everyone!!!

Thank you for checking in on Carl today, and for all of your Prayer Power that continues to give us strength each and every day!

The Bone Marrow tests were back yesterday. Carl still has NB cells in his marrow :0( The wording was "very minimal" so it is probably not as bad as it could be. But even one cell is not desireable. The sweet Fellow Dr. made a special trip back from the clinic, to the PITC to give me the report yesterday, he came over earlier but missed us, as we were not there yet. He was very positive about it, and reassured how everything else was looking so good for Carl, as he did respond Excellent to the chemo!!! It will just take a little longer to clear his marrow. The Bone Marrow test that was done last month showed no NB cells. What this all means, is that the sample pulled out the first time showed no cells. This latest sample did show "very minimal" so some were detected. The sampling is a random draw, even if it shows no cells, this does not mean that none are there, it just means that the random sample drawn, did not contain any cells. So there were probably NB cells still present at the time of the last test, but none were drawn that time.

We are keeping our Faith Strong, and we are confident that Carl's marrow will clear of these nasty cells once and for all!!! The plan will be to continue on the chemo we are using for a couple more months, then repeat the Bone Marrow Biopsies. We will then go from there with whatever treatment plan appropirate based on the results. I can't think of the verse right now, but It goes something like this ~ God answers our Prayers, in his time. And that is just what I believe!!! In His Time. . .

Today we are off to the park for some play!!!! Yesterday we visited Silver Lake Park, and the boys fed the Geese, and played on all of the Playground equipment!!! They had a ball, and are ready to go back again right now!!!!!! So I had better get going :0)

Have a Beautiful Day in the Lord+

Love & Prayers

Sam & Carl

Tuesday, March 30, 2004 8:41 PM CST

Good Evening everyone!!!!!

A quick update, before I get kicked out of the computer lab at the Donald House :0)

We are out of the Hospital Yeaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Carl's final pathology report came back today, and the Nodes in his neck show NO Neuroblastoma!!!!! We are still waiting for the Bone Marrows, and hopefully will get those results tomorrow!!!! THANK YOU PRAYER WARRIORS!!!!!

We were able to get Carl started on his first day of chemo tonight before they discharged us!!! So one day down, four more to go. Carl napped during his infusion, and Brayn, Sam and I enjoyed the Minnesota Gophers Girls game!!!! We are back at the Donald House and will go to the Peds Infusion Therapy Center tomorrow at 4:00pm for his one dose of antibiotic (two doses left) and the second infusion of chemo. We will try to get the rest of the times adjusted so that we can leave to go back home somewhat early on Saturday!!!! WOW this feels so good!!!!!! We are Truly Blessed with so Many gifts!!!!

The plan we will follow for now will be to continue on this chemo for awhile. Dr. Anderson is thinking even up to a year? We will continue to research, and explore other therapy options, but for now we are pleased that Carl is doing so well, as he has responded to this chemo so Wonderful!!!!! We are almost afraid to stop right now, since everything is going so perfect!!!

Thank you for lifting Carl up and all of our family, we are feeling every one of your Prayers and feel the Power of this Energy working in our lives, we are So Greatful!!!

Please keep all of the other NB warriors in your Prayers, and say some extra Prayers for Eric Fischers Grandma Judie who is also battling cancer.

God Bless+

Love & Prayers
Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, March 29, 2004 10:16 AM CST

A Quick update :0)

Carl is doing Great!!!! He got back up to his room, and asked to eat first thing!!! Then he wanted to get out of bed and get on his tractor and GOOOOO!!!

We do believe our son is a close relative to the Energizer Bunny :0)

Tom has left to head back home, and I am with the three boys at the Donald House until we need to be back to the Hospital for an 8:00 dose of antibiotic. Bryan will stay til Wednesday, and Sam until we come back home:0)

We should know more tomorrow, as far as when chemo can start, and when we will be able to be discharged from the hospital and so on.

Thanks again for your Awesome Prayer Power, and for Lifting Carl and all of us up so Faithfully!!!!! Please Pray for all the NB warriors, and all our friends battling cancer or other illness.

Please keep our sweet friend Sandy in your Prayers as she having more testing, and may need to return to Mayo.

All our Love and Appreciation to everyone!!!! God Bless!!


Good Morning, this Beautiful Sunny day!!!!!


Carl went into surgery about 9:30am this morning. Before we knew it, Dr. Moir was coming around the corner to give us the report. Carl did Great, he removed about 6 or 7 nodes in his neck to have tested. The rapid test, and initial look of the nodes were good!!!! He believes that they are just fine (NO Neuroblastoma)!!!!! they just look like angry nodes acting up from the strep infection.


Carl is not up in his room yet, but should be coming soon!!! Dr. Moir wanted to be sure his neck was cleaned out well to avoid complications from the surgery with his infection. He also said he would be getting some extra antibiotics today. It may take a couple of days to get the confirmation on the nodes, we will probably need to wait until then to start his chemo. Chemo will be five days, so we will not be getting home as soon as we thought, but that is very minor compared to what we could be dealing with right now!!! We are so very Thankful for our many gifts!!!

Thank you for checking in on us, and for keeping the Prayers coming so strong!!!! Carl is a Bright example of Gods Miraculous works!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD HE IS SO GOOD!!!!

God Bless you all, we will update soon!!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, March 28, 2004 7:48 PM CST

Good Evening to everyone!!!

Thank you for checking in and for all of your Prayers that continue to lift Carl up!!! One of the Nurses Denny, just stuck his head in Carl's room and asked Tom & I "What's he like when he is 100 percent?" :0) We just laughed!!! Carl and Sam are riding the halls on their tractors, until they have to quit here in a couple of minutes for Carl to get hooked up for his 8:00pm antibiotic infusion.

Surgery will be in the moring, Carl will have his Node biopsy, and Bone Marrow Biopsy & Aspirates. Please Pray very hard that the node is only enlarged from the strep infection. We will be anxiously awaiting the results, we should know something right away from the Node, but it may take a couple of days to hear back on the bone marrows. If both of these biopsies are clear, then this would mean that Carl should be in remission (NED no evidence of disease) again, since the PET scan did not show any other areas with Neuroblastoma from the relapse. Everything has cleared in his body that appeard in Novemeber on the scans and tests. We will be able to Shout "Cancer No More in 2004"!!!! This will be a Glorious day for all of us!!!!!

I have a very special Prayer request ~ A very dear friend Sandy, that we have met from Carl's website, who has been following Carl's journey for a very long time is having a procedure tomorrow morning too. Sandy was also a patient at Mayo and is a Cancer Survivor!!! She is very special to us, and has been one of our Faithful Prayer Warriors!!! Please keep Sandy in your thoughts and Prayers tomorrow too. Pray for negative results, and continued Good Health!!!! We Love you Sandy, and we are Praying very Hard for you too!!!!

Have a Great Evening everyone!!! We will update tomorrow as soon as Carl is out of surgery and we have some Good News to report!!!! Send Positive Energy & your Powerful Prayers!!!! We Can Do It!!!!!!!!

We Love you all!!!!

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, March 26, 2004 4:11 PM CST

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!

Today is so Beautiful!!!! It is 62 and Sunny!!!!!

We just got back from Silver Lake Park with our friends Chris and Randy Johnson, who surprised us with a visit this afternoon!!! Carl enjoyed all of the Wonderful playground equipment, and trying to get Randy to keep up with him :0)
Thanks so Much you guys we Loved spending time with you on such a Goergous day!!!

The Doctors are planning on doing the Node Biopsy, and Bone Marrow Biopsy on Monday. I found out this morning that the infection is NOT a line infection like I originally thought. It is a Strep infection in his body. Which actually makes even more sense that the Nodes are enlarged from this infection, since Strep is found in your mouth, and the Nodes in the neck would probably react to such an infection. We don't know how this all started, we can't blame it on his line again, but we are glad he does have an infection to blame the Nodes on!!!

We will need to head back over to the Hospital by 5:00pm for Carl to get his next dose of antibiotics. Then Bryan will be coming down to spend some time with us here :0) Bryan is on Spring Break this coming week too!!! Tom and Sam will be back tomorrow, and Sydney is on her way to Houston to begin her Spring Break :0) We still don't know how long we will be away from home, or in the Hospital? We are hoping to get Carl's chemo started Monday, and then we will possibly be able to be home by next Friday!!!

Thank you for checkin in, and for keeping those Prayers flowing so Stong!!!! We are certainly feeling their Peace.

God Bless all of you

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Thursday, March 25, 2004 4:11 PM CST

Good Afternoon to All!!!

Even though we are still waiting for answers, and results, we are finding so much comfort and peace!!!

Carl's surgery has now been postponed until at least Monday due to his Strep line infection. The Oncology team, as well as the Surgery team, both are thinking the same thing that I was thinking, that the enlarged Nodes may just be due to this infection. They seem to be shrinking a little each day, and Carl is feeling so good!!!

We are so Pleased with this thought, we choose to hang on to this with every thread we are given!!!! We, as well as all of the Doctors, do not want to let our guards down however, until we are certain (by biopsy) that Carl's nodes are not enlarged from Neuroblastoma!! I was so delighted that the Docs were all on the same wave link as we are!!! We are soooo Blessed and Thankful that God is very actively working a plan here just as we were feeling so helpless. I do believe that he is helping us to sort this out, and in the process, our Prayers are being Answered!!!

Since surgery will not take place tomorrow morning, Tom has left to head back home. We were able to get out of the hospital for a couple of hours earlier today, and went shopping a little and out for lunch. Tom will go back to work tomorrow, then get packed up and come back again on Saturday with Sam. Sydney will be leaving after school tomorrow to spend her spring break with her Dad, and then visit her Grandpa and Grandma Bladon in Arkansas for a couple of days!!! We will miss her, but we know that she will have such an enjoyable time on her break!!! She Loves to visit her Grandparents, and see what new Projects her Grandpa Doyle is working on :0)

We are not sure yet what day surgery will happen?? We also are hoping to get Carl started on his 5 days of chemo, which is what we desperately need to do, to keep him on schedule. If his biopsy is negative, then we should be able to start chemo right away. We will probably be here in the Hospital until next week? But may be allowed out and just need to come to the Peds Infusion Therapy Center for chemo and antibiotics?? We will see!!!

Thank you for sending Prayer up for Carl, and all of your Positive Energy coming our way!!! We feel so good right now, so we do believe it is working!!!!!

With Love and Appreciation!!!!

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, March 24, 2004 1:35 PM CST

Thursday morning about 2:09am

As I was drifting off to sleep, on the most comfortable couch/cot next to Carl, I heard a faint knock at the door? Someone poped their head in, and I heard "There already sleeping" Well it must have been close to 11:00 and after the past 24 hours, this is a most reasonalbe finding. Anyway, a few moments later, a second knock at the door, then in came a doctor, I can't remember her name and I didn't recognize her in the dark. But she made the announcement that Carl's line culture has come back positive with Strep I believe. She said that Vancomicin would be added to treat the infection, and that Carl's port could possibly be sacraficed. I told her that we just went through this only weeks ago :( :( :( UGHHHHHH

She was not able to offer any other information, but assured me that we would hear more from the doctors in the morning. She then left, and left me with many thoughts to ponder instead of returning to the sleep I had started to find.

This is my therory, (forget that I said I would not speculate, its almost 2:30am and I am up typing, I have to do something resourseful right???) Ok here is my theory ~ Carl's nodes are trying to fight off this Staph (line infection) He has had this infection brewing, which would explain the low grade temp over the weekend and Sunday night, and the nodes appearing Sunday for the fist time??? Sunday night Carl was in the worst pain (in neck) and had trouble sleeping, he also had some diahrrea Sunday and Monday, and a mild skin rash (thought to be medicine related?) in the clinic on Monday. Possibly all of these symptoms could point to this Strep infection??? His nodes do look smaller, possibly since he has started the antibiotic??? His neck is less tender as well. Now in my Therory (I cant spell right now) It makes more sense to me that Carl's enlarged nodes, are due to this Strep infection, since this all came on about the same time???? Than the possibility of the enlarged nodes being a bright new spot for NB to set up camp!!!! I like my Therory better than the other!!!!! I think it just sounds like it makes more sense!!!!!

This is my Prayer ~ That the antibiotics between now and Friday morning will kick butt on this infection!!!! (It will not be totally clear and we may spend a week or more in the hospital, and we may need to pull a just put in brand new line in the process) Buttt the suspicious nodes will be completely gone, as they were the result of this stupid infection in the first place!!!!!!!

These are my thoughts, and this is my Prayer!!!!!! I am thinking Positive about this situation, and invite all of you to join me in this POSITVE ENERGY!!!!! Send lots of it to Carl so that Surgery will be a breeze on Friday morning!!!!!! Prayer and Positive Energy!!!!!! We can do it!!!!!!

Ok I had better try to get to sleep now :0) I woke Tom up over at the Donald House about an hour ago, to share my Thoughts with him :0) He didn't mind too much, I guess that is Love!!!!

Thank you again for helping us stay strong, we could not do it without you!!!!



Good Evening to all!!

We are back from our appointments at the clinic, and Carl is hooked up getting his evening antibiotic drip.

The PET scan showed uptake in mulitple nodes in Carl's neck. The good news and strange part of this is that all of his other areas of relapse from before are gone. If the nodes did not show uptake on the scan, then I guess we would be feeling very Happy right now. The fact that they did, is disapointing. We feel it is very strange that the nodes would all of a sudden (just days ago) start filling up with NB? when all of his other areas have been clearing, and his bone marrow was clear on the latest biopsies? What is so troubling is that NB can do most anything, and nothing is predictable. We were assured by both our Oncologist, and the surgeon that this still could be just a flukey infection or something, that it is possible to uptake just like NB would. And it is possible that this will not be positive for NB. It appears to be NB on the scan, however nothing can be confirmed positive until a biopsy is performed. The surgery nurse told us of a case just last week where they were convinced it was cancer in the nodes, and when they went in and looked, it was actually not, but an infection, so this is very possible for Carl too.

I will not try to speculate any more, Tom and I have talked about this til we were blue in the face, and the fact is that we will not know for sure, until a biopsy is done. The surgeon said that they will know within fifteen minutes if this is NB or not. They will run multiple pathology tests on the biopsys that are taken. If this is positive I have requested that we check for N-MYC gene amplification. This is a test that is usually performed at diagnosis, to determine if the NB is amplified or not, and Carl's has never been tested. If NB is positive with N-MYC then it has made over 200 copies of itself and thus is more difficult to stop. It is just a little piece of helpful information to consider for treatments. Not all stage 4 NB is amplified, this is something I have always been curious about with Carl's NB.

Surgery will not happen until Friday morning. So we will have an extra day to Pray. Please join us in Prayer for Carl's surgery to be sucessful, and for the nodes to be clear of NB. Please Pray very hard for this Miracle!!!! We know that God performs Miracles every day, and we have seen his work in Carl before!!!

Thank you all for checking in and for all of your Love and concern!!! Mostly Thank you for your POWERFUL PRAYERS!!!!!

Carl has an actual handprint with a Beautiful Prayer given to me by a Dear friend Sara. If you would like to view this, or print out a copy to hang on your refrigerator to Pray for Carl, just go to the link above "Carl's Zone"

All our Love to Every one of you!!!

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thank you Everyone for all of your Prayer that is lifting Carl up, and bringing us peace and comfort!!!

Carl's PET scan went well, we took an ambulance over to Methodist, and then back again. He slept through the prep injection, and while he was supposed to stay still, so that was a Blessing. Carl's temperature has been stable, he has not needed tylenol since his last dose at 1:00am. He is getting one antibiotic every eight hours for 48 hours to rule out a line infection. We were even allowed out on a pass for this afternoon, so we got out and walked over to McDonalds for lunch:) Carl's favorite (chicken nuggets)!!

We had appointments previously set up to meet with Dr. Anderson at the clinic at 2:45pm today, to discuss the PET scan results, and then with Dr. Moir for a surgery consult to discuss doing the biopsies tomorrow. (Lympth node, and repeat bone marrows) So we decided to keep those appointments and just go over to the clinic this afternoon. So we will leave soon to catch a shuttle over to the Gonda Bld.

Carl is feeling Great, in fact he is down the hall right now socializing with the nurses, or whoever is walking by:) He was lucky that Julie one of the sweet child life gals found him his little tractor this morning so he can "Zoom around" the halls of 3rd floor again :0) He really is feeling well, and the swelling of his neck seems so much better!!!! Praise the Lord!!!! We are feeling good ourselves, and feel ever so confident that this will turn out to be nothing serious. We owe all of this to all of the Prayer that has been happening!!!!!! THANK YOU PRAYER WARRIORS!!!!!

We should have something solid to report after we are done at the clinic today!!! We will update again soon!!!!

Thank you so much for keeping your Faith strong for us, and for all of your encouragement when we have been down. It has surly lifted our Spirits!!!! And the fact that it is such a Beautiful warm sunny day, has made us Smile :0)

We Love You All!!!!!!!!!

Kelly & Tom
& Carl

Wednesday, March 24, 2004 0:04 AM CST

An update from St. Mary's Hospital

Room ~ 3-149

Phone no ~ 507-287-4642

Carl spiked a fever this evening, about 101.5 we brought him in to the ER about 9:30pm. He was checked, and an antibiotic started. Shortly after we were taken up to his room, and as we were waiting for the Ibuprofen order to be sent up from pharmacy, he had a Febrile seizure. It wasn't even ten minutes after I mentioned to the nurse that he has a history of Febrile seizures, that he went in to one. It will never get any easier to witness this happening.

He is now sleeping peacefully, but still has a high fever, we are waiting for the Ibuprofen to kick in. A dose of Tylenol is waiting, and he will be able to get that within a half an hour. He has a monitor on to catch any jerking movements during the night, to awaken us in case of another seizure. And his bed is made up with padded side rails for protection. We are Thankful for our very thourough nurse, she is one of the first nurses we had when Carl was first diagnosed, and he began his first round of chemo.

What is going on with Carl is still a puzzle, but I am certainly wondering if the fever is related to the swollen lympth node, and if this is some sort of an infection or virus that has invaded his little body. We are not sure what we will now find out tomorrow, since his PET scan will be cancelled in the morning. He will need to stay on the antibiotics until his fever subsides. The doctor on service tonight already mentioned starting a second antibiotic since Carl is still Febrile. Cultures of his line were taken in the ER, but usually that takes almost 24 hours for any results.

We will update in the morning after we know more about the situation. Please keep the Prayers coming strong, we are still Praying that this is not NB related, but something that will easily be resolved so that Carl can continue his current treatment plan.

Thank you for all of your Love and Support!!

The nurse just popped in and said that they are going to try to keep his PET scan appt. at Methodist Hosp. in the morning. It is scheduled for 6:00am. If he is not running a temp, this will go on as planned. He will be taken by ambulance over to Methodist for the test. We will certainly update with anything we find out tomorrow.

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom

Tuesday, March 23, 2004 11:21 AM CST

Good Morning, well almost noon :0)

Thanks for all of your kind, uplifting words and Prayers for Carl and our family!!

I phoned the clinic this morning to see if we could get any results from yesterdays blood work, or the CT scan, but we are still waiting for a call back.

We will need to leave soon to bring Sam to Mankato to meet Auntie Sheila so she can get him back home for school tomorrow. Thanks to everyone at home for taking care of everything for us once again, we appreciate all of your support, and it surly helps ease our minds while we are here with so many other things on our minds right now! We Love you all and can't tell you how Greatful we are to all of you for everything!!!!

Carl is feeling much better today, we even think the swelling in his neck seems smaller? He doesn't complain as much about it hurting, and he is running the halls here at the Donald House like nothing is wrong with him. They are trying to get each second of play in before they will need to say goodbye for a few days.

Thanks again everyone!!! We Love you all, and we will certainly update if we are able to with any news we find out today. Otherwise we are scheduled for a PET scan a 6:00am on Wednesday morning, and then we meet with our Oncologist in the afternoon.

Love & Prayers to all

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, March 21, 2004 6:15 AM CST

Thank you for checking in, and Thank you for keeping Carl in your Prayers as always!

Chemo is on hold this week, until we figure out what is going on with Carl and this lympth node situation. He had CT scans from head to liver today, and we will be doing urine test, vma/hvma to check for elevation, which would mean tumor present, as NB gives off a hormone that is detected in the urine. He will have a PET scan on Wednesday, and if need be a biopsy will be done on Thursday, with repeated bone marrow biopsies.

If this is NB related, then we will need to decide where to go from here, as this would mean the chemo that Carl has been doing is not working the way we thought. If this is an infection of some sort, then we will need to wait until this clears up to begin chemo. We are sitting in the unknowns for right now, but hopefully we will have some answers soon.

We did discuss changing treatments, and the Mini-Allo-transplant option. We still are not certain what we will be doing, probably staying on this same chemo regimend for awhile. The Mini-Allo-transplant is not a favorable choice of our Doctor, so we will explore other options. Everything will first depend on the outcome of these tests in the next few days.

Please keep the Prayers coming strong, we are feeling depressed and helpless. We just need to trust that God is working a plan here, just like we have always believed, and that the answers will come from above.

Thank you for all of your unending support!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Kelly & Tom

Good Morning from Rochester!!

We are in the Ronald McDonald House!!

Getting ready to head over to the clinic. Carl is not feeling well. He has a lympth node in his neck that is very swollen and painful, and he has running a temp since last night. We are hoping and praying that this is nothing serious, it just came on kind of fast??

We will update later today, please keep Carl in your Powerful Prayers that he is feeling better soon.

Thanks and Love to all

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Good Morning Family & Friends!!!!

We are very Proud to announce that Brayn with his team the Humboldt Hawks took 5th place yesterday at the State Adapted Floor Hockey Tournament!!! We enjoyed the games, and Bryan was very glad everyone that came, made the trip to watch him play!!!! Thanks to Auntie Sheila, the girls, Auntie Janet & Grandma Phyllis for being there!!!! We will never forget this day, it was Great!!!

I added new Photo's of yesterday to the Zeocast!!! Enjoy!!!

Today Tom and I will be heading to Rochester with Carl. We will meet with Carl's Oncologist tomorrow morning and discuss Carl's treatment plans. We are thinking he will probably have a same round of chemo this week, so nothing will change just yet. We are bringing Sam with us, and he will come back with Tom monday afternoon. Tom and Sam are the two best bets for a bone marrow match, so we will try to get their blood work started for typing, for a possible future transplant. We read that our friends Cheryl & Zane will be heading to Rochester today too, and Kala will be there on Tuesday!!! We will be Happy to see some familiar faces again!!! It has been over a year since we saw Zane so we are looking forward to seeing them again!!!

Please keep Carl in your Prayers as he starts another week of treatment, and that our plans for future treatments comes together in God's hands.

Please say some extra Prayers for our friends also battling NB and other forms of cancer or other illness.

Zane is having tests/scans this week, Pray for clean, and clear results. ZANE'S PAGE

Kala is have BMA'S & getting ready for an upcoming bone marrow transplant. KALA'S PAGE

Have a Beautiful Sunday in the Lord

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, March 18, 2004 8:59 AM CST

Good Morning!!! A quick change, Bryan's first game will be at 9:00am they did loose last night, but will be coming back strong today!!!! Gotta Go, will update later!!!!

Have a Great Day!!!!


Happy Friday everyone!!!!!

A quick update ~ Bryan will be playing in the Adapted Floor Hockey State Tournament tonight and tomorrow morning. They play at the Stillwater Highschool. Times are tonight at 6:30 and Saturday morning 10:00. There will be one game tonight, and two games tomorrow!!!

We will not make it to the game tonight, but will be coming in the morning, and bringing a huge cheering section. Auntie Sheila, Sarah, Katherine, Grandma Phyllis, Auntie Janet, and of course Sydney, Sam, Carl and Tom & I will be YELLING for the Humboldt Hawks!!!!!!

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Great day :0)

Love & Prayers

Good Morning to all our dear family & friends!!!

We had a nice St. Patrick's Day here at home!!! I painted the boys cheek with a green Shamrock :0) They enjoyed showing some Irish Spirt, and looking at their faces in the mirror many times during the day:) (Auntie Jill ~ they would have Loved to be full of tatoo's with Nickie) I used to send Bryan to school every year with a green Shamrock on his cheek:) He will remember and probably smile when he reads this :0) I explained to Sam that his Great, Great, Great Grandfather Greer was actually born in Ireland!! He seemed pretty impressed that he is actually a part Irish ~ for real!!!

Carl continues to feel good, and he is still full of energy!!! We Thank the Lord many times a day for letting Carl live a sort of "Normal" life at home. Normal meaning free from shots, transfusions, pain medication. We are so very Lucky, and beyond words we are so very Thankful to have him here with us and to see him playing happily without pain or fatigue. All to often our children battling NB especially a relapse do not enjoy life the way Carl has been so Blessed. Please keep the Prayers coming strong that Carl will enjoy many, many Happy days.

This morning Tom and I opened our emails, and before long we were both in tears as we read another Mom's post that her precious baby has earned her Angel Wings. We have been reading about Cierra for some time, with all of her ups and downs. There were times when her treatments were working, then it would turn the other direction and start to get worse. She is now pain free, and in Jesus Loving Arms. CIERRA'S PAGE

Thank you for stopping by, may you have a Beautiful day in the Lord.

This piece was posted on our parents group list awhile back, and this morning when I was visiting Cierra's page, I saw it again, and thought I would share this with you ~

The Strength of an Egg by Juliet Freitag

An egg has a polished, smooth outer appearance with no cracks or weak spots visible. It seems almost inconceivable that the inside might not be so smooth or solid.
Most children, at some point, are shown the famous egg trick. An egg set at just the right angle can withstand enormous amounts of pressure and cannot be cracked or broken. Yet the same egg, tapped gently at an ever slightly different angel, will break. The contents, once so neatly concealed, will come spilling out. The no longer perfect shell will be crushed. It looks so fragile that it seems inconceivable that it ever held any strength.
A rock, on the other hand, is solid all the way through. To break it is almost impossible. If you suceed you will find that there is nothing inside but more rock. It takes a lot more than pure hardness to hold the hand of hope. Parents of kids with cancer are not solid all the way through. We hurt, we fear, we cry, we hope. It takes a very careful balancing act to keep the shell from being shattered. "Balancing an egg" while running a household, going for doctors' visits and hospital stays, and holding on to the very constant unraveling ties of your sanity can be very tricky, indeed.
Ocasionally, the angle will be off and the shell will break, shattering hope and all the neatly secured appearances of a truly fragile existence. Unlike Humpty Dumpty, though, parents of kids with cancer will pick themselves up and put themselves back together again!

God Bless You All

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, March 15, 2004 9:49 PM CST


We are expecting a quiet day at home today!!!

We will always remember St. Patricks Day of 2003. Carl was in the Hospital in NYC, having his stem cell transplant. We had a very nice visit from Cousin's Keith & Justin Hauck :0) They brought Carl a little "Boots" from Dora the Explorer:) They took pictures of Carl and his new Boots guy:) Then later that evening, we got to listen to a parade of Bagpipes coming down the halls at the Hospital. Carl could not leave his isolation room, so we put him up on a chair to watch out the window:) It is so hard to believe a year has passed by so quickly.

It is sunny here at home, an inch of snow fell last night, but will not last long. Sam is up and dressed in green clothes that he chose last night:) Carl is still sweetly sleeping... But will soon be ready for another day of adventure with Sam:)

Have a Great Day everyone!!!!

Love & Smiles :0)

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Good Evening to everyone!!!

We hope you had a Great Monday!!!

I have just been checking in on some of our friends and would like to ask for some Prayer support for a couple of them. Sophia is starting her chemo, and could use some Prayers that she get through this first round without a hitch!! Her site is SOPHIA'S PAGE

And for our little friend Morgan. She will be having scans again soon. Her site is MORGAN'S PAGE

Also our buddy Zane will be returning to Rochester for tests/scans soon. His site is ZANE'S PAGE

We had a busy day running errands, and visiting Grandma and Grandpa Greer. Carl also had his blood drawn at the Hospital to check his counts. He has always recovered from chemo, without needing GMCSF shots, or transfusions! And by the energy he keeps up, I am certain there is nothing to worry about this time either!! We will be heading back to Rochester again ourselves on Monday the 22nd. We will talk about Carl's continued treatment plan. We are so Happy that his treatments so far have been so good for him with hardly any side effects!! It almost seems to good to be true! Gods hands are certainly working in Carl's life!!

Thank you all for stopping by, and for all of your Prayers that have lifted us up for so long. Please keep all of our friends battling NB and other cancer, and other illness in your Prayers. May God Bless us all

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is
steadfast, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord
forever, for the LORD, theLORD, is the Rock eternal.
Isaiah 26:3-4

Love & Happiness

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, March 14, 2004 10:51 AM CST

Hello to everyone this Sunday!!!

Thank you everyone for stopping by and all of those signing Carl's guestbook!!! We enjoy reading your notes, and we Love to know just who is visiting Carl's site:) We were so Happy to read an entrie from the Royal family from Wa. Very Special folks that we met, and spent time with at the Rochester "Donald House" and we missed soo much!!! It was Great to hear from you, we are so Thrilled to see their names out there in Carl's guestbook!!! It really does make our day to hear from all of you too!!!! We think about all of you, and we Love to know how you are doing as well!!! Thank you for all of your continued Love and Support!!!! God Bless all of you!!!

We are having a windy day here on the farm. The boys just came in from riding their Gator, they have got their tractors out instead, and are resorting to playing inside where it is much warmer:) We received a bunch of pictures from cousins Ann & Keith Hauck in NY. Ann emailed some photos of the 1989 Wolter/Robinson reunion, and some earlier farm memories. Tom and I have had a ball looking at all of them:) Ann was inspired, after seeing the baby calf pictures with the kids that we recently added:) She found some adorable pictures of her boys bottle feeding calves out at Uncle Denny's. I told her that the calf huts are the same ones from Denny's, and the bottles look the same too:) She also sent many other pictures that are such a treasure to have. We are putting them all on a cd and will bring it to Grandma & Grandpa Robinson's tonight when we go down to Morton for supper!!! To all of the Robinson's that will not be there, we will share them with you another time:) I think I will add three of them in the photo section, If anyone would like to check them out!!!

Thanks Ann for all of your hard work sending all of these Great Photos!!!!!

Brayn is getting ready to play in the State Tournament next Friday and Saturday. He is playing Adapted Floor Hockey!!! The games will be a the Stillwater High School. I will check, and add the times later. He is all pumped up and ready to kick some butt!!! It is so fun to see him and all of his team get so excited and to Play their hearts out!!! We are Happy that we will be home and able to go to Brayn's games for this Tournament!!! These are those moments that our children will always remember, and realize that these times are just as important to us as they are to them!!!

Wishes to all for a Beautiful Day in the Lord+

Now for a little while you may have had to suffer
grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so
that your faith-of greater worth than gold, which
perishes even though refined by fire-may be proved
genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor
when Jesus Christ is revealed. Though you have not
seen him; and even though you do not see him now,
you believe in him and are filled with inexpressible
and glorious joy, for you are receiving the goal of
your fiath, the salvation of your souls.
1 Peter 1:6-9

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, March 11, 2004 11:45 AM CST

Good afternoon everyone!!!

If you have not already, be sure to check out the new photo's on the Zeocast. Carl went to a livestock auction yesterday with Daddy, Uncle John & Uncle Chuck:) They came home with two little baby bottle calves!! Carl has been hounding me all morning to go out and feed the babies again. He will have to wait for a few more hours yet!

Today is March 11th, a day that holds bittersweet emotion and memory for Tom and I. One year ago today was Carl's stem cell transplant in NY at Memorial Hospital, MSKCC. If you followed Carl's journey back then, you know all of what I am talking about, where this journey has taken us. And now were we have been led, remains to be seen. Had Carl still been in remission, I guess this day would be a Celebration, a sort of first birthday of a new life. But since the cancer took over, and things went wrong, we are not feeling those Joyous feelings that we may have. Instead we are feeling the hope a new beginning, in that God has led us down a different path. The way is still unknown, but we are certain that God has a plan for us. It just did'nt turn out the way we thought it would, looking back a year ago. One thing we have learned, is to not dwell on the past, as we can't change any of that. But to look ahead, and learn to take one day at a time, knowing that God is working in our lives and has yet to reveal his perfect plan.

I will share with you, a beautiful speach written by our Sweet niece Kiri McVenes. Kiri gave this speach at school, and sent us a copy:) She did a Wonderful job, and I felt this was definitely noteworthy. Today is a perfect day to share this with you, as we reflect on this day one year ago, and as we look to the future with God's plan for Carl.

Written by Kiri McVenes

One stem Cell transplant, six rounds of Chemotherapy, 14 rounds of Radiation, 5 rounds of Antibody shots, and five rounds of Accutane. Can you imagine going through that or having your son go through all of that by the time he is 4 not to mention all the tests and operations to put in and take out all kinds of ports and tubes? Tom, Kelly and Carl Robinson can. Tom is my uncle, Kelly is my aunt, and Carl is my cousin and this is a tribute to them about their life the past four years.

Carl Thomas Robinson was born on December 28th 1999. He is Kelly's fourth child and Tom's second. Carl is named after his father Thomas Carl Robinson. There are also three other family members yet to be introduced and they are Big Brother Bryan who is 16, Big Sister Sydney who is 10, and Big Brother Sam who is five. They had a very happy family.

Until August 18, 2002 changed all of that because Carl was diagnosed with Stage four Neuroblastoma, which is a very rare, high risk Childhood Cancer. It was that day that Kelly and Tom received the news that, their little boy had a 30% chance of survival. That news shattered everyone's heart but Tom and Kelly were determined to beat the odds so they went ahead and did everything they could and on December 23, 2002, they removed the tumor. So the new motto became "Cancer Free in 2003"

The moto was true and we used it this summer as the Robinson family does the Redwood County Relay for Life and Redwood does a neat thing were every team has a different theme so our teams name was "Carl's Commando's Fighting for a Cure!" We had everthing from army tents to army cots to an actual army fort named "Fort Remission". Since there are about 50 Robinson relatives, we made a pretty good army to fight this terrible monster called cancer. We also had people come of Carl's friends he had met while in Rochester receiving treatments. The survivor lap that takes place was pretty emotional for everyone. The summer and the fall were completed with their trips out to New York for the Antibody shots. Just as everyone was adapting to their new life it changed.

December 1, 2003 Tom and Kelly were told that Carl had relapsed and he now had a 10% chance of survival, they did not know what to do but they knew they had to do something. They weren't going to give in so they did some researching and they decided to go to Philadelphia and do a treatment out there but there plans changed when it seemed the cancer had responded to the Chemotherapy they had been giving Carl to make sure the Cancer didn't progress at all. They have now opted to do a Chemotherapy treatment offered at the Rochester Mayo Clinic.

I believe That Tom and Kelly have handled this all very well. If you were to look at Carl today you couldn't tell anything was wrong with him except for the fact that he has a little bald head. They have a web page and the address is

You guys are the strongest people I know and I Love you Uncle Tom, Auntie Kelly and Car Car.

Thank You Kiri for such a Great Tribute to our family, you know all of you are included in this!!! We feel that all of our entire family and friends that have given us so much support over the past year and a half, are the reason we have had so much strength!!!!

I have some new news about Carl's next treatment plan. I was talking to Diane, Sophia's mom last night, and we discussed Sophia's plan now that she is also fighting a relapse. One option that Diane is considering, is to first get Sophia into remission again, then to do a Mini-Allogeneic transplant. This sounds like a very interesting and reasonable plan, since the toxitity of the Mini transplant is less than a full transplant. If we do this with Carl, we would have to see if Sam or Tom are a match for Carl, as we would not use his own stem cells, but a donors cells. We are consulting with all of our Doctors about this option. I am thinking this would be more desireable to try, versus waiting for a second relapse and then doing the MIBG treatment at Chop??? Still so many questions and answers to find, but we are excited about this possibility, and as Diane and I talked about last night, we both have a very good feeling about this option.

Wishes to all of you for a Great Day!!!!

Thank you for keeping those Prayers coming strong, we can feel their power!!!! Please keep in mind all of our friends battling NB and other cancers. Little Sophia's site is

Lots of Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, March 10, 2004 10:01 AM CST

Extra Credit

If illness comes early
Life takes new form
Aware of mortality
Change from the norm

I've experienced 80
At 40 years old
Cancer, the courier.
Risks ~ they were bold.

Precious life threatened
I sensed a new cause
To listen more closely
To life's silent pause

So much to absorb!
Life moves on so quick!
Why must we suffer?
Why be so sick?

Now we must ponder
Our visit on earth ~
The journey beginning
The day of our birth

I will make the best
Of each brand new day
Even the ones
That "don't go my way"...

For every chance
That I have to get it
While remaining on earth
Must be extra credit!

From "When you Get it" by Leslie Droll

Carl went with Daddy & Uncle John, & Uncle Chuck to an auction. They came home with two little bottle Calves

Good morning to everyone!!!

We are enjoying our week at home, but it almost feels strange to not be going to the clinic or hospital, sometimes I'm not quite sure what to do. The boys Loved being together yesterday (Sam is in school today) they played outside in the 50ish degree sunshine:) We tried to fly a kite, but couldn't get it up (I must be out of practice) then the boys got their bikes out of the shed, next we found them climbing a tree together:) How truly wonderful to share a normal day of childhood!!!

Wishing you all a Beautiful day in the Lord.

Please keep all of our friends fighting this nasty disease in your Prayers. Remember Sophia, who has recently relapsed. Her site is

Thank you for keeping Carl in your Prayers, he is a gift from God, and He shows us His Love every day!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, March 7, 2004 9:33 PM CST

Hello to all our Great Family & Friends

Carl and I got home yesterday about 4:00pm, and we were so Excited to see everyone, and they were all Happy to see us too!!!

We enjoyed our week at the Donald House so much!!! We were Blessed to meet some Wonderful new friends, and Carl had a ball with Everyone!!! I added some new Pictures that we took at the end of the week. I could kick myself for not getting the camera out earlier, but I did get some cute ones, and I think you will enjoy them!!!

To look at pictures click on ~ The postcard that comes through the door, the stamp on the postcard, the little phone booth on the postcard, the billboard, the pictures inside the room.

We Loved our time with the Fischers, and were so Happy to get to see Susanna, Juan Antonio, Alba and Jorge a couple of times!!! We met some new friends from Iowa, Illinois, and Tennesee!!! Carl has two new Buddies, Jordan & Justin:) We miss all of you guys down there, and hope your next week goes well for all of you!!! Maybe we will get to see some of you on our next trip back in a couple of weeks:) It was a pleasure getting to know all of you, it just felt like we were all family there this past week, it was Great!!!

Things are going well here, we had a nice Sunday, and we are all ready to start our new week!! Carl is feeling Great, we will go to the Redwood Hospital later in the week, for blood draws to check on his counts, otherwise he shows no signs of any distress from the chemo, and we expect his counts to be good as well. Carl's counts have always remained stable since starting this Irinotecan schedule. We are very lucky that this treatment has been going so good, without any complications or side effects. We just feel so very Blessed with Carl's response since relapse, we give all Glory to God for all that we have witnessed with Carl's progress!!!

Thank you everyone for all of your Love and Support since our Journey began. We have learned so much from this journey. We realized how much we are all cared about, and Loved. We have learned how to Pray, and how very Blessed we feel, to see the Glory of God working in our lives and others. We have met so many Wonderful people, and formed bonds that will last to eternity. Thank you so much for sharing our lives. Through His perfect plan, God has chosen us, for his purpose. God Bless you all

Please keep Sophia in your Prayers, she and Carl were both in Transplant last year at this very same time. Now they are both fighting a relapse together. Her site is

Please remember all of our friends battling cancer and other illness in your Prayers.

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, March 4, 2004 9:33 AM CST

Good Morning to everyone!!!!!

Carl's Bone Marrow results are in!!!!!

They are Negative!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

No Neuroblastoma cells were found in the marrow sampled! What this means is, from the sample which they fished out, there were no cells sighted. This does not necessarily mean that he is totally clear, because NB cells tend to congergate in clumps, and had we took many more samples, it is possible that cells would have been detected. But this is the Best Possible Results we could have received right now!!!! And we will take it!!!! This is Good News!!!!!

Thank You Prayer Warriors for all of your Steady Powerful Prayers for Carl!!!!! We are sooo Blessed, and we will Celebrate this Good News we have right now!!!!!!! We don't know what tomorrow will bring, but today we are So HAPPY!!! We will Celebrate and give Thanks to the Lord for he is soo Good!!! God Bless you all

We did get to visit with our friends from Spain last night!!! It was so wonderful to see them and have them here with us again!!! After the house supper, the staff here at the Donald House showed a video that was made of the Rochester Ronald McDonald House:) It was so fun to watch, it included many children that we have seen over the past year and a half that have stayed here:) Jorge and his sister Alba, with thier Dad in the kitchen, was one of the pieces of the footage:) We all laughed when we saw them on the video, it was so neat to watch this, and have them here to see it too!!! Later in the evening, I was sitting at the computer in the computer lab, and Carl came running in to tell me "Eric Fischer's Mom is here" So to our delight, they were here, and they have a room right across the hall from us in the new section on second floor:) It is Sooo good to see them, and have them here with us too!!! We visited for quite awhile, then we decided we had better get all the kids to bed as it was getting pretty late. All of the Fischer family are here, so Carl will have lots of buddies to play with!!!

I have a very urgent Prayer request to ask of all of you, our Dear sweet little friend Danniel Hammer has been having some headaches, and Sara & Vic are worried about the start of a tumor or relapse. Please Pray very hard for Daniel that this is nothing and that he is feeling better very soon. Sara has held Carl and our family up in the Strongest Prayer daily, and we have become very spiritually close with all that we have endured together with our little boys. The Hammer's are very Special to us. Please send up some of your Powerful Prayers for Daniel and his family. DANIEL'S PAGE

Please remember in Prayer, all of our friends everywhere that are also fighting Cancer and other illness. This week at Mayo, Kala, Eric, Jorge (his tests are clear), Mia (Holly & Mia are coming Friday) We have been Blessed with so many wonderful friends throughout Carl's journey!!!

Have a Beautiful day in the Lord

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Wednesday, March 3, 2004 12:48 AM CST

Hello to all our Dear Family & Friends!!!

Happy Birthday today to my Dad, Carl's Grandpa Greer!!!

Thank you for all the POWERFUL PRAYERS coming our way, we feel every one of them, we feel so Wonderful today!!!!

We have been Praying hard here, and I know that we have so many more coming through for Carl's Complete Healing!!! Carl and I made a stop at the Beautiful little St. Mary's Chapel yesterday while we were waiting to be called in to surgery. It is such a pleasure to be there, the Lords Peace and comfort are always present within. The Beautiful Statue of our Mother Mary holding Jesus up in the center of the Alter is always so Amazing to me.

Carl's surgery was delayed until about 2:45pm, so we had alot of time to spend before the procedures. After surgery which went perfect, no complications, the nurse brought Carl an adorable stuffed Moose. It was kind of Ironic, as we were given a little stuffed "Miracle Moose" the last time we were at St. Mary's, by our chaplin friend Warren:) So here comes the recovery nurse with a "BIG" moose:) to go along with our little "Miracle Moose" that we made sure we carried with us yesterday!!! (The nurse didn't know about our little Moose til after she presented Carl with his Big one:) I wondered if this was a sign that our Prayers will be fulfilled with Carl's Big Miracle??? We are so filled with a Joyful Spirit, Carl is feeling Great and never ceases to Amaze me with his Energy!!!

After surgery he was admitted for the night, to get his first dose of chemo, and just to keep an eye on him with pain and everything. The nurse thought she should get a wheel chair to bring him to the play room:) Well knowing Carl, he was sliding out of bed and running to the door before we could stop him!!! He made his way to the play room and was delighted to find an available little tykes tractor to ride;) So off he went and we could hardly get him off of it the rest of the night. We played bingo later, but Carl handed me his card to watch while he took off to "Zoom around a little" as he put's it:)

Carl's new Port-a-cath is working just fine. It is in a new spot, on the right side now, in his rib cage area. The nurses kept referring to it as his "PAC" like- (pack) and then I realized that's his port-a-cath!!! Duuhhh!!! We are due back at St. Mary's Peds Infusion Therapy Center at 2:00pm for Carl's second dose of chemo.

We are planning on attending the Chapel's Anointing of the Sick service at 4:30 tonight. Then the house is having a supper at 6:00pm We hope our friends from Spain will be back so that we can sit and visit with them!!! We got to see them briefly yesterday morning again before we left for the Hospital. Our sweetie Kala is still here:) She hopefully will get to go home tomorrow. And we are still waiting to see Eric Fischer (I think tomorrow!!)

Please keep all of our friends everywhere in your Prayers.

Thank You everyone for all of your Positive Energy, Prayers, Love and Support!!!! We feel all of it, and we Love you all so much!!!!

Have a Great Evening and we will update soon!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Tuesday, March 2, 2004 8:13 AM CST

Good Moring to everyone!!!!

Room No 208
Phone No 507-252-2178
Cell Phone 507-640-1714

We are at the Donald House:) And enjoying the comforts of our home away from home:) Yesterday Morning we saw our friends from Spain downstairs here at the house!!! Jorge looks so Wonderful with his beautiful hair!!! The whole family looks so Good, it was so Great to see them!!! We are hoping to get together more during this week and visit:) Susana said they are staying with friends here in town, but I'm sure we will get to spend more time with them!!!

Today is surgery day. Carl and I will head over to the Hospital soon, he is scheduled to report at 9:30am. We met with the surgeon yesterday, so we are all set for his procedures. Carl will have his port placed, then Bone Marrows, and his Mic-Key button will be changed, as his old one is starting to show wear. Please send lots of positive energy this way, and Pray very hard for Carl's Bone Marrow to be clear of Neuroblastoma cells!!! This would be nothing short of a miracle if his Bone Marrow shows clear!!! He has been feeling so Great, and Looks so good, and has not complained of any leg pain for a long time!!! Carl has even gained 1 kilo, he has went from 33 to 34.5 pounds since we were here a couple of weeks ago!!! GO CARL GO!!!!!!!!!

We even brought his little bike (That Auntie Jill bought him last year) with us, and he has been riding the halls here at the Donald House just like old times :0) He wanted to bring it to the clinic yesterday, and today he was begging to bring it to the Hospital. I told him that it is best if he wait till we get back to ride. He then said, I won't run over anyone there:0) What a Wild kid!!!!

We also got to see Kala, who is still here and waiting for the ok to go back home. Please keep Kala, Jorge, Eric (Eric is coming to Rochester in a couple days!) all in your Prayers this week as they have their doctors appts. It kind of feels like old home week here:0)

Well I suppose I better get going, I think Carl is in the office bugging the girls:0) Hopefully he is not eating anything, as he was not supposed to after midnight!!!

I will update soon!!!

Thank you for all of your Powerful Prayers, and Support Everyone!!!!!

We Love you all!!!!!

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Saturday, February 28, 2004 1:22 PM CST

Good Afternoon this Beautiful Saturday!!!

Wishes to all of you for a Great Weekend!! Tom is outside with the kids putting up a baskeball hoop:) It is so springlike, it feels soo good!!! We are haveing some really nice days, but we hear it may snow again Sunday thru Monday.

As I watch the boys and Sydney outside with their Daddy, it just warms my heart and makes me feel so lucky and very Blessed that we have today!!! It is so very special to know the meaning of not taking one moment for granted. If anything this journey has taught me, it is just that, we are Thankful for each and every day. We know the value of the gift of today. . . of each day that we are given together.

Please Pray for little Jordan Luke, a little boy that relapsed around Thanksgiving time. The same time that Carl also relapsed. Jordan is having some internal bleeding, and will be earning his Angel wings very soon. JORDAN'S PAGE

Please keep Becca in your Prayers, we are trying to send up many Prayers for "Becca's Miracle"

Please keep Carl in your Prayers as he will be having surgery on Monday for his port replacement, and Bone Marrow ASP/biopsies

Please continue to Pray for John Frank, as he is back home and could use some Prayers for strength and continued healing.

Please Pray for all our friends that are battling NB and other Cancer's and other illness.

God Bless You All+

Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble,
whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praisworthy . . . think about such things.
Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me
or seen in me . . put into practice and the God of peace will be with you.
Philipians 4:8-9

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, February 26, 2004 10:29 AM CST

Good Morning Dear Ones!!!

Thank you for visiting us here, for all of your continued support, and constant Love you share!!!

Thank you for keeping the Prayers coming, I don't know what we would do without the strength, we gather from all of your Powerful Prayers.

I have a very urgent Prayer Request today, it is for a little girl named Becca. She is one of our NB Family (I don't think she has a website) He mother Theresa has put out an Urgent Request to get as much Prayer going for Becca as we can. One of the moms is going to coordinate a time when all of us will Pray in unison for this little girl. Becca just got back from a trip to Hawuii with her family. She also has been battling a relapse, and they fear she has taken a turn for the worse. We are all Praying for Becca's Miracle, God is in the business of miracles, and we are Praying very Hard for Becca!!! I will update when we find out this special time of Prayer, in the mean time, Please lift Becca up in Prayer, as the family needs to call on our Great Physician in the sky to heal this little girl.

Carl continues to do very well!!! Yesterday he had some leg pain when he first woke up, and for a little while in to the morning, but then it got better, and he was running and jumping like nothing was ever bothering him:) We had a very busy day yesterday. First Carl and I had dentist appointments. This was the first time Carl has been to a dentist aside from the dentist that looked in his mouth a year ago before his Stem Cell Transplant. Carl was being a little stinker, and would only let the dentist peek in his mouth briefly:( But it appreas that he has a couple of cavities (two lower molars) I guess this is what can happen with chemo, lots of medicine, chewing Accutane all of those rounds:( eating candy like theres no tomorrow, and us letting him, and then not brushing as good as we should have made him!!! So now Carl will be going to a Pediatric Dentist clinic in New Ulm for dental work. I found out yesterday that the gals at this Clinic, know of us, and have been following Carl's Journey:) What a very special connection that is, we will be Happy to meet our friends in New Ulm in a couple of weeks!!!

Then after our dentist appointments, Carl and I had lunch with Sam at school!!! Yesterday they honnored Sam as V.I.K. (Very Important Kid) We made a Beautiful poster with pictures that he picked out from Florida and of our family, that Sam shared with his class:) And he brought treats to celebrate his summer (July) Birthday!!!! He was just beaming when Carl and I walked into the Cafeteria to join him:) It was very priceless, We Loved every minute of it, and we decided we will have to go have lunch with Sam more often!!! We are planning on bringing our dear puppy Pika to visit Sam's classroom on Friday morning, we wanted to do it yesterday but with lunch and everything we thought another day would be better:) Sam is excited for us to be bringing Pika, and we will have to be sure and stop in to see Pika's Puppy-sitter Jenny Bloedow's class:) While we were on vacation in January, Jenny brought Pika to class one whole day:) Jenny's kids just Loved her, and I'm sure they will be Excited to see her too!!!

Carl had his CBC drawn again yesterday, along with a culutre. Which I have not heard any results back yet, so I am Praying they are negative!!! We will return to Mayo on Monday March 1st for a week. According to his schedule, Carl will have labs drawn, then see the Dr. and then a consult with the surgeon for his port replacement. His surgery will probably be on Tuesday, to replace the port, and for Bone Marrow ASP/Biopsies (PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for clear marrow) then he will probably start chemo late on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on when the surgery gets done. Which will take us to eiher Saturday or Sunday, so this will be a full week of appointments. I don't know what the situation is at the "Donald House" we are Hoping again to get in there, but we will not know for sure until Sunday or even Monday when we get to Rochester.

Last night after church (Ash Wednesday) Tom and I went to the late showing of "The Passion of the Christ" playing in Redwood. It was just as Amazing as we have heard. Very graphic, and very sad, I must have cried through most of the movie. I had red, puffy, swollen eyes when we walked out of there :.( I think the hardest part, or the part that I could relate to the most was when Mary, watched and witnessed what was happening to her Son. It was so painful for her to watch her son be beaten so terribly, then to be forced to carry his cross when he could hardly carry himself. In a way I can relate with little Carl and all the suffering he has endured, and all of our innocent children that have been forced to carry such a heavy cross for so long. Nothing as terrible as Christ, but the same in the way of an innocent one having to suffer so. I am glad we were able to see the movie, and it had special meaning for us on Ash Wednesday. It was a good way to start out the Season of Lent. The readings and "The Passion" when heard in church, will be very vivid now after seeing such an Emotional Presentation!!

Thank you for stopping by!!! We appreciate all of your Support, we are glad you continue to come along with us on our journey, we will never feel alone!!!

God Bless all of you+

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, February 23, 2004 7:27 PM CST

Good Evening everyone!!!

I am trying to journal again, we will see if this works. I have not heard back from Caringbridge about our journaling problem.

Today Carl had his CBC (Complete blood count) drawn at the hospital. He did very well considering he needed to get a stick in the arm the old fashioned way. He was bothered by the rubber band on his arm, worse than the actual stick itself:) But he was a very big boy, I was Proud of how well he did today:) We will go back again on Wednesday to get another blood draw, and this next one will also include a blood culture. Carl is now done with his oral antibiotics.

We had a very nice weekend here at home!! On Saturday afternoon we met with a couple of sweet girls from "Make A Wish" that came to our home from Waseca. They came with bags for each one of the kids with toys and treats for them to enjoy:) We talked about ideas for a wish for Carl. Back when Carl was first diagnosed, we applied for a wish, but never followed up, or finalized anything. One of the kids popular choices is a Disney Cruise. We tried to give them other ideas and options, but Carl and the rest of the kids keep coming back to the BIG Disney Boat as their favorite idea. It will be pretty hard to Top our Disney World Orlando vacation, but this may be just as fun with all the charactures on board, and the many marine sights and activities offered.

Our friend Eric Fischer and his family went on a Disney Cruise last year for Eric's Make A Wish!!! It sounds like they had a Great time, and got to do lots of things:) Eric attended a Make A Wish Fundraiser last week, and he journaled about his trip on his website. To read about Eric's exciting Make A Wish click here ERIC'S PAGE

We are thinking about later June for Carl's trip, and I think we already have a Pika-sitter all lined up for a week:) Speaking of Pika, Carl and I took her to the Vet today to get her over-due second series of puppy shots. It was very cute to see Carl so concerned about her. He explained to me that she was getting her shots to keep her healthy, "just like me when I get my medicine". I thought that was pretty wise of him to put that all together:) He then told me that he doesn't need to go back to the Doctors anymore, because he is not sick anymore. I felt sad at that moment, and couldn't even give an answer back. It sure would be something to only know doctors once a year for checkups, and animal doctors for puppy shots.

We hope you all have a nice evening!!!

Please keep the prayers coming for John Frank. He is in the Redwood Hospital trying to get better so he can get back home again!!

Please keep all of our dear friends also battling NB and other cancer's, and other illness in your Prayers.

Please remember in Prayer, our friend Stacey Hildebrandt's Grandmother who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

being confident of this, that he who began a
good work in you will carry it on to completion
until the day of Christ Jesus.
-Philippians 1:6

But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you,
for my power is made perfect in weakness. "Therefore I
will boast all the more gladly about my weakness, so that Christ's power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.
-2 Corinthians 12:9-10

Love to Everyone!!!

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, February 23, 2004 6:44 AM CST

Good Morning Dear family & friends!!!

I have tried to update many times over the weekend, but when I get done with my journal and go to review and then add the new journal, about half of the journal is missing, and the the box to "Add Journal" is not there?? Very Strange??? I have emailed to Caringbridge to have this problem addressed, hopefully this will get fixed soon. It does allow you to do a very short message and add it, but something must be wrong, and I wonder if anyone else with Site's are also experiencing this problem???
Since I cannot Journal more than a couple of paragraphs, I will just say that we are all doing well, and Carl is feeling Great!!! He had a Wonderful weekend of playing outside with Sam:) They worked on their snow fort tirelessly:) I will update more after this Caringbridge update problem becomes resolved!!! Have a Great day everyone!!! Please say some extra Prayers for John Frank, he is dealing with a painful skin condition.
Love & Prayers ~ Kelly & Tom & Family

Thursday, February 19, 2004 8:44 PM CST

Good Evening Everyone!!!!

New Photos added in the Zeocast!!!! Enjoy!!!

If you are reading this tomorrow ~ HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

We are doing Great, the boys are enjoying being home together!!! They have big plans for tomorrow, it is supposed to snow more, and they have new snow shovels they want to put to use making a snow fort:)

We had supper at Grandma & Grandpa Robinson's tonight. Auntie Jeannie made Tator-tot hotdish, and Goulosh!!! It was very good!!! Uncle Dave & Auntie Jeannie are heading back home tomorrow. Please keep them in your Prayers for save travels.

Please send up a few extra Prayers for John Frank. He is having some hip pain lately.

Please keep all our friends battling cancer and other illness in your Prayers too.

God Bless you all+

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Tuesday, February 17, 2004 3:45 PM CST

Good Afternoon Everyone!!!!

We are home Yippie!!!!!!

It feels good to be back home, and Carl is Happy to be home with his family too!!!

Carl and I spent the night at the Redwood Hosp. and Carl received 2 of his infusions. Uncle Chuck stayed with Carl so that Tom and I could go to Uncle Dave's fathers (Grandpa Gores) funeral this morning. They were able to leave the hospital, and he actually is able to be out on pass until his next infusion at 6:00pm tonight!! Carl will again spend the night, and can leave after his morning infusion on Wednesday. And then after his pm dose, he will be discharged. Carl will follow this up with oral antibiotics for five more days.

Right now Carl is with Daddy, running some errands around town:) He enjoyed his moring with Uncle Chuck, and even got spoiled with McDonalds for lunch!!! Carl's favorite:) He really eats those chicken nuggets so well!!! We have even started to order him the 6 piece instead of the 4 piece with a Happy meal!!! It will be good when they change from those Lion King toys however:)

Please keep the Gores family in your Prayers, as they are in need of some comfort with the loss of a very special man. I was so very glad that little Carl and I were able to visit Grandpa Carl in St. Mary's last Monday. It was very touching to hear how much he enjoyed our visit, as he told his family about seeing us:) That warmed my heart to know that we really cheered him up. We heard how little Carl crawling up in bed to give Grandpa Carl a kiss, meant so much to him!!! The funeral was very beautiful, to hear father talk about the wonderful person he was, made me wish that we would have met, and got to know him before. But we are so glad that we did brighten one of his days!!

I am going to try to change some pictures, and get the picture of Carl with John Frank posted soon:) Check back for new photos soon!!!

Have a Great Evening everyone!!!

The Twenty-Third Psalm

A Psalm of David:
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He makes me to lie down in green pastures,
He leads me beside the still waters.
He restores my soul.
He guides me in straight paths for His Name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow
of death,
I will fear no evil
For Thou art with me.
Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of
my enemies.
Thou anointest my head with oil,
My cup runneth over.
Surly goodness and mercy shall follow me all the
days of my life.
And I shall dwell in the House of the Lord Forever.

Love to all,

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, February 16, 2004 12:10 AM CST

Good Afternoon to everyone!!!

We are Happy to report that we are heading back to Redwood Falls this afternoon!!! Carl is hooked up for his last infusion, then we will admit him to the Redwood Hospital for a couple of days. He will continue to receive antibiotics every six hours. We will be able to leave the Hosp, for a few hours between his doses. On Wednesday Carl will be discharged on an oral antibiotic. We will need to check CBC's and repeat a blood culture after 48 hours of stopping the antibiotic to see if the infection is gone.

We will return to Mayo on March 1st for surgery to replace his port-a-cath. Carl will also have bone marrow aspirates, and biopsies done. After Tom and I did some more discussion about future treatments, we decided to still keep Carl's g-tube intact. I was doing some research this morning on possible future clinical trials, and one of them was an agent that has been tried with Leukemia adults. It comes in a liquid form, and can be mixed with juice. Well Carl is not a big drinker normally, so we re-thought our decision to close his g-tube. It just may come in handy for something we have to get down him, that he will not take orally, and if we close it too soon, we may regret that decision later. So we will keep the g-tube but have his Mic-key button changed to a new one.

We believe Carl will continue on this chemo plan that we are doing for a couple of months before looking into something else. And if he continues to respond well, without any setbacks, we can actually keep him on this for quite some time. There have been children using this chemo for over a year. We think we are so Blessed that Carl has been given this "Gift of Time" and we will use this time to research, and decide the best plan to take next. There are so many new and coming drugs that will be coming out in the months to come, and possibly one of them will be the answer. Or it will be something to also buy us more time until we find that answer.

Thank you all for checking in, and for all of your Love and Support!!!! Thank you for your Prayer Power and for never giving up on us!!!

We Love you all!!!!

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, February 15, 2004 8:34 PM CST

Hello to all our family and friends!!!

We are doing well here at St. Marys Hospital, just trying to keep up to Carl and Sam as they have been busy driving the halls (on two little tykes tractors) between Carl's antibotic infusions:)

The Dr. thought we would continue this IV antibiotic for a few more days, and then Carl could possibly go home on an oral drug. We asked about getting him transfered to the Redood Falls Hospital, to finish out his schedule. Since we are able to leave the Hospital between infusions, we could actually go home for almost 5 hours and then return for the infusions. We will find out in the morning what the plan will be!!! We are all anxious to get back home:)

The Doctor asked Tom (I was out with Sam getting breakfast)if going home for a couple of days would even be worth it at this point. And Tom made it clear that YES getting back home would make a big difference in our lives, even if it is only a couple of days earlier!!! It didn't sound like it was any work on their end here, so we expect that this should be a reasonable request.

We have had some trouble with the attitude and cooperation from several of the Doctors here on the team, ever since we started dealing with Carl's relapse in December. Not only have we been hearing negative responses to nearly everthing we try to bring up, but we feel that they are not very willing to work with us, and help us with our treatment options for Carl. (Dr. Anderson has been the only one we have felt satisfied with) We feel like we are on our own, and when we ask questions, it is only negative or patronizing responses, rarely hopeful or supportive of our focus (to pursue a cure for Carl). I don't think they realize where we have been, and what we know about the process and nature of this disease. We are fully aware of the statistics we are facing with a relapse, but we are also dealing with "Carl" who is a healthy, energetic, warrior that continues to Amaze us every day!!! We also believe in Miracles, and we have always know that GOD has a very big plan working in Carl and all of our lives. PRAYER IS POWERFUL!!!!!

This morning the Doctor came back in our room, as I has asked to speak with her again about a couple of questions we had. We understand that Carl's port-a-cath will be re-placed again, probably the morning we come back on March 1st for his next chemo. We wanted to have Carl's g-tube removed at this time, as we really want him to be back to as normal a little boy as possible, and we haven't used his Mic-key button for tube feeds for over four months. And I wanted to request that Bone Marrow Aspirates, and Biopsies be done again at this time since he would be sedated for the other two procedures anyway. And it has been three months (November) since BMA'S have been done. Well the response I got from this Doctor was this...
"You want to know???" Well after she left the room, Tom was just fuming!!!!! Yes we want to know!!!!! We want to know if this chemo is working as well on his bone marrow as it is on the tumor load!!! And it is normal, and natural to monitor if a child is responding to the treatments!!! We took her response as "The Bone marrow is going to be packed with NB anyway, why do you want to confirm that!!!" Well we would Love to have his bone marrows come back negative just to prove how well he is really doing on this chemo, and that he is having miraclous response after relapse, just the opposite of what these Doctors are so sure will result. This same Doctor told me before we started this chemo, that Carl would be sick, and would probably require hospital admissions for severe diarreah. Which has not happened!!!
We hope, with the Love and help from the Good Lord above to prove them all wrong!!!! It still comes back to the one word "HOPE" and we refuse to give that up!!!

If we didn't have the one Dr. cooperating and trying to help us, we would be out of here so fast!!! Tom and I have talked about going to the U of M or Mpls Childrens to see if their Onc Dr.s are any more helpful and caring. I told Tom we could meet one that is just great, and then have it turn out that the rest of that team is just as bad as what we have been dealing with here. It is so frustrating to have these feelings and negative support from our Doctors, and even harder to understand how they could not naturally Love this little boy and feel compelled to join our fight of all fights, against all odds!!!

Thank you everyone for all of your faithful Prayers!!!! I would like to ask for specific Prayers, for Carl's upcoming surgery for his port replacement, G-tube removal, and Bone Marrow tests. Please Pray very hard that his bone marrow is showing as much remarkable response to chemo as the tumor has. Lets Pray for another "Big One" for Carl's Marrow to be clear!!! Pray that these treatments will free Carl from all cancer in his little body, and he will be completely healed.

We will update tomorrow after we know what the plan will be for transfering to Redwood Falls.

God Bless+

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, February 13, 2004 3:33 PM CST

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

Carl and Sam are on the Go......

We just got back from the Mayo 1 Hellecopter pad tour, and the boys got to sit in the cab for a picture:)

Uncle Dave & Auntie Jeannie are stopping by on their way through to Morgan today. Grandpa Gores passed away yesterday. Please keep all of the Gores family in your Prayers at this very sad time.

Have a Beautiful day in the Lord

Love & Prayers

Tom & Kelly
& Family


Hello and Happy Friday!!!

Room Number 3-145

Phone Number 507-287-4048

Carl has been admitted to St. Mary's Hospital today. This morning we were called over at the clinic during his chemo, and we received the report of yesterday's blood cultures, and we were surprised that it still is positive after stopping the antibiotics for 48 hours:(

First off, Carl's medi-port was removed, and a regular line put in his hand for the time being. Carl will need to continue IV antibiotics for possibly 7 days:( So here we are again Inpatient with Carl on his little Tykes Tractor:) Tom and Sam are coming down tonight, and we will decide the schedule for the upcoming week. Tom may stay for part of next week, so that I can get home and be with the kids at home. I am so sad we will not be coming home this week end, but I am glad we found out about this infection before we got home, and before Carl started to spike a fever again.

I will update again soon, Carl is saying "LETS GO" he wants to go down to the cafeteria and get some food, as he has has not been able to eat anything all day due to the sedation for the port removal.

Thanks for checking in, and Thank you for keeping the Prayer coming strong!!!!

Lots of Love and Huggs to all!!!

Kelly & Carl

Thursday, February 12, 2004 4:42 PM CST

Hello this Thursday evening!!!

Thank you everybody for checking in, and for all of your loving thoughts and notes:) We Love you all and miss you all too, we are so anxious to get back home, and are ready for lots of Huggs!!! So glad to hear Jen is coming home this weekend:) I wonder if it will be good sledding weather this weekend??? We will have to keep that in mind!! Here in Rochester today the weather was just Beautiful, I'm sure it was at least in the mid 20's!!! Now for all of our southern friends and relatives, you are thinking we are nuts, but 20's can feel like spring after we have had such freezing temperatures for so long:)

Carl is enjoying himself and feeling very well this week:) We went to Target and found a blow up dolphin that he thought would be a perfect compainon for the pool!! After waiting so long to finally get in the water, he got kicked out as they were draining the wading pool to clean it last night:( So he had to wait until today to take a swim with his new floatie:) He did have fun, but it is just not the same without his sister, brothers, and cousins with him:) He actually has had more fun riding on his dolphin in our room making motor-boat sound effects!!!

We did get to see Karla with little Jacob,(They hadn't gone home yet!!!) and Holly and Maya on Tuesday!!! It was so good to see them, and visit for awhile, it has been so long since we have seen each other. Both Jacob, and Maya have grown so much, and are just as Beautiful as ever:) Karla let me hold little Jacob, and Carl ran around with Devin, Jacob's older brother, (he has always reminded me of Sam) and Maya!!! They got along famously, I sure wished we were able to spend more time together, as the kids really Loved to play with eachother!!! Karla got such a kick out of Carl, she had called me earlier in the day to see about us getting together:) Well Carl answered the phone and told her exactly where I was at the time:) He said "She's on the Pot" I could hear him talking on the phone, and I wondered who he was talking to, I thought to myself, I hope it is my sister he is telling that to:)

To visit Jacobs site go to

Or Maya's site go to

Thank you everyone for your notes, emails, cards, Prayers that are lifting Carl and our whole family up!!! We feel so very blessed to have Carl feeling and looking so well right now!! We truly feel the Lord is hearing all of our Prayer requests, and showing us how much he Loves all of us!!! Please give Thanks to the Lord for all the many blessings he is giving us and for giving us this gift of time with Carl!!! We don't know what the future holds, or even what next week, or month will bring, but we do know that today we have a Beautiful, Happy, Energetic little boy to Love, and that brings so much Love in to our lives, he is a gift from God and we give thanks for that gift each and every day we have been given!!! God Bless all of you+

P.S. Check out John Franks site, go to one of the photo links, they have some pictures from John's benefit last Saturday!!! There are a couple of pictures of Carl with John and Char!!!

Have a Great Night everyone!!!!

We Love you all!!!

Kelly & Carl

Monday, February 9, 2004 11:56 PM CST

Good Evening to all!!!

Carl and I are back in Rochester at the Apache Best Western. Our phone no here is 507-289-8866 room 161 and I do have my cell phone with 507-640-1714

Today went well, chemo continues to be a breeze and Carl is a trooper as always!!! I am so proud of him!!! He is turning in to quite the little charicture here at the clinic on the chemo floor. The nurses Love to have him here, and enjoy fooling around with him:) These nurses get him going by setting him up with a water loaded syringe, and then encouraging him to call for one of the other nurses and then blasting them with water:) He thinks this is just a hoot, and he giggles right from his toes, and he usually gives himself away before ge gets the best of them:)

We missed Karla and Baby Jacob that were coming from Wisconsin, but hope to get together with Holly and Maya our friends from Michigan!!! Since none of us were able to get into the Donald House, we are all split up:( There was some water damage done to a group of rooms there, and they ended up closing them off, and have a waiting list to get in again:( We may still get over there before the end of the week, for now we are settled in here at Carl's favorite Hotel, and we feel very comfortable here too!! Tonight we went to see the Movie "Brother Bear" there is a movie theatre right around the corner of the Hotel, within walking distance, and the movies are only $1.00 per person during the week!!! It was a very cute Movie!!!

Today we went up to St. Marys to visit Uncle Dave's father Grandpa Carl Gores!!! Auntie Jeannie asked us to give him a big Hug for her, and we gave him a couple big Huggs!!! Grandpa Gores is in an Intensive Care Cardiac area, after having a heart attack, and possibly more than one. He looks very Good, and was very cheerful and talkative!!! We visited for a little while and he seemed to know who little Carl was, and was familiar with who we belonged to, and where we were from!! He talked of someone he knew that had cancer that had returned, and that he survived!! It was so sweet, he looked at me and said "I think he will make it"!! What a very precious man, we enjoyed our visit, and we will stop back again before we head back home on Friday:)

We also stopped down on 3rd floor to visit our sweet little Kala Joy!! She is in a Hepafilter (spelling?) environment, and we did not want to bring her any germs, so we waved and blew kisses from the window!!! We Love you Kala and are Praying for you to keep your Spirits up and that you are feeling well!!!

Our weekend was a very special one for our family!!! We went to John Franks benefit Saturday night, and what an Awesome experience that was to meet this very Beautiful family!!! What a Wonderful feeling this gave us inside, I cannot even explain how touching this was to see Carl with John!!! We worked our way up through a very long line of guests that were waiting to greet John and Char. When we got up to the front, Carl did not hesitate to go to John into John's arms and give him a hug!!! What a very touching moment!!! we felt such an incredible joy to be with their family with Carl!! We took a picture of Carl on John's lap later in the evening, Char, Sydney and I are also in the picture!! Last night, Carl was digging in the Camera bag and took out my camera. He wanted to look at that picture on the camera again!!! It was so cute, when I showed him the picture again, he smiled and said to me "I want to keep him"!!! We truly feel the Lord has revealed his Love, through one little boy, and one very special man!!

We will have to continue on with our vacation journaling when we get back home again!!! Bryan did a good Job of telling about our day at Universal Studios!!!

Have a Wonderful Tuesday and we will update as we can get computer access here at the Hotel. I did not bring the laptop with, as I thought I would be at the Donald House, and had trouble getting it hooked up last time:(

Thank you all for keeping us in your Constant Prayers, we appreciate all of your steady Love and Support!!!

Please keep Grandpa Carl Gores also here in Rochester in your Powerful Prayers!!!

Please keep Kala in your Prayers as she is inpatient while her counts are down.

God Bless all of you we Love you Dearly!!!

Kelly & Carl

Friday, February 6, 2004 7:59 PM CST

Hello everybody it's Bryan,

So far I have been doing good in school and playing Addapted sport's. We are 6 and 1 because I was in Faboulous Florida soaking up the sun and having a great time. It was so awesome and I hope we get another chance to go to Florida in the future.

As my mom said we got the opportunity to go to Universal Studios on our second day in Orlando. We ended up meeting up with People from the NYC Donald House ans saw our good freind's Richie and Jay. I really enjoyed the rides there because they where based on famous movies such as Jaws and Earthquake. The rides where just so realistic and that's why I liked them.

Another thing that I liked was the Roller Coasters the Hulk and Dueling Drangons at Universal's Island of Adventure's. They where really fast and had giant loops that's what I liked about it most. I'm suprised I don't have any head damage because my head was moving so much. After I got off the rides I felt like my head was going to fall off!

We also went on a bunch of 3D rides such as Spider Man and Shrek. It was really cool and it felt like you where in the movie. It was really cool and I felt to Boot afterward! I hope we all get to go back soon!!

Everything is good back in Minessota. The boys are running around and taking out all the toys. What can I say boy's will be boys. I'm glad I get to spend some time here with carl and family!!

Until next time peace and love!! PS I'm single and looking for a girl, so to all the girl's out there call Me!!

Goodninght and love to all,
Bryan, and the family!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2004 9:13 AM CST

Good Morning to everyone!!!

Hoping you are keeping warm in this freezing weather. I worked yesterday, and quickly refreshed my snowey delivery driving skills. It was quite a challenge with all the new fallen snow, and trying not to get stuck anywhere. I think today will be a worse day however, with the colder temperatures, and the snow now in a hardened state. I don't mind the snow, as much as I do ice. It was a relief to get back home, safe and warm again!!!

Carl is Happy to have Sam home to play with today:) They are already drumming up ideas, and hauling all of their toys out from everywhere. My mom has a care conference at Wood dale later this morning, so we will venture out and attend that meeting with my Dad. Mom has been doing better, her leg is still not completely healed, so she is still wearing the cast. They are using a TENS unit on her, to hopefully promote better healing. She is supposed to go back to Mankato sometime soon, to have the cast re-done. Tom's mom, Grandma Phyllis is doing well at home now too!! Carl visited Grandma yesterday afternoon while I worked, and I think she really enjoyed having him there:)

More on Carl's Disney World Vacation....

On Sunday, we got up and ready to go early, as we wanted to get a full day in!!! We decided to start with Epcot for the first day in the parks, and this was the day of the Disney Marathon. The Marathon started at Epcot, and also ended there later. Richie from the NY Ronald McDonald House, was running in the Marathon, and a group of families were with him at Disney for a couple of days. We would look for Richie at Epcot, and try to hook up with the group in the next day or two. We never did see Richie, but there were lots and lots of runners coming in at Epcot all day, and we had to cross over their running path between runners many times during the day as we were making our way around the park.

We started our day by finding Mickey and Donald Duck right as we got in the park!!! So Tom and Sydney ran to go find some Autograph books for each of the kids to get signatures in!!! They hurried back, as Bryan, Sam, Carl and I waited in line to see Donald first!!! It was sooo cute to watch Carl, as he looked up at Donald Duck:) He reached his hand out and touched his furry belly as he looked up in amazement at this adorable guy:) Mickey was next, and we were able to get signatures and pictures before there managers wisked them away. They were usually only around for a short time whenever they appeared, so when we would see any characters it would be a mad rush to get to them and get in line before everyone else did!!!

We visited several of the buildings including the technology exhibit, and that is where the little scientist's had their picture taken on a Huge digital camera!!! It was so cute to watch them, as they were the chosen little volunteers for the demonstration:) We were able to do alot of filming on our camcorder throughout our trip and this we completly filmed:) We went on several little boat rides and we went in the Big Ball on a ride that went all the way up into the Ball and back down again!!! Everything we saw or rode on, was a educational experience, and was very interesting to see!!! We enjoyed all of the countries later in the afternoon, and sampled some German food, and had Ice Cream at one of the stops we made!!! We were so Impressed by all the Beautiful flowers that were everywhere at Epcot, it was such a Lovely day, It felt so good to have sunshine and warmth on our skin in January:)

We went back to our Hotel, and enjoyed Pizza, and Hot wings for the special of the day at the Hotel restaurant. We talked to Virginia on the phone, our friend from the NY group, and visited about their plans for Monday. Richie had some extra tickets to Universal, and they invited us to join them for the day!!! We were very Excited to meet up with these guys, and decided to join them in the morning at the Swan Hotel for breakfast!!!

To be continued......

Have a Beautiful day in the Lord

Accept our praise, O Lord, for all your glorious power. We will write songs to celebrate your mighty acts!
Psalm 21:13

Please keep all of the other children also battling NB in your Prayers. NB WARRIORS

Please remember in Prayer, our other friends with other forms of cancer, or illness.

God Bless you all

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, February 1, 2004 0:51 AM CST

Greetings to all our Dear Family & Friends!!!

Happy Birhtday to Uncle Tom Johnson!!! Which was actually on January 26th, but is celebrating today up North in Duluth tonight!!! We send our Love and Wishes for a Wonderful Celebration!!! We are sorry we are not there to join the fun, but you are in our Hearts today and always!!

Also we missed mentioning Uncle Rick's on January 9th, Uncle Mark's Birthday on January 11th, and Auntie Janet's on January 12th!! Uncle Denny on the 13th, Grandpa George Robinson on January 14th, Tommy Johnson Jr. on the 24th!! We Love you all Dearly, you are also in our Hearts always!!

Thank you for stopping by and for keeping Carl in your Thoughts and Prayers!!! We are having a nice weekend, and it even feels a little warmer outside today:) Maybe we are just getting used to it?? The washing machine is thawed out, and back to running again, so Life is Good!!!

The guys on the fire dept. got together tonight for their annual Fire Dept. Christmas Party. And some of the wives, got together at Amy Jo Mude's for a little get together! We had a ball, I can't remember when I laughed so hard:) We played a new board game, that also has a DVD to follow along on the TV. (Can't remember the name of the game) But it is a Movie trivia game, Lots of Fun!!! The kids went bowling with Uncle John, & Auntie Sheila and the girls:) So we all had a night out, and enjoyed ourselves!!!

I changed the format again on the Vacation Pics:) I have had so much fun trying out different styles, It is hard to choose which I like best. I could sit and watch those pictures over and over again, and I get misty eyed each and every time. It just brings memories of such a fun time we all shared, and we will never forget our adventure together!!!

I promised I would Journal about our trip, so I thought I would try to write a little each day about our vacation!!

Carl's Wonderful Vacation at Disney World ~ Day 1

On Saturday January 10th, we flew out of Hubert H. Humphrey Terminal, early in the morning. We got up very early to get to the airport two hours early, and we had plenty of time to spare, so we waited in anticipation for over an hour to board the plane. We teased Bryan about needing a muffin bag on the plane, as he has a pretty weak stomach sometimes:) But he did just fine, in fact everyone had a good flight, and it was very uneventful!!!

We got to Orlando and the weather was in the 50's to start with, but it warmed up to the upper 70's later in the week. We got a rental van, and WOW was this wonderful to load four kids into:) We got a map and headed down the highway to find our Hotel:) We drove around, and around, and around, but could not find our Hotel (The Double Tree) so we finally ended up stopping and asking for directions:) We then drove right to the place:) We were greeted by a very sweet group of desk clerks that gave the kids a bag of their famous "Double Tree Cookies" they are two chocolate chip cookies put together!! YUM:) We then found our room, and Carl had a Beautiful Bouquet of balloons waiting for him, along with a basket full of treasures for all of the kids!!! We even were given a Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock:) Which we used every morning to wake up to... To start our day of adventures!!!

We cought our breath and rested for a little while, then we got ready and drove over to the Downtown Disney area, which was right down the road from the Double Tree. We ate supper at the Crab Shack, and then let the kids do some shopping at the Disney Store!!! Both Carl and Sam decided on a "Mickey Mouse" and in one of the above pictures, you see Carl hauling his back to the van when we were leaving:) We told them if they wanted these Mickey's then they would have to carry them on the plane back home, and sit with them too:) And that they did, when we went home:) Then we headed back to the Hotel, to get a good nights sleep before starting our first day at Disney World!!!

To Be continued......

Have A great Sunday Everyone!!! We are planning on having a little Super Bowl Party with the kids:) We are rooting for the Panthers, as we know several very special families from NC!!! and we are joining them to cheer on the Panthers!!!!

Please continue to Pray for Carl's Miracle, and Pray for all our friends also fighting a common battle.

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord. . .
1 Samuel 1:27,28

Love & Prayers+

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, January 30, 2004 1:32 PM CST

Hello this Friday!!!

I changed the format of the photos, so that they are easier to see!!! You can click on any one of them to bring it up and look at it. I also added a few more that I had on another roll of film!!! And they are in day by day order!!! Enjoy!!!!

Things are good here on the homefront!!! Trying to stay warm, and get our washing machine running again, the drainage port has froze up:( UGGGG!!!!

Have a Great Day, and Keep Warm!!!

Love & Prayers to all

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, January 29, 2004 7:34 AM CST

Good Morning to Everyone!!!

It is good to be home, but it is sure freezing BRRRRR :0(

I added this picture Zeoflic above, and looking at the photos again, sure makes us wish we were back there in that warm weather. It is chilly, and Tom thought there was more snow on the way:( It sounds like many other places in the country are getting the same stuff.

Carl is doing well with his home infusions. It is a syringe push of antibiotic in his port-a-cath every eight hours. On Monday the nurse will come to change his line, and draw cultures again.

We will probably keep the little guys in the house for a few days and hibernate until it warms up:) Uncle Chuck is coming over later to stay with Carl so that I can go up to Redwood and visit my folks today.

Wishes to everyone for a Beautiful day in the Lord

Thank you for keeping the Prayer Power Flowing, We truly believe that all the Prayer is the reason for Carl's great success with his treatments!!! In Prayer Please give Thanks to the Lord for his healing Graces on Carl.

Please remember in Prayer all of our friends also battling cancer and other illness.

God Bless you All

Love & Warmth

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, January 29, 2004 7:34 AM CST

Good Morning to Everyone!!!

It is good to be home, but it is sure freezing BRRRRR :0(

I added this picture Zeoflic above, and looking at the photos again, sure makes us wish we were back there in that warm weather. It is chilly, and Tom thought there was more snow on the way:( It sounds like many other places in the country are getting the same stuff.

Carl is doing well with his home infusions. It is a syringe push of antibiotic in his port-a-cath every eight hours. On Monday the nurse will come to change his line, and draw cultures again.

We will probably keep the little guys in the house for a few days and hibernate until it warms up:) Uncle Chuck is coming over later to stay with Carl so that I can go up to Redwood and visit my folks today.

Wishes to everyone for a Beautiful day in the Lord+

Thank you for keeping the Prayer Power Flowing, We truly believe that all the Prayer is the reason for Carl's great success with his treatments!!! In Prayer Please give Thanks to the Lord for his healing Graces on Carl.

Please remember in Prayer all of our friends also battling cancer and other illness.

God Bless you All

Love & Warmth

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Monday, January 26, 2004 9:29 PM CST

Good Evening to everyone!!!

Hoping you all are home safe and warm with your Loved ones this chilly snowey evening.

Carl and I are safe and warm still at St. Marys Hospital:) We will be heading back home tomorrow sometime. Carl will require several IV infusions of antibotics at home for two weeks. He will have to have his port de-accessed and re-accessed at least every five days, and cultures drawn a couple of times. We have been so spoiled with hardly any Carl maintenance, since his tube feeds have stopped, and his port is not a Hicman as it once was. We will just be thrilled to be back home again!!!

I think this has been the most enjoyable Hospital admission Carl has ever experienced!!! He is not sick (besides the infection, but no symptoms) so he has been on the go, socializing with the nurses, other patients, visitors in the hall, the cleaning ladys OH MY GOSH, I just remembered his admission in NYC for transplant, that was quite a hoot too, and the nurses there know what I am talking about, I guess he has had two enjoyable Hospital admissions:) And if he is Happy then what more can we ask for!!! Today the nurses set him up at the nurses station with his lunch tray to eat lunch:) They have got him spoiled rotten, and he thinks it is ok to do whatever he pleases. I was talking to Auntie Jill on the phone today and I told her, I think he gets away with more, because he is so darn cute with his little bald head:)

On Saturday we had a surprise visit from Laurie and Terry Ourada, Laurie is Linda Harmoning's sister!!! Carl and I visited Laurie last year when she was here at St. Mary's while Carl and I were in Rochester. Laurie's daycare has done so much for Carl and our family, all of the parents put together a Beautiful Christmas Care package and sent it to us at Christmas time:) It was so great because I didn't get very much baking in this year, and everything was so Yummy!!! It was so Ironic, I actually thought of Laurie earlier on Saturday. We were down on the end of one of the wings, and I thought to myself that it looked like the floor that Laurie was on last year. Then to our Great surprise, Laurie and Terry stopped by for a visit in the afternoon:) Laurie was in the Hospital again, with a second surgery, but was being discharged on Saturday. We really Appreciated them stopping by, it was so good to see them, they are so kind and Loving!!! Laurie asked Carl if he wanted to send a message to John Frank, as they would be visiting John and Char on their way home:) Carl gave Laurie a Hugg and Kiss to pass along:) Very Sweet!!

I have met a couple of other moms here since last week, one of them has a little boy with Neuroblastoma too. It is always so nice to meet and talk with other people that are also fighting similar battles. We all can relate to each others problems, even if it is a different illness or type of cancer, we are all fighting for our Precious babies lives, and with that we all share a common understanding.

Thank you all for checking up on Carl, Thank you for your Steady Prayers that are surly being heard!

Prayer Requests ~

Laurie Ourada as she is healing from surgery this past week, and could use some of our Powerful Prayers!

For John Metzger, Husband of a coworker of Jenny Robinson
John Metzgers page

For Alex Scott, who is dealing with health complications, and has just found out about new areas of NB on her scans. Alex has been battling NB since she was one, and she is an Amazing fighter!!! Please Pray for Alex and her family as she needs lots of Prayer for healing right now!!! ALEX'S PAGE

Alex has another link to read about her Great fundraising works "Alex's Lemonade Stand" for Neuroblastoma!!! Our family is planning on joining the Scott's and other families around the country on June 12th to hold a Nation Wide Lemonade Stand!!! Our goal here at home with Carl is to hold our Stand at the Minnesota Twins Game!!! We have some work to do to get this rolling and to get all our ducks in a row, but I'm always up for a Challenge!!! To read about what Alex has done for all of our families go to ALEX'S LEMONADE

Please keep our sweet Chrisit Thomas in your Prayers right now too. Christi is needing lots of Prayers specifically for her blood counts to recover. She is not eligible for many studies due to her count situation, Please Pray very hard for Christi. CHRISTI'S PAGE

Please Pray for Carl's sweet friend Anna, she is having radiation treatments and could use many extra Prayers coming her way. ANNA'S PAGE

Please give Thanks to the Lord for answering all of our Prayers for Carl, for giving us a Gift of Time!!!

Love & Prayers to all

Kelly & Carl

Sunday, January 25, 2004 4:17 PM CST

Please give Thanks to the Lord, for he is so Loving and Good to us!

Despite the line infection that has kept Carl in Rochester to treat, an extra couple of days, we have actually had a couple of other very Good reasons to still be here!!

God is always looking out for us+

Tom and I spent some time visiting yesterday about Carl's current situation, his test results, and about pursuing the MIBG treatment in Philly.

I felt that I really wanted to do some more research and see what else is out there currently, and if something else would be more appropriate for Carl since the chemo is working at this point!

Well I did alot of research up into the wee hours of the morning, and did come up with a couple of ideas to look in to, and a couple of studies being available right here at Mayo, that we were unaware of.

I asked Dr. Anderson this morning if we could talk about Carl's treatment plan, and discuss current clinical studies that are available here at Mayo. Dr. Anderson, started with Great encouragement on the CT scan and PET-scan results. I was only told (Friday by a different Doc) that there was some improvement, but was not aware that it was as good as it really is. Dr. Anderson reported that there was "Unexpected Response" and "Nearaly complete Response" to the chemo Carl has been getting! He showed me the scans, and I saw for myself that they look very remarkable!!! I am trying not to get too excited about this, because I know the story for so many children that have relapsed. But for now, we will give Great Thanks to GOD for giving us this hope.

Right now where we stand, Carl probably would not qualify for the MIBG study, as there must be some tumor present in his body to meet the requirements. He has such a small amount left in the jaw, and the scan was taken on Tuesday before 4 more infusions of chemo. We have decided to not pursue the MIBG treatment at this time, because of the Unexpected response to the chemo, and we will keep Carl on this regimend for several months. We will then review what is available either at Mayo or elsewhere for the next plan of treatment. There are several new studies being worked on right now, and Dr. Anderson is involved in alot of the research that is happening at Mayo right now!!

I feel almost stunned, but deep down very pleased. I know it would not have happened without the Constant, Powerful Prayer that has been flowing so Strongly for Carl!! I just want to give thanks to the Lord above for his Unending Love, and Thanks to all of you for helping us get our requests lifted up on behalf of Carl!!!

God Bless all of you+

We will be sent home tomorrow with orders to do several daily infusions of antibiotic (I believe at home) for a couple of weeks. Carl has been fever free for over 24 hours, and he has been running the halls and peddling everywhre on a little tykes farm tractor that he found down in the playroom:) He is the hit of the floor these past couple of days:) Dr. Anderson said that he has sure brought smiles to many faces:)

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, January 23, 2004 5:18 PM CST

Saturday afternoon update

Room no 2-149
Phone number 507-287-4161

Hello from St. Marys Hosp. in Rochester. Last night about 10:00pm, we received a phone call from Dr. Anderson. Carl's line culture came back positive with an infection:( He wanted Carl to be admitted ASAP. So here we are, enjoying the familiar comforts of Inpatient life, for a couple of days. Carl will get a different antibiotic (Vancomycin) every 6 hours. After which type of bacteria we are dealing with, is determined, then the Docs will decide how to further treat the infection. We may be able to go back home on Monday, and Carl would require up to 14 days of daily antibiotic in Redwood. That would pretty much bring us right up to when we need to return to Rochester again. He is feeling well, his fever is better, but we are keeping a close eye on it because of his febrile seizure history. We are up in the library right now checking out a few movies, and we are waiting to be loaned a laptop in our room. (Our laptop does not work here either for some reason)? Tom is here with us, he drove down last night after we received the phone call about the positive culutre. The kids are shipped off with Auntie Jill who is in Morton this weekend, and with Uncle John & Auntie Sheila later. We will keep updating, but really expect this to blow over without any complications, as Carl looks so well and is asking to go shopping for toys right now:) We were given a pass to leave the Hosp in between antibiotic infusions, but we decided to stay in the building today, as Carl was having some tummy pains (diarreah) from the Irinotecan.

Thank you for thinking about us, and for all of your steady Prayers!!! We are very Happy about the scan results, and Dr. Anderson seems very pleased as well, which is encouraging to us!!!

God Bless

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Carl

Hello dear family and friends!!!

We are still at the "Donald House" in Rochester. Carl spiked a 101. fever last night, which required two days of antibiotics to cover a potential line infection. He will receive the second dose tomorrow at 9:00am, then we will hit the road for Franklin!!! I am not sure what the cause of the fever? I think it could possibly be a cold virus:( I am starting to get a runny nose myself, and I believe the kids at home have been kind of hoarse and with runny nose since we got back from Florida:( I think the weather change is partially to blame, plus the moisture in the air was causing us all to feel a little sinus-ie (is that a word?) Anyways Please pray that Carl's fever is resolved soon, and that this is nothing more than a virus.

I did receive scan results this morning and am very pleased with the report!! The Head CT showed a reduction in the lesion in Carl's jaw, and the PET showed no new spots. Overall he is remaining stable!!! We have scheduled another round of Irinotecan/Vincristine beginning on Feb.9th, and I will be calling Dr. Maris in Philly to touch base with him on scheduling Carl for sometime in March. Carl was tentatively set up to do the Phase II study, (Single Dose MIBG) but Dr. Maris wanted to hold out until an opening was available in March for the Phase I rapid double infusion MIBG treatment. I can't believe we are already coming up to February.... I can't believe we have gone to Disney World and are back already.... We just Pray that Carl continues to hold out and remains stable.

Thank You everyone for keeping the Prayers rolling for Carl!!! They are being heard, and we are feeling the Lords comfort surrounding our lives!!!

Please keep Kayla in your Prayers, she is doing good, she is in remission again and waiting for a bone marrow donor!!! Her site is

Please Pray for Jenny Robinson's co-workers husband, as he is battling cancer as well. His site is

Please remember all of our friends in your Powerful Prayers that are also battling cancer, and other illness.

May God Bless you all for your Love and Support

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

P.S. Check back later this weekend for Disney Updates and Photos!!!

P.S.S. Tom said that Sydney's band concert went great!!! She told me tonight that she wants to either be a

Marine Biologist (after visiting Sea World)

We miss all of the kids back home and can't wait to hugg and mooch them all up!!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2004 8:06 AM CST

Good Morning this Wednesday!!!

Thank you all for your Wonderful notes, and for checking in on us so often:) I am sorry for the lack of updates, It is frustrating not being able to get on a computer for very long. We still are unable to hook up with the laptop, and the house computer has been on the fritz some:( I was able to check the site yesterday from the clinic for a few minutes, and scan over our emails. I received an email from our Sweet Nephew Kevin White, and he has created a Beautiful Screen Saver of Carl!!! If anyone would like to look at this, or download this onto your computer, you may go to the link below "Carl's Zone" and check it out!!!! Thanks so Much Kevin for doing this, I can't wait to get home and look at it too!!! (could not have a good look from Mayo)

Our week is going very good!!! The first two days of chemo were a breeze, and Carl is as full of energy as you could imagine!!! Today at 10:00am he will have a Head CT to compare to the last one that showed the lesion in his jaw. Then on Thursday a PET scan. We will meet back with Dr. Anderson on Friday to go over the results and visit about the plan for Carl's continued treatment.

Thank you Prayer Warriors for keeping the Strong Prayers coming for Carl!!! We feel peace and comfort surrounding us this week!!! We can't wait to get back home again and get to stay there for a couple of weeks:) We will miss Sydney's first band concert on Thursday night:( She called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that bad news:( It breaks my heart, as I was waiting for this moment for her ever since she took up the Trombone. I hope Tom will be able to film her, and we can watch it together when we get back home.

Have a Beautiful Day in the Lord+

Look for Miracles, they do happen every day!!!

Prayer Requests ~

Please Continue to Pray very Hard for "Carl's Miracle"

Please Pray for Kala here in Rochester during her treatments and as she is battling a relapse too.

Please Pray for all our friends with cancer, that they may find complete healing.

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Monday, January 19, 2004 7:15 AM CST

Hello to all our dear family and friends!!!

Carl and I are guests at the "Donald House" in a brand new room, never before used, and enjoying the comforts of our familiar, old second home:) It feels good to be here where we have felt at home for so many times before:) We were even surprised that our sweet little Kayla Joy from way up in Northern Mn is here with us too:) Sadly Kayla is back in treatment, dealing with a relpase as well.

Our room no is 315

Our phone no is 507-424-3207

I am having trouble getting the laptop to connect to the internet in our room:( I will see about getting some help later. In the mean time, I must resort to the one and only computer on 2nd floor, and will not have as much time to journal as I would like to, but will soon!!!

Carl has labs at 8:50, then an appt. with Dr. Anderson at 10:30 this morning. Chemo should follow soon after, and then we are off to Walmart to get some film developed:)

I will update again later today!!!

Have a Great day everybody, and keep Praying for "Carl's Miracle" Please remember Kayla and all of our other friends in your Prayers too.

God Bless+

We Love You all


Saturday, January 17, 2004 8:18 PM CST

Hello from the Robinson Family Vacationers!!!!!

We are back home after a week of Fun and Adventure in Beautiful Sunny Orlando:) We got used to the 70 degree temperature very quickly this week, and it did feel Heavenly!!! We enjoyed the green grass, and fragrant blooming flowers that adorned all of the parks:) We almost forgot it is really January, and back home we have three more months of winter to endure:( We were glad to get back home though, as "There's no place like home" :0)

We do have many stories and pictures to share!!! I will update more throughout the week, there is just so much to report!!! We had a Fantastic Family vacation, and we made many memories that we will hold very dear to our hearts forever!!! Thank You Jackpot Junction for the gift of this Wonderful trip!!! It was a Magical week for Carl, and our whole family!!! A very special Thank you for the gifts of extra spending money we received, we were able to take in a couple of extra events such as Sea World, and we enjoyed a Dinner and show at the Dixie Stampede!!! The kids also brought home many souvenirs of our Disney Vacation!!! We are So Thankful for this Dream come true!!! And we will never forget your generousity!!!

Thank you Jenny for keeping Pika for us this week!!! We can't believe how much she has grown, and her color is really changing:) (Maybe she will be Carl's little Orange puppy afterall) She was excited to see us, and we were Happy to hear her little yippy barking again:) We heard Lucky and she got into a bag of treats last night, it sounds like those two dogs are partners in crime:)

Thanks to Virginia and Jay, and Richie at the NY "Donald House", and everyone in your group that let us hang out with you all on Monday!!! We Loved every minute of our day with you guys!!! We are so Thankful we were able to get together with good friends, and very Happy to make some new friends too!!!

Tomorrow Carl and I will be leaving again for Rochester. Carl will begin his third round of chemo, with our present treatment schedule to keep his cancer at bay. He has been feeling very good all week, a little complaint of his knees hurting, but we chalked that up to the rides we put him on that day at Universal Studios:) We have noticed that his hair is thinning out alot:( In fact if you grab ahold of a little tuft of hair, and give a gentle tug, it comes right out:( But knowing that hair loss is due to the effects of the chemo... working to stop cell division, (hair being "cells") brings comfort that the chemo is doing something, and hopefully stopping the division of NB cells as well.

We expect that Carl will be scanned this week, possibly a PET Scan. This scan will highlight any areas of NB in his body, and give us a complete picture of what we are dealing with. I am Praying very hard myself, for a miracle for Carl. My Prayers are for a "Miraculous Healing" for Carl. Maybe this is too much to ask of God, but I decided to go for the "Big one", and to also ask all of our Wonderful Prayer Warriors to join us in Prayer for this specifically.

I talked to Helen from the Rochester "Donald House" tonight, and she is pretty sure there will be room at the Inn this time:) So hopefully we will be settled in there this time tomorrow night!!!

Have a Good night everyone and God Bless+

May he grant you your heart's desire
and fulfill all your plans. May there
be shouts of joy when he hears news of your victory,
flags flying with praise to God for all that he has done
for you. May he answer all your prayers!
Psalm 20:4-5

Love to All

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Thursday, January 8, 2004 10:53 AM CST

Good Morning and Thank You for Stopping by:)

Thank you for all of your Great Disney Advice everyone!!! We received so many Wonderful tips and suggestions!!! It is a common agreement that we are going to the Most Magical, Fun place for kids!!!!

We have learned that our friends Virgina and her son Jay, will be at Disney around the same dates and we will be able to meet up with them!!! We met them last year at the NY "Donald House" Jay is Bryan's age, and he has been battling NB for quite awhile. Virginia and Jay lived at the "Donald House" for over a year while Jay was treating at MSKCC. Bryan became friends with Jay during his visit to NY with Carl and I in July. They had a Great time together!!! One of Bryan's highlights was going to a Movie with Jay (Alone on the streets of NY) What was I thinking???? They managed just fine and lived to tell about it:) I knew that Jay had NY street smarts, and I trusted him with our "West Side Home Boy" Bryan thought he also had street smarts and felt quite confident:) Bryan got to know all of the "Donald House" staff (he knew everybodys name, I didn't even) and many of the other kids staying there. Richie one of the staff, is running in a Disney Marathon and is bringing along several families to join him. They are getting there today in fact!!!! It will be very Great to see some familiar faces in a far away land!!! I bet Bryan and Jay will even get to hang out together again!!!! We are very Excited!!!!

The boys are counting down the days, and soon it will be hours!! They are still trying to pack toys and treats for the trip:) I picked up a box of zip lock bags to store some toiletries and items in our suitcases. These two partners in crime, have been busy filling all of my bags with their items that they must bring along:) Silly Boys:) They are having fun with their anticipation, so I guess that is all that matters!!!

Thank you everyone for your Steady Prayers!!!! We are still in the midst of a crisis, but we feel peace and comfort surrounding our lives, as we put our trust in the Lord. As I have said before, there is a big plan in the works, and we are all a part of it!!!

God Bless You all

Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is Eternal.
-2 Corinthians 4:16-18

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, January 7, 2004 10:25 AM CST

Good Morning to everyone!!!!!

I had not planned on updating this morning, becasue I should be cleaning and packing, but I had to share with you a very Special Email I received today:) Our Sweet Stacey from Camp Jornada did an 1800's tipi camp out this weekend!!! Burrrr it was very chilly this past weekend:)

Here is what Stacey said:

This weekend when I was at the rendezvous, I had my tipi set up. Next to my tipi was a gentleman by the name of White Eagle...he is Blackhawk Indian.
I had told him about Carl earlier in the day when we were looking at my scrapbook from camp...that night he asked if we should do a ceremony of healing for Carl with sage and sweetgrass and the medicine wheel..
He shared a legend with me of how Natives used the medicine wheel to teach them how to approach life.
It is actually done in four stages with each stage relating to a direction of the earth (north, south, east, west).
He explained that there are four steps....

The first being SACRIFICE ~ A sacrifice is necessary to overcome a crisis.

The second one being PRAYER ~ People need to pray deeply for what they need.

The third is TRANSFORMATION ~ There are many stories of miraculous healings that take place spontaneously as a result of prayer.

The fourth step is THANKSGIVING ~ When a person is healed in body or in spirit..he shall use his strength to heal other people for the remainer of his days.

Kelly...We know that Carl has sacrificed his little body and is a true Warrior! The Prayers from across the country have been tremendous. We WILL see the Transformation and Miraculous healing of little Carl...And then we WILL indeed have Thanksgiving and know that Carl WILL continue to give strength to all people he comes in contact with.

I added a picture of me winter camping this weekend...I'm bundled up trying to stay warm and the temp was 5 degrees!

Thank You Stacey So Much, you made my day!!!!!

To visit Stacey's Camp Jornada Website click here JORNADA ROCKS

Have a Great Day Everyone!!!!!!

Love & Huggs to all (((((())))))

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Tuesday, January 6, 2004 8:25 AM CST


Do you know what hope is?
It's magic and it's free
It's not in a prescription
It's not in an IV
It punctuates our laughter
It sparkles in our tears
It simmers under sorrow
It dissipates our fears.
Do you know what hope is?
It's reaching past today
It's dreaming of tomorrow
It's trying a new way
It's pushing past impossible
It's pounding at the door
It's questioning the answers
It's always seeking more
It's rumors of a breath
It's whispers of a cure
A rollercoaster ride of remedies unsure
Do you know what hope is?
It's candy for the soul
It's a perfume for the spirits
to share . . . makes you whole.

author unknown

Good Morning to everyone!!! Thank you Ann for this poem, it really touched my heart:)

Carl is doing well, he is feeling very good!! His tummy pains have continued a bit, but we are blaming it on the diahhrea from his chemo last week. I always feel better when I can blame his symptoms on something. We are giving him Imodium and hoping this resolves itself very soon!! On Sunday night, Tom caught Carl painting on the bathroom wall with finger-nail polish:) All I can do is just smile:) Then last night I was changing the sheets on our bed, as Carl had spilled a pop on the blankets. He climbed up, and was jumping like a little monkey, as I was trying to tuck in the corners:) How does that sound for a "Normal Kid" :) Last Thursday night, in Rochester, I took Sydney and Carl to the movie "Cheeper by the Dozen" :) it was very cute!!! I could totally relate to many of the incidents that took place with that family!!! Which feels very normal for us here with our four kids:)

The kids are getting very Excited for our trip!!! Carl has been searching for toys and things that he wants to bring along:) He is so used to staying at Hotels, and the "Donald House" with lots of idle time. I don't believe Carl or Sam understand just what is in store for them at Disney:) We can't wait to see the joy in their faces as they discover all of the Enchantment to Behold!!!!

Thank you for checking in on us, and for keeping your Powerful Prayers going so strong!!!! We can feel all of them, and know that God is planning our next step. We give all Glory to God for Carl looking and feeling good!! You really would never know this little boy is sick!!!

Beginning or End?

You have cancer they've told you
Eyes fill with tears
A day to remember
Can't control the fear

You cry for the first day
But, then you must pledge
To determine the meaning
New Beginning? or End?

Choose New Beginning!
Life's "second chance"
Muster your courage
With no backward glance

God, family, vacation ~
Your new lease on life
Forgetting the everyday
Struggles and strife

Cut, burn, or poison?
Must you pursue treatment?
Not glamorous choices
But, life's bittersweet-ness

A vow of survival
A mission plan set
Surgery, radiation, or chemo?
How bad can it get?

You give up some flesh
Take poison ~ how bold
Irradiate your skin to 100 years old

Some go bald in the process
And needles abound
It's hard to believe
That you're not losing ground

Then, there are the people
You've met on the way
Be thankful for them
Each and every day

Not due to the illness
But the lessons it brought
Trade in this journey?
I would guess not

Without this experience
How would you know
what courage you have
Or how far you could go?

To get one more chance
At the legacy you'd leave...
You couldn't imagine
What God had up His sleeve!

For cancer has taught me
To give God His due
And pass on this message
From me to you

Believe in the miracles
While working to come back
God ~ and the Angels
Will keep you on track!

Leslie Droll ~ From "When you get it"

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Sunday, January 4, 2004 4:09 AM CST

Good Morning everyone!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ~ Jessi Robinson today January 4th!!! Finially the big *21* Hope you all had fun last night:) We are looking forward to going out for Supper tonight, and Celebrating with you too!!! Love You Lots Sweetie:)

Tom and I have been up for a little while, actually Tom is back to sleep, but I am suffering from this Robinson Insomia tonight. We were woke up about 2:00am, with Carl. He was crying of tummy and leg pains:.( We comforted him and gave him some pain meds, he is sleeping soundly again. It breaks my heart that he is feeling pain, and we are not really sure what is going on. With chemo all week, the NB should not be causing that much pain? It scares us to think that it is taking off and getting worse. Please Pray very hard for Carl that his pain is better, and his cancer is staying stable.

The Redwood Gazette printed an article on Carl in the December 24th edition of the paper. Carl was chosen as "Person of the year" I have been waiting for this to be added to their website to add a link to the story, but it never was added. I would like to share this with you all, as many of our readers are not from the area, and I know our NY relatives would like to read the story about Carl.


Story by Troy Krause - Staff Writer

On Dec. 28, 1999, Carl Robinson was born. Like all little boys, Carl - who is now almost four - likes tractors, trucks and throwing baseballs. He also gets owies, scrapes, bruises and cuts. But for Carl, there is something more. There is something deep down in this little boy that gives us all the courage to move ahead because of the comparatively insignificant issues of our lives. Carl has cancer. In fact he has such a rare form of cancer (known as neuroblastoma) - something any four-year-old boy with a limited vocabulary could not pronounce let alone understand - that it has made a normal life an oxymoron.

Carl is sick, but when you talk with him or see him playing with his big brother Sam, you certainly could not tell he has this disease threatening greatly his young life.

According to Dr. Steve Medrud, the doctor who helped deliver Carl, neuroblastoma is a disease that affects the nerve cells in the body. He said that it most commonly appears in little boys about two years of age. Carl, unfortunately, fit the pattern.

One year ago, months after the original diagnosis, Carl went into remission.
"He had surgery to remove a tumor," said mom, Kelly Robinson.

After undergoing that surgery, Carl would face round after round of chemotherapy in hope that it would keep him in remission. From the looks of things, alone with stem cell transplants in a New York hospital famous for its work with neuroblastoma patients, Carl was doing well.

"There was a time in May when he did radiation treatments," Kelly said. "He did two a day for seven days."

Every three months, Carl is scanned to make sure nothing is coming back.

In November, Carl and his dad, Tom, made the trip to New York for another round. Less than two weeks later, the bad news hit the Robinson family.

Carl had relapsed.

"They found cancer in the marrow and in some of his hard bone," said Kelly. "I guess you could say the good news is that they haven't found any in his organs."

Although no one really wanted to hear that Carl had relapsed that is the reality.

"Right now, we just stay hopeful," said Kelly.

Right now, Carl is on a waiting list for a new children's hospital in Philadelphia which specializes in neuroblastoma cases that have been in remission and cancer has been found again.

"Whats good is that these doctors have seen lots of cases every day of this," she said. "It's not like we are the first."

Kelly said for the family the hope is to continue buying time. "We just want to keep him in treatment until they find a cure," she said. "There are many other families who have been doing this for a lot longer than we have. What we want is for this to be stable, managebale."

Kelly said the family can hold on to hope because of all the new research being done in the area of neuroblastoma. "We all believe it is just a matter of time before they find a cure," she said.

Kelly said Carl doesn't really understand much of what he is facing. "He knows he is sick," she said.

He also knows a lot about travel, as he has spent an awfull lot of time over the past year on the road making trips to New York and Rochester. "There were two months straight where we were gone," said Kelly. "What is nice to know is that we have the support of family and friends back home who have been willing to do anything we ask."

When an appeal is made, people jump at the chance to help.

One of those who has been there for her sister is Holly Weilage.

"I think this is a very strong family, they're very close," Holly said.

Despite that strength, Holly knows that it is only with the support of their faith that the family can keep moving ahead. "I know my sister," Holly said. "There are days when I can tell it is getting to be a lot for her, but God's strength is helping her through."

When Holly looks into the eyes of that little boy, she sees joy. "He is cuddly and loveable," she said.

Holly said on the day after they found out that Carl had relapsed she took the day off to be with Kelly and Carl.

"That is a day I would not trade for any," she said.

She recalls putting Carl down for a nap knowing that he knew she was going. When Carl asked his auntie if she was leaving she said it nearly tore her heart out to say she had to go.

She said it is a hard thing to see a child suffer, but she added the times when anyone is around Carl certainly change all of that.

He is a little boy with a heart, a smile and a family that is determined to see this through. Carl will get to spend Christmas and his fourth birthday at home this year. Right after that he will be packing up and heading out for another round of the latest in cancer fighting treatments.

What is nice, said Kelly is in between there the family will be able to get away for a couple of days thanks to the funds raised during Jackpot Junction's fund raiser for Carl held earlier this year.

Kelly said the family is very appreciative of that donation and every single card, word of encouragement, prayer and otherwise that people have offered on behalf of Carl.

Kelly said it is hard not to let Carl see the emotion. There are days when she cries. "We all have good days and bad days," she said "We all try to stay as positive as we can not only for Carl but for all of the kids."

In four years, a little boy named Carl has touched the lives of so many - many more than others will touch in their entire lives. "Carl has been a trooper through every thing," said Kelly.

Little kids are not supposed to get cancer, but they do, but it is not just because Carl is sick that we are telling this story. Carl has demonstrated strenght, courage and determination beyond his years. If a three year old can impact the lives of millions, this is the one who did it. Thousands have called up Carl's web page to make sure they are up to date on what is happening with him. He has become part of so many daily routines. His family has demonstrated strength, faith, and dedication to each other. It is an example for all of us to follow. For that reason, Carl is the 2003 Gazette person of the year.

A very special Thank you to Troy Krause at the Redwood Gazette for doing such a Wonderful Story about Carl!!!

Wishes to you all for a very nice Sunday!!! We will not be leaving for our trip until Friday Jan. 9th. I will keep updating until we leave, and then I will try to update somewhere from Disney during the next week:) We are looking Sooo forward to that warm Florida Weather!!! It is getting too cold here....BURRRR

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, January 2, 2004 6:49 AM CST

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!!!!

We hope you all have had a Wonderful New Years Holiday!!! Ours was very nice, Anutie Janet stayed one more night, and spent New Years Eve with Bryan, Sydney, Sam, Carl & I. It was so good to have her here. I truly appreciate every minute of her assistance, and company here with us!!! It was a pretty uneventful evening. The kids got out of the pool early, as it was so crowded that day. It was very full, and busy here at the Hotel, I mentioned to Janet several times that I was so glad we had Carl's birthday party when we did, and not on New Years Eve like we had talked about. I don't think we would had enjoyed it as much as we did. So we ended up getting a pizza, we heated up left over chicken wings, and had a feast!!! We were all in bed early watching Dick Clark's Rockin Eve:)

Carl's chemo has been going ok. He required an antibiotic as he was running a low grade temp on Tuesday morning, so the Dr.s put us in the Peds Infusion Therapy Center of St. Mary's Hosp for the rest of the week. We were very Happy about that, We were able to see some of our wonderful nurses that knew Carl from his many inpatient stays:) We got to see Jen one day from Child Life, and saw many smiling familiar faces in the halls:) What is so difficult though, is to stop and talk to someone, and then explain that "Carl has relapsed" then to see the disappointment in their faces. It is almost as hard as the first time around admitting that Carl has cancer.

One of the points brought up at Carl's Dr. Appt on Monday, was about the lesion in his jaw bone. Dr. Anderson said that if it starts to cause him pain, we can do radiation to help alieviate the pain. Well so far he has not mentioned anything, until last night. For the first time he came to me and told me "My cheek hurts" I asked him to point to where it hurts, and he pointed right to that area of his right jaw:..( I can't tell you how much this breaks my heart. I don't really understand how this chemo is working, if it is at all I guess? Then I recall what the Radiologist mentioned to me the day Carl had the head ct, that he could tell that side of his lower face looked fuller. Now of course I think it looks fuller too.

Carl has one more day of chemo this morning, then we will be heading home. We will just keep an eye on him and monitor any pains, then address this again at our next visit which is January 19th. Some of you have already heard, but I guess I have neglected to mention that we are going to be taking our family trip to Disney world this next week. This past summer, Jackpot Junction held an Angel Golf tournament to raise money to send a child and their family on a dream vacation. Carl was the chosen recipient for their golf benefit!! We have been so busy with trips to NY for treatment ever since, and just have not had the time to allow us to take the trip. We have decided to go right now, between Carl's chemo treatments while he is still feeling good. We don't want to wait any longer, as we hope to soon be getting him in to the Hospital in Philly, and will begin another involved treatment plan, and don't know what our time will allow.

We are excited about our upcoming vacation, but with this brings bittersweet feelings for Tom and I. We are so Happy that we will be able to do this with the kids, as we have never been able to take any vacation with them, and we have always talked about the day we would go on a vacation. Some of you know about our "vacation fund" We started to fill a large cheese ball container several years ago, with loose pocket change, and coins we would find from the laundry or in the couch:) The kids would even put their money they would get in cards for their birthdays in our "vacation fund" because they really wanted to do that!! So this is truly a "a dream come true" for our family:) The other part of the bittersweet, is that when we were Blessed with this vacation, we thought Carl to still be in remission. Our idea of taking this trip would be a celebration for Carl. Now that has changed to the idea of wanting to do this while there is still time for Carl.

I do believe we will be very Happy when we begin our trip, and feel nothing but overjoyed when we witness all of their Excited faces when we get to Disney!!!

I had better sign off, and get started cleaning our room out, we will be checking out this morning when we leave for Carl's treatment. Carl is so Happy to be going home, he cried last night when Sam left with Auntie Janet. I told him one more night then we would be going home too!!!

Thank you all for keeping us in your Prayers, we couldn't do this without all of your support!!!

Love & Smiles

Sydney & Carl

P.S. we are also excited to be getting back home to Pika!!! Oh Tom too:) Tom has had little Pika all week to himself, we are hoping he has actually bonded with the little sweetie:) (he would never admit it if he did) :)

Wednesday, December 31, 2003 5:19 PM CST


"CANCER NO MORE IN 2004" !!!!!

Thank You Ann for that Thought!!!! Yes I think that sounds Wonderful....A very Beautiful Thought, and a reasonable goal to "Fight For"!!!! Go Carl!!!!!

I know we can count on all of you for your never ending Love, Support, and Prayer to carry us through!!!!! Carl's Commando's was created for our team this past year for the "Relay For Life" we were made up of a very large family and many friends!!! We consider all of you reading this today, a member of "Carl's Commandos"

Through all of the Love, Support and Prayer, we are all fighting for Carl....We are "Fighting For A Cure"!!!!!

Thank you all for being there with us, and for us, throughout all of Carl's Journey!!!!!

We hope you have a Fabulous New Years Eve!!!!!

We Love You All!!!!

Love & Happiness,

Kelly & Auntie Janet (We get Auntie one more night!!!)
Bryan, Sydney
Sam & Carl:)

Be sure to check out the photos I added from Carl's Birthday Party!!! Thanks Matt & Mandi for sending these to us, If anyone else has any pics that they could share Please feel free to email them to us!!!! I would Love one of Carl with his Birthday Cake!!!!!!! I have film to get developed but will probably not get them done for a few days:( THANKS!!!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2003 5:46 PM CST

Hello from Rochester!!!

Sorry for the lack of update, but Mom has been suffering from a Major Migraine for a couple of days:( At first I blamed it on the blue smurfie deal from Saturday night, but when it was worse this morning, I knew it was a doozie, and had nothing to do with a blue smurf....ok Jenny (ie deal) :)

I am feeling better, and I am very Thankful that Auntie Janet is here for a couple of days to help out with the kids!!! They have been swimming fools!!!! Sydney has been swimming since after breakfast today:) And the little boys are just as bad, they don't want to get out of the pool:)

Thank You All for the Wonderful Birthday Wishes for Carl!!! I must say, he had an Amazing Birthday Celebration!!!! It was so fun to watch him running around, and playing:) He Loved all of his presents, and the best part was watching him so intrigued with his cake!!!!! It was not completely orange:( It had orange lettering, and trim. I had a couple of photos put on top (snowmobiling/sledding) from a couple of weeks ago:) Then it had two little snowmobiles on top!!! Carl spent much of the afternoon looking at his cake, and showing everyone that came along "His Birthday Cake" He Loved It!!!!

Thanks to everyone that came to share with us, Carl's 4th Birthday!!!! We loved seeing everyone, and Carl had the Best Birthday ever!!! The Aunties and Cousins had fun trying to "Short Sheet" a couple of beds in our group:) We all had lots of good laughs, and enjoyed great conversation and company!!!!!

Today went very well at the clinic for Carl!!! We got to see Dr. Anderson today, and that was Wonderful!!! It is so good to hear positive compliments about Carl, instead of only negative. Carl has grown, and even put on some weight since his last Mayo visit a couple of weeks ago!!! Dr. Anderson was very pleased to see Carl looking so well, and talking so much!!! Dr. Anderson even asked about Carl's brothers and sisters:) Carl had his chemo, and we have added Vincristine to his regimend of Irinotecan. We will talk about scanning after Carl's next round in January.

Sydney just drug herself out of the pool and is a wrinkly prune:) She is complaining of being hungry, so I will sign off for now, to go feed my little starving swimmers!!!

Thanks again everyone for all of your Wishes, and Prayers!!! We Love You all!!!!!

Love & Huggs

Kelly & Janet
& Kids

Sunday, December 28, 2003 11:49 AM CST


CARL TODAY DECEMBER 28TH!!!! Happy 4th Birthday Carl



Wishes to you all for a Wonderful Day!!!!!

Carl had a Great Birthday Party yesterday in Rochester with all of his family!! We have lots of Fun Memories of his special day!!!

Some of the family is getting ready to leave, so I will sign off for now, and update more later:)

Lots of Love

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Friday, December 26, 2003 10:04 PM CST

Hello to all our Wonderful Family & Friends!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ~ Cousin Freddy Hauck December 27th!!! We hope you have a very Special day Freddy, we miss you and Love you Bunches!!!! Carl talks about you and Patti all of the time:) Have a Great Day!!!!!

We are busy getting packed up to head to Rochester tomorrow. The kids are So Excited to get there!! They have thier swimming gear all ready, Carl has his little swimmer pants packed:) We are expecting quite a group to join us at the Hotel for Carl's Birthday Party!!!

Carl's buddy Eric Fischer had surgery today at St. Mary's Hospital, we will stop by to see him before we check in to the Hotel. Please keep Eric in your Prayers for a speedy Recovery!! ERIC'S PAGE

Thanks for all of your Christmas Greetings, and Wishes!!! We had a very nice day, the kids got lots of fun stuff!!! Tom is listening to his gift from Sarah "The Best of Simon & Garfunkel" right now:) heeheeee Tom just got done telling Bryan "Now this is Music!!!" :) "None of the Rap Crap!!!"

Thanks for stopping by everyone, we Appreciate your Support, and Steady Prayers!!!!

Please remember in Prayer ~ all of our friends and their children battling Cancer, and other illness.

For Grandma Greer, as she is having some symptoms of congestive heart failure.

This is my hope for you,
that all your prayers will be
answered. When they are,
you are to give praises to
God for his grace and
mercifulness. Why not
have a party to give praise
to our almighty God? Shout
the wonderful news of what
God has done for you.

Emilie Barnes

May he grant you your heart's desire
and fulfill all your plans. May there be shouts of joy when
he hears news of your victory, flags flying with praise to
God for all that he has done for you. May he answer all
your Prayers!
Psalm 20:4-5

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
Bryan, Sydney
Sam & Carl

Thursday, December 25, 2003 8:52 AM CST

"He is still found
by those who seek him"

"Through the tender mercy of our God;
whereby the Dayspring from on high hath visited us,
to give light to them that sit in darkness. . .
to guide our feet into the way of peace."
Luke 1:78,79 kjv

Wishes to all of you for a Very Blessed Christmas We are enjoying watching the kids go through their stockings, and play with their new toys:) Sam & Carl are both eating a Huge apple that Santa left them!!! along with a Huge Orange, Peanuts, candy and all a new sled:) They are very Happy, and excited to open presents from each other, after Bryan gets here later this morning.

Yesterday we enjoyed some time with Grandma & Grandpa Greer, and My sister Holly & her family. We went to Church and had a very unique experience of sitting behind the choir in the church loft, inbetween a Huge pipe organ:) We sure experienced the music from a different perspective!!

We spent the evening with the Robinson family at Auntie Janets, and enjoyed good food and company!!! The boys are a little bit more spoiled than they were before;) We decided to pack up and head home, as it was getting pretty late, and we wanted to be sure the little ones were tucked in bed so that Santa could make an appearance!!!

We were driving home, coming up county rd 2 towards our farm. The little boys were in the back seat chattering Happily, as Tom Sydney and I were in the middle of another conversation. To my surprise, I spotted a *Shooting Star* up in the sky as I was glancing up at the beautiful night sky. I said, "I think just saw a shooting star?" to my delight, Tom said "I did too!!" and Sydney said "Me too!!!" It was Sooo amazing that all three of us saw it together!!! Usually on a rare occasion one person will think they saw such a site, but never before has three of us at the same time saw the same wonderment!!!! I told everyone then, "We must make a silent wish upon that star" And we all did!!!!

These days, we have all been Praying for any sign. . . any sign of *HOPE*. . . . . .

"He is still found
by those who seek him"

Thank you all for your Fervent Prayer, we feel so much comfort, and know that every one is being heard. Thank you for your notes, emails, cards, phone calls!!! GIFTS!!!! Thank you Pop for the adorable shirt you sent for Carl!!! It was waiting at our home when we got back from church last night:) Carl took off the shirt he was wearing, and we put his new "ORANGE" shirt on!!!! He looked so Cute:)

God Bless all of you on this Beautiful Day, may you all find peace and Happiness wherever you are, and whatever you are doing!!! May God's Love find you this Christmas

Love & Prayers

Tom & Kelly
Bryan, Sydney
Sam & Carl

Monday, December 22, 2003 7:14 PM CST

Good Evening to All!!!

Happy Belated Birthday to Mandi Robinson!!!! December 17th!!!! We Celebrated with Matt & Mandi last Saturday night!!! It was a Great Party, and we had lots of fun!!!

Happy Birthday to Nick McVenes today December 22nd!!! Nickie broke a wrist sledding a couple of days ago:( Hope you are mending well, and Having a Great Birthday anyway!!!!

A special Thank you to Uncle Denny for borrowing us a monitor, and for Sweet Jenny for bringing it over today!!! It is good to be able to get back into my email, and to download photo's again!!!

New Photo's added tonight:)

We have been busy here on the home front, getting ready for Christmas, and making plans for the next couple of weeks coming up!!! Carl will be turning *4* on December 28th!!! We are heading to Rochester early, (He starts round 2 of chemo on the 29th) We are planning a Birthday Party at the Hotel on the 27th, and expecting many of our family to join us for the Celebration!!! We are looking So forward to a fun filled day for everybody!!! Carl is excited to be going swimming again, and can't wait for his sister, brothers and all of his cousins to be there with him!!! Carl has asked for a "BIG ORANGE CAKE" so he will be getting just that!!!!

Carl will be having his second round of Iriontecan starting on the 29th. We are Praying very hard that this chemo is holding Carl until we can get him to Philadelphia, in February or March, as soon as there is a spot open for him to get in. Since he started the first round, we have heard no complaints of any pain, or seen any signs of fatigue. In fact we have only seen a Healthy looking, Energetic, Busy, Active, sometimes naughty:) (almost 4 yr old) normal little boy!!! We are So Happy he is feeling so good, it almost makes us forget that he has truly relapsed, and has NB cells circulating in his body again. We are able to carry on normal family Holiday festivities, and it feels so Wonderful to spend time together with our family and friends at home!!! We have so much to be Thankful for, we could never begin to count our many Blessings.

Prayer Requests ~

For Carl, that he continues to feel as well as he has, and for the NB to remain stable and possibly be reduced from these chemo treatments.

For all of the children everywhere, fighting NB and other forms of Cancer or other illness.

For Eric Fisher, he will be having surgery in Rochester on Decmeber 26th, for a safe, successful surgery, and a full, speedy recovery!!! ERIC'S PAGE

For our sweet niece Sara Robinson, as she has surgery on her knee tomorrow. Pray for an easy surgery, with a speedy recovery!!!

For Grandma Greer and Grandma Robinson at Wood Dale, that they both continue healing from their injuries, and feel peace and comfort this Holdiay Season!!

Past Reflections

I recall from the past all that
God has done for me. These
miracles of the past not only
lend encouragement to me,
but my many friends also give
me encouragement that God
will hear my present pleas. I
know he comes to me during
this time of suffering.

Emilie Barnes

In my troubles I pled with God
to help me and he did!
Psalm 120:1

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Family

Saturday, December 20, 2003 10:04 AM CST

Good Morning to Everyone this Saturday Morning!!!

I can't believe it is already Dec 20th, just 4 more days until Christmas Eve:) WOW once again here we are, a couple of days til Christmas, shopping and wrapping left to do, and no Christmas cards in the mail:( Oh well why would this year be any different? We actually got most of our shopping done last night, while the boys went to Auntie Janets and also spent the night there:) We hope to tie up loose ends by today!!! The kids are soooo EXCITED for Christmas, and we are also feeling their Joy as they wait in anticipation for the Happiest day of the year!!! Today Santa will be making an appearance at the Community Center. The Schult employees children will be visiting with Santa there:) Since we have not brought our kids to see Santa anywhere yet, my sister Holly has offered to let our kids join their little ones to see SANTA today!!!

A couple of days ago, Troy Krause phoned from the Gazette. He asked if he could come over and talk to Carl and me as they would like to do a story on Carl. Each year Rick Peterson picks someone to be "Person of the year" and this year Carl was the little chosen guy with the Honnor of that title!!! I feel very Humbled and Honnored myself, that Carl was considered and chosen for this year. Troy came over yesterday morning, and was greeted by these two wild, out of control monkeys. I was totally mortified by their obnoxious behavior:( I know that Troy has a bunch of kids himself, so hopefully he wasn't too offended by these two little monsters:) Anyway I will let you know when the story comes out, Carl surly has had one very jam packed year, with everything he has encountered, and endured. It has been a year with just as much Joy, as it has been with all of the bad.

With Carl, we Celebrated "Cancer Free in 2003" well for a little while anyway:) We still have many of Carl's buttons laying around on dressers, and shelves, it often brings on the tears as I recall how very Happy we all were as we joined together for the 2003, Relay for Life!!! We did have a piece of Happiness...... however short lived. It was well worth all the Celebration we felt then....... we will always hold that dear to our hearts as Carl was, and always will be our HERO!!!! And I think we will feel even more motiviated to "Fight for a Cure"!!!! We were so blessed to be able to connect with our NY relatives this past year:) One of the many Blessings we were given!! We were able to see beautiful country we probably never would have seen!! We met so many wonderful people, both strangers, and other families going through this same war with their child, and we have been blessed with all of you!!!!! Thank you for never giving up on us!!! Mostly we Thank You for your steadfast Prayer for Carl's complete healing!!! We Love You ALL!!!!

Thank You for checking in:) I will try to add some new pictures later, our monitor blew out on us, so we have to go over and borrow one from Uncle Denna's. (Uncle Denny heeehee) It is kind of funny we have a Tomma and a Denna:)
I have been using the laptop for a few days until we get a monitor plugged back in:)

Have a Beautiful day in the Lord, may Peace and Happiness find you whatever you may be doing!!! God Bless

Faithful Friends ~

Father God, thank you for
the springs of friends who
stand beside me in all my
situations. They are always
there when I need them to
listen, laugh, and cry. They
are special to my life. May
they realize what their
friendship means to
me Amen.

Emilie Barnes.

But he......shall
be refreshed from springs along the way.
Psalm 110:7

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Wednesday, December 17, 2003 7:07 PM CST

Thursday Noon update!!!

Carl is back to his normal self:) He woke up this morning feeling very well!!! No fever, or diahrrea since yesterday!!!! We do think Carl just had a little flu, because Tom and I both are taking our turn:( I am just glad that Carl is feeling better, and nothing serious to worry about!!!

I just finished talking to Dr. Maris in Philly, about the treatments for Carl there at CHOP. They have a date tentatively scheduled for Feb 10th, for the single infusion. Dr. Maris recommends that Carl be treated with the Double rapid infusion, because they think it may be more effective. He would not be able to get in until March for this study, and if we agreed to this protocol, Carl would need to be in Philly for about 8 weeks for all of the work ups, and testing involved. The single protocol would only involve about 1 week, and Carl would have all of his pre-work up and post-work up done here in Mn. So we have just left it open at this point, we are going to try to get him on the double study, and he may possibly get in sooner? It really sounds like the Dr. would recommend the double, as with the single, Carl would very likely need a second infusion later anyway? There has only been a hand full of kids in the world that have done the double, so it is new, but they feel very promising!

Please keep Carl in your Prayers that he holds out, until we get him to Philly. If you could see him today, you would think there was nothing wrong with this kid:) He is so Happy, and full of Energy:) I think I will go mooch him up right now!!!!!

Love You all!!!


Good Evening this Wednesday to everyone!!!!

Thank You all for checking in on Carl, and for lifting us up in Prayer so Strongly the past couple of weeks!! We don't know what we would do without all of the Love you continue to show for our family!!! God Bless you all

Carl has received a couple of gifts in the mail, we are getting wonderful Christmas cards daily:) And last night a delivery came from a very special group "We Care" from Morgan!!! several boxes with food, and great treats for all of the kids arrived as a most appreciated surprise!!! What a Wonderful feeling to know that so many people care, and want to do something from their hearts!! We have been more than touched by your Loving kindness!!!!

Today I brought Carl to the Redwood Hospital to have blood drawn to check his counts, and to have his line cultured for a possible infection, as he has been running a high temp the past 24 hours. Carl has been having diahrrea, and tummy pains:( We are not sure if this is from last weeks chemo? or if he just has the flu? Dr. Olson phoned Mayo to report Carl's condition. Dr. Arndt spoke to him and advised that Carl should have an IV Antibiotic in case of a line infection, and that he should be seen again tomorrow. She also advised he should be taking Imodium every three hours until his diahrrea stops for 12 hours straight. So we are on a Tylenol, Imodium schedule, and Praying that this will pass in a day or so.

Still no word back from Dr. Maris in Philly?? In my last email to him, I inquired about Tom and I flying out there to consult with him, and to have our many questions answered, I told him we would be willing to do that, as it would probably be much easier to just make an appt. and sit down and visit with him about the decision we have to make with Carl's treatment, and which MIBG study would be the best for Carl? We just want to make the right decision after we understand all of the facts. The hard part is that we feel such a sense of urgency to do something right now!!!! When Carl was first diagnosed, we started chemo within a few days and we hit it hard. We are doing this other chemo right now for the mean time, but it doesn't feel the same. We must remind ourselves daily, sometimes hourly, that God is watching over Carl!!

Have a nice Evening everyone!!! We heard it may snow again tonight, and could be blizzard conditions again:( The kids are hoping for another snow day:) We shall see;)

Prayer Requests ~

For Carl, that he feels better soon, and that the chemo he is getting will keep his NB stable until we get him to his next treatment at CHOP.

For all of the children everywhere battling Cancer and other illness, that they may feel Love and Peace during this Holy Christmas Season.

For Tim and Amy Nesburg and Family, as they lost Amy's Mom to Cancer a few days ago.

Thank You for keeping us in your Toughts and Prayers!!

Jesus said: "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."
John 16:33

Love and Peace

Kelly & Tom
& Family

Tuesday, December 16, 2003 8:43 AM CST

Tuesday Morning, Cold, Blowing Snow, No School!!!!!

The kids are thrilled to be home today, as I'm sure the teachers are enjoying a break as well:) We are always Thankful they call the day off, before we get everyone ready, and out the door. The kids are watching cartoons and playing with Pika:)

Our weekend was very nice!!! We enjoyed seeing all our family that made it home for Grandma's Birthday, and for Matt & Mandi's Birthday party:) We did get to sled for awhile on Sunday, but not with our full crew, and the hill was not in it's best form (It should be now with this new snow) We will have to try this again when more of the Robinson's are able to join in!!!

Today I was to bring Carl into the Hospital to have his blood drawn to check his counts. I will wait until tomorrow, when the traveling is much easier. He seems to be feeling good, except for a little diarrhea that started this morning:( Which is one of the side effects from the chemo. One other complaint has been "My legs feel cold inside" ??? It could be from low counts???

We are still waiting to find out exactly when Carl can get in to CHOP for the MIBG treatment. Dr. Maris emailed me yesterday and said that he still needed to get some things together, such as Carl's stem cell information. He said for the Phase I trial that we were considering, Carl would probably not get in until March. With the Phase II he would possibly get in, in early February. We started out leaning towards the Phase I, but after more thought and consideration, we are now thinking more seriously about the Phase II, single dose treatment. He may get by without using any stem cells for rescue. With the single, he would be allowed up to two more treatments if needed. We are not sure about the dosing for the Phase I, but with the Phase II, it has already been tested and tried. I hope to talk to the Dr. there soon, and get some more information about the treatments and his opinion for Carl.

We are trying hard to keep our spirits up, for all of the kids, during this most difficult time of year. We are feeling the stress of the unknown of what will happen in the weeks to come, and the pain of trying to make this a most Special Holiday... always with the thought that this may be our last Christmas with Carl. If only this would have happend a couple of months later...Could anything really make this seem easier???

We are still filled with Hope, and we will not give up our Faith, we just know that God's will is what always prevails, The master plan is in His hands, and we must believe that he is in control of everything, we must put our Faith and Trust in God for only he knows our future.

Please Pray for Carl that his disease keeps stable until we can get him to the next treatment at CHOP.

Please Pray for all the children everywhere fighting this common war with Cancer, and for all the parents who have lost their precious Angels, and miss them so much.

I will reveal these truths to you so that you can describe these glorious deeds of Jehovah to your children, and tell them about the mighty miracles he did.
Psalm 78:4

Love & Prayers


Saturday, December 13, 2003 8:05 AM CST

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ~ Grandma Phyllis Robinson!!!!! We are going to Celebrate with Grandma at Woodale this afternoon:) She will enjoy all of the company of her family today!!!! Grandma is doing pretty good with her hip, she is able to put some weight on it now to help with transfers. Please keep Grandma in your Prayers as she continues to heal.

Yesterday when we got home, we unloaded the car, then came in the house. We noticed there were a couple of messages on the answering machine so I went to play them:) To Carl's Surprise, was a message from Bob the Builder!!!!! He tallked to Carl and chuckled, it was such a Joy to watch Carl's face as he instantly recognized Bobs voice speaking to him!!!! Then Farmer Pickles was in the background, and wanted to talk to Carl too, but just about then the two got cut off:( But they called back again, and left a second message for Carl!!!! Both Bob and Farmer Pickles talked some more to Carl, They told him they were sending Loads of Love!!!!! What a very Special Surprise to come home to, THANKS SO MUCH to Bob the Builder & Farmer Pickles, you both Brightened Carl's day very Much!!!!!

It is good to be back home, and we all slept much better last night!!! We are getting ready to enjoy the weekend with family coming home, Grandma's Birthday Party, our Church Christmas Program, and then a sledding party tomorrow!!!! Carl is feeling so Good, he is so Happy to be back home too!!! He enjoyed showing Carl all of the things he brought back from Rochester:)

Wishes to all for a Beautiful Day!!!!!

Let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you. For surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous: you surround them with your favor as with a shield.
Psalm 5:11-12

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Tom

Bryan, Sydney
Sam & Carl

Friday, December 12, 2003 3:28 AM CST

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!

Yes I know it is only 3:28am, I have this insomnia thing going on again:( I am not alone with this, I just got an email from our sweet niece Jenny Robinson:) I sent a reply right back asking "What are you doing up this late?" or is it this early?? At any rate I don't feel alone sitting here typing, I know of at least one other person that is joining me with probably "insomnia"... Get to bed Jen!!!!!!

We are almost done with our first week of chemo!!! Carl has been doing Fantastic, and feeling Excellent!!! No pains to speak of, his legs have not bothered him at all, and he has not needed tylenol since we left home!!! He is full of energy, and looks so good:) His skin is finally clearing up from the Accutane abuse. I did notice tonight however that his eyebrows look a bit thiner? I can't tell for sure without a second opinion, so I will have to get Tomma to look him over when we get home?? I didn't think he would loose any hair from this chemo, but maybe he will?? The poor little guy just got it back, I sure hope it stays for awhile longer:)

We have enjoyed some Great company the past couple of days!!! On Wednesday night, Stacey Hildebrandt a sweetheart that we met last year at the "Donald House" and Mayo, and Stacey is the VP of Camp Jornada, a camp for kids with Cancer:) shared the evening with us!!! Stacey Loves all of our kids, and her Love comes straight from the bottom of her Heart!!!! We joined her to watch her son play Hockey here in Rochester for a little while:) That was really fun, I have not watched Hockey for a looonggg time. We enjoyed supper at Perkins, and then brought Carl back to the Hotel to go swimming for awhile!!! He Loved It sooo Much!!! Stacey's boyfriend Rod, with his son Joe joined us too, and Carl had such a ball in the pool!!!! It was so Fun to watch him be so Happy and Enjoy himself to the fullest!!! Thank You Stacey for Everything, We Love you so Much!!!!!!!! Stacey has a caring bridge site for Camp Jornada to check it out go to JORNADA ROCKS

Then Thursday night, we met Sara Gosse from Rochester (One of Carl's faithful journey follower's) with her son Tyson, and his friend Tony!!! We brought Carl swimming again, and he LOVED having these boys fool around with him in the pool!!! It sure helped fill a void in Carl's heart, as he has been missing his brothers and sissy just terribly. The boys were so Sweet, I think they had just as much fun as Carl did, and Sara and I enjoyed visiting, and watching these boys get Crazy and entertain Carl!!! We all went to the Hotel restaurant for supper, Carl was just as much a Ham at the supper table, what a characture he can be:) It was a very Fun evening!!!!! Thank You Sara, for coming over, and bringing the guys, We Enjoyed it So Much!!!!!!

In the morning, Carl will have his last treatment early, they have him scheduled for 7:15am So we will get done early in the morning and be able to start back home!!!! We will be meeting Bob in Mankato to pick up Bryan, and bring him home for the weekend with us too!!!! We are looking forward to a Great Weekend!!! We are Celebrating Matt & Mandi's Birthdays and we are going to try to organize a sledding party in Beaver Falls Park, if it is not too cold on Saturday:) We are Soooo excited to see everyone that is coming home!!!!

Wishes to all for a Wonderful Friday!!!!!!

Thank you for your Awesome Prayer Power!!!!! Keep the Prayers coming STRONG!!!!!! Pray for Carl's complete Healing.... Pray for Carl's Miracle.....Christmas is the Season for Miracles+

Remember in Prayer, all of our friends in this common battle with NB, and other cancers.

Thank You all and God Bless

Love & Prayers

Kelly & Carl

Wednesday, December 10, 2003 0:43 AM CST

Hello this......Wednesday Morning:)

I was asleep, but woke up and decided to journal, maybe that will help me get back to sleep. Maybe I will bore myself back to sleep:)

Tuesday was another Great Day for Carl!!! We went to Denny's for breakfast. The waitress brought his meal, set it down in front of him, and that familiar look of "Im gonna puke" came across his face:( I ran him to the bathroom, all the other customers probably wondered what the heck was going on? Carl recovered from this little spell as soon as we got into the bathroom, and never did get sick. We returned to our table, and he ate a very good breakfast!!! This was the only sign of chemo working in his body to speak of. Otherwise he was Happy, Energetic, Goofy, Busy, and a real Chatterbox:)

We got to his treatment about 2:00, and got started right away. The nurses discovered that the chemo should actually run over an hour and not 30 minutes like it did the first day. (oops) So Carl was hooked up for a while longer than expected, but heck we don't have anything else to do, and this is certainly a breeze compared to antibodies, so I would be willing to sit there and Play for 8 hours if