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Justin's Story

Welcome to Justin's webpage. On September 27, 2003 Justin was doing what he loves best, playing football. Two and a half minutes before the half, UW-Eau Claire had just scored their second touchdown. Justin was charging down the field on the kick off and made helmet contact with another player. Unfortunately, Justin was critically injured on this play. He was transported to River Falls Hospital by ambulance and then air lifted to St. Paul Regions Hospital. Justin was diagnosed with a blood clot on his brain. He immediately underwent surgery to remove the clot and stop the bleeding.

In response to many inquires into how one can donate to Justin's Recovery Fund, the following address is being provided.
Justin Greenwood Recovery Fund
Royal Credit Union
P.O. Box 970
Eau Claire, WI 54702


Thursday, July 30, 2015 8:07 PM CDT

Hello everyone I hope your summers have been awesome so far filled with new adventures and quality time spent with the people who meen the most to you. My summer has been great so far. I've made some more big steps as far as independence in my life. Three weeks ago I needed a hair cut really bad and my mom wasn't able to take me and my other transportation you have to schedule your ride two days before. So I just decided to take a cab. I had to conquer the fear of what if they take advantage of my vision deficit and all of the irrational thinking that goes along with it. I mentioned in my last update the it all went fine. I had an appointment with my psychotherapist and told him about my accomplishment. He then told me about a really cool app you can get right on your phone. It's called Lyft. It's a transportation service that costs a lot less because there isn't any extra fees that have to go to some big company. I recommend it to everyone in need of a quick ride. So many times I've said this before just take the first step because you don't always have to see the whole staircase. Because I made that one move I now have a very affordable form of transportation that has given me more of a sense of home where I live. You must go out and do the things you think you can not do because there is no doubt in my mind that there isn't any reason why you can't. Just take the first step because you don't always have to see the whole staircase JUST TAKE THE FIRST STEP. Just go out and do the thing you think you can not do and have an awesome rest of the summer. Justo

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