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Jess Marie

Jess Marie
January 7, 2004-June 18, 2007


Friday, May 15, 2009 12:34 AM CDT

Hey everyone. Thanks for continuing to check in on us. We have decided that we are going to stop updating this page and instead use journeyforjess.blogspot.com to keep everyone updated on things. Blogspot is much easier to update as we will be able to make updates through email, text messages or going online. It will help us to post more often and while we are on our trip it will allow us to provide an update from virtually anywhere. We are making journeyforjess.blogspot.com the main source of updates so that www.journeyforjess.com can stay focused on the purpose of the Journey For Jess and allowing people to buy merchandise and sponsor us.

We are also starting an individual page for each of us that you will be able to access through journeyforjess.blogspot.com that will provide more personal updates as to what is going on with each of us. In addition, we created journeyforjessjess.blogspot.com where you will be able to post and view pictures, videos and thoughts about Jess by emailing or texting journeyforjess.marie@blogspot.com
We hope this will be a way to share our memories of Jess and allow us to see how much she remains on our minds and in our hearts.

We love you Jess.


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