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Wounded Heroes Tribute Page

CaringBridge and Fisher House stand in unity and support with courageous U.S. military personnel. This page has been established to provide messages of encouragement for any hero wounded in the line of duty.

*** Return Message from one wounded soldier:

"My wife and I want to express our sincere gratitude for the overwhelming support of the troops and their families; including us. We appreciate the time and effort for your words of concern.

It's people like you that make the sacrifices we endure all the more worthwhile. Your appreciation and support has been especially encouraging during this trying time."

Thank You Immensely,
Brian and Ammi Alaniz

Messages in the Wounded Heroes Guestbook are viewed by wounded soldiers, their loved ones, and the general public. In cooperation with the military's medical departments and Fisher House Foundation, these messages are delivered and viewed daily.

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* Due to the overwhelming use of this page for messages that were not part of the intent of this page - that is, encouraging messages delivered to wounded heroes, the guestbook section of this page has been discontinued. Thank you for visiting.


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