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Welcome to Abby's site. Abigail is a beautiful, kind-hearted, caring little girl. She has overcome quite a few obstacles, but is still here and she is thriving.

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Abby was born February 28th 2002. We found out then that she had a birth defect called an esophageal atresia. She had this surgically corrected and was doing great or so we thought. Then at 4 months old she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, which is a rare childhood cancer. We are very fortunate that she was diagnosed so early, because it seems as though an early diagnosis makes all the difference. She had surgery to remove the tumor and some affected lymph nodes, followed by several courses of chemotherapy. Abby was declared cancer free in November 2002.

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It was discovered in August 2007 that Abby has a moderate hearing loss and is going to need hearing aids. One of the chemotherapy durgs, Carboplatinum, led to a condition knows as ototoxicity.

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We created this page to give others hope and to share our story. We hope that you enjoy it.


Thanks for coming by to visit! Hope you enjoyed yourself, and please come back real soon!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011 2:38 PM CDT

It has been over nine years since Abby was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Everything is going good for us. She is in the 3rd grade now and is doing pretty good except for math here lately. She just got a new set of hearing aids. She is also taking twirling lessons. She is such a joy and the delight of our lives.

Thank you for visiting.
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Hospital Information:

Carolinas Medical Center (received awesome care)


www.ladybugkatia.com   A sweet little girl who has battled leukemia
www.rainbowchildren.homestead.com   A website for some of the children who have been treated at Carolinas Medical Center
http://warriors.beebo.info   A site for neuroblastoma warriors, set up by the parents of a cute little saint of God named Jamie, a.k.a. Beebo


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