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Thursday, December 15, 2011 12:34 AM CST

This month we celebrate 11 years since Catherine's liver transplant. She continues to be a healthy and happy girl. Catherine continues to get blood tests every 3 months and takes medication twice daily but that is it. One would never know what she has been through by looking at her.

Catherine loves sports, playing on the all star soccer team for AYSO, softball, vollyball and basketball. Catherine is in 7th grade and also doing well in school.

Although Catherine's health has been near perfect over the past several years, Larry and I still get nervous any time she runs a fever. I think we will always worry any time she is sick, but I guess that is normal.

I continue to be grateful to God for gifting us with Catherine as she is a complete joy to have in our life. My prayer is that her story will be one of hope for other families going through a similar journey.

Merry Christmas!

Terry Daggi

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