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Jenna's Page

Jenna Witherspoon
August 2, 1994 - December 27, 2006

This page is provided to update our friends and family about Jenna's battle with cancer. Jenna was diagnosed with a brain tumor (anaplastic ependymoma) on March 27, 2004. She endured 5 brain surgeries, 33 days of conformal radiation and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. She fought the good fight and never lost her smile. On December 27, 2006, she went peacefully into the arms of her heavenly father. We know she is cancer free, smiling and laughing in heaven.


Sunday, September 23, 2012 8:41 AM CDT

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been here. I think about writing but just never seem get it done. I guess I don’t have the “need” to write as often as I did in the past. I do use Jenna’s Legacy of Smiles Facebook page for some things like her birthday or for a picture that I find that I want to share. This week there have been several Jenna moments and I’ve had friends tell me they’ve had her on their mind. Yesterday her friend Ellen “tweeted” about her on twitter. Yes, Jenna is remembered on all the big social media sites these days. I can’t tell you how it warmed my heart. Her friends have been so wonderful this year. Jenna would have graduated in early June and so many of her friends remembered her as they graduated with a deed or a special word. We had a large group of friends who sponsored a full page ad in the yearbook. It is the picture you see above. They had extra funds after sponsoring the page so they donated it Levine Children’s Hospital. Its special things like this and so many other special acts of kindness or words shared that keep us going. And knowing so many remember and that Jenna touched so many is such a blessing. Yes, it’s still hard. Yes, we still miss her. Yes, we wish she was here with us (and going to college) but still know God had a plan for her 12 years on this earth.

I do have to write in September because it is once again Childhood Cancer awareness month. I can’t miss my chance to get on my soapbox. There has been increased media attention but nowhere near the attention that the pink gets. The latest statistics show that 36 children are diagnosed with cancer every day and 7 will not survive. We need research and awareness! We need to find cures so no parent has to hear the words “your child has cancer”! We highly recommend donating to CureSearch or to any organization that is solely dedicated to pediatric cancers.

Morgan is now a sophomore in high school and driving….by herself. She got her restricted license in early August so she can now driver herself to school and lots of other places until 8pm. (it will change to 6pm with daylight savings) She continues to do very well in school and she is still playing club soccer this fall it. She is a wonderful daughter and we are so thankful for her.

I will close with this quote I ran across a while back. I think it pretty much sums things up with us.

"The grief over the loss of a child does not ever heal with time. If anything, it deepens. However, it does become "quieter" in the sense that we don't cry every day and we do find ourselves having "good days" more often. The hard part is explaining to others. In their eyes we've "gotten over the loss" but we know that will never happen - not with the loss of a child". B.J. Karrer

Thank you to those who still stop by. We are blessed by each of you.
Tricia, Michael & Morgan

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