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Thanks for visiting Jessi's site. This site is intended
to not only give updates on Jessi, but to help people
understand a little bit more about Tuberous Sclerosis,
and all that comes with it. We ask for your continued prayers and support. We know that God has truly blessed us with this child. Through her we have had the opportunity to reach out and be greeted by so many people that we would have not otherwise met.

She also has developmental delay, sensory integration dysfunction, and was recently diagnosed with Austism Spectrum Disorder. Once again, thank you for caring enough to visit Jessi's site, and I hope you will all learn more about Tuberous Sclerosis. Our daughter may have a disease, but it does not have her.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009 3:35 PM CST


Jessi scared the life out of me today. I am at work, and I missed a call from the bus company. Apparently at school, she had a great day until clean-up time. Then she fell apart.

She got on the bus, refused to sit or be buckled, hit, kicked, spit, and bit people. And threatened to get off the bus and run away.

Then the bus was late getting to daycare and we couldn't get in touch with them. So, I didn't know if she had actually made an escape or if she was ok.

Finally, she showed up at daycare and is now just very upset talking about sunglasses, the dells, and finding mom.

I am just so scared for her sometimes. She has so much incredible potential, but this is so scary. I keep running in my mind what could have happened or what lies ahead.

Please pray that we figure out her behavioral problems, and help her learn how to control them. This is the first time I've been that scared in a long time.

It just seems like after something good, something bad always seem to happen. I just keep trying to remember there's a reason for all of this. Sometimes it's just hard to understand.

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